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United States of America Sports & Outdoors

  • New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium

    New York City Sports & Outdoors

    Even if you're not a fan of the New York Yankees, there is no denying the history and legend of the team and their famous stadium. Located in the South Bronx, just a short subway ride from midtown Manhattan, the stadium is easily accessible and a true New York experience. If the Yanks are in town, you may be able to purchase tickets to a game...

  • Extreme Sports

    Las Vegas Sports & Outdoors

    So another mother and myself booked a weekend girl trip to Vegas! We wanted to steer away from the total cliche of Vegas, while still enjoying its natural setting, so we had the Ultimate dessert experience. My friend found this great attraction on a local cite called Galavantier.com. not only did they offer the activity at a great rate, it included...

  • Saints and Superdome

    New Orleans Sports & Outdoors

    My first REAL professional football game (I had been to one pre-season game prior) was on December 4, 2011 - Detroit Lions vs. New Orleans Saints at the Superdome. Very exciting for this New Orleans girl! My husband is a huge Lions fan, which made for some friendly rivalry. The Dome (as it is known) is one of the LOUDEST football arenas in the...

  • Golfing

    Orlando Sports & Outdoors

    Orlando has over 125 golf courses, private, municipal, and public. The Forelinksters guide is the only directory of public access golf courses which lists the better golf courses you can play, along with a map to find the best course closest to your destination: http://forelinksters.com/course/location/27928/state/Florida/city/Orlando Bring your...

  • SBC Park / SF Giants

    San Francisco Sports & Outdoors

    Having won the American baseball World Series in 2010 and 2012 the San Francisco Giants baseball team is now arguably the best team in baseball. Sue and I were in San Francisco when the Giants won the World Series back in November, 2010 and headed over to the park on our last full day in town. We didn't see a baseball game since the season was...

  • ICE HOCKEY - Chicago Blackhawks at the...

    Chicago Sports & Outdoors

    I had never seen a live ice hockey game so when my husband's cousin mentioned he had season tickets I said "hey if you are ever looking to get rid of a couple of those tickets..." and sure enough one day he dropped off a couple for April 1st (I did look in the paper to see if he was pulling an April's Fools Day joke!). The Hawks play at the United...

  • Water Sports

    Key West Sports & Outdoors

    Want to raise from the water like James Bond and fly? Then this sport might be something for you. It is called Jetpack. One needs to wear something that looks like a rocket back pack with 2 water jet pipes. Seawater is pumped as the propellant. It's quite futuristic and funny to watch.

  • Staples Center

    Los Angeles Sports & Outdoors

    Ok, so you want to see a fine basketball arena. Here is one, in fantastic downtown L.A.!! The Staples Center is in the heart of the city. Since its development, the surrounding area of the venue has been revitalizing. The once depressingly ugly streets of Pico and Figueroa are now nicer and promising. Of course, with this urban development comes...

  • Fleet Center, Celtics, Bruins

    Boston Sports & Outdoors

    One of my favorite Boston college memories is when my friend Lane, an employee of a popular news channel, called me up and invited me to go see a Boston Celtics game. I agreed in a heart beat to go especially after Lane admitted that he had a friend he wanted to set me up with. Little did I know at the time that he was referring to Charles Barkley....

  • ProBowl

    Honolulu Sports & Outdoors

    The Pro Bowl itself was great fun. Even though I'm not a big football fan, I do watch and so it was thrilling to watch Peyton Manning and Tom Brady warming up side by side, throwing to recievers, or to see T.O. running by and making everyone cheer everytime he came in sight. My daughter and her friends had a blast performing at halftime and...

  • Other Sports

    San Diego Sports & Outdoors

    It took quite a bit of effort on the part of local business people but finally a site in Chula Vista was chosen and given as a gift from the San Diego National Sports Training Foundation, a group of SD business and community leaders, and volunteers who raised the funds to build this Official Olympic Training Center in June of 1995. The facility is...

