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  • Things to Do
    by Pawtuxet

Jamestown Things to Do

  • Enjoy nature, the views, the peace

    Jamestown retains some wonderful pastoral views where development and modern day civilization hasn't come to muss up the landscapes. Historic New England maintains a farm on the island and there are a few other protected sites which will always be saved and cherished. Don't just drive across Jamestown as many do on their way to Newport, RI - but...

  • Farm Day in Jamestown, RI

    Visit an historic farm in Rhode Island on the beautiful island of Jamestown. Rural and wonderful... you can stop between Wickford and Newport and then over the bridge you go in either direction.The Watson Farm is owned by Historic New ENgland and operated by Don and HEather Minto, who live at the farm, and raise Red Devon cattle. This heritage...

  • Kids n' animals...animals and kids

    they kind of go together, don't they?the good old sheep dog got a day off...and lots of attention.

  • Of course I love the house....

    It's something about the "feel" of these wonderful old 1700's houses that just gets me at the first sight of them. I don't know if I lived a previous life in one of these houses, but they just feel so familiar to me...and always have. I could sit and stare at an old batten door and stone step for half an hour...and sometimes I actually do.sick,...

  • Knowing what to do with the wool

    Several weavers were at the farm to show everyone how to operate a loom and sometimes to give the youngsters an opportunity to try their hand at it. They were very patient in explaining...even to adults... the various steps along the way from sheep to sweater.

  • Make believe farmers ride the plow

    Old plows and tractors are scattered around the property and noone seems to care when the kids climb all over them...pretending to plow the fields or haul the hay.

  • Young Docents with work they love to do

    The Docents have the job of taking the sheep for a walk on a leash. Others were just carrying the babies around and enjoying the companionship. It was nice to see the young teenagers involved in this kind of activity.

  • sheep shearing at Watson Farm

    Families love coming out for this day. Watson Farm has sheep to be sheared, weavers who demonstrate on a couple of different types of looms, and general all-natural fun on a sunny day.

  • Beavertail Aquarium

    This is a very small, simple aquarium located in the Beavertail Lighthouse's old foghorn building. The aquarium's exhibits focus on creatures that live along the Rhode Island coastline, and are fun for small children.

  • Beavertail State Park

    Beavertail State Park is a pleasant little state park that occupies the southern end of Conanicut Island. The park features the historic Beavertail Lighthouse and Museum, a small aquarium, and a rugged coastline that is interesting to walk along.

  • Bearvertail Lighthouse and Museum

    The Beavertail Lighthouse stands at the southern end of Conanicut Island in Beavertail State Park. Lighthouses have stood on this spot since the 1700s; the current lighthouse was built in 1856. Adjacent to the lighthouse is an excellent little museum which covers the history of Beavertail and the other lightouses in the area. What we found...

  • Ocean State Scuba

    OSS is the only dive shop on the island and it's a pretty good one. It's a full-service shop, the staff know the area well and there are lots of resources inside on local diving. Their airfills are good and reasonably priced ($5). The fill station is outside, right on the covered deck. If you're a visiting diver they have an apartment up on the 2nd...


Jamestown Hotels

  • Wyndham Newport Overlook

    150 Bay View Dr., (formerly Newport Overlook Hotel), Jamestown, Rhode Island, 02835, United States

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • Wyndham Bay Voyage Inn

    150 Conanicus Ave., (formerly The Bay Voyage), Jamestown, Rhode Island, 02835, United States

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Couples

Jamestown Restaurants

  • dracko's Profile Photo

    Tricia's: Tastes like chicken

    by dracko Updated Mar 26, 2003

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Tricia's is a nice restaurant in the center of town. They're open all day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We ate there a couple of times and the food was fresh and delicious. Prices are reasonable too. They serve just about everything, from seafood, to burgers, steaks, pancakes, you name it. The wait staff was very friendly and accomodating.

    Favorite Dish: If they still have it, ask for gator stew. Yes, it's real gator and yes, it does taste like chicken. Only better, because it's gator :). But the stew was well made and tasty. Their burgers are pretty good too, if that's your bag. Or try their seafood. Basically, you can't go wrong, no matter what you get. It's all good.

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Jamestown Off The Beaten Path

  • Cows with strange markings

    Noticed these cows in a nearby pasture....with a sort of "belted" marking. They even had a fluff to the back of their necks similar to a horse's mane. We were pretty surprised to see them after just having seen the strange markings on the pigs at Casey Farm. Hoping someone has an explanation for us.

  • Lucky homeowner

    The house next door to the windmill has the advantage of fabulous views to the wind mill as well as the Pell Bridge...and of course... the cows. I'm not sure if this is the groundskeeper for the mill property, but they do a great job at caring for their property. Very creative use of stone and interesting treatment of shingling across the back of...

  • Wonders of the Windmill

    the old wind mill is owned by the Jamestown Historical Society and maintained beautifully. You can just pull over at the side of the road and walk into the property where the wind mill is located. From the expansive lawns you get a fabulous view of the Pell Bridge to Newport...along with a friendly hello from the cows on the property next door.


Jamestown Sports & Outdoors

  • Potter Cove

    Potter cove is located just North of the Newport bridge, almost under it, with a Northerly exposure. It's one of those sites that gives you an opportunity to get into the water when the nicer South-exposed sites are blown out. On days like that Potter Cove tends to be pretty smooth and glassy, even in strong Southerly winds.If you're diving Potter...

  • Ft. Wetherill

    Ft. Wetherill is probably the most popular dive site in Jamestown. There are two coves to pick from, the left and the right. They both face South and are pretty well protected from most but southerly winds. Best diving is along the walls in the coves - there is plenty of variety in terrain and sea life to keep you coming back for more. The bottom...

  • Jamestown Hotels

    2 Hotels in Jamestown

Jamestown Favorites

  • diver-x's Profile Photo

    Fort Wetherill is a great dive...

    by diver-x Written Oct 4, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Fort Wetherill is a great dive for beginners and there is plenty to interest the more advanced diver too. A small peninsula separates two coves. One cove is rocky, the other is gravelly and sandy and also has a boat ramp. You can enter in one cove and swim around to the other cove to exit, following a rocky wall. Off the tip of the peninsula is a small island. More advanced divers can swim across a short sandy-mucky flat at about 50-60 feet to circle the island. The far side of the island drops to 80+ feet and is one of the most impressive wall dives in New England.

    Be forwarned that the visibility is never that great here. The easy entry and exit makes this a very popular dive site, which means a lot of sand and sediment gets kicked up, making the viz even worse. Arrive either VERY early, say 7:00 am, or late in the afternoon when everything settles back down.

    Fondest memory: Beavertail is another state park with a couple of good dives and a lighthouse to boot. The surf can be much stronger here, so entry and exit can be a little tricky. However, the visibility is usually much better at Beavertail than at Wetherill. Parking lot #2 has the easiest entry, but you have to climb down a goat-path to get into the sheltered inlet. Parking lot #3 is a very pretty dive, but it's not as sheltered. Pass it by when the surf's up.

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