Oregon Warnings and Dangers

  • D makes me eat my words or at least a bit of snow
    D makes me eat my words or at least a...
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Oregon Warnings and Dangers

  • tough to watch your weight

    With so many tasty goodies in Oregon it's tough to keep your weight down even if you are being active. The coast in particular seemed to be full of temptation. But what's life if not succumbing to some of them? Actually, it seemed we did to all of them. We ate at quite a few brewpubs everywhere in Oregon and not only was the food tasty and hearty,...

  • Car clouting smash and grabs

    This is done with absolute impunity at many places in Oregon, including people's home driveways. But it is at urban/suburban trailheads where it occurs often, suddenly, in broad daylight, and in the near presence of other recreationalists.

  • Suicide bicyclists

    Bicyclists are everywhere in Portland and Eugene and other Oregon cities, and they are often right where a motorist doesn't want them to be. More lives than the bicyclists have been shattered by bicyclists placing themselves in front of moving vehicles. This applies particularly at night, but just now in broad daylight an elderly cyclist coming...

  • sharks

    One of the biggest dangers on the Oregon coast may sound like an old wives tail, but in reallity, is very true. A very rare species of shark roam many of our beaches. Unlike most sharks, the "Oregon yellow spotted shark" actually walks on dry land. It also spits a liquid very similar to battery acid. These sharks have been known to abduct young...

  • Don't Pump Your Own Gas!

    Actually you probably won't be able to. But the first time you pull up to a pump and someone comes up to "help" you pump your gas, don't be fooled into thinking that this is a good samaritan doing a good deed. It is actually against the law to pump your own gas. Oregon has a law, enacted in 1951, whose purpose was to protect consumers and gas...

  • traffic laws

    I have lived in Korea for several years but still maintain a home in Oregon. A few years ago, 5 Korean businessmen went home with me to enjoy the golf and sightseeing. I told them they could not drive in Oregon the way the drive in Korea. They didn't listen. After 10 days they had accrued traffic tickets totaling $3,800.00, mostly for speeding, but...

  • High theft rate

    NEVER! NEVER leave anything in easy sight in your car, locked or unlocked it is likely to be gone. This includes shopping malls, grocery stores, or driveways, beaches, sightseeing, or trailheads. I have been robbed four times from my car and my home has been burlarized three times. My sons have "just ran into the store for a minute to get xxxx" and...

  • Horizon Air/Alaska Air

    I am Platinum Member of Continental Airlines and used to the good services of that airlines. this weekend I had to fly to Sacramento with alaska and come back on Horizon. the alaska crew at the counter had no clue, she charged more more than what i had booked the e ticket for, couldnt tell me where the lounge was and the flight was full, service...

  • Oregon Coast Tsunami Hazard

    Since the December 2004 Indonesian tsunami, there has been renewed interest on the Oregon coast to keep people safe should a tsunami occur. There is much concern because an earthquake in Alaska caused a tsunami that hit the Oregon coast in 1964.http://wcatwc.arh.noaa.gov/64quake.htm Several years ago I noticed "tsunami evacuation route" signs that...

  • Logs at the Coast

    A few people have died at the coast from playing in the surf near or on logs. Along came a wave and it threw up the log and the person on it was pinned under the log, killing them. It is an absolutely awful way to die. They have posters in beach towns to stay off logs. Most coastal towns have info about this, posted on store windows, for example,...

  • Cold water

    If you go swimming, wading or toe dipping in any water except a heated swimming pool in Oregon, be forewarned. It is COLD.Though my son for one loved to challenge the waves on the Oregon coast when he was younger, he would always come out blue. The water is the kind of briny water they use to make ice cream in a homemade icecream maker.It is very,...

  • Speed Photo and Traffic Light Photo

    I saw signs in Portland, Newport, and Medford warning motorists that speed photo and red light photo was in use. I do not know whether it was in use or they were trying to scare you. But it made me pay attention to what I was doing.

  • Overexposure

    When your are taking pictures of mountains wrapped in clouds - for it is not always clear in the mountains, afterall, this is Oregon - take care of your exposures. The brightness of the sky and the darkness of the lake is a little too much for the ability of my little digital camera.The view to Mt Hood is from Burnt Lake on the west side of Mt...

  • Mountain streams don't all have bridges

    Mountain corgis go for miles, but it is important to realize that males will plow through the occasional stream - a bit stubbornly, but plow they will. Females are another thing. They do not prefer to get wet - water is for drinking to them. So, you might have to give them an assist.

  • Racoons

    When camping, you have to hang your food or leave itr in your car if you have one. The racoon are really smart and usually hungry pest at night, and they will do anything to get a taste of your stash of food. I have heard some racoon pull a bag in a bush and the next day noticed that it had opened the zipper and served himself to the bread and...

  • Make sure you have a full tank...