  • Baseball / Basketball

    Seattle Sports & Outdoors

    Safeco Park is one of the newer ballparks and it's a great park to visit. When we went to a Mariners game the weather was very nice but sadly the Mariners lost. I'm a Mariners fan (except when they play the Giants) and I hope they have a better season in 2011. Anyway, it was a fun time, and we got a free baseball as we were leaving the park.

  • Phillies Baseball

    Philadelphia Sports & Outdoors

    After being the laughing stock of the National League for decades, after performing one of the most infamous collapses in baseball history (don't say '1964' to a Phillies fan), after winning fewer championships than the Chicago Cubs in their first 120 years; the Phillies are now HOT. If you are in town at the same time they are hosting another...

  • The 'Canes

    Miami Sports & Outdoors

    I would be remiss if I did not pay homage to my childhood heroes of the 80's, the University of Miami Hurricanes Football program. During my time in Miami, I can remember a few games at the Orange Bowl. It is a unique experience in that when the crowd gets riled up, you can feel the stadium literally move. It is safe and sturdy, however it is a...

  • Houston Astros

    Houston Sports & Outdoors

    Minute Maid Park is a state-of-the-art ballpark, formerly known as Enron Field, which opened in 2000. It changed its name for obvious reasons - Enron went bust - and is now sponsored by the Minute Maid orange juice company. I come from England and we have no stadium for any sport in the same class as this. Its design is beautiful, the seating is...

  • Alamodome

    San Antonio Sports & Outdoors

    One of the largest buildings in downtown San Antonio is home to the Alamo Dome, an extremely large multiuse stadium built with the original intention of a NFL football team. The San Antonio Spurs played here for several years until recently when they moved to a new arena north of town. The Alamo Dome is still the home to the Alamo Bowl college...

  • Hiking/Biking

    Sedona Sports & Outdoors

    This is my favorite trail in all of Sedona. The trail head is at the end of Boynton Canyon rd near the entrance of Enchanted Spa and Resort. The trail goes along the property of Enchanted Spa for a little about 1 mile. This is the rockiest part of the trail. Soon after leaving the view of the spa, the trail becomes flat and sandy. A pleasure for...

  • Dallas Cowboys / Stadium

    Dallas Sports & Outdoors

    We attended the final game at Texas Stadium on Saturday, December 20, 2008 (Victoria's birthday!). Cold, cold, cold, but we stayed until the bitter end. Outdoor football watching requires lots of layers and maybe even some winter silks!

  • Anaheim Angels

    Anaheim Sports & Outdoors

    As previously mentioned, my goal in life is to visit all the Major League baseball stadiums. Here is my review of Edison Field. First let me say, I liked the old stadium and as gross as Edison Field is, I'm not sure why they bothered to build a new one. At least they kept the giant A. 1) Arrival & Departure This is excellent. I give it a 5 (on a...

  • Pro Football

    Tampa Sports & Outdoors

    My oldest son is a big Buccaneers fan, so while in town, he and I wanted to drive by the team's home turf, Raymond James Stadium. Located along busy Dale Mabry Highway, not too far from the airport, we found the Bucs' distinctive stadium. I drove around all sides trying to find the best vantage point for a picture. I found an open entrance gate on...

  • Pro Teams

    Memphis Sports & Outdoors

    This is the park for the minor league Redbirds. It has a number of features including Redbirds fans enjoy: * An Open Concourse allowing them to never lose sight of the game * The Wolfchase Toyota Picnic Pavilion hosting as many as 500 fans * Lawn seating on the Bluff (Please Note: No Chairs Allowed) * Two Upper Club levels with 48 Club...

  • Baseball - Camden Yards

    Baltimore Sports & Outdoors

    If it weren't for sports, Baltimore wouldn't have much. Luckily, Baltimore sport fans have many heroes, and those are well-deserved. One of the greatest is Cal Ripken, the "Ironman" of baseball. He broke Lou Gehrig's record of 2,130 consecutive games played, then went on to stretch the record to 2,632 straight games before he was finally pulled...

