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United States of America Restaurants

  • Serendipity

    New York City Restaurants

    The food is very over rated especially considering the prices. However the surroundings are really nice and that is what makes the experience. There booking system is shocking, they don't seem to be aware of modern technology your choices are either ring them or stand outstand the restuarant an 1-2hours before hand and hope you can get in. God...

  • Luxor Hotel and Casino

    Las Vegas Restaurants

    After visiting las vegas for the last 18 years this has to be the worst meal in all that time. The quality and choice of dishes were poor to say the least..tasteless meat pasta fish....the mexican food has to be the worst ive tasted ever.... None !!!!!!

  • Cafe du Monde

    New Orleans Restaurants

    Everybody wants to try a beignet here and rightly so. Café Du Monde is large and open 24 hrs so there really is no excuse. But be warned - three beignets are enough for two - we bought three more to take home and eat later. Still good, but not the same. In April 2013, two café au laits and six beignets cost under $12. Great place to people watch...

  • Planet Hollywood

    Orlando Restaurants

    My family & I have loved Planet Hollywood for years, but we will NEVER go back again! The prices have increased dramatically. We are a family of six and our bill was over $212.00! This bill is not the result of any alcohol (we do not drink at all) and four of us ordered waters. I asked the waiter if Planet Hollywood did anything for birthdays since...

  • Cliff House

    San Francisco Restaurants

    Cliff House 1090 Point Lobos Ave., San Francisco CA 94121 Tel. 1.888.448.2186 Since 1863, serving breakfast lunch and dinner. Stylish architecture and spectacular ocean views with the freshest seafood. Three eateries suit every mood and style. Sutro’s is both casual and chic, offering a blend of modern style and architecture inspired by the rich...

  • Berghoff Bar & Restaurant

    Chicago Restaurants

    The main restaurant of Berghoffs is closed. The bar will reopen under another name and the cafe will remain open, but the old panelled dining room will become a space for private catered parties. ------------------ You miss German food and beer? You want to get service on the grumpy side? This is the place. The pictured salmon dish was typically...

  • Blue Heaven

    Key West Restaurants

    This is just the kind of funky local place Boyd and I love to find! The outside seating area is covered by sails to protect from sun and rain, and there is a small stage for music. We went for breakfast, and it was great - chickens running between the tables (chickens seem to roam free all over KW). Loved the gift shop - t-shirts and postcards, but...

  • In-n-Out Burger

    Los Angeles Restaurants

    Last visit November, 2012 Californians are passionate about their In-N-Out Burger's, the drive thru is always stacked with cars, there is always a line inside with people waiting patiently for their orders. I usually find myself at In-N-Out at least once when I'm in So Cal and this trip was no exception, there was one just up the street from my...

  • Faneuil Hall / Quincy Market

    Boston Restaurants

    My wife and I were shopping in the Farmer's Market and the Faneuil Market when we decide to grab a bite to eat. I didn't feel like eating at one of the food hall stands so we decided to try this place out. I liked that the restaurant was upstairs and not on the main level where the crowds tend to mull. We were seated at a nice table for two...

  • Space Needle

    Seattle Restaurants

    SkyCity is open for lunch, dinner, and Saturday and Sunday brunch. Since I couldn't go for lunch and didn't want to waste a Saturday or Sunday on the Space Needle, I had dinner. The main draw for me was: "As always, your elevator ride and Observation Deck access are complimentary when dining at SkyCity." At that time the ride up was $6.00. Now it...

  • Shorebird

    Honolulu Restaurants

    The Shorebird in Waikiki is a huge restaurant right on the beach, perfect for dinner and drinks in a true Hawaiian atmosphere. We arrived one weekday evening, and the restaurant and bar were packed. We ordered a round of local draft beers (around $7 each), then we got our table right along the water. The menu is pretty extensive and expensive. We...

  • Anthony's Fish Grotto

    San Diego Restaurants

    Anthony's has been a favorite in San Diego for many years. It is conveniently located on Harbor Drive, along the San Diego Bay near the Star of India, the Cruise Ship Terminals and the Habor Cruise kiosks. There are three restaurants rolled into one at this spot. The Star of the Sea Room is "casually elegant," the Fish Grotto is casual, family...

  • Shula's on the Beach

    Fort Lauderdale Restaurants

    shula's on the beach is one of a chain of steakhouses founded by famous miami dolphins football coach don shula. what makes this location unique is it's great view of fort lauderdale beach. shula's offers prime black angus beef, seafood, and upscale american fare. shula's is one of the better steakhouse chains in the country.

  • Philly Cheese Steaks

    Philadelphia Restaurants

    I've always liked Pat's so it's what I will recommend. They don't need those flashy lights to prove anyone their better. They're just your low key philly cheese steak place that locals like me go to. 1 wiz wit! and cheese fries

  • Cuban- Little Habana

    Miami Restaurants

    We pulled up to the parking lot at Versailles and saw the line of people waiting outside but to our surprise the hostess said the wait would only be 10 minutes. And that was about right, we were seated fairly quickly, it is a large restaurant and the food comes out quickly so the turnover is pretty fast. Service was quick and pleasant. Parking is...