    Make sure you have a full tank of gas in your car if you are planning to traverse from the coast east towards the major N-S interstate in Oregon. There are very few real towns and even fewer gas stations...and a lot of the folks living in this area reminded me of the movie 'Deliverance', if ya catch my continental drift.The roads in this region are...

  • Oregon beaches are beautiful...

    Oregon beaches are beautiful but the water is very cold and not great for swimming. If you want to swim, suggest a motel or campsite with pool. Also, sometimes large unexpected waves. Unsafe for small children without good supervision.

  • If you're driving and staying...

    If you're driving and staying in motels, it's best to bring ALL your luggage into the room with you. Our trunk (boot) was opened and a suitcase stolen in the parking lot of a relatively up-market motel in Lincoln City. This was a shock, not just because of the loss for my wife, but because it was outside any urban area, which is where one expects...

  • Watch out for Oregon Drivers,...

    Watch out for Oregon Drivers, not everyone with an Oregon Plate is from Oregon. Born and raised that is, but if you ever lived in California or New York, you are more likely to drive fast, and use your blinkers. Oregon drivers seem to drive like they are waiting for the cows to come home. Slow. Watch out for elderly driver, seems to be lots of them...

  • Burnside Ave. This area is...

    Burnside Ave. This area is notorious for drugs and prostitution. I lived near there in Chinatown and had to cross Burnside to get to the main part of downtown. Walking home one night in a baseball cap and grungy clothes, I was solicited for prostitution. I didn't even get it at first when some guy asked me if I was 'working' -- I was just crossing...

  • Although the coast of Oregon...

    Although the coast of Oregon is beautiful, it has many hazards! Every year when we're out there, it seems we hear of someone getting too close to one of the rocky edges and being washed off of it by a rogue wave. Usually to their death.If you're thinking you're going to swim in the Oregon coast waters, think again. THe water is always VERY cold!

  • Watch out for crazy flying...

    Watch out for crazy flying monkeys in the rain forests of Oregon, they are easily provoked and may steal your camera and money when hiking :) They appreciate snacks though.... but remember, don't get too close.

  • Male Bulls sometimes have an...

    Male Bulls sometimes have an excess of testostorone, and display behavior similiar to the picture below. When this happens to other males, the offending animal is called a 'buller', and promptly treated for this condition.

  • There seems to be an...

    There seems to be an inordinate number of young white homeless people in the downtown area, begging for money. I do not know the origin of this homelessness, since it is so different from the people who are homless in Miami.

  • 18 wheelers are actually much...

    18 wheelers are actually much safer than the RVS your'll encounter, but let me warn you- when you jump down from one of these things, be careful- they're a lot higher off the ground than they look!Re Photo: OREGON TOOTHPICKS

  • I was nearly blown away just...

    I was nearly blown away just trying to get out of the car to take this picture..normally their is so much fog you can't even see this lighthouse let alone get a photo..this time it wasn't only foggy, there must have been 90 mile an hour winds..seriousely.. it was difficult just pushing the door of the car open enough to get out! This is Cape Blanco...

  • Don't step out of your car to...

    Don't step out of your car to pump your own gasoline (petrol) in Oregon. You can 'pump your own' in most of the states, but in Oregon a service attendant must pump your gas. The gasoline prices can be more expensive than neighboring states but should be less an $2.00 per gallon in most area's. I was there when the prices were less thas $ 1.50 per...

  • Roads in the winter in various...

    Roads in the winter in various parts of Oregon, a number of highways outside of Portland have very steep grades, in the winter snow tires and chains can be required to drive on certain highways. If you are travelling to skiing area's, plan to have snow chains. Most reputable rental car agencies should either provide, or have chains available. They...

  • Parking restrictions may...

    Parking restrictions may apply.But some just ignore the signs and enjoy the view. O.K. it is not night.

  • Winter weather can bring about...

    Winter weather can bring about many challenges in Oregon. When travelling across any mountain pass in Oregon be prepared to have tire chains and or traction tires (this usually means studs). Frequently traveling at night, when temperatures drop, icy conditions are the results of many deadly accidents. So be careful and pay close attention to...

  • Since Portland is a wet place...

    Since Portland is a wet place for the 2/3 of the year, people imagine Oregon as 'lush green' place. Actually, it's only green on west of cascades. Eastern Oregon is drier region, and you have to watch out for forest fires and rattlesnakes in summer, and in winter the weather in Eastern Oregon can be harsh!! Don't forget your blanket!

  • Be very cautious when...

    Be very cautious when venturing off hiking trails. There are a lot of people each year who get lost and/or fall off cliffs. Remember that much of Oregon is still wilderness and if you have not spent much time outdoors, you may find yourself spending some cold nights alone. You may also have to pay the efforts of search and rescue. If they find you!

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Oregon Warnings and Dangers

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