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  • Things to Do
    by Pawtuxet
  • Rectory... home of the priests
    Rectory... home of the priests
    by Pawtuxet
  • Things to Do
    by Pawtuxet

Central Falls Things to Do

  • A little Poland in Rhode Island

    "It was at the close of the 19th century, at a time when the weaving industry in New England began to prosper, that the Polish people were attracted to Central Falls, Valley Falls, Pawtucket and other vicinities in the state of Rhode Island. The first Polish people came to Central Falls and settled in the vicinity of High Street. Since no Church...

  • Residential Architecture off Broad...

    I climbed a small hill street, past an elementary school where I witnessed a teacher scolding a disruptive immigrant kid, and into the neighborhoods of Central Falls, which team with large multi-family homes. These were the working class homes of factory workers, and today are home to mostly immigrants. Mixed in are the occasional large single...

  • Upstream from Blackstone Falls

    From the bridge that divides Cumberland from Central Falls, one can see a pontoon excursion boat parked at a dock. Directly below the bridge one can see the accumulation of debris that the state should figure out a way to clean up more often. Upstream there are more trails and the still water of the Blackstone River still held back by the stone and...

  • Blackstone Falls Nature Trail

    The short but reliable drop of Blackstone Falls made Central Falls the textile giant it once was. The flowing water was harnessed to provide power inside one large brick factory, that today has been restored into an old folks home. There's a nature trail that traverses a forested sandbar, and periodically once can peek out on the rapids and...

  • Hasbro Factory

    Further north along Broad Street from Jenks Park and City Hall one eventually comes to the impressive brick Hasbro Factory, vacant since 1998 and now used for storage. This "molding shop" was the place where Mr. Potato Head and GI Joe were once manufactured. Athough Hasbro was founded in the 1920s, the architecture suggests late 19th century,...

  • Commercial and Residential Buildings

    Broad street has many find late 19th and early 20th century buildings in dire need for TLC. Some of these have familiar corporate names, but long since have been given over to new occupants. There are also here and there along Broad Street several sizeable mansions on rather large estates.

  • Central Falls City Hall

    The local police station, a traditional massive granite edifice with steep stairs, is now occupied by another government office, and appears to be on the auction block. Across the street though, the aging city hall remains in need of repair but still in use.

  • Stroll Through Jenks Park

    Jenks Park is right near the City Hall building and provides a hilltop from which the entire city can be viewed. There are several interesting iron gazebos, for lack of better description, that were assembled by the Works Progress Administration during the depression. On top the knoll is a clock tower built of stone. But, the fine granite entrance...

  • Most popular part of the festival

    I spotted a small sign on the building across the street from the church and festival. Clearly everyone was heading in that direction, so I investigated. The church owns the building which looks as if it must have been another church previously... but now serves as a social hall for the parish. Everyone was drawn to it on the day we visited,...


Central Falls Restaurants

  • Breakfast at an Authentic Colombian...

    I walked past many Mexican food and other ethnic restaurants before I stumbled upon this one on Broad Street, just a block from the City Hall and Park. I was delighted by choice of empanadas and Colombian bakery items. There was also chorizo and chicken available. One patron, originally from Equador, claimed that this was the best such place in...

  • OK, so I've only been there...

    OK, so I've only been there once, but trust me, it's a local legend. It's Stanley's.Plus, it's one of those little holes in the wall that are open for breakfast after the bars all close. When everything else is closed, open is unique. Steamed cheeseburgers are what put Stanley's on the map.

  • Central Falls Hotels

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Central Falls Off The Beaten Path

  • silently glide on the river

    The guide will tell you when there is wild life to see. We had a giant blue heron fly right across the bow of the boat...circle around...did it again... and then went to sit on a branch at the side of the river as if his performance was now finished. According to the guide there are many species here and they frequently see deer on the river banks...

  • end of the line

    The Blackstone has many waterfalls along the way...which is why the mill owners loved this location so much...to use the water for power. They could not, however use the river for transportation because of the falls. Therefore they dug a canal which was used for transportation along with the eventual railroads. This is the end of the line...if you...

  • The Samuel Slater

    We passed the Samuel Slater along the way...another river boat operating as part of the Blackstone corridor tourist area. Named after the man who started the industrial revolution...Samuel Slater of the famous Slater mill of Pawtucket. Our river boat was open with an awning for a cover from the sun...where this one is more closed. They told us that...


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