South Dakota Warnings and Dangers

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South Dakota Warnings and Dangers

  • keep hydrated in arid South Dakota

    South Dakota conjures up images of sun seared skeletons of cattle gone astray and for good reason, this can be one hot, sunny, dry place. Did you ever hear of the Dust Bowl? Everyone knows you should drink lots of fluids but this is one place that Coke is not king. Water is the prefered choice but you must remember that you will be sweating even if...

  • Annual Motorcycle Rally, Sturgis

    Before traveling to South Dakota, be sure to check on when the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rally is. I was there in 1990 and 1991. In 1991, we missed it entirely. In 1990, we drove through and found the entire town completely ransacked. We missed it by about a week. There were barb-wire fences placed around some of the buildings. When i asked one of...

  • Traffic

    In the Black Hills, traffic is usually no problem. But at the Needles, Mt. Rushmore, and a few other popular attractions, traffic jams do occur. Take your time on the winding mountain roads. Be patient.

  • Rattlers

    When signs ask for you stay on the walkway you might want to. The rattle snake was close to one of the walkways in the Badlands.

  • Mountain Goats Everywhere

    Please watch your speed. The mountain goats roam freely and are a protected member of the park. So if you hit one, guess what. You might be a little bit of trouble. "So don't be in a hurry and keep it slow!"Mountain Goats (Oreamnos Americanus) aren’t really goats. They are members of the antelope family, a group that also includes related species...

  • The Weather

    If you are traveling in south Dakota the weather can change fast. It can be sunny then raining or snowing a few minutes later. Winter is the most dangerous time as the wind blows snow over the roads and can create whiteouts since there are hardly any trees or buildings. During the Summer if you hike in the Badlands it is dry and very hot there....

  • Check Your Tires!

    Prior to driving to Rapid City, I had been in Yellowstone. When leaving the park I chose to drive out the northeast exit as this was designated as a scenic byway. It was very scenic, though the rodes had many hairpin turns as mountains usually do. I drove them like a race car driver taking them pretty tight.Well, about 15 miles after leaving the...

  • Don't Pet the Bison ( Buffalo ) -...

    Please do not attempt to pet the Buffalo or any other critter you may encounter in the Black Hills. People get injured and 1-2 die every year from encounters with wild animals in the Black Hills. Buffalo move QUICKLY and can run you down from as far as 100' away.Stay in your car and stay on the designated trails when hiking.

  • Watch your mouth in W. SD!

    A word to the wise: These people may seem like "nice, friendly folks", but if you harbor political views that can in any sense be construed as "leftist" -- even moderately left of center -- be careful where and in whose presence you voice them. Western South Dakota is arch-conservative, Bible-thumpin' country. It's almost exclusively white and...

  • Begging Burros

    Here's a picture of one of the infamous "begging burros" I mentioned that are found along the wildlife loop in Custer State Park. They hang out right in the middle of the road hoping for handouts from the tourists. I'm not sure if its legal to feed them or not. Usually feeding wildlife is illegal in most state and national parks. The burros...

  • Flexibility

    I am serious.... this picture represents it well..... I could not believe that even on a sign from a restaurant I was confronted with South Dakotans flexibility... Every single time I asked at a shop, a restaurant, or anywhere!!!! "what time do you close?" I got the response: "uhhhhh..... 6 or 7"......"around 8 o'clock"........."in about a halfan...

  • Keep your gas tank full! The...

    Keep your gas tank full! The less traveled roads lead to interesting photos but gas stations close early and may be difficult to find. The weather may change suddenly so watch for signs of severe weather in the late spring and during the summer.


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South Dakota Warnings and Dangers

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