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Myrtle Beach Things to Do


    Another thing that Myrtle Beach is known for are its many many Miniature Golf venues. Great family fun for sure. We visited the CAPTAIN HOOK'S ADVENTURE GOLF because it had a real cool "Smoking Skull" and a pirate Ship with an alligator trying to snap up a matey. The 18-hole course, filled with villains and alligators, takes you through caverns and...

  • mirror maze

    this is a serious brain teaser. it is a real challenge and they do not help you come out if you get lost inside and are frustrated. You have to prepare yourself before going in. Definitely do not go when you have an appointment to make.

  • barefoot landing

    the only things open in october is alligator adventure, mirror maze, house of blues, and alabama theaterits best to go may-sept when other things are opentigerland not open till march cruise closes oct2 and reopens the 27 but stops in novshopping is always availableno bus goes thereyou can take a bus to last stop and then take a cab $20at night...


Myrtle Beach Hotels

Myrtle Beach Restaurants


    Hans just had to satisfy his craving for crab legs. We checked out a few restaurants close to our Motel, on nearby South Kings Hwy. We opted for CAPTAIN BENJAMIN'S CALABASH SEAFOOD. It wasn't a fancy place, but they did offer an "Early Bird" Special of $4.00 off Adult Buffet if you come before 4:00 p.m. - so the price was $25.99 per person.Hans had...


    We checked in at the Quality Inn around dinner time Wednesday. Since DENNY'S was nearby and we had eaten there many times, we went there for dinner.They have a great "Senior's Menu". Hans and I both ordered the grilled chicken dinner ($8.49). It came with your choice of salad - we each had the garden salad - choice of potato - we both had cheesy...

  • olympic pancake house

    a wider selection of menu items and options than the other pancake housedepending on where you sit the view can be goodfood is wonderfulour server took good care of ussome coupon books have discounts here grits french toast


Myrtle Beach Nightlife

  • The Only Place That really Rocks

    The Sound Hole is the place you go when you love loud, original, live music. From the moment you walk into this converted house, you can feel the atmosphere of a funky rock club pour over you. The stage is adjacent to the bar so the action is always right there. The staff is friendly and funny and make the most original shots in Myrtle Beach (Try a...


    I went to MB for bike weekend. You know that " I hate being here I am so fake and pretentious" kind of girls you will find in all the clubs, thats what I expected. But I was stunned and stopped in my tracks. I met a woman there ragen I belive it was, very happy a real person to talk to about things with out judgement and best of all SHE GIVES FREE...

  • FREE---Outside Entertainment

    This is a nice stop to sit and listen to live music. They do a lot of old music and dress up like the Blues Brothers and get everyone they involved with the show. The kids love it to. They might even get daddy up to do a little dance and it’s also FREE!!! We go just about 7:00pm.- 8:00pm. and stay till after dark. Come as you are.


Myrtle Beach Transportation

  • it sucks

    the bus runs every hour in the fall and it is always late especially before also stops running at 6pm. ridiculous. especially when shows start at either 6pm or 8pm and clubs are open until late in the evening. there is also no bus that goes to the airport. they say they are considering it in the near future though.

  • Myrtle Beach on foot

    Our family has been visiting MB for 18 years and we just spent 4 days with no car or bike. I am always looking for inexpensive ways to travel here. We have our favorite hotel "the Palms" at 25th, although I am having some second thoughts about them lately. From the Palms we are able to walk to all of our favorite locations, the Pier 14, Gay Dolphin...

  • Driving in MB

    You would think as popular as MB is the city would have a better traffic control . The city should take a look at how other cities use turn arrows something MB doesn't use at major intersections. MB is in the dark ages when it comes to helping people get from point A to B. ie small street signs at major intersections. Thats how cheap they are. They...


Myrtle Beach Shopping


    Souvenir and Beachwear Shops are everywhere in Myrtle Beach. They are all a bit tacky, but they sell tons of stuff, from t-shirts, to jewelery, to shell crafts and even hermit crabs. EAGLES BEACHWEAR seem to be the most popular and you can find them in most areas of Myrtle Beach. The offer t-shirts, swimwear, sunglasses, beach towels and beach...

  • Broadway at the Beach

    A big shopping/dinning/play area. It's situated very near the airport and not far from the Pelicans baseball stadium. This one is slanted towards tourists, so it has 'those' shops....tshirt, fudge, gift places etc... It also has the Hard Rock Cafe, in the shape of a pyramid here. Lots of other restaurants, geared towards tourists so the price and...

  • "illegal in most states"

    myrtle beach has scores of beach shops, discount golf outlets, and fireworks stores. many people come to south carolina to buy fireworks. most states ban the sale of rockets and explosive bombs but they are legal in south carolina. the myrtle beach area has dozens of fireworks stores. fireworks ?


Myrtle Beach Local Customs

  • friendliness

    I am surprised how friendly the locals are! I have lived in a tourist trap (DE beach resorts) for almost 20 years, and we have the most ignorant tourists at times. Locals are NOT that welcoming towards out-of-staters. But in South Carolina....locals are SO FRIENDLY!! As a born Yankee, all that friendliness surprises me. Pleasantly surprised!

  • Rental Properties

    This isn't necessarily particular to Myrtle Beach, but, to me, the best lodging option when vacationing on the beach is to rent a condo or house, depending on the size of your group. This is especially applicable if you are traveling with a large number of people, because it allows all of you to stay in the same place. As opposed to a hotel room,...

  • Fireworks and Smokebombs Everywhere!

