South Dakota Favorites

  • Fossil in the Badlands
    Fossil in the Badlands
    by meteorologist1
  • Fossil in the Badlands
    Fossil in the Badlands
    by meteorologist1
  • Prairie dog
    Prairie dog
    by meteorologist1

South Dakota Favorites

  • the meteor shower

    Stop and enjoy the wide open space. It's a flat endless landscape broken up with amazing lunar-like buttes formed from years of erosion continuing until this day. On my first pass through South Dakota in 1994:We had a long drive from Colorado which was made longer by a tire blowout. We enjoyed the prairie dogs as we put on the doughnut spare, but...

  • SD Info Center & Rest Stop

    Along interstate 90 and 29 are Info centers. Not all rest stops are info centers. The info centers are manned from may to sept and have lots of brochues of sites to see. The distinctive thing about SD rest stops are the Artist style Teepees.

  • Mount Rushmore National Monument Map

    I hope this map is helpful is locating some of the best spots to enjoy the monument and hopefull help you map out where you want to go to get the best photograph.Mount Rushmore National Momument13000 Highway 244Building 31, Suite1Keystone, SD 57751Headquarters 605-574-2523Visitor Information Recorded Message 605-574-3171

  • Midwest Gold(Corn)

    South Dakota along with Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska are mainly farming and this is picture shows our wealth. This picture happened to be taken just over the border in Minnesota but it could be any one of the farm belt states. When farmers or grain elevators run out of storage space, the corn is piled many feet deep until they can get enough train...

  • The Black Hills & Western South Dakota

    The drive on Highway 85A through Custer State Park to Mount Rushmore. Stop at the Custer State Game Lodge for lunch. And don't miss the buffalo in the park! Along the way on 85A you'll cross pig-tail bridges made from huge pine logs and drive through tunnels that were carefully planned to frame the Four Faces. You may see some wildlife, too,...

  • The Badlands

    We went through the Badlands. The colors of the rocks and sands are unbelievable. Too bad we didn't have color photography.

  • Custer State Park

    visit Custer State Park. It is the place where they made the film Dances With Wolves. You will feel like you are back in time, when the buffalo roamed the flats of northern america. More info: South Dakota State Parks:


    Shown here is the view looking across the Missouri River. Driving across this state really gives you an appreciation for how much open space there is there. The rolling hills that seem to stretch on forever and open ranges with occasional ranches and farm animals is really relaxing to see as you drive along.

  • Mount Rushmore

    This epic sculpture features the faces of four exalted American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. South Dakota's Black Hills provide the backdrop for Mount Rushmore, the world's greatest mountain carving. These 60-foot high faces, 500 feet up, look out over a setting of pine, spruce, birch,...

  • Badlands

    Make a trip through Badlands National Park. To get there take the Interstate 90 from Rapid City to the east. After half an hour you will see the Badlands exit. A highway leads all the way through the park. It´s rough landscape with canyons, hills and sandstone. Pretty nice. The road goes on top of a plateau and winds down into the canyons after a...

  • I really enjoyed the Black...

    I really enjoyed the Black was very nice driving through the area! We stopped in Deadwood as well. Very unique little town with a lot of history. There's a musuem there in the center of town that is very interesting to visit. Lots of things on Wild Bill Hitchcock, as well as other interesting historical items.

  • We visited most of the state...

    We visited most of the state except the North-East area. It's big and you shouldn't be afraid of driving distances.........SIOUX FALLS the biggest city of the state and one of the largest in the area is a pleasant place to go, especially the park adjacent to the 'falls' which are actually very small. There's a free observation tower you can go to...

  • The Milky Way, Sagebrush, and Roaming...

    Get to know Badlands National Park ****Stargazing in Badlands National Park****is absolutely AMAZING! I cannot describe the beauty. You can see the stripe of the Milky Way against the universe and there are more shooting stars than you can believe. Each shooting star was a different fiery color. If you get a chance, go to the evening ranger talk....

  • There is plenty of hiking and...

    There is plenty of hiking and driving to do here. Much to see like you've never seen. Many local artists have come here to gain spiritual guidance and create beautiful pieces of art. One of my favorite artists are Daniel Long Soldier, Oglala Sioux tribe.

  • Native Americans

    These were the first Indians I ever saw. That's my mother on the left. I am the teenager in what we used to call dungarees, i.e. blue jeans

  • Wall Drug Store...Just Like Topsy

    I remember driving through the desert and seeing signs for Wall Drug Store. The signs went on for miles and miles. When we got there, it was a real touristy place. Is it still there?It seems it is still there and has grown tremendously.

  • Wall Drug. Wall,SD. Tourist Trap Galore

    Wall Drug. Wall,SD. Five blocks of stuff. All of it for the tourists. After you have seen all the stuff. Go south out of town, and visit the Bad Lands. That is the western end of it but if that is all you get to see it is worth it. A ticket is for a car load and is good for a week. So if you come back from Rapid City, drive the rest of the Park for...

  • Go to Reptile Gardens!!! It's...

    Go to Reptile Gardens!!! It's kinda interesting to see vicious creatures behind a nice thick glass! The Missouri River, camping along it, fishing in it, and sometimes even going to the bathroom in it and cursing all those downstream, just kiddin', I'd have to say that if you're into roughin' it in the great outdoors, than the great plains of South...

  • See Mount Rushmore if you go...

    See Mount Rushmore if you go to South Dakota. It is the single most historic site of your life. The history behind it and its personal story are inspiring. My fondest memory was when we went to see some wildlife and the donkeys came up to our van and almost took off a mirror when they were scratching their ears.

  • Mount Rushmore

    A trip to see the mountain dedicated to the presidents is a must while visiting South Dakota. It is definitely one of the top spots in America to visit. One of my favorite spots in the country.

  • Personally, I found Rapid City...

    Personally, I found Rapid City much more enjoyable than Sioux Falls. Though SF has much more in the way of commercial industry, Rapid City definitely has much more in the way of character. You can almost feel the presence of the settlers as they searched out a place to rest on their way across American, searching for gold. The Old West has left its...

  • Indians as they are known and...

    Indians as they are known and prefer to be known have inhabited this continent from time immemorial..50 or 60 thousand years, by the last archeological estimations.. to give a time contrast, 1900 years ago spanish was not even a language!As such, they live in their own world, their culture defined by themselves as their spiritiual connections to...

  • Visit MT. RUSHMORE... There is...

    Visit MT. RUSHMORE... There is also a very interesting museum that details the process by which the faces were carved into the mountain.

  • Visit the desolate yet...

    Visit the desolate yet beautiful BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK. Located in southwestern South Dakota, Badlands National Park comprises nearly 244,000 acres of buttes, pinnacles and spires that were created by erosion, blended with the largest mixed grass prairie in the United States. Sixty-four thousand acres of this territory are designated official...

  • I had a hard decision to make,...

    I had a hard decision to make, since we were only in S.D. for one night, whether to see Mt. Rushmore's lighting ceremony, or the one at the Crazy Horse Memorial. I chose Rushmore, and was not dissapointed. The sight of those faces gradually being lit as the sky darkened took my breath away. I do plan to return one day to see the lighting of Crazy...

  • Along highway back to S.D....

    Along highway back to S.D. from Montana sighted herds of pronghorns. That first view of the Badlands is breathtaking and I will never forget our close encounters with bison in Custer state park (in our car).

  • This one's a given. You...

    This one's a given. You actually must see the four heads (as my four year old calls Mt. Rushmore. Also, Crazy Horse. We camped while we were there. The best part was waking up in the morning and stepping out of our tent and taking in the spectacular view of the mountains.


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