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  • Portland Vintage Trolley in Lake Oswego carbarn
    Portland Vintage Trolley in Lake Oswego...
    by glabah
  • Interior View of Car 514
    Interior View of Car 514
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  • Ornate Woodwork was Reproduced
    Ornate Woodwork was Reproduced
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Lake Oswego Things to Do

  • Tryon Creek State Park

    Tryon Creek State Park is located on the border between Lake Osweg and Portland. Most of the information I have collected on the park is located in a tip located in a Portland tip, but despite the official address of the park putting it in Portland the park is really more of a Lake Oswego area attraction.For basic information about Tryon Creek...

  • Old River Road Pathway

    Starting from George Rogers Park, a paved pathway leads across a bridge and along the Willamette River until it joins Old River Road. In this section of the trail, there are several seasonal waterfalls (winter and spring but seldom in summer) and a bridge with a great view downriver.After a short distance, the pathway joins and exists along the...

  • George Rogers Park

    George Rogers Park is located on the southern edge of Lake Oswego.Along with the old iron works furnace (a tribute to early Oregon industry) there is a play ground, several picnic areas (with the unique fire pits in the picnic area mirroring the shape of the old iron furnace), views of the Willamette River, and a staircase that leads down to the...


Lake Oswego Hotels

Lake Oswego Restaurants

  • Avoid these places

    Stanfords & Manzana used to be very popular and good to go for happy hour, when they were owned by Pacific Coast Restaurants.Unfortunately, these places were recently bought by Restaurants Unlimited. Prices went up ($5 for a coors light) portions & quality went down. Not offered anymore.

  • Great Sushi

    Technically the restaurant is located in Tualatin, immediately next to LO city limits (by I5 & GiJoes). Sushi is fresh and delicious. Have been to many other sushi places around Portland area, this one is by far the best. The 'Amazing Roll' - tempura roll w/ smoked salmon, creamcheese. Covered w/ Teriyaki & spicy sauce.

  • Lake Oswego Hotels

    7 Hotels in Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego Nightlife

  • Oregonguy's Profile Photo

    by Oregonguy Written Dec 27, 2008

    The firehouse pub on A street. As far as bars go in LO, this one is more for locals and not as upscale as most "bars" in LO. (LO does not really have stand alone bars, most are restaurant lounges).

    The owner is not fond of loudness or crass language. So bring your good manners and library voice to this bar........or just go somewhere else where you can relax.

    Dress Code: casual.

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Lake Oswego Warnings and Dangers

  • Oregonguy's Profile Photo

    by Oregonguy Written Dec 27, 2008

    Some not from LO come to use the lake. Then are surprised/offened to find that they can't.

    The lake is a private lake, owned by the Lake Corporation. Only people who are around the lake have "lake privilege" to access the water.

    Don't feel bad...people who live on the lake pay a hefty 'per foot' waterfront tax to Lake Corp. If you have lake privilege and what to put a boat, or even a canoe, on the lake there are fees.

    So, you can come look at a small part of the lake at the downtown Millenium Park, but don't expect you will have any contact w/ the water.

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Lake Oswego Off The Beaten Path

  • the "Peg Tree"

    During the early years of Lake Oswego, a peg was driven into this old tree, on which was hung a lantern to provide light for town meetings.The pegs are gone, the early settlers are gone, parts of old town have been redeveloped, and appartments now surround the area.However, the old tree remains. It is near the intersection of Furnace and Leonard...

  • Stevens Meadow Park

    This area on the south side of Lake Oswego is supposed to be turned into a huge number of housing developments in coming years. Two property owners in the area saw what was coming, and decided that rather than sell out all of their land to housing development companies, they should donate significant sections of their land to create city...

  • Cook Butte Park

    This park is located at the top of a hill, south of Lake Oswego, near Stafford Road. There are several ways to get into the park but all of them are difficult to find.Most of the park has dirt walking trails through second growth forest, but some parts of the park have dirt roads. If it has been raining, then you will get muddy.Near the top of the...


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