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  • Things to Do
    by Ewingjr98
  • Things to Do
    by Ewingjr98
  • Things to Do
    by Ewingjr98

Lucinda Things to Do

  • Cook Forest State Park

    Though not in Lucinda, Cook Forest State Park, is a quick drive to the north. It is a popular summertime destination for canoing, swimming, go-carts, water slides, golf, camping, and hiking. In the fall, it is a great unspoiled wilderness perfect for watching the leaves change.A plaque in the park reads:Named for John Cook who came to this section...

  • Helen Furnace

    Helen Furnace (pronounced Hee-lin, not like the woman's name) is located in Miola, just down Sunset Drive from Lucinda. The origins of the name probably originate from the local settlers from the highlands of Scotland, who pronounced the word "highland" like "hee-lin". Interestingly, it is located in Highland Township, Clarion County.Helen Furnace...

  • Christmas in Lucinda

    Puffy's Christmas Lane at the end of Sunset Drive on Route 66 is one of the biggest Christmas displays around. Take a quick drive through his short lane filled with lights, Santas, and snowmen.Of course, you will see Christmas lights all over Lucinda!

  • Winter in Lucinda

    Winter in Lucinda is always cold and it often sees a lot of snowfall. Expect to spend some time shoveling, and bring warm clothes including hats and gloves.

  • 4th of July Festival -- since 1939!

    St. Joseph's annual 4th of July Festival is by far, the largest event of the year in Lucinda. Quilting Bs and Cow Tipping are in a tight race for second. The 4th of July festival has grown from a small local fund raiser to a big local fund raiser (OK, enough jokes now!). When I was a child, the festival consisted on some small booths with games and...

  • St Joseph's Chuch

    The only thing to see in Lucinda is St. Joseph's Church. It is an impressive site considering the size of Lucinda. St Joe's also has a small elementary school and a hall. This is really the community center of Lucinda.The first catholic church in Lucinda was constructed in 1846, but burned in 1850. After the hill was leveled, the next church was...


Lucinda Restaurants

  • Fox's Pizza Den - Tylersburg

    Fox's Pizza has a store in Clarion, and they used to have a location in Tylersburg. As kids we often had pizza from here because it was closer and cheaper than Pizza Hut.Their menu includes pizzas, sandwiches, wedgies, and appetizers.Fox's pizza was began in 1971 by Jim Fox, who is from the Pittsburgh area. Today the restaurant is headquartered in...

  • Sportsmen's Paradise - Leeper/Crown

    Sportsman's Paradise is one of those restaurants that has been around for decades and it is frequented as much by tourists as by the locals. This is a local bar and a northern Clarion County destination for receptions and big group dinners such as school dinners. I have been here for afew different meals; the decor is pretty plain, but functional....

  • Tales of a Wayside Inn -- but not that...

    A few years ago, the Wayside Inn in Huefner (pronounced Heef-Ner) was famous throughout the region. As a child, I remember KDKA news from Pittsburgh having a story about The Wayside Inn on the 6 o'clock news... However, the Days of Helen Aul's homemade pies are sadly long gone. After she passed away, the restaurant stood empty for years until...

  • The Sawmill Restaurant -- Leeper

    The Sawmill Restaurant is Leeper's local hangout and a good little place for ice cream. They also have burgers and more.10 or 15 years ago, the local hoodlums loved sitting in their cars in the Sawmill's dirt parking lot. They were affectionately known as the Leeper Creepers.

  • Carriage Inn -- Knox

    The Carriage Inn in the center of Knox is not the greatest restaurant around, but it does open very early, so it attracts its share of hunters and local insomniac geriatrics. I usually fall into the hunter category when I stop in, but someday I may be coming here early for the other reason. The food is pretty good and the coffee bottomless. I...

  • Sweet Basil -- Shippenville

    Sweet Basil is the best restaurant in the Lucinda vicinity. The location is actually about 5 miles south of town on Rt 66 in the old Pizza Hut. They have a great lunch buffet for about $7 which includes fresh pizza, salads, hot sandwiches, pasta and deserts. Sweet Basil also has a bar in the front of the restaurant.


Lucinda Nightlife

  • Don't Drop In on Sundays

    Dew Drop Inn -- On Route 66, 1 mile south of Lucinda, this is the nicest and newest of the three Lucinda bars. A good place for pool, darts, and music.

  • Washington House - Fryburg

    About five miles from Lucinda along a narrow country road is the village of Fryburg. Here you will find a church similar to St Joseph's, a few little stores, and one bar/inn called the Washington House. The business was started in 1982, and today operates as a restaurant and bar; the Inn is long closed.This fine establishment (exageration) is a...

  • Meet new people

    Wayside Inn -- OK, so you can't meet new people here unless you are new to Lucinda, but it is a popular place to grab a beer. Located in Huefner on the Lucinda/Fryburg road, 1 mile west of Lucinda. Frogs not included.


Lucinda Transportation

  • Route 66 -- but not the famous one

    The main road, and really the only road into Lucinda unless you know the side roads, is PA Route 66. Route 66 was created in 1927 and first paved through Lucinda in 1929. The route runs 122 miles through Western PA from New Stanton to Kane.