    Especially on the 4th of July, if you go to the beach at night, the place is covered with fireworks people put off on their own. There are fireworks sold everywhere, and even on regular nights, you'll catch people putting them off on the beach. shared with friendly locals and a few beers, its definately something you must do at night.


Myrtle Beach Warnings and Dangers

  • In The Ocean

    You need to be cautious of the ocean. If you don't want to risk getting cut by Zebra Muscles, wear water shoes, i didn't but its a suggestion. Also when the tides become stronger make sure to always e on the look out for your swim partner, the current usually pulls you down the beach. And in my opinion, the jelly fish are what you need to be...


    Lived on the beach for several years; have gone to the beach just about every year since I was 11; but just recently have been seeing (and feeling) a lot more jellyfish stings. Starting researching why. Government sources state that due to water temp warming and overfishing, especially off of the Atlantic coast, much larger numbers of jellyfish...

  • Riptides when swimming

    The water can be tricky here. Riptides can take you out to sea so be careful of these. If you're in deep water and you feel yourself pulled out…get in quickly.If you are pulled out to sea, remain calm and swim parallel to shore…eventually you'll break free of the riptide and you'll be able to swim towards shore then. It tends to be trickier in...


Myrtle Beach Tourist Traps

  • Families stay south or north

    Never ever stay down town Myrtle in the first few weeks of June. If you are going during the first weeks of June, book a place south of the pavilion or in North Myrtle Beach. Otherwise you are going to be surrounded by High School grads. Some of the nicer places south, The Landmark Resort, Crowne Reef, Compass Cove. The Caravelle is closer into...

  • Watch out for people who want you to...

    Watch out for people who want you to enter Contest. I filled out forms just about everyplace I seen a "Win, Win, Win, When I got home people called my home phone and drove me NUTS For almost a year! Just say "No thanks" and walk away. Never give your REAL phone number ;-) Chances are you’re not gonna win anything anyways.

  • Ocean Blvd.

    Any place along Ocean Blvd. is going to be crowded with people. Same with the main street a little further away, Kings Hwy. If you like to do people watching, either drive the loop of these two roads, or grab a chair and sit along Ocean Blvd. A lot of people bring their hot rods or motorcycles here to show off. There is no way to avoid this area....


Myrtle Beach What to Pack

  • Motion sickness?

    Don't forget the Dramamine! I'm use to being on boats on lakes of river, but the ocean is completely different. The waves are so much bigger! I was sick the whole time! Luckily the Dramamine helped.

  • Don't forget the Umbrella

    With the summer months pack light weight clothes. You will also need personal items. If staying at a resort ask for a kitchenette it saves on food cost if your gonna be there about a week. I like to bring non perishable food from home it’s usually a bit cheaper. I have even brought a cooler of meat and a planed dinner menu for the family, like...

  • Packing List

    whatever suits you dress light the sun is very hot and the air is extremely humid.Also alot of sun tan lotion as you will get burnt. aloe vera lotion for sunburn definatly a waterproof camera if you are going to be by the beach.Also a plastic bag to protect your camera from the hot sun if you can wear some sort of hatif you dont want your face...


Myrtle Beach Off The Beaten Path


    Travelling along Highway 17 south, east of Georgetown, we came upon HOBCAW POINT OBSERVATION & FISHING PIER. Once an old highway bridge , it has been converted into a fishing pier. From here you have some nice views of the Great PeeDee River.We parked the van and walked along the pier where a few local folks were fishing. I struck up a conversation...


    A seaside town, MURRELL'S INLET is located on U.S. 17 Business just south of Myrtle Beach. Hans and I drove through there on the way to Charleston.Known as the "Seafood Capital of South Carolina", it's a popular tourist and retirement location and has many seafood and barbeque restaurants.It is also known for its "Marsh Walk" a 1/2 mile long...

  • Kiawah Island

    A resort project that was first failing in 1976 and the Kuwait people through a political maze took over ownership. I could explain, but it is a well kept secret to not smear out Government and its politics. Happened during the Jimmy CArter era and Bert Lance was famed for some fringe activity. Most people are unfamiliar with that time, but it has...


Myrtle Beach Sports & Outdoors

  • Golf Capital of the World!!

    The MYRTLE BEACH area provides over 125 beautiful picturesque fantastic golf courses surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery found anywhere...And nowhere can you find a better Myrtle Beach Golf Package! Be sure and check out our outstanding "GOLF PACKAGE SPECIALS" and our current "TEE TIMES ONLY" bargains. See web pages below.

  • Whispering Pines

    At Whispering Pines they have 6771 yards…but no backyards to distract from your golfing experience. Whispering Pines offers a distinctive combination of challenge and beauty, carved out of 200 acres of towering pines and mature hardwoods by designers Finger, Dye, and Spahn.Tree lined fairways, carefully placed lakes, and undulating greens with new...

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Myrtle Beach Favorites

  • best location

    the main excitement on the boardwalk is at 11th and 9th avenues, the convention center and broadway on the beach are on 21st avenue a few blocks apart so it helps to choose a place to stay that is not too far from these areas or offers a shuttle to tthese areasas an alternative it would be to stay near the outlets which are in the midst of the...

  • welcome information visitors center

    come here first because they will normally sell you show tickets at a more reasonable pricethey may also offer a timeshare but just say no you do not want to go to any seminarthey will still sell you the tickets

  • there's something about a road trip

    The beach is just fantastic with white fine sand and warm waves to ride but what I loved most was the forest right next to the beach. There's something about being able to walk from one terrain to another in five short minutes. There’s something about a road trip that separates it from any other type of travel. The great ones are of no particular...


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