  • Richmond International Raceway

    Richmond Sports & Outdoors

    Most of the other tips mention the two NASCAR races that happen at RIR in late Spring and late Summer (usually May and September). However, the BEST RACING AT RIR happens in June!!! If you've never seen the Indy Racing League, then you are in for a treat! This North-American open-wheel series might appeal to fans of formula one. The crowd is about...

  • Marinas and Anchorages

    Saint Augustine Sports & Outdoors

    This marina is convenient to town. They have showers, laundry facilities and a small store. There are also pay phones. We couldn't find a good spot in the anchorage so we gave up and went to St. Augustine Municipal Marina. (It was Sunday, and Oyster Creek is only open on weekdays and the same for Oasis. They could only give us a big slip and it...

  • Walking / Hiking

    Death Valley National Park Sports & Outdoors

    This is a wonderful short hike through a grotto to an unexpected waterfall. Bring plenty of water. I've done this hike in the summer. When we started from the car the temperature was 100 degrees! Once in the grotto the temperature dropped to 91. Interesting the sudden change but still hot.

  • Hiking

    Grand Canyon Sports & Outdoors

    If you want a special hike in the Grand Canyon, go in the winter. I was there around dec 16th and it was perfect. No crowds, very quit and nice sunny weather for pictures with the snow. There can be fog in the mornings until 11 am. But if you want to hike down this should be no problem (ask the rangers). We had to return for a second day because...

  • Isotopes Baseball

    Albuquerque Sports & Outdoors

    I'm a big soccer/baseball fan and both of these sports may take some patience to fully appreciate all the intricacies. What better way to enjoy the great american passtime in optimal weather with a wonderful backdrop of the sandia mountains in a brand new stadium. The team is decent too so theres a good chance you'll see some top pros come through...

  • Water Sports

    Sanibel Island Sports & Outdoors

    The pier is near the causeway on San Carlos Bay. Many fish can be caught here because the water is deep and the tide runs swiftly. Best chances of fish to be caught: snook, trout, redfish, Spanish mackerel, and sheepshead. All nonresidents over the age of 16 must have a saltwater fishing license. Florida residents ages 16-65 need a saltwater...

  • Sport...your choice

    Portland Sports & Outdoors

    A sport imported from China, dragon boat racing has caught on here in the Rose City – and other towns in the Northwest, as well. Crewing as had a long history here and the four’s and eight’s can still be seen in the early morning hours out on the river. The Wasabi Paddling Club is a local club dedicated to both dragon boat racing and outrigger...

  • Spectator Sports

    Minneapolis Sports & Outdoors

    After years of political wrangling, threats by the owner to move or contract the team, Minnesota and Minneapolis openned the state of the art $545 million Target Field. ESPN The Magazine ranked Target Field as the #1 sports stadium in North America, beating out such notable stadiums like the new Dallas Cowboy stadium and the new Yankee field. It is...

  • Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL football)

    Jacksonville Sports & Outdoors

    The Jaguars, Jacksonville's National Football League franchise, play regular season games and a couple of preseason games at Everbank Field from August-early January. If you happen to be in town then, definitely see if you can get your hands on some tickets. I've been to several games including one playoff game in the past (though since having kids...

  • Golf in Naples

    Naples Sports & Outdoors

    On the east side of the road from the Naples Beach Hotel is the Golf Club, with its championship par 72 course. Inside the clubhouse are Broadwell’s Restaurant & Totch Brown’s Bar. The bar serves a delicious assortment of tapas, with full wine bar and an excellent beer selection as well. (You can tell I’m not a golfer, my tip for the course is...

  • Kansas City Royals

    Kansas City Sports & Outdoors

    Home of the American League's Kansas City Royals, Kauffman Stadium remains one of the country's most beautiful venue in which to watch a baseball game. In recent years since the death of long-time owner Ewing Kauffman, the team's years of glory and success have given way to years of futility. However, a recent change in management has left fans...

