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  • Laser Cut Headstones contrast Much Older Stones
    Laser Cut Headstones contrast Much Older...
    by glabah
  • Much of Cemetery is in Shade
    Much of Cemetery is in Shade
    by glabah
  • Two Entrances to Cemetery from 82nd Avenue
    Two Entrances to Cemetery from 82nd...
    by glabah

Lents Things to Do

  • Leach Botanical Garden and Manor House

    Starting in 1931, the Leaches (she was an accomplished botanist, and he was a pharmacist) created an estate along the banks of Johnson Creek (see photo 2) in southeast Portland. Their plant collection included a number of northwest species, but also included a huge number from all over the world. Today, the facility is on land belonging to the...

  • Willamette National Cemetery

    At 269 acres, this cemetery is larger than many Portland city parks, and contains over 133,000 graves and veterans. Most of the time, the various roads and pathways are quiet, but there are several large celebrations here that bring large crowds. These include Memorial Day and Veterans Day.Due to the huge crowds that gather here during these...

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Lents Restaurants

  • It's a Chain, but It Has Food

    This is a regional chain, with locations in various locations in Oregon, Washington and California. While it is a chain, each of those locations are somewhat different. For example, the Rainier Location is extremely popular and has a very prosperous atmosphere about it.Here in outer southeast Portland, the menus are very worn, and some parts of the...

  • Not Sure about the "..ery" Part

    While the name certainly says "Zoiglhaus Brewery" I am not certain that there is really enough space in this building for it to be brewing that much beer on site.Be that as it may, the fact is that this is now probably the best restaurant in Lents as it has a fairly nice selection of not only the typical "pub grub" type items but also some...

  • Trailer with Good Peruvian and Mexican

    Closed and Moved! One of the hazards with food trucks, even food trucks that are in semi-permanent locations such as this one was, is that they can be moved fairly easily. This one has packed up and moved to a different location. There is a Mexican truck nearby on the opposite side of Woodstock. However, there is no longer anything here in the...

  • Economical Food on Foster Road

    Simple and economical, this is probably one of the better value restaurants in the area. They have the typical Americanized Mexican fare, but at the same time they are a family operated outfit that knows Mexican food very well. The taco toppings are fairly extensive.They of course also offer a few drinks, including of course margaritas. However,...

  • Lents Home for "Grumpy Old Men" Type...

    "Grumpy Old Men" is a movie that takes place in a small town where ice fishing is most popular. Tina's Corner may be a place to eat, but for the most part the staff is most excited to talk about fishing expeditions. If you like fishing, you will be entertained by the stories given by most of the male staff working here.The food, like most of the...

  • Mexican with a Drive Through Window

    As a general rule, restaurants along 82nd Avenue though this part of town fall into two categories:1) Junky looking local restaurants that make you wonder about the sanitary conditions in the kitchen before even walking into the restaurant.2) Branches of very large fast food chains where you know the quality of the food isn't that great.Don Pedro...

  • Fast Food near the Freeway

    A small chain scattered throughout Oregon and Washington, Burgerville is celebrating its 50th year of serving food in the Northwest. While many of its restaurants are up to date in their services offered (including compostable plastic straws and cups), they also retain some 1960s styling in their restaurants to give them a unique atmosphere.This...

  • Culture Clash

    82nd Avenue is almost entirely a visual horror, and unfortunately this little restaurant suffers a bit from its location in just one of many mass produced shopping plazas along this road that all look the same, have little decoration, and are surrounded by very ugly parking lots.Be that as it may, the and despite the poor reviews that some have...

  • Buy Here or Prepare at Home?

    While this place has a few tables in the front entry and it is conceivable that someone could come and eat here, and cooked meals are prepared here, cookware or even chopsticks are not provided and it appears that JC is completely unprepared to have people eat inside it, despite the tables.In reality, this is a miniature Asian rice, noodle and soy...


Lents Transportation

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    Lents MAX station and Bridge

    by glabah Updated Aug 30, 2010

    Transit trains serve Lents by way of a station on the Green Line to Clakamas Town Center.

