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  • Final piece of the puzzle on Barrett Spur
    Final piece of the puzzle on Barrett...
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  • The massive face of the North Face of Mt Hood
    The massive face of the North Face of Mt...
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  • Mount Hood
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Mount Hood Things to Do

  • Multnomah Falls

    Not doing much research on an area before going there can be fun and sometimes pretty funny. We had gone into the Mount Hood area of Oregon to get a bit closer to the iconic peak and to be honest to check out a few of the brewpubs in the vicinity. It was also a chance to see if we could find a hike or two and to spend a couple of nights camping....

  • Lavender Valley

    Some places you anticipate and they let you down. Others you hold little regard for and they make you eat your hat. Then there are the places you know nothing about that flat out bowl you over in surprise. That was Lavender Valley. I can thank my wife, Oregon brochures and beer for this discovery. Beer? Yup. If it wasn't for my going to so many...

  • Skiing

    Mount Hood has year round skiing and, I believe, is the only place in the US where this is possible. Olympic teams train here and numerous competitions take place on the upper slopes of the mountain. Summer skiing is open only at Timberline. Mount Hood Meadows and the Skibowl are only open during the winter. The websites for all three...


    Here in Paradise Park, there used to be one of the several trail shelters that were built by the CCC during the Depression. Only a few still stand. Sadly, the one here burnt a few years ago leaving only the foundation stones behind. Several campsites exist nearby on the forested island above Lost Creek. The Park and the shelter remains lie on the...


    Paradise is normally reached by day hikers from Timberline Lodge in a little over five miles. The trail offers wide views to the south as it wanders around the 6000 foot level before dropping 700 feet into the awesome Zig Zag Canyon - the lava cliffs of the Mississippi Head towering high above. The day hiker will regain the lost elevation to attain...


    There are several well-known flower-filled meadows lying alongside the base of Oregon’s highest mountain - Elk Cove, Yocum Ridge, Cairn Basin, etc. - but one of the most glorious is Paradise Park on the southwestern base of the mountain. Paradise Park lies about a half mile above the Pacific Crest Trail at timberline and during the all-to-brief...


Mount Hood Restaurants

  • quest for the Oatmeal Stout is futile

    Mount Hood Brewing's Ice Axe Grill was a bit of a disappointment. While Mount Hood, the peak, was the draw for us to the area, it would not be a stretch to say that Mount Hood, the brewery, had something to do with us being in the area. We had tried their Hogsback Oatmeal Stout in cask form at the Horse Brass Pub in Portland and decided that a trip...

  • beer with a view

    Elliot Glacier Public House is a great small brewpub in the foothills of Mount Hood. In the small town of Parkdale, this rustic little wooden pub is filled with climber artifacts and oozes ski lodge warmth and hospitality with an alternative flair. We arrived before it opened but as soon as we walked through the door we were glad we waited. I also...

  • The Ixeaxe Grill

    The restaurant is located in Government Camp, a short drive from Mount Hood. It may have changed ownership as the name changed between 2006 and 2007. But the food remains the same- standard pub fare with a good selection of beer and wine. I've sampled quite a bit of the menu during my Mount Hood forays. The burgers and pizza are very good and some...

  • Some of the best restaurants don't have...

    Some people just eat gorp or trail mix on a trail. I know. I am guilty. But if it is a dayhike and you can carry it, doesn't cheese, bread, sausage, wine and/or beer with some chocolate for dessert (fresh water, too, of course) sound a lot better? The favorite dish is up to your imagination - limitless.

  • Timberline Lodge dining room

    I ate here during a visit to Mount Hood in July, 2001. The food was fantastic and the restaurant was pretty upscale. One of those white tablecloth and candlelight places which felt out of place in a rustic lodge, although its hard to complain about a dining room with a view of the sun setting over Mount Hood. But the dress is casual and the...

  • Expensive.

    I'm a brown bagger by nature, and although I can't remember the specific amount I paid for the soup, I DO remember the reason I had only soup was that the menu was pricier than I cared to spend on. Just call me El Cheapo the hungry. The service wasn't that outstanding either.


Mount Hood Nightlife

  • mtncorg's Profile Photo

    by mtncorg Written Jul 24, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pick out a suitable knoll and watch the sun sink. You worked hard enough to reach this spot, so relax and let the scene ebb into your soul. Maybe a cigar and a little apertif - a large treat for the Little Girl.

    Dress Code: No special dress requirements in Paradise!

    Cigar, whiskey, and unending views.  Yes, Paradise
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Mount Hood Transportation

  • Premiere transportation

    We took a snowcat ride from the base at Timberline Lodge to about 8500 feet. Some may call this cheating (and I'm among them), but it shaved a good hour or so and nearly 2,000 feet of staggering through slushy snow in the dark from what was still a long morning. Ten of us crammed into the back of the snowcat, gear and all, and chugged our way up...

  • You need a car

    To best enjoy Mt. Hood and surrounding area, it is best to have your own transportation vs. a tour, so that you can explore on your own. Be attentive to rental car contracts, which may prohibit certain areas of Mt. Hood from being explored in their vehicle. However, most access roads to and around Mt. Hood are of good condition and are not...

