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  • Laughing Planet has large clean windows
    Laughing Planet has large clean windows
    by glabah
  • Mezza on Lower Level of Residential Development
    Mezza on Lower Level of Residential...
    by glabah
  • Interior of Delta Cafe brings New Orleans flavor
    Interior of Delta Cafe brings New...
    by glabah

Woodstock Restaurants

  • Southern USA Cooking and Now a Fixture

    My first visit to The Delta Café happened a bit by accident. I needed a bit of something to eat, and saw the hand-painted sign and thought it would be an interesting place to try. At that time (about 1995 or so) there were a few restaurants that were doing a few odd themes of various types, including one that had spent the last 3 months as a flying...

  • Middle Eastern in Mid-Eastern Southeast

    For many years what Middle Eastern restaurants there were in Portland tended to be in the upper east side, such as around Hawthorne or Belmont and 11th through 20th.The family that owns Mezza managed to escape Lebanon when the country was under the 1980s civil war, and in recent years opened this restaurant on the lower level of one of the new...

  • New Thai Restaurant on South Side of...

    Bai Mint knows its competition all too well, as they are across the street from Tom Yum Thai Cuisine, which is one of the most popular restaurants in Woodstock. They have priced their proportions reasonably close to what is offered over at Tom Yum, but unlike Tom Yum they generally have tables available.Their cooking is good, and the decorations...

  • Neighborhood Bar in a Crowded Market

    Named for a golf course that is one mile west of here and really not in the Woodstock area, Putters Bar and Grill is really aimed at being a neighborhood bar, but the market here is a bit crowded with such establishments. The Delta Café down almost across the street has a pretty well equipped bar as well, Country Bill's Restaurant directly across...

  • Brews, Drinks, Food and Several Screens

    There are two very different sections to this facility: there is the huge front room, with the full bar and two televisions tuned to sports games, and a fair amount of activity. There is then the back room, were the video poker machines are located, and is off-limits to those under 21 years of age. There are several other televisions in there tuned...

  • Reasonably Popular Mexican on East End...

    While it is possible to order food from Super Torta that contains no meat, it must be done as a special request. By that measure, Super Torta has become unusual in the Woodstock area, as many of the places in this area have at least a few vegetarian dishes available.Super Torta is also heavily self-service, and in the manner of service is not much...

  • Popular Chinese Takeout on Woodstock

    This is actually a second choice for Asian food in the Woodstock area. By far the highest choice on the list should be Tom Yum, but that place is so popular on some nights it is difficult to find a place to sit, and sometimes the wait for a table can be quite long.Wong's Garden is right next door. The people are nice enough, and the food is good so...

  • Woodstock's Newest Asian Restaurant

    Businesses in Woodstock don't tend to close often, but they do seem to move around a bit. When Pace Setter Athletic decided to move closer to the Safeway Store and across the street, a new Japanese terkiaki and sushi restaurant opened in its place.I decided to try it tonight, though the place is so new that decorations are still in boxes and the...

  • Deli and Considerable Wine Collection

    While the building is rather boxy and not too much to look at on the outside, on the inside this is a reasonably popular gathering place, with a number of soup and sandwich options, plus an entire wall filled with various wine selections. The left side, as you come in the door, is the coffee bar and cashier, while the very back of the store has the...

  • Popular and OK Food from Laughing Planet

    The first time I ate in a Laughing Planet restaurant was sometime around 1997, in their location on SE Belmont. I thoroughly expected a thoroughly eccentric style of eatery, but was unfortunately disappointed as it seemed the food was fairly expensive for what you got, wasn't of exceptional quality, and the atmosphere didn't at all reflect the SE...

  • Pizza by the Slice or Whole, Watch the...

    First: be warned: the web site for this place is very heavy into flash media!The basics of Pizza Roma are fairly simple: select the pizza slice from the display case, they heat it up to a hotter temperature while you pay at the cash register, then you go sit down somewhere, and bring out the finished product to you.They also serve a selection of...

