Pennsylvania Local Customs

  • Rainy day view from the parking lot.
    Rainy day view from the parking lot.
    by Lhenne1
  • Local Customs
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  • Oil pump, Allegheny National Forest
    Oil pump, Allegheny National Forest
    by Ewingjr98

Pennsylvania Local Customs

  • Philly Facts

    Philadelphia Local Customs

    I know Philly has a bit of a rough-around-the edges, blue collar reputation, but as long as you're not an opposing team at a professional sporting event, the locals are really friendly! They don't call it the City of Brotherly Love for nothing!

  • Cheese Steaks

    Philadelphia Local Customs

    I know a lot has been written about the cheese steak. I read a lot of reviews before going and thought I knew what to expect, but there was one surprise. The steak actually tastes juicy and there isn't any apt comparison for what to expect. The only thing that it even came close to reminding me of was some of the British meat pies, but even...

  • Mummers

    Philadelphia Local Customs

    As part of the Society of Friends (aka "Quakers"), William Penn founded this city to be a beacon of tolerance, dignity, and thoughtfulness. Ben Franklin was enraptured by such a community, and tried to raise it up as a central place of learning, thrift, hard work, and moderation in all things. "High" society, epitomized by the Katharine Hepburn...

  • Philadelphia Rowhomes

    Philadelphia Local Customs

    First of all, I don't recommend visiting Philly during snow season -- weather here can be less than ideal. Secondly, I don't recommend using a car when visiting here. Walking and mass transit are far better than facing the crazy drivers, narrow streets, and parking that's either too expensive or non-existent. Thirdly, I don't recommend parking in...

  • Murals

    Philadelphia Local Customs

    Philadelphia is full of art, if you look carefully, you can find wonderful murals on the sides of builds all over philadelphia. Done by local artist these great paints seem to last and can depict children to well known actors and musicians. Check it out!

  • Kimmel Center

    Philadelphia Local Customs

    This is the new addition to Philly's arts district. This new building features a 2,500 seat Verison Hall designed for the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Perelman Theater that seat 650. The Kimmel Center is open every day and has free and ticket shows year round.

  • The Philadelphia Flower Show

    Philadelphia Local Customs

    This place was so crowded, I couldn't wait to get out. I heard about it for years, and always wanted to go. I will never go again. It is definately, a 'seen it been there, done that' activity. Save your money, go to Waterlou Gardens, or Willeys! It was so dark in here, it was depressing. A big empty lobby, and the show and the vendors jammed in...

  • Where do I buy beer in PA?

    Pennsylvania has some of the worst, most convoluted alcohol sales laws in the country. Only the state owned liquor stores can sell wine or hard liquor, and they are not allowed to sell beer. Luckily the no-beer on Sundays rule changed recently. Don't even think about buying beer in a convenient place like a grocery store or a convenience store.Of...

  • Hunting in PA

    Growing up in Lucinda, this was always one of my favorite pastimes. My dad always had a bunch of beagles and the woods around our house was full of rabbits. In the fall, I'd often get home from school, grab a gun and a dog, then head into the woods until dark. Those were the days!Each year Pennsylvania has between 800,000 and 1,000,000 hunters take...


    Pennsylvania used to boast of a host of breweries - and distilleries - but very few survived the years of the Prohibition. There are some fine microbrewers that have sprung up in recent years - witness Downington’s Victory Brewing - but good beer can be hard to find in the state on the whole. Add to that the arcane alcohol sale practices - here,...

  • Historic Erie

    Alexis de Tocqueville stood on this spot and remarked about the Erie and Ohio Canal, but was actually looking at a canal that ran from Portsmouth to Cleveland, not from Erie to Pittsburgh. At any rate, the city erected a pier with an observation tower jutting out into the bay. Early mornings, fishermen line the sides to drop hooks. A river boat...

  • Overly's Country Christmas

    If ever in the Pittsbugh area, Overly's Country Christmas is located in Greensburg, PA at the Westmoreland County Fairgrounds. It has a Christmas light display that starts in November and ends New Years Day every year. Started with a few strands in 1956 by Harry Overly, it grew and grew each year at his home. It has been here since 1993 and has...

  • state divisions

    Pennsylvania is a large state but it has only 67 counties. The counties are roughly associated with the judicial districts.The oldest county is Chester (made in the 1690s) and the latest is Lackawanna in the 1870s.The largest area is Erie county and the smallest is a toss up between Philadelphia and Montour counties. There is a ten to one ratio...

