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  • FatesWarn's Profile Photo

    Delilah's Southern Cuisine: Philly Southern Cuisine

    by FatesWarn Updated Mar 1, 2014

    *** This establishment is closed ***

    Delilah's Southern Cuisine is located inside the Reading Terminal Market (which you should be visiting anyway). Delilah gets a lot of press since she was on a couple Throwdown challenges with Iron Chef Bobby Flay and because Oprah Winfrey named one of the dishes among the million things she will eat.
    I've read other reviews stating that the food was mediocre and overpriced and the service was poor. The food is priced correctly for Center City - unless you want a hot dog from a cart, you're going to pay at least $10 for a casual lunch in Philly. It is pretty good, and considering the reasonable price for a hot lunch, I would recommend it. The service - it's Philly, just accept it.
    Now about that Mac & Cheese - I've made and had better, so I can see why Bobby Flay won his throwdown (full disclosure - I am a huge fan of his restaurants). That said, it was pretty good, and I didn't have to go to a fine-dining establishment (and pay $15 or more) to get it.
    Overall, it's a nice place to stop if you're in or around the Market, but don't go out of your way.
    FYI: They are cash only.

    Favorite Dish: The mac & cheese IS good - if I see it on the (adult) menu at any restaurant, I'm going to order it. The corn bread is awesome and the black eyed peas and rice is great too (I would have preferred the red beans and rice, but I was "sampling" my husband's lunch).

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    Taqueria La Veracruzana: Suprisingly good Mexican at the Italian Market!

    by mccalpin Updated Nov 30, 2013

    Taqueria La Veracruzana is a sort of "hole in the wall" place just off the south end of the Italian Market in Philadelphia. But the quality of the food is far better than the ambiance.

    This isn't Tex-Mex, but Mexican from Veracruz, a seaport town on the Gulf side of Mexico.

    When we were there, about half the clientele were "gringos", so don't feel odd about going in...

    Favorite Dish: I had the "torta" that was "Milanese de Rez". This is really pretty much a chicken fried steak sandwich...with large peppers included !!! Delete the peppers (unless you're so inclined) and it's quite edible.

    The Official Spousal Unit had tacos with camarones (shrimp tacos) - she scarfed them.

    The MIL had quesadillas...the only problem was that instead of 1 quesadilla as you would get in a Tex-Mex restaurant, there were three - far more than she could eat.

    All in all, fresh food that was well done...

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    Chifa: Peru meets Chinese

    by shrimp56 Written Sep 16, 2012

    As the website states this cuisine is Jose Garces "take" on the influence of Chinese workers' food in Peru. For the most part the marriage of cuisines is totally delicious. We really enjoyed our dinner here, but it was helped by our server, who had been with Garces from the beginning. It also helped that we were near the back of what was a very lively evening at Chifa. Great to go with friends and/or a group. Mostly small portions makes sharing the thing to do.

    Favorite Dish: That is difficult, but I'd have to say the BBQ Pork sliders. They were small, but mighty!

    A lot of what we ordered were the daily specials, often slightly different versions of items on the menu, hence my difficulty in identofying everything.

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  • solopes's Profile Photo

    Solefood: The best

    by solopes Updated Jul 19, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had two memorable meals in the USA: One in San Francisco, that I describe in its page, and this one. Both eating fish, both perfect.

    After a week eating meat... or meat, we desperately wanted fish, and, walking along the streets, we were searching for a promising fish restaurant. This one convinced us, and entering it was our best decision in the whole week.

    A marvelous space, modern, with perfect illumination and great ambiance, "told" us that we were going to pay for the lunch.

    That sensation was enhanced by the waiter when after noting my command, he solemnly announced that I had made the perfect choice: I was going to be the last human to eat such delicacy - Chilean sea bass capture had been prohibited, and, for unknown reasons blue crabs were not reproducing anymore, facing extinction.

    I had a golden credit card, but, at that moment, it was screaming in my pocket.

    Well, lunch was perfect, and the "fat" bill less than a half of what I was already expecting to pay.

    The funny is that I was so impressed by the strange speech of the waiter that, once at home, I checked Internet, and found... that it was absolutely true.

    I don't know if things are back to normal, with Chilean sea bass back to the American diets and blue crabs respecting their sexual obligation or not, but the pleasure's memory remains.

    Great lunch!

    Favorite Dish: Chilean Sea bass with blue crab sauce

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    Amada: Spanish Tapas from an Iron Chef

    by shrimp56 Written Oct 24, 2011

    Jose Garces was the Iron Chef America winner two years ago. Amada is his first restaurant although he has now expanded his Philadelphia empire to 5 eating emporiums. We had a good experience, but not a great one. We have good food and good tapas in Chicago so we have a bit of a standard. The exceptional dish was the pictured Queso de Cabra. The tomato sauce was fresh, the cheese perfectly melty and the bread crisp and fresh. The Serrano ham and the pictures Patatas Bravas were very good, the other tapas I can't even remember.

