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  • dillon county courthouse
    dillon county courthouse
    by doug48
  • pedroland
    by doug48
  • pedro's reptile lagoon
    pedro's reptile lagoon
    by doug48

Dillon Things to Do

  • pedroland

    pedroland is a small amusement park located at south of the border. if you are expecting walt disney world you will be dissapointed but it is a nice place to take children when traveling on I-95 near the south carolina-north carolina border.

  • pedro's reptile lagoon

    pedro's reptile lagoon is a small reptile zoo located at south of the border. as the name implies there are reptiles on display here.

  • pedro's tower

    pedro's tower is located at south of the border. you can take an elevator to the top of this 165 foot tower for a view of I-95-US 301 exit.

  • dillon county courthouse

    the dillon county courthouse was built in 1911 in the beaux arts style. the architect of the courthouse was william e. edwards. the dillon county courthouse is listed on the national register of historic places. the interior of the courthouse is open to the public by tour. see the attached web site for information.

  • South of the Border - Leave and pick up...

    It was time to leave. We had spent almost an hour roaming around South of the Border. We had many laughs and had a lot of fun taking tacky photo's. But all good things must come to an end. It was time to leave the 1950's and return to the new millenium. We still had many miles to travel. But we would leave with memories of Pedro and giant...

  • South of the Border - Gorillas

    What would an imaginery trip to Mexico be without giant gorillas? It makes about as much sense as anything else at South of the Border. If you enlarge this picture you will see that I am standing underneath this giant gorilla. He is standing out side of a store selling beach wear and souvineers. I always think of giant gorilla's when I shop for...

  • South of the Border - Larry and the...

    I loved this pink flamingo. Its a true symbol of the 1950's when people had these, on a much smaller scale, in their front yards. Also being from Baltimore I felt like this could also be a tribute to John Waters. So here I am next to the giant Pink Flamingo sending best wishes back home to John Waters in Baltimore. Also note the sign behnd me in...

  • South of the Border - Larry and Dino

    We had a lot of laughs walking around the area. There were lots of large animals and creatures to pose with and take pictures. So now it was my turn. Here I am with a large dinosaur. How many opportunities do you get today to pose with a large dinosaur? You can almost sense the ghosts from the past of people my parents age with their children...

  • South of the Border - A Patriotic Pedro

    We were in South of the Border in the summer of 2002. This was just a few months after the events of 9/11 and everyone in the country seemed to be taking on a new sense of patriotism. Even at South of the Border Pedro had been repainted to reflect this feeling after the events of 9/11. I am not sure just how to feel about all of this. You have the...

  • South of the Border - Sombrero Tower

    Once you pass the giant sign and enter the complex the first thing you will notice is a large observation tower. Of course in keeping with the theme of insulting our neighbors to the South the tower is in the shape of a giant Sombrero. The day we were there the tower was not opened. But you can climb the stairs and actually stand outside on a giant...

  • South of the Border - Arrival

    You have now reached South of the Border. You can tell by the giant sign with the sombrero saying loud and clear "SOUTH OF THE BORDER". As you turn off the interstate and start your entry into South of Border be prepared to step back into time. This place has not changed a lot in over 50 years.

  • South of the Border - The Approach

    South of the Border was built during the very un PC time period just after World War II in the early 1950's. There were similiar roadside attractions built all across the US during this time. Most have since disappeared and no longer exist. However South of the Border has survived for some reason. As you travel down the east coast into the southern...


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Dillon Restaurants

  • steakhouse

    the peddler steakhouse is located at south of the border. i personally have not dined here but if you want to have a steak dinner in a building in the shape of a mexican hat this is the place.

  • mexican

    pedro's tamale shop is located at the south of the border. they serve mexican and american fare. inexpensive. a good lunch stop when traveling along I-95 near the south carolina-north carolina border. "tamales"

  • Get your hot tamales

    There are several places to eat at South of the Border. I was not sure if I should make this a warning or a restaurant tip. We did not eat at South of the Border. There are lots of restaurants all along Interstate 95. So it was not necessary to purchase hot tamales at South of the Border. If you don't want hot tamales you can always go back to the...


Dillon Transportation

  • doug48's Profile Photo
    pedro's gas station

    by doug48 Updated Nov 8, 2010

    pictured is pedro's gas and convenience store. a good place to buy gas and load up on beer if traveling north into north carolina. north carolina has the highest state gasoline taxes in the south. south carolina and georgia have the lowest taxes in the south. when traveling along I-95 it is always wise to full up in south carolina.

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Dillon Shopping

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  • fireworks

    pedro's rocket shop's motto is "pedro's fireworks, does yours". a great place to load up on fireworks that are illegal in most states. "fireworks" ! ?

  • "mexican and more"

    pictured is one of pedro's shops. at south of the border pedro has the rodeo drive boutique, mexican shop east and west, pedro's leather shop, pedro's fireworks shop, and hats from around the world. if you need a sombrero or poncho this is the best place to buy one in south carolina. the sign in the picture is the largest free standing advertising...

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Dillon Warnings and Dangers

  • Fireworks

    Do yourself a favor. Do a little research and use some common sense when it comes to purchasing fireworks. Many of the fireworks sold at South of the Border are illegal in surrounding states. If you get pulled over and searched for some reason, you won't be the first person to pay hefty fines or worse. Also, keep in mind that a lot of the...

  • South of the Border - Hungry Hippo's

    You should take caution when visiting South of the Border. There are hungry animals roaming the streets. Watch your children and hold on to their hands. They might end up like Danielle in this picture and get eaten by a hungry hippo.

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