  • Water Activities

    Santa Monica Sports & Outdoors

    I came across surfinsocal the last time I was in LA. I wish I knew about them before getting there. Not only do they offer one on one lessons, no matter what your experience is, they also offer personalized surf trip planning for free before you get into town. Just tell them what you are looking for and they will hook you up with where to surf,...

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway

    Indianapolis Sports & Outdoors

    The US Grand Prix is held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway every year. It has the highest attendance of all races on the F1 circuit. The course is not as beautiful as other F1 venues, but it is historic and a great place to take in a race. After all, Indianapolis is all about racing. The race is held every June starting in 2004 (previously...

  • Cleveland Indians

    Cleveland Sports & Outdoors

    Located inside Progressive Field, Heritage Park is the Indians tribute to players of the past. You can find it out in left field near gate A. A walk through the two levels of the park will bring back memories of some of the best players to have played for the Indians. Be sure to read the plaques to find out some interesting facts about some of the...

  • Boating and Marinas

    Marathon Sports & Outdoors

    The manager of this marina rents out the mooring balls, and supervises the pumpout boat. They also have a small amount of dock space long the wall. Seawall dockage is $15.00/ft/month in the winter plus $30 to $60 for electricity (higher rate for A/C) Dinghy docks, showers, restrooms and laundry. The laundry is locked after 6 pm. The marina has a...

  • Hiking, Rock Climbing

    Salt Lake City Sports & Outdoors

    The Salt Lake Valley (and much of northern Utah) was once the home of the huge freshwater Lake Bonneville. This lake left behind benches on the mountain sides where once it lapped the shore. There are several distinct levels that are slowly being built on and are no longer as easily seen as they once were. The highest level is known as the...

  • Yard Dawgz

    Oklahoma City Sports & Outdoors

    The Oklahoma City Yard Dawgs are a team of the AF2 (Arena Football 2). The team plays at the Ford Center.The games are action packed and fun for the whole family.You are also able to get an easy autograph at the end of a game. The best seats to see all the action (if you cant afford a luxury suite) are in sections 221,204, and 206 on the Cox...

  • fishing

    Brooklyn Sports & Outdoors

    This charter is a great value for the money. They not only include the bait and equipment, but also the refreshments. A clean comfortable boat with a knowledgeable crew. sunscreen, a light jacket, and a camera!!

  • Hiking

    Grand Canyon National Park Sports & Outdoors

    Some places you can't get to without hiking. So, if you are capable or capable of getting into shape, please try it. This shot is taken from the hike to Ribbon Falls, over halfway across the Grand Canyon. This is a place you cannot get to by mule. Sure, you can take the mule down to Phantom Ranch. If that is what you like, please do but if you are...

  • Winter Sports

    South Lake Tahoe Sports & Outdoors

    On the south shore, I'd recommend Kirkwood or Sierra for beginners. Heavenly would be for more intermediate skiers. This is based on the amount and ease of access to the green slopes. Heavenly does have some green runs, but they are higher on the mountain and require access via the gondola to get to the mid-mountain. On the north shore, I'd...

  • Surfing

    Laguna Beach Sports & Outdoors

    You can buy, take lessons, & rent all your surf gear here. Rod Greenup is the helpful & knowledgeable owner / instructor. Laguna Beach is perfect for the beginner / amateur just starting out, as the waves on the southern part of the beach are not huge or dangerous. Check it out here: Costa Azul Surfboard and wetsuit (Get the wetsuit.... the...

  • Rock Climbing.

    Joshua Tree National Park Sports & Outdoors

    Intersection Rock has three routes, or lines to climb. There are the Left Ski Track with a 5.11a difficulty; the Right Ski Track with a 5.3 difficulty and the North Overhang with a 5.9 difficulty rating.

  • Sailing

    Newport Sports & Outdoors

    Sailing is a very important part of Newport which has a very rich deep rooted history. You'll get a glimpse of just how important sailing is to Newport when you visit one of the mansions (will be back with that info). Walking along America's Cup Ave you'll come across hundreds of boats either docked or out on Newport Bay.


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