    The decor was simple, but attractive. The service was good and our neighbors nicely chatty. [Tapas tend to do that]. If would have felt like a better experience if we hadn't had twoo amazing dinners the two following evenings.

    Favorite Dish: Queso de Cabra [see above]

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  • Ewingjr98's Profile Photo
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    Tavern 17 - Radisson Hotel, Rittenhouse Square

    by Ewingjr98 Updated Oct 10, 2011

    Tavern 17 is about what you would expect from a hotel restaurant: expensive, poor service, average food, yet--somehow--always busy despite dozens of nearby restaurants that offer much better fare.

    For some reason, I have been here twice. The first was late in the evening, and we grabbed a few beers and watched the Phillies lose in the first round of the playoffs. The beer selection is pretty good, and the prices affordable (maybe $4.50 for a micro brew draft).

    My second visit was for breakfast, and it was a disappointment. Since the menu was seriously lacking basic breakfast foods, I settled for the eggs Benedict (about $10 or $12) with coffee. The muffins on the Benedict was a cheap-o Thomas' English muffin or a generic equivalent, the eggs bland, the hollandaise almost without taste. At least the potatoes were good, and the coffee had free refills.

    Also, the service was terrible, especially when our waiter disappeared for 15 minutes just as we were trying to check out. I guess his smoke break was more important than his tip.

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  • Ewingjr98's Profile Photo
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    Jones Restaurant - Center City

    by Ewingjr98 Updated Oct 9, 2011

    A friend of our who has lived in the city a few years was raving about Jones Restaurant, particularly their meatloaf, so we were exciting to try this modern American cuisine in a hip, urban setting with many retro design elements. The food was outstanding and the service great; the only drawback was the tiny little airplane-style bathrooms.

    Our visit began in Manayunk, and we didn't arrive until nearly 10pm since we took the SEPTA train. We were quickly seated near the open kitchen, and the waiter also filled us in on the day's drink specials. The girls had the special watermelon spritzers ($9 each), a fruity cocktail that would probably get you too drunk too fast if you drank too many. The guys had local beers: the Yards Brawler for me and a Walt Wit Belgian White for my friend ($6.50 per beer). For our meals we had two of the meatloaf entrees ($15 each), one of their pesto scallop specials ($22) and the brisket dinner ($19). My scallops were delicious--pesto being one of my favorite sauces certainly helped; they were served with a tasty garden salad, but pretty expensive for just four large sea scallops. The brisket was tender and juicy, but their sauce wasn't the best I've had. The meatloaf was very tender, flavorful, and a good value for the price.

    I returned a few years later, and it was still exactly as I remembered--same good service, good food, and tiny bathrooms. On this visit I had the seared sesame ahi tuna over white coconut rice with a snow pea salad. It was delicious, but a disappointingly small portion with only 5-6 small slices of tender tuna.

    Reservations are not accepted, and they claim the dress is casual, but it might be just a hair fancier than that!

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    Good Dog Bar - Rittenhouse Square Area

    by Ewingjr98 Written Oct 9, 2011

    We stayed at a hotel just a block away from the Good Dog, so it was an easy choice for a quick lunch with family. It is a small, unassuming place from the outside, but the interior is surprisingly clean, modern and well decorated throughout the three-story bar. We sat upstairs next to one of the bars and the kitchen, but we had to go up or down a floor to find the restrooms.

    Th burgers here are huge, and have even been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, so we knew what we wanted after a quick scan of the menu. Our group had a few "Good Dog Burgers" ($12.50) which feature a half pound of beef stuffed with roquefort cheese & topped with caramelized onions, served on a toasted brioche bun. We also had their traditional burger ($11), also with a half pound of ground sirloin, cooked to order, and topped with lettuce & tomato, on a toasted bun. Both burgers were served with a side of thin, hand-cut yukon & sweet potatoes and homemade aioli for dipping.

    Good Dog also has a good beer list, featuring many local brews.

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    Kildare's Irish Pub - Manayunk

    by Ewingjr98 Updated Oct 9, 2011

    Kildare's is a great Irish pub on Manayunk's Main Street--one of the liveliest areas of town. The bar itself was imported from Ireland, the staff is very friendly, the beer selection very nice, and the food is good, too!

    I visited Kildare's in the summer of 2009 with a small group of friends. We sat outside along Main Street Manayunk at their busy sidewalk patio area. We had lots of beer and some wine, along with their "Craic Nachos" with chicken ($13) and the tower of pretzels ($7).

    I didn't even know what Craic meant, I thought maybe a place in Ireland, so I had to look it up. The Oxford English Dictionary says craic means "fun, enjoyment, abandonment, or lighthearted mischief; often in the context of drinking or music." Their nachos were full of lighthearted mischief, but no music. Rather, they had house-made potato chips topped with melted cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream, along with chicken or beef. They were great, particularly the chips.