  • Pittypat's Porch

    Atlanta Restaurants

    First sign of problems is that the air conditioning was not working. Not a good thing in Atlanta. They sat our group in the basement- low lighting. Very homey atmosphere, but upon closer inspection could see things were thread bare and worn out. Place looks like the carpet has never been replaced in 40 years. Sad taxidermy stuffed animal heads on...

  • Doneraki Restaurant and Cantina

    Houston Restaurants

    We ordered carry out on a Saturday evening for our first experience with this restaurant. We put in our order asking that it be ready in 30 minutes, it was early in the evening, figured it would give them plenty of time and give us a second to run a errand. They said they would have it ready in 15... ok fine they can't accommodate our timing...

  • Dick's Last Resort

    San Antonio Restaurants

    Do you like verbal abuse when you eat, drink and be merry? If so, then Dick’s on the Riverwalk is definitely your place to go eat. The waiters and waitresses here definitely have it in for you, and there crude style of waiting is exactly why people actually go here. The only place where I consistently had worse service is actually in Australia,...

  • Cowboy Club

    Sedona Restaurants

    Walking into the Cowboy Club is like walking back 100 years. The decor is definitely western themed. The food is pretty good although a bit on the expensive sided. Chicken Pot Pie was almost "home made" tasting."

  • Antares

    Dallas Restaurants

    More than food drinks are very nice...unexpensive. The restaurant operated all the year round. Wear casual clothes in daytime , during the night kids are not allow and wear semi casual . I recommend if u wanna enjoy the dinner made a phone call and get the reservation..usually weekend time is long waiting list. Sometimes tips are included in u...

  • Curry Village

    Yosemite National Park Restaurants

    The Curry Village restaurant is a cafeteria style restaurant. You can go through pick what you want and buy it at the counter. We got some Italian food with two sides, a salad, and a drink and for both of us it was about $40. Whew. Super expensive. They also have a pizza place, a bar, and a coffee shop all in the same building. The food was not bad...

  • International

    Nashville Restaurants

    I am a fan!! I read some reviews and thought.." I want to have my very first Banh Mi from this location!!!" I have been wanting to try one and after reading the reviews, this is where I wanted to go..so after work I stopped here. I had written down a few things from the review I wanted to try.. so when I arrived I went to the man at the counter..he...

  • The White House of Anaheim

    Anaheim Restaurants

    Anaheim White House was a lucky find and the first time we went, we were really surprised to find such a great place first try! My friend and I had escorted a group of French teenagers on a weekend trip to Disneyland. After the kids took off for the park in the evening, we decided to go out for a nice and relaxing dinner leaving the other teacher...

  • Bahama Breeze

    Tampa Restaurants

    Bahama Breeze, on the north side of the Courtney Campbell Causeway next to the Westin and Holiday Inn Express, is located on a strip of land called Rocky Point. The Breeze has a big indoor restaurant with a full menu, then a more casual dining option on the huge deck overlooking a small inlet connected to Tampa Bay. Went went once for drinks, then...

  • Rendezvous

    Memphis Restaurants

    You have to appreciate a restaurant that labels a dish in its menu the "Main Thing"! It really does take a lot of guesswork out of ordering. With that, my friend TK and I both ask the whistling waiter at Charlie Vergo's Rendezvous for a full-order of pork ribs each and a pitcher of Ghost Rider beer to share. The waiter bursts into song as he walks...

  • The Tobacco Company

    Richmond Restaurants

    I stopped in to the Tobacco Company on a trip through Richmond several years ago. I was very impressed by the huge, four-story building with its great open floor plan and balconies on top of balconies. Originally an abandoned warehouse, this is now one of the cornerstones of the city's downtown area. They have good food, along with a dance club,...

  • Old Faithful Inn

    Yellowstone National Park Restaurants

    The Restaurant in Old Faithful Inn is open from mid May to mid October, and is located in the impressive, historic log hotel. The lobby in this inn is 85 feet high, with a huge stone fireplace, and a series of balconies. The restaurant is off of this grand log lobby, and has a rustic ambience. The menu is varied, with mouth watering descriptions of...

  • Phillip's Seafood

    Baltimore Restaurants

    The restaurant's name says it all - it specializes in seafood in a very convenient location - the Harboplace at the Inner Harbor. Try their weekend seafood buffet - take a prophylactic anti-histamine before doing so - that basically serves everything and anything fished out of nearby Chesapeake Bay. Of course, the centerpiece of the buffet spread...

  • Santa Maria Restaurant

    Saint Augustine Restaurants

    As you cross the Bridge of Lions into Historic St. Augustine, you see a resturant sititng on a pier all by itself to your left. Many times I visited St. Augustine with friends and passed by it. Finally, I decided to stop by and try it. The wait can be long, but there's no lack of entertainment by watching children feeding catfish off the side of...

  • Anything and everything

    Phoenix Restaurants

    NIce bricks and mortar in the upscale Biltmore Fashion Park, this eatery has a slightly healthy food twist. I ordered a Bison Burger (leaner than regular burger). It came with a concoction of ingredients, the best being the water cress, cheese, and bread (bun). Let's say the entire menu was a hodgepodge of ingredients thrown together. The...

