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  • Jackson County Courthouse
    Jackson County Courthouse
    by Basaic
  • Historic District
    Historic District
    by Basaic
  • Old Depot
    Old Depot
    by Basaic

Kadoka Things to Do

  • Depot Museum

    This is a picture of the interesting Depot Museum, which is in the former train station. A 2nd photo of the main back room can be seen by clicking on the link under the photo. The museum can either be seen in 5 minutes or the full 2 hours that it is open each day, depending if one wants to see all the exhibits. There are exhibits on the service...

  • Kadoka School

    This is the Kadoka School located at the end of the downtown area. Jackson County used to have dozens of schools but now has only 4 (or is it 5)? The school graduates between 15 and 30 high school graduates a year. It is the only school with high school grades in the entire county. There are newer additions to the school that are to the right of...

  • airport hangers

    there's a small plane in one of the hangers. The airport is very spartan. Just a few hangers shown and a grass runway strip. They do have a rotating beacon (light) that is turned on at night.

  • The water towers of Kadoka

    There are 3 of them. One can guess which one is older by their appearance. Click on the link for pictures of the other 2 water towers (located under this picture).

  • downtown Kadoka

    These are 4 photos of downtown Kadoka. It is not very big. For the other 3 photos, there is a link just under the photo here.The 2nd picture is of the post office.The 3rd picture is the general store/grocery store.The 4th picture is one of the oldest buildings in Kadoka. It used to be a hotel but is not a hotel now. There is a picture of this...

  • Site of nuclear missile

    The U.S. used to have Minuteman II missile that could reach the USSR in less than an hour and create nuclear mayhem. All of them have since been dismantled after signing of a treaty. Under the terms of the treaty, one missile site in both countries can be preserved for historical purposes.The preserved site for the US side is close to Kadoka. There...

  • Delta 1 missile control

    See the description under the Delta 1 armored car for directions. (exit 127, I-90, visable from the highway, on the north side of the highway which is on the right if you are travelling westbound to Rapid City).

  • Delta 1 armored car

    This is a picture of an armored car on the grounds of Delta 1, the only preserved Minuteman II launch control facility, which is near Kadoka (exit 127, about 0.5 miles or 1 km north of the highway.) You can see the buildings from the highway. Even during the Cold War, it's location was not secret. However, even now, there are no signs directing you...

  • Delta 1 AFB exhibit

    This is a schematic drawing of how the missile launch control buildings were arranged. Note some of the underground structures. In this part of South Dakota, there were Minuteman II ICBM's which carried nuclear warheads. All of them have been dismantled under a treaty with the USSR, now Russian Federation. Only one site was preserved for historical...

  • Kadoka signs

    Here's a sign directing one to the Kadoka Airport. The runway is a grass strip but it does have a rotating beacon (light). Security is up to the standard necessary. You can walk on to the runway. However, there are no jets in Kadoka for terrorists to mess with.The second photo (see link under airport sign photo) is a sign at the city limits of...

  • railroad tracks through Kadoka

    These tracks are no longer in use. They were used until the late 1950's when passenger service ended. A grain carrying service was begin in the late 1970's that lasted a few years.These tracks are next to the former train station, now Depot Museum.

  • depot museum hair salon display

    One Kadoka resident donated some antique hair salon equipment. The device on the right is to curl hair. It is not an instrument of torture.

  • Depot Museum hospital display

    There is a section where instruments from the hospital in Kadoka are displayed. That hospital has since closed. There are no hospitals in the entire county. There is a small hospital in Philip, SD but it is not a Level One trauma center. For serious trauma, one has to go to Rapid City, about 90 miles to the east. This is quite far so be careful and...

  • Depot Museum clothes

    The Depot Museum at the end of the downtown business district by the tall grain elevator has a room devoted to clothing of people in Kadoka. There are a few interesting items in this room. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

  • Badlands Petrified Gardens crack in...

    At the time of writing, there is one other VT page about Kadoka. It is written by Sagespot. There is a much better guide and photos about the Badlands Petrified Gardens. I recommend seeing those VT pages. The place was closed when I saw a tiny bit through a crack in the fence.

  • Badlands Petrified Gardens

    This is a privately owned museum located immediately south of exit 152 (I-90). The sign says it opens at 7 a.m. but I suspect this may be the summer hours with later opening in the winter. It appears as if the family lives there. I got there about 7 p.m. at which time it was closed.

  • Badlands Naional Park

    This is a closer picture of some of the rock formations of the Badlands National Park. Kadoka and Wall are the two closest towns. The main road through the park starts near Kadoka and eventually ends up south of Wall.

  • Badlands National Park sign

    This is a picture of the Badlands National Park which is located slightly southwest of Kadoka. Kadoka is the closest town to the national park. The road then bends towards Wall, S.D. So, one could stay in either Wall or Kadoka if visiting the park. The national park charges admission to enter. The national park is known for its rock formations...


Kadoka Hotels

See all 5 Hotels in Kadoka
  • Budget Host Sundowner Motor Inn Kadoka

    510 Sd Hwy 73, Kadoka, SD, 57543

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

  • Super 8 Kadoka

    I 90 Exit 150, PO Box 334, Kadoka, South Dakota, 57543 0334, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Rodeway Inn Kadoka

    915 Hwy 248, I-90 Exit 150, Kadoka, South Dakota, 57543, United States

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Business

Kadoka Restaurants

  • Club 27

    This is a place recommended by the Leewood Motel. Click on the link under the photo for the other photo (photo of menu).

  • Kadoka City Bar

    This is another place to eat in Kadoka. There is also a restaurant at the H and H Best Western Motel on business loop I-90. The Kadoka City Bar is the only place to eat in downtown Kadoka. However, Kadoka is not very big so you can also walk to the other places if it is not too hot or snowy.

  • One of the restaurants in Kadoka

    I think that is the name. Look at the sign. It is close to exit 150 in between the exit and the town.


Kadoka Warnings and Dangers

  • depot museum 6 - 8 pm

    It's only open for 2 hours a day so you have to plan ahead. It is worth a visit if you are in Kadoka.

  • no hospital

    Be safe rather than sorry. There is no hospital in Kadoka. There is a small hospital in Phillip in the next county but it is not equipped for serious trauma. For that, you need to go to Rapid City, which is 90 miles away. Even then, Rapid City has only 1 neurosurgery group and it does not have all the sub-specialties that exists.

  • taste of water is bad

    The water in Kadoka tastes funny. It tastes like minerals. It have a chemical or gasoline taste as does water in a rest stop near Zanesville, Ohio (USA). If you are accustomed to a certain taste of water, consider bring your own bottled water to Kadoka.


Kadoka Off The Beaten Path

  • Chamberlain

    Chamberlain is in the central part of South Dakota on the I-90 highway. There is a scenic rest stop high above the highway. Captain Lewis and Captain Clark, on a 1804-1806 mission of exploration under order from then President Thomas Jefferson stopped here to camp. They, too, must have enjoyed the view. I stopped by the Chamberlain vista point on...

  • stampede

    In the eastern part of town, there is a stampede where a Christian youth group meets for a summer convention. You can see their horses from the road.

  • Kadoka Hotels

    5 Hotels in Kadoka

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