    The tower of pretzels was served with three large, soft pretzels alongside tasty pub mustard, nasty cheese whiz, and whiskey honey mustard.

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  • iam1wthee's Profile Photo

    Sweet Freedom Bakery: Sweet Freedom

    by iam1wthee Written Jul 10, 2011

    Nicely decorated, clean, and well ventilated
    wheat free, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, peanut free, etc
    its vegan and kosher
    you can eat and won't get fat and it tastes really good

    Favorite Dish: coffee cake, chocolate cookies

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  • garridogal's Profile Photo
    4 more images

    Barbuzzo Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar: Small plates, big laughs

    by garridogal Updated Jun 22, 2011

    Well, I can't guarantee the laughs. We just had an awesome group that enjoyed discussing a wide variety of topics that kept us and a solo diner at the table next to us, entertained. Hey, it's a gift!

    But back to Barbuzzo's. It's menu consists of small plates inspired by Mediterranean countries. I know what you're thinking: Too freaking yummy! And, you're right!

    Favorite Dish: Let's see if I remember all or most of what was ordered.... There was a Portuguese paella made with noodles instead of rice, an amazing octopus and chorizo dish, amazing meatballs, a pizza with egg cooked in the middle of it, brussels sprouts (not my fave) and beets (not the usual red and nasty tasting ones!) And, of course, plenty of vino.

    For dessert we had their famous Salted Caramel Budino. Good stuff.

    Loved this place, I'd go back!

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    Swann Cafe: Inside the Four Seasons Hotel

    by gordonilla Written Jun 17, 2011

    Located within the Four Seasons Hotel - the Cafe (and Lounge) are less formal than the restaurant and to dine here you do not need to wear a jacket.

    The staff were attentive and very helpful; and some really genuine smiles not just for show!

    It was not busy at all and for most of my meal, I was the only one sitting in the cafe area.

    Lunch is served between 12.00 and 14.00 - and from then to 23.00 you can eat from the none lunch menu.

    Favorite Dish: French Onion Soup


    and some interesting desserts

    I also enjoyed the coffee (good and strong)

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  • gordonilla's Profile Photo

    Di Bruno Brothers: The Market at the Comcast Centre

    by gordonilla Updated Jun 17, 2011

    I am showing this as breakfast, but this chain seems to offer value for money and quality food throughout the day. It was busy and the location is rear the regional rail terminus.

    The opening hours for this outlet are:

    Monday to Friday 7:00am - 7:30pm

    Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm

    Sunday CLOSED

    Favorite Dish: Mini Gobbler Sandwich - Turkey Sausage, White Cheddar, Fried Eggs on an English Muffin

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  • VZ-Pam's Profile Photo

    Mexican Post: Mexican Post by LOVE PARK

    by VZ-Pam Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Its very near to Benjamin Pkway and the atmosphere & decor inside the restaurant bar is good. However, I did not find the food looks mexican to me. I guess its not about the authenicity of the food at this place & its more about the wine. I seen lots of liquors at the bar shelves. Waitor who serve me is friendly & nice. Prices is just slightly average, about $7.50 for my drink, which is mango juice with some tequilas....not impressive with the drink but I am sure they had put a lot of tequilas inside. Almost could not walk out of that place & lucky the seafood salad is spicy enough to get me going.

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  • fdrich29's Profile Photo
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    Geno's Steaks: The Best from South Philly

    by fdrich29 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had the opportunity to swing thru Philly on the way back to Boston from Maryland and there were only two things I wanted to do: See the Rocky statue and eat at Genos. Mission accomplished on both counts. After seeing the statue we drove a couple of miles to get to Geno's. Had to trek thru some sketchy parts of town, but I was very pleased to end up in a Little Italy of sorts and we found a spot right by Geno's. Luckily there is an ATM machine in a wall across the street from Geno's (actually I'm not sure if they take credit cards, they very well might). The line was very long and everyone was ordering in a very particular way, so I followed suit when I placed our orders (if you visit their website you will get the 411 on how to order). They have Cheese Wiz Steaks, American Steaks, Provolone Steaks, and Roasted Pork. Whatever you get make sure you get the grilled onions on it. Don't forget a soda and Freedom Fries or Cheese Fries. Geno's patriotism is refreshing and uplifting and the respect they pay to Police and Firefighters is absolutely wonderful. Word to the wise, order in English. There's a sign at the window clearly stating their wishes that people speak English when ordering their Philly Cheese Steaks. A woman in front of me gave them a hard time, asking them why the sign wasn't printed in Spanish, and she was serious. I'm all for diversity and embracing other's cultures, but I didn't think it was too much of them to ask that English be used to order at their restaurant.

    Favorite Dish: I got the Cheese Wiz steak, grilled onions and cheese fries. My only regret is that I didn't order two!

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