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Clarion Things to Do


    Just seeing the hmes around town gives you an idea about what the town is like. Here are a few snapshots.


    Well we were only there briefly in September 2011 so don't know a lot about the town except that it has a visitor center, an Applebees, a hospital, and an "Autumn Leaf Festival", presumably in the autumn. Oh yes, they have the Clarion County Fair in late July and they also have a college.

  • Clarion County Jail

    Located immediately behind the courthouse in Clarion is the county prison. This structure was began in 1873 and construction was completed in 1875 at a cost of over $120,000. The front half of the jail was built of red brick and it features an imposing 97 foot tall square tower. The back half of the prison is made of a light brown sandstone that is...

  • Pennsylvania's Autumn Leaves!

    Pennsylvania is filled with forests of deciduous hardwood trees and cool, crisp fall weather, perfect for spectacular leaves in the autumn. Cool places in the state to check out the leaves are focused on "Pennsylvania's Great Outdoors" -- Clarion, Jefferson, Elk, Forest, and Cameron Counties. Clarion, which hosts a fun-filled annual Autumn Leaf...

  • Clarion County Veterans Memorial Park

    Clarion County Veterans Memorial Park is just across the street from Clarion's most obvious landmark: the courthouse. The park includes a large gazebo plus the Clarion County Veterans Monument, the Civil War Memorial, the WWII Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the POW/MIA Marker.

  • Clarion Courthouse

    Clarion County was created in 1839 from parts of neighboring Venango and Armstrong Counties, and Clarion borough is the seat of Clarion County. The first courthouse in Clarion was completed in 1843 but burned in 1859. The second courthouse was constructed in 1863, and this structure burned in 1882. The present Clarion Courthouse was completed in...

  • Visit nearby Lucinda!

    I grew up in Lucinda, a very small farming community of about 300 people and 300 dairy cows. It is dominated by St. Joseph's Church on Route 66. Surrounded by woods and fields, it is a great place for children. It seems like I spent all of my waking hours in the woods or playing football, baseball, and basketball when I was a child.Visit on the 4th...

  • Hunting in Clarion County

    Growing up in Lucinda, this was always one of my favorite pastimes. My dad always had a bunch of beagles and the woods around our house was full of rabbits. In the fall, I'd often get home from school, grab a gun and a dog, then head into the woods until dark. Those were the days!

  • Clarion County Park

    In a big rural county with lots of open space and a bunch of small, spread out towns and villages, where would you put a county park? How about in the middle of nowhere, so no one has easy access?!The Clarion County Park has a wide variety of recreational and educational opportunities available free to the public. It has several baseball fields, a...

  • Clarion Fire & Hose Company

    The Clarion Fire & Hose Company serves the small town of Clarion, including the Clarion University of Pennsylvania. They typically have 40-50 active firemen who respond to all fires and car accidents in the area. Every year during Clarion's Autumn Leaf Festival, the Clarion Fire Department gives fire truck rides, departing from Fire Hall, 525 Wood...

  • Clarion River

    The Clarion River offers many recreational opportunities for Clarion residents. Boating, swimming, canoing, fishing, and water skiing are all common activities throughout the summer. In the fall the Clarion River Valley lights up with impressive oranges, reds, and browns as the leaves of the hardwood trees change color--leading to Clarion's famous...

  • Main Street Clarion

    Main Street is the heart of Clarion in terms of history, shopping, restaurants, nightlife, education, and more. From the courthouse and the borough park across Main to the University and its stadium anchoring either end of town, life in Clarion revolves around Main Street. This street has many of the towns better restaurants from fine dining at the...


Clarion Hotels

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  • The Clarion House B&B

    77 South 7th Avenue, Clarion, Pennsylvania, 16214-2014, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hampton Inn Clarion

    4 Hospital Drive, Clarion, Pennsylvania, 16214, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Comfort Inn Clarion

    129 Dolby St, Clarion, PA 16214

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

Clarion Restaurants

  • Deb's Diner - Strattanville

    Deb's Diner is just a small place for locals to grab lunch or perhaps ice cream in the summer. The meals are simple, but big and hearty and very inexpensive. They their open faced roast beef sandwich, spaghetti or chicken and biscuits. Fish is always a staple on Friday, as it is all over Clarion County. These are the basic meals I grew up on, then...

  • Bob's Sub - Main Street

    Bob's Sub is a great small-town sub shop with excellent service and great food. The sandwiches are fresh, tasty, and affordable. This little shop has been in this prime location across from the Clarion Courthouse forever. I think I first ate here 20 years ago, and even then it was old. Large sub are just $5 and they come with lettuce, tomato,...

  • Fox's Pizza Den - Clarion

    Fox's Pizza has a store in Clarion, and they used to have a location in Tylersburg. As kids we often had pizza from here because it was closer and cheaper than Pizza Hut. Their menu includes pizzas, sandwiches, wedgies, and appetizers. Fox's pizza was began in 1971 by Jim Fox, who is from the Pittsburgh area. Today the restaurant is headquartered...

  • Pizza Pub - Main Street Clarion

    The Pizza Pub on Main Street has long been one of my favorite restaurants in town. Great pizza and sandwiches along with cheap draft beer. Can't be beat. The only problem with the Pizza Pub is that it gets so busy you might have to wait a bit for a table, especially if you have a large group. We arrived one busy evening around 6pm with a group of...

  • Korner Restaurant - Sligo

    The Korner Restaurant, formerly Karen's Korner Restaurant, is a great little stopping point in the small town of Sligo 11 miles south of Clarion via Route 68. As the name implies, it sits on the busiest corner in town, where Route 68 meets Route 58. This is a place we occasionally go for breakfast when we hunt in the old coal mines between Sligo...