  • Roads around Lucinda

    Lucinda is a beautiful area with some great drives through tranquil woods, sprawling farms, and views across small valleys. Some of my favorite jogging routes include East Drive, Licking Drive, Sarvey Mill Road, Fairview Drive, and Sunset Drive.

  • Lucinda Hotels

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Lucinda Shopping

  • Jerry's Grocery - Formerly Rod's

    Rod's Grocery had been in Lucinda for some 25 or 30 years before it was finally sold and renamed Jerry's. When we were kids, we walked to Rod's quite a bit to buy candy, firecrackers, and subs, while other bought deli meats and basic food supplies. In the 1990s, Rod's was expanded, nearly doubling in size, but is still just a tiny, overpriced...

  • Lander's General Store

    Lander's has been in the middle of Lucinda for decades and is the traditional general store from years gone by. Old, worn hard wood floors, Radio Flyer wagons, hardware, and penny candy are just some of the items you will find at Landers.

  • Zacherl's Farm Market

    I never thought I write many shopping tips for Lucinda, but here goes....Zacherl's Farm Market is located right along State Route 66 between Lucinda and Snydersburg. During the short summer and fall harvesting season, this roadside stand is open daily selling fresh corn, tomatoes, flowers, pumpkins, and much more--fresh from the farm that surrounds...


Lucinda Local Customs

  • The local oil industry

    Texas, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico are America's most famous oil fields today, but did you know our nation's first oil well was drilled right here in the hills of Western Pennsylvania? Drake's Well in Titusville was the site of the first successful attempt at drilling for oil. Titusville is just a few miles away from appropriately named Oil...

  • What is a Morgie?

    In Summer 2008 in Lucinda and the surrounding area you might see signs reading "Free Morgie." What's a Morgie, you might ask?These signs refer to local inventor, mechanic, teacher, entrepreneur, fireworks aficionado, gun collector, and all around odd-ball, named Morgan Jones... Morgie for short. He was arrested in the summer of 2008 for supposedly...

  • Send your kids to North Clarion High...

    What are those large, one-story red brick buildings out in the middle of the woods and potato fields in northern Clarion County? A secret government lab creating swine flu or harvesting alien brains? An Al Qaeda training camp? A fat camp for city kids? Maybe one of those religious compounds where a bearded old dude has 75 wives? Nope. Those...


Lucinda Warnings and Dangers

  • The weather

    I have lived and traveled all over the world and everywhere I go people tell me how bad the weather is at that particular location. "Watch out for black ice," they say, or "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it'll change." I'm so tired of hearing everyone complain about weather, I now refuse to comment on the weather other than to...

  • Winter Driving in Pennsylvania

    Use caution in Pennsylvania in the winter. Roads get icy quickly, lots of snow falls with little warning, and southerners occasionally venture out on the roads (see photo). Slow down when the weather gets bad! Four wheel drive helps maintain traction, as does weight in the back of a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

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Lucinda Off The Beaten Path

  • Lucinda's Corn Maze

    Griebel's Farm in Lucinda began a new tradition a few years ago... the annual Fall corn maze. This local adventure started in 2007 and has only grown. In 2010 the farm had two mazes: a traditional corn maze, with a non-traditional NFL "Play 60" campaign design and a haunted corn maze. Former Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Webster was on hand a day or two...

  • Fryburg Sportman's Club

    I originally wanted to put the Fryburg Sportsman's Club in the nightlife section, but then I realized you can also get a great meal here. Then I thought, most people don't go to the club for drinking or eating, rather they enjoy it for the recreational offerings.The bar is one of the most popular places to hang out in northern Clarion County, on an...

  • My dad's pet bear

    I stole this narrative from my dad's blog (see link below)... hope you like it!Last Monday morning, at about 3:30AM, I was awakened by sudden loud, angry barking and carrying on from the "dog park". Unable to quiet the ten hounds from the bedroom window, I went out in my skivvies, of course. I did manage to settle them somewhat but Speckles carried...


Lucinda Sports & Outdoors

  • Ewingjr98's Profile Photo

    by Ewingjr98 Updated Dec 5, 2006

    This is the best (only?) sports venue in Lucinda. Used mainly for Little League baseball, the stadium (bleachers) seats about 200. Bring a lawn chair or sit on the tailgate of your pickup truck for the best view! But watch for foul balls.

    We played a lot of football in right field during the winters... often with a foot or more of snow on the ground. After three or four hours most of us could hardly walk, but I've never had so much fun for free.

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Lucinda Favorites

  • Historic Building near the Lucinda Train...

    Next to the historic Lucinda Train Station is another old building. This one stands three-stories high, making it the largest building in Lucinda other than St. Joseph's Church. I can only guess at the original use of this building--perhaps a mill or an inn? Either would make sense at this location. In recent years, it was abandoned, but it was...

  • Visit nearby Clarion

    I grew up in Lucinda, about 10 miles north of Clarion. We spent a lot of time here for shopping, dining, movies, basketball at the University, cruising Main, the annual Autumn Leaf Festival, and more.Clarion County was created in 1839 from parts of neighboring Venango and Armstrong Counties, and Clarion borough is the seat of Clarion County. The...

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