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Cleveland Things to Do

  • Red Clay State Historic Park

    Awesome FREE park....great for the kidsSunday, May 11, 2014...Tony and I woke up about 5am...while still in bed he said Happy Mother's Day...what do you want to do today? I said, let's get up, dress and head where the weather is Beautiful today...let's Chase the I checked my laptop and decided on Chattanooga area..I decided we should go to...

  • Thunder Road Family Slot Car Center

    We came across this place by accident while driving around the old downtown square. My boyfriend sees the sign reading "Welcome Race Fans", slams on his breaks, and exclaims "Slot cars??!! We're going IN!!"...The gentleman who owns the shop is very proud of his custom track - told us people from all around the country come there to race their slot...

  • Fort Hill Cemetery

    Fort Hill cemetery overlooks downtown Cleveland, Tennessee - the town where I grew up. As a youth I looked in vain for ghosts here, and as an older teenager, I found it to be a great place for parking with my girlfriend.Because of Fort Hill's commanding views of the city of Cleveland as well as the railroad and adjacent turnpikes, invading Union...

  • Tinsley Park

    Tinsley Park (Kenneth Tinsley Recreational Park) is the best park in Cleveland. It offers 7 tennis courts, softball and baseball fields, a swimming pool, picnic areas, children's playground, and a walking trail.When I last lived in Cleveland I came here often to walk. The path leads through second growth woods beside Mouse Creek. It is not a loop,...

  • Confederate Monument

    The inscription on the west side of this monument reads: ERECTED BY THE,JEFFERSON DAVIS CHAPTERUNITED DAUGHTERS OF THE CONFEDERACY,1910The inscription on the east side reads:"MAN WAS NOT BORNTO HIMSELF ALONEBUT TO HIS COUNTRY."In front of the monument are the words: TO OUR KNOWN AND UNKNOWN CONFEDERATE DEAD.Not far from Cleveland, in Fort Hill...

  • Paul Conn Student Union

    Opened in October , 2000, the Paul Conn Student Union has become the living room of the Lee University campus. It contains the campus bookstore, student post office, meeting rooms, offices, and a food court with Chick Fil-A, Pizza Hut, and Selona Grill. I am particularly proud of this building because it was named for my brother, Paul, who is Lee's...

  • Sarah Conn Wesson Park and Gazebo

    At the center of the Lee University Campus, across from the Paul Conn Student Union, is the Sarah Conn Wesson Park and Gazebo. This beautiful green space on the campus was named for my older sister, Sarah, 1943-1970. She was a Lee Alumna and the park was furnished through contributions made by her brother, Paul. All three of Sarah's children have...

  • Vest Building and Edna Minor Conn Hall

    When I was a student at Lee this building housed the library. Now a new library and research center have been built, and the older structure has been renamed the Vest Building, after a former Lee College President. The two lower floors of the Vest Building house the University's administrative offices, and the top floor is the Edna Minor Conn Hall....

  • Conn Center

    The Conn Center is the principal auditorium on the Lee University campus. It is named for my father, who was Lee's president from 1970-1982. The full name of the building is Charles W. Conn Center for Christian Ministries and the Performing Arts. In addition to University functions, the Conn Center is also often the venue for civic events such as...

  • Lee University

    Lee University is a Christian Liberal Arts University with an enrollment of almost 4,000. The students hail from all 50 of the United States and more than 47 different countries. It is the largest church related institution in Tennessee, and the second largest private university in the state, being surpassed only by Vanderbilt in Nashville....

  • The Ugliest Courthouse in Tennessee

    When I was a kid the Bradley County courthouse in downtown Cleveland was a beautiful old red