  • Great Thai in Woodstock Neighborhood

    In my opinion, Tom Yum Thai is a wonderful and economical place to eat. Sure, there are a number of other places to eat on this section of SE Woodstock, but some of the other places are a bit more money, and some of the other places have food that isn't as good.People's tastes differ. Therefore, if you like your food hot, you probably should ask...


Woodstock Shopping

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    by glabah Written Sep 23, 2009

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    All of the items here are basically one of a kind works of art, made from wood.

    The basic focus of The Joinery is their locally handcrafted wooden furniture. While that is the focus of their store and their workshop, they also sell a number of wooden toys and smaller items from local artists and craftsmen that are set up to work with smaller material.

    They have the skills here to create these smaller items, but their shop really just isn't set up for it. They did try to create them at one time, and it just didn't work out for them economically. Therefore, they decided their shop would stick with the larger items, and their store and showroom would sell their own furniture, and feature a few items made by local artists as well.

    What to buy: Ignoring completely the wooden furniture, which is far too large to be of interest to most tourists:

    There are some handmade wooden toys, clocks made from wood or metal, driftwood candle holders, small wooden boxes and bowls and kitchen utensils, and various wall art and other artifacts.

    What to pay: The smaller items tend to fall in the $20 to $100 range, depending on what it is. Remember it is one of a kind works of art that are for sale here.

    The Joinery parking lot as seen looking west Toy Dinosaur: smaller item for sale in The Joinery driftwood candle holder for sale in The Joinery artistic wooden wall hangings at The Joinery various smaller items for sale at The Joinery
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Woodstock Off The Beaten Path

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    by glabah Updated Aug 18, 2009

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    While almost everyone in the neighborhood will know where Woodstock Park is, it is not a park that is a major tourist attraction in the region. It is a fairly standard city park, though it has a mildly eccentric artistic feature which I will cover later in the tip.

    The park adjoines an elementary school to the south, and to some extent the park and the school grounds share space.

    There are several activities you will find are very popular in this park:

    + picnics of all sorts (there are a number of picnic tables in the park in various places)
    + baseball games of all age levels
    + the off-leash dog area of the park is very popular with neighborhood residents and provides a lot of room for dogs to run around outisde of the small yards in the nearby houses.
    + the playground always seems to be filled with children

    Less appreciated by neighborhood residents, but still very pleasant features of the park, include:

    + "artwork" that consists of a series of brick boxes that are just high enough to sit on them, created by artist Lloyd Hamrol in 1997. These sculptures of sorts are called as a collective "Park Place" (there are several scattered through the park) and are intended to serve as gathering places similar to the picnic tables. The artist statement, found on a plaque near one of the sculptures, reads "References to architecture, cityscape and nature are revealed in these brick structures which form intimate gathering places at three locations in the park. This is a project of the City of Portland's Percent for Art Program, administered by the Regional Arts & Culture Council"

    + The large number of trees and bushes, some of them fairly old, that provide wonderful shade in the park

    One of the best features of the park, in my opinion, is the lack of extremely noisy busy roads nearby. While Steele Street, on the north side of the park, is somewhat busy, it isn't so busy as to be completely obnoxious, and the noise that does come from this street can be escaped by simply going deeper into the park, as the speeds are slow enough as the noise generated doesn't overwhealm the rest of the park.

    The nearest bus route to the park is #10 Harold, but #71 on 52nd Avenue and #19 on Woodstock are not very far away.

    Restaurants on Woodstock are not far away at all, and if you want to have a very pleasant dinner outside it is always possible to go to one of the restaurants on Woodstock, get takeout food, and bring it to this park to eat as a picnic dinner.

    More information is available below on the City of Portland Parks & Recreation web site.

    Location: The park is located between Steele Street and Harold Street (though Harold Street is only a walkway on the south side) west of SE 50th Avenue and east of SE 47th Avenue.

    :NOTE!: Several east-west streets near the park are not paved.

    Woodstock Park provides picnic and dinner space Woodstock Park provides home for Woodstock Park adult baseball game in north side typical trees and bushes make shady Woodstock Park Woodstock Park playground provides active space
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