  • Timberline Trail

    40 mile trail that encircles Mt Hood. You will gain over 10000 feet, going up one glaciated canyon and down the next. It is a spectacular way to spend a few days. The views and experiences will be with you for a lifetime. And when the trail is not taking you past breathtaking views of the mountain, you will be wandering past fields of wildflowers,...


Mount Hood Local Customs

  • bring your picnic supplies

    Camping is not just about saving money though it certainly is a way to do that. Not only are your lodging expenses cut by three quarters or more, but you save by not eating out. These meals can be as exciting as you make them. While we generally ate a lot of pasta dishes we also were always on the lookout for local food stuffs. While on the coast...

  • Forest Mushrooms

    Throughout the forests of the Pacific Northwest, mushrooms of innumerable types can be found. Many are poisonous so take care in choosing the right ones. Among the best known are Matustakes, King Porcinis and Chanterelles. Each has its own season, its own weather pattern and its own elevation. Finding them can add to the enjoyment of the hike.

  • Mount Hood Hotels

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Mount Hood Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't underestimate

    Mount Hood is one of the most climbed mountains. That has a lot to do with its location at the base of Timberline Lodge. Its easy to just start walking to the top and most of the journey is a walk. The news sources like to sensationalize the number of rescues and accidents on Mount Hood, often with inaccurate information and hardly any facts. That...

  • Be aware of weather conditions

    Mount Hood is a snow covered volcano. In the winter, it is a popular ski destination, so driving in the area during winter months should be done with caution. In the spring, be aware of snow melts and subsequent road closures due to "wash-outs".

  • Winter Driving Take Care

    This is probably an obvious one, but nevertheless I'll say it even if it's been said before. Please take care while driving on snowy & possibly icy roads. Driving up insn't so bad, but driving back down and into Hood River was a bit more challenging under the conditions we experienced & apparently they weren't really that extreme at all according...


Mount Hood What to Pack

  • lots of different photo opportunites

    This is an area of changeable weather so even if traveling in summer, be prepared for cooler temperatures especially in the morning and evening. Good hiking boots are best even for short hikes but on longer ones are essential. A wide angle is great for landscape photography and capturing reflection photos of peaks from close range. A zoom is...

  • Be prepared

    Be prepared for temperature variations. It may be sunny and warm one minute, but a couple of clouds and some wind can change the temperature drastically. Layering is always a good bet. Bring fleece and a down jacket, even in summer. The photo below is my clothing for the 2 days of training and climbing. The guide service said to bring everything....

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Mount Hood Off The Beaten Path

  • Columbia River Highway Waterfalls

    Take a drive along the Columbia River Highway, and stop along the way to see a wonderful scattering of waterfalls. Some you will be able to see from your car, while others will require some venturing along wooded paths, but all are worth the time. Even if you don't have time to take them all in, which would require most of a day to do, you should...


    Much of the beauty of the Salmon River Canyon and its surrounding peaks - the Salmon River, here, is a major tributary of the Sandy River (draining most western Mt Hood slopes) and is separated from Mt Hood, lying a few miles to the northeast by the longreaching Hunchback-Devils Peak massif - has been retained by the creation of the...


    Lookout Mountain is the tallest nearby mountain around Mt Hood at 6525 feet high - still almost 5000 feet lower than the top of Hood. Lying just east of Hood, Lookout Mountain is separated by the awesome gash of the East Fork of the Hood River. Atop Lookout Mountain is the remains of an old forest lookout from where one can see from Mt Rainier to...


Mount Hood Sports & Outdoors


    On the southeast side of Mt Hood, Mt Hood Meadows offers the best skiing terrain to be found of the resorts on and around Mt Hood. For many in the Portland metropolitan area, Meadows is the main ski venue. Skiers of beginning and intermediate abilities have a lot to cover here. Advanced and experts have some good cliffy runs, though - except for...

  • Timberline - Snow Skiing Year Round

    Mt Hood (11 240ft) is an absolutely spectacular mountain by anyone's judgement I'm sure.We skiied timberline when we stayed at Timberline Lodge. At that time (could have changed in the around 10 years since we were there) it had 6 different chairlifts that serviced 31 separate runs which covered around 1 000 acres (not sure how that converts to...

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Mount Hood Favorites

  • no research but a mirror

    One mountain I was seeking out in reflection on our trip around the US in 2008 was Mount Rainer. I had barely seen the peak on my first trip to Washington State in 1994 and I very much wanted to capture some beautiful photos of it. We were in Oregon and it was our next stop but we made a small detour to get a bit closer to Mount Hood, a peak...

  • timing is often just a matter of luck

    Capturing nature in photos is no easy task. Waiting is the key word. Lighting is the another. You do a lot of the former and often to get the latter. Animals don't pose though in some of the best shots you would swear they do. Even seemingly inanimate objects change over the course of minutes when you are dealing with things in nature. Mountain...

  • a philosophical debate

    In the morning, we decided to walk over to the lake. It was not quite as early as I normally would go out for a shoot but I had no idea what I would find on reaching the lake. There was Mount Hood with a lake begging to reflect before me. There were some slight ripples and I wanted to curse myself for missing the opportunity but on taking some...


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