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  • lexington county courthouse
    lexington county courthouse
    by doug48
  • lexington county museum
    lexington county museum
    by doug48
  • laurance corley house
    laurance corley house
    by doug48

Lexington Things to Do

  • confederate civil war memorial

    the confederate civil war memorial is located on the grounds of the lexington county courthouse. this memorial is a pillar with a pile of cannon balls on the top, a very unusual confederate memorial.

  • daniel koon house

    the daniel koon house is located on the grounds of the lexington county museum. this is one of several historic hames and buildings on display at the museum.

  • laurance corley house

    the 1771 laurance corley house was once located on a 1700 acre plantation in lexington county. today you can see it on the grounds of the lexington county museum.


Lexington Hotels

Lexington Restaurants

  • seafood

    the crab shack is located in the historic lexington mill in downtown lexington. they offer sefood and casual american fare. the crab shack is a combination sports bar and restaurant. they also offer a deck with a view of a small lake. a fun place to eat and drink when in the columbia area.

  • german & american

    the lexington arms is a very good german-american restaurant in lexington. typical american fare as well as german selections. i recommend this restaurant when in the columbia area.

  • Not Kid Friendly

    I went to The Scoop with 4 11yr old girls and one 9 yr old girl. It was my daughter's birthday and we went there for ice cream, hot dogs, fries and drinks. We made the big mistake of bringing a cookie that said "Happy Birthday" on it. The restaurant was empty except for employees. The "owner" ran up to me and said that I couldnt do that. I said I...


Lexington Nightlife

  • Drink Greek Wine

    I don't know a lot about Greek wine, but this Makedonikus Tsantali 2002 that we had with our meal was excellent. It was a not too heavy red variety that did not overpower the salad and was very drinkable on its own. You can, of course, also get some Ouzo, the traditional, licorice flavored Greek shot.

  • Great murals by Carl

    I didn't catch the guy's last name, but his first name is Carl and he's the one responsible for the beautiful murals at Main Street Cafe (call the restaurant and they'll be able to get you in touch with Carl). He said he wanted to give the place a Greek feel without all the Greek cliches (i.e. the Acropolis, etc.). He uses some kind of paint that...

  • Dance with Greek Ladies

    Well, okay not all of the girls here were Greek. There were pleny of Southern Belles in the crowd, all with plenty of energy and enthusiasm for the rhythms of the Greek music. It was great to see everyone just let go and have a great time.

  • Great Greek Music

    I got a late start driving down from Charlotte after work and didn't get here until about 10 pm. That, however, was not a problem as the party didn't really get crankin' until around midnight (that's when most of the non-Greeks were clearing out and going home). The band was obviously Greek and were from Charlotte (I should have hitched a ride)....

  • Come on Greek night!

    From what I gathered talking with various members of the family that owns this place, they have a Greek night about once a month. A good third of the people attending will probably be Greek and you'll here "Opa!!!" being shouted over the Greek music all night long. Corny circle dancing, dancing on chairs, free flowing Ouzo and three generations of...

  • Shealy's Barbeque

    It has the finest barbeque buffet in the world. You sometimes find lines out the door and into the parking lot, but if you have a little patience, you will be rewarded with everything from fried catfish to a heavenly mustard based pork BBQ and coleslaw to fresh green beans with a touch of vinegar. Makes me hungry just writing about it Shirts and...


Lexington Local Customs

  • I'm not sure if this is true...

    by stoat Written Aug 24, 2002

    I'm not sure if this is true for most of the south but here are a few things that go down well with the SC population:
    1. Saying Please, Thank You. Ma'm and Sir when visiting peoples houses
    2. Removing your hat (if you are a male) when going into someone's house or a shop.
    3. Holding doors for women and older folks.
    Seems silly to say but courtesy will get you everywhere there.

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Lexington Favorites

  • Basics about Lexington

    Lexington is only minutes from South Carolina's capital city, Columbia and has been around since the early 1800s. It was briefly occupied in 1865 by General Sherman's troops and many of its buildings were burned to the ground. The town quickly rebuilt and today boasts one of the best school districts in South Carolina (not that that is very...

  • Lake Murray! It's huge, it's...

    Lake Murray! It's huge, it's quiet (generally) and the fishin' is great! Growin' up there before all of the subdivisions and Yuppies. Lexington was once a very small, quiet Southern town. I remember spending months running barefoot through the grass of my grandaddy's yard or pullin' peanuts for boiled peanuts. It's changed alot but I still love...

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