  • Slightly North of Broad (S.N.O.B.)

    Charleston Restaurants

    I got the sautéed duck breast (medium well), with a confit duck, goat cheese & green pea risotto, carrots, turnips, topped with a honey thyme reduction. It was, without a doubt, the best duck I’ve ever eaten (don’t tell my Dad). The risotto I could eat for days and days. It was so good. I’m not sure my vocabulary is evolved enough to be able to...

  • Hula Hut

    Austin Restaurants

    You can hear murmuring sounds from the street. Gets crowded by 6pm and expect a long line of people waiting to be seated at the door by 7pm. I had Shrimp Quesadillas and this mind blowing dessert. Great hang out place. Loved the food. Service was satisfactory even with a large crowd. Updated: 4th visit on July 2008 Was there at about 9pm on a...

  • Furnace Creek restaurant

    Death Valley National Park Restaurants

    The restaurant at the Furnace Creek Inn is certainly the best restaurant in Death Valley, not that there are many choices. In fact, almost all of the very few restaurants in Death Valley are at the Furnace Creek Inn and its less expensive cousin, Furnace Creek Ranch, which has a 49er Cafe and a Steakhouse. The Inn is much more upscale, and more...

  • The Fish Hopper Restaurant

    Monterey Restaurants

    This is a glitzy, fun, and fairly good seafood restaurant in Cannery Row, if a bit touristy. It's not a really great place but it is definitely one of the better places to eat in Cannery Row area, both for ambience, which is nice, and the food quality and has great views on the water.

  • Steakhouse At The Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon Restaurants


  • Upscale

    Portland Restaurants

    The menu items looked so good I ordered way too much.... but it was delicious. Located on trendy 21st Street in downtown West of the Pearl district (maybe it could be in the Pearl district), Wildwood is an upscale place with reasonable priced dishes a little on the higher end. I ordered three starters and it was too much. The bowl of mussels, with...

  • Blueberry Hill

    Saint Louis Restaurants

    Once a month Chuck Berry, the guitar legend himself, performs at this small, but welcoming bar. Chuck owns the place and plays with his son (guitar) and daughter (harmonica/vocals). I caught his act in March of 2006 and was amazed how well this 80 y/o man can still play. There isn't a bad seat in the house as you are never more than 20 feet from...

  • The Lazy Flamingo

    Sanibel Island Restaurants

    the lazy flamingo is a casual "key west" style restaurant and bar in sanibel. they specialize in local sea food and casual american fare. good food moderately priced. their shrimp dishes were quite good.

  • La Casuelas Terraza

    Palm Springs Restaurants

    Las Casuelas Terraza is one of the most popular and interesting restaurants in Palm Springs and one place that you must eat while you're visiting the area. The restaurant is packed at dinnertime, particularly on the weekends. You really must make a reservation (unless you want to wait an hour and 20 minutes, as we did). One good tip to know: this...

  • Hell's Kitchen

    Minneapolis Restaurants

    If you staying in downtown Minneapolis, Hell's Kitchen is a must. Come to think of it, it is a must wherever you are staying. Not only is the food great and the service excellent, the place is fun. Many things are homemade, e.g., peanut butter and jelly, ketchup, and hot chocolate with whipped cream. They have breakfast standards (that you may mix...

  • Salt Life Food Shack

    Jacksonville Restaurants

    Salt Life Food Shack This restaurant is inspired by the coastal lifestyle embodied by the Jacksonville Beach-born clothing and bumper sticker phenomenon known as "Salt Life." If you like the beach, surfing, fishing, or boating, be sure to check this place out. It is not really a "shack" but rather a casual yet hip restaurant with a large salt...

  • Snug Harbor

    Fort Myers Beach Restaurants

    Well we just got back from this place and I can tell you that we should have went to the place next to it. So we gave Snug Harbor a shot...The lady at the front counter acted and looked like her life was about to end and why are we wanting to eat there? The food started out average and soon became like a trip to Red Lobster. I was not expecting...

  • Tommy Bahama's

    Naples Restaurants

    Tommy Bahama Cafe was introduced to us via our friends, Patti and Rick, who live in Naples. We spent an afternoon with them a few days after we arrived in Naples. They suggested that we eat lunch here. What a great idea, as we soon discovered. Of course, I was aware of the Tommy Bahama brand name from their line of clothing. However, I did not...

  • Cafe Buenos Aires

    Santa Barbara Restaurants

    Like all good things that come to an end, the Cafe Buenos Aires is CLOSED. I leave the review for my memory of a excellent restaurant of 19 years. It follows: "Driving on State Street is visiting the action of Santa Barbara with the eclectic shopping venues, the many night life style bars, and the wonderful restaurants that line the street and...

  • Pizza Joints

    Kansas City Restaurants

    Spin is a great place to sit with friends and have a pizza that is above average. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual but still nice. There is seating out side great for nice evenings. They offer a good range of pizza, salads and sandwiches. There is wine and beer available also. The quality of the ingredients is high and the service is friendly...


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