  • Fall in Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania is filled with forests of deciduous hardwood trees and cool, crisp fall weather, perfect for spectacular leaves in the autumn. Cool places in the state to check out the leaves are focused on "Pennsylvania's Great Outdoors" -- Clarion, Jefferson, Elk, Forest, and Cameron Counties. Clarion, which hosts a fun-filled annual Autumn Leaf...

  • state symbols

    the state motto is: "Virtue, Liberty and Independence" The State Seal shows a ship, a plow and wheat to indicate the importance of the harbors and farming to the growth of the state. The ship is a favorite symbol for Philadelphia.The Indian corn on the left side represents the heritage of the land from the Native Americans and the olive branch on...

  • Philly Cheese Steak

    The Philly Cheese Steak is a bun or an sandwich with sliced pieces of steak and cheese. The Philly Cheese is completed together with grilled onions, green peppers, mayonnaise or ketchup and mushrooms. Okay, it might do not very tasty on the image but believe me, it is! Usually you have to pay four bucks at a street vendor or seven in a restaurant.

  • Civil War

    When the Civil War broke out (1861-1865) Pennsylvania became a centre of military activity. Because of Pennsylvania's location near the South, it was the scene of several battles. The Union Army won one of its most crucial victories at Gettysburg, which was the bloodiest battle of the war. When the war ended, Pennsylvania experienced huge economic,...

  • Pennsylvania Dutch

    Along I-81, it seems there are signs for Pennsylvania-Dutch towns, restaurants, and shops everywhere. The shops all have names like "Deitsch Eck," or Dutch Corner. Apparantly, they're not really Dutch at all, they're actually German.... kinda misleading, huh? :-)

  • Conservative!!!

    Please be aware, this section of PA is George Bush country. The people here are SUPER conservative and religious. I have nothing against them, but I am from a big city, so I am quite the opposite of the typical mentality here. If you are a liberal, just be aware of who you are speaking to.

  • Melons and Lopes!

    In the summer and early fall there are many roadside stands selling fresh produce. We like to pick some for the car ride or to bring home. Homegrown is the best. Support the local farms!Lopes is short for Cantalopes, one of my favorite fruits!

  • Climate

    Pennsylvania's average temperatures in the north range from about 69 F in July to about 25 F in January. Temperatures are several degrees higher in southern Pennsylvania. Annual rainfall averages some 39 inches.

  • In Pennsylvania Dutch country...

    In Pennsylvania Dutch country it is great to see the Amish going around in their little horse-drawn carriages. Another popular mode of transportation is the scooter (push, not motorised). The Amish people I came into contact with were very pleasant. Remember that they do have some very strict rules, and one of those is that they shouldn't be...

  • Pennsylvania Dutch Country

    Visit what is known as the 'Pennsylvania Dutch Country' which is centered in Lancaster. You will see horse drawn plows, strange dress, horses and buggies, and hex signs. The food is plain and simple. The portions in the restaurants, which generally serve family style, are huge. Visit a farm such as the Plain and Fancy Farm in Bird-in-Hand. See the...

  • HA HA...Pennsylvania has many...

    HA HA...Pennsylvania has many unique features in terms of culture. In some parts of the state, Soda is referred to as Pop. A hoagie is almost the same thing as a Sub. But it has a special sauce. :)In some areas of the state, the dialect is something to get used to. Hunting in some places is a religion-respect it!

  • Dumb Pennsylvania LawsIt is...

    Dumb Pennsylvania LawsIt is contrary to Pennsylvania law to discharge a gun, cannon, revolver or other explosive weapon at a wedding.It is illegal to have over 16 women live in a house together because that constitutes a brothel. However up to 120 men can live together, without breaking the law.It it illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator...

  • The Amish are a semi-closed...

    The Amish are a semi-closed society. They do not mingle much with 'The English', as they call all non-Amish. They are friendly but keep to themselves mostly. I respect that. I took this picture in Lancaster county as we passed this buggy. I thought it was neat idea at the time but felt a little bad about it later. After a lot of thought I decided...

  • It is common that after a long...

    It is common that after a long nite of partying, everyone will eventually crash and burn. This picture was taken at 8am New Year's Day 2000...



  • The Pennsylvania Dutch, who...

    The Pennsylvania Dutch, who are scattered among several counties, have a thick German accent & it takes some time for others to get used to it. Also don't take pictures of the Amish without getting their permission first. Some don't mind it, but others do.

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