  • RRR Roadhouse

    The RRR Roadhouse is (as far as I know) a two-restaurant chain with locations at the Cranberry Mall in Seneca and in the Clarion Mall. I have visited both restaurants, and enjoyed pretty good meals at fair prices. These restaurants are local versions of the much larger national chains like Outback, Lonestar, and Longhorn, with lots of neon, free...


Clarion Nightlife

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    by Ewingjr98 Updated Dec 28, 2009

    Like most college towns Clarion has several good options for nightlife. The most popular among the younger crowd are the Captain Loomis Inn, the Tavern, the Pizza Pub, and the University Inn. Some of the newer places are the Toby Hill Bar and Grill and the Main Event Sports Bar. Or you can head over to Lucinda's fine drinking emporiums like the Dew Drop and BK's Bar.

    Captain Loomis Inn / Mr. T's Bar
    540 Main Street
    Clarion, PA 16214
    (814) 226-8400

    The Tavern
    315 Main Street
    Clarion, PA 16214
    (814) 226-4670

    The Pizza Pub
    1306 E Main St
    Clarion, PA 16214
    (814) 226-8721

    University Inn
    340 Main Street
    Clarion, PA 16214
    (814) 226-7200

    Toby Hill Bar & Grill
    28 N 5th Ave,
    Clarion, PA‎
    (814) 226-8629‎

    Main Event Sports Bar & Restaurant‎
    15800 Route 322
    Clarion, PA‎
    (814) 764-3170

    B K's Bar
    Route 66 N
    Lucinda, PA
    (814) 226-9349

    Dew Drop Inn
    Route 66
    Lucinda, PA
    (814) 226-5499

    Wayside Inn

    Fryburg Sportsmans Club

    The Tavern Dew Drop Inn - Lucinda Pizza Pub, Clarion University Inn

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Clarion Shopping

  • Trader Horn, the regional junk store

    Trader Horn has 10 locations in central Western Pennsylvania between Pittsburgh and Interstate-80, with one store in Clarion, just a hair north of I-80. The store has just about everything you can imagine from hardware and housewares to foods and kids toys. Most of the store looks like a low-budget Wal-Mart, which, in a way, it is. The Clarion...

  • Beer drive-throughs in Clarion???!!!

    Pennsylvania has some of the worst, most convoluted alcohol sales laws in the country. Only the state owned liquor stores can sell wine or hard liquor, and they are not allowed to sell beer. Luckily the no-beer on Sundays rule changed recently. Don't even think about buying beer in a convenient place like a grocery store or a convenience store.Of...

  • Where do you shop in Clarion?

    Main Street - I like Main Street's old fashioned mom and pop feel with numerous local bars, restaurants, and shops like Bob's Sub, The Tavern, Paul A. Weaver Jewelers, Dan Estadt's, Crooks Clothing, Captain Loomis Inn, and countess others. You won't fins many chains here except and old McDonalds and an old Wendy's.The Clarion Mall - The mall in...


Clarion Local Customs

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    by Ewingjr98 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    The 2010 Autumn Leaf Festival runs from 25 September to 3 October. This is the 57th annual event, which first took place in 1953 as part of the Clarion University football team's homecoming. The 9-day event attracts about 300,000 people to the Clarion area each year, particularly for the big parade on the last day of the event. The parade is so big, it is said to be the state's largest daytime parade.

    Other events and attractions at Autumn Leaf include 25+ food vendors, carnival rides, a miss teen Autumn Leaf pageant, farmers and crafters days, the university's homecoming football game, a motorcycle show, and an antique tractor show.

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Clarion Warnings and Dangers

  • Watch for deer!

    In Clarion County, it has been estimated that one deer is killed by a car each day. Not only does this mean a lot of dead deer, but each deer strike causes thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle. Be alert, especially at dusk. If you see one deer run across the road, slow down and be prepared to stop. Deer rarely travel alone... if one...

  • Drive Carefully

    When driving to Clarion on US-322, be sure to drive carefully. The roads are extremely windy, and if you're not careful, it is very easy to loose control or cut a corner too late and end up in the other lane. Pay close attention to the signs that tell you when a turn is ahead and do not try to drive fast and you will be okay. Also, be sure to watch...

  • Clarion Hotels

    11 Hotels in Clarion

Clarion Off The Beaten Path

  • PA Game Commission's Pheasant Pharm

    PA's history with pheasants dates back to the late 1800s when local citizens introduced the birds in the state for hunting. In 1915 the Game Commission got involved with stocking pheasants in an effort to create a self-sustaining population. In 1929 the Game Commission established its first two game farms for pheasants, and three more farms...

  • Nearby Historic Brookville, PA

    Brookville is a town founded on the lumber and logging industry. Its first settlers arrived around 1790, and the town's first house was built in 1801. The area's loggers used the area streams and rivers to float logs down to Pittsburgh and beyond. The town was established in 1830 on a major transportation route called the Susquehanna and Waterford...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Clarion Favorites

  • See you pee - Clarion University of...

    Clarion University of Pennsylvania is the livelihood of much of Clarion. Located right downtown, the school's 6,500 students provide regular foot traffic and steady income to the bars, shops, and restaurants on Main Street in Clarion. Without the university, Clarion would be a ghost town, as all businesses would have long ago moved a mile away to...

  • Check out Newbie

    Newbie, or more formally New Bethlehem, has nothing much to do with old Bethlehem or Jesus. What the town of just over 1,000 does have is a Smuckers Peanut Butter factory and an annual Peanut Butter Festival in September. This small town 20 miles from the county seat of Clarion happens to host the Clarion County Fair each year as well. New...

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