    The station is fairly isolated from the surrounding community by Interstate 205 on one side, plus the surrounding high traffic streets and highway interchanges. The traffic at these intersections make the station only safe to approach from the north and west. There are crosswalks at the freeway interchange, but for the most part traffic ignores pedestrians in the cross walks, so that it can take several light changes before being allowed to cross by the traffic on the interchange.

    Construction of the station has resulted in the addition of a pedestrian and bike bridge over the horrifically busy Foster Road and Woodstock Blvd., so the station isn't quite as completely cut off from the south side of the busy mess as it might have been. However, it is still fairly isolated.

    There have been several sculptures that were put around the station, and these had a unique kinematic spinner on top (see my Lents Video), but the spinner was taken away several months ago - less than a year after the line was opened to the public.

    Foster and Woodstock under the station have bus stops for routes 14, 10 and 71. You can get to bus route 10 going east on Harold faster by walking north several blocks to Harold, and this is also a much more pleasant place to wait as there is quite a bit less traffic noise there.

    Lents MAX station

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Lents Shopping

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  • Eccentric Art & Clothes from Recycled...

    When artists take over an old Lents storefront, what do you expect? The building remains its old self for now, but here one can find interesting and unique items from some of Portland's creative thinkers.The store operates as an artists show room. The budget is small, there is little advertising beyond their web site, and operation is very...

  • Very Local Craft Items, plus boring...

    The Leach Botanical Garden is described elsewhere. However, it should be noted that they have a gift shop inside the facility as well. This gift shop includes a number of items that would be interesting to travelers, as well as some items not likely to be of interest except to a very few local people.Items are a wide variety, including seeds, snack...

  • Good Food; Not Much Here for Travelers...

    As the Lents area was discovered by various generations of immigrants to the USA as being an economical place to buy a house and settle down, it has taken on an international flavor. Russian churches (at one time two, but now only one), Asian grocery stores, a Russian grocery store, and Vietnamese restaurants are crammed between traditional blue...


Lents Warnings and Dangers

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    Narrow Streets with No Walkways

    by glabah Updated Oct 11, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are many streets in the Lents area that have sidewalks and are lightly traveled by vehicle traffic. Unfortunately, there are a few (such as 111th between Harold and Foster) that are narrow, have no sidewalk, and are very busy with auto traffic - much of which goes well over the speed limit.

    Just be very careful if you have to walk on any of these streets! And be ready to get out of the way if someone is coming fast and not paying attention to where they are going.

    Some trouble streets include:
    111th between Foster and Harold (access to Beggar's Tick Wildlife Refuge), and in fact 111th north of Harold to Holgate isn't much better
    all of Harold east of 101st
    122nd south of Foster (access to the Leach Garden)
    Foster Road has scattered areas without sidewalks east of 112th, but they become even less frequent the further east you go, and east of 134th there are very few.
    122nd north of Foster to Harold has pathways of sorts, but no real sidewalks in a few places

    111th north of Foster: not an easy place to walk
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    • Hiking and Walking

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Lents Off The Beaten Path

  • Multnomah Park Pioneer Cemetery

    Established in 1888, and now owned and maintained by the Metro Regional Government, the Multnomah Park Pioneer Cemetery is by far the oldest continuously operating dedicated public place of any sort in Lents.It features a number of older headstones, as well as a number of new ones right up into the recent years. Some of these are laser-engraved...

  • Portland Memory Garden

    Ed Benedict Park contains a number of items of local interest only, including some busy sports fields during soccer season and a playground.There is also this memorial garden that was built specifically for those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease - and for those family members who are taking care of individuals with this disease.The garden is kept...

  • Ed Benedict Park

    Except for the Portland Memory Garden (see the separate tip - and which is worthy of a separate tip as it is a unique feature and attraction unto itself), this park is almost completely of local interest only.There are several sports fields, as well as a small playground and a lot of grass. The far east end of the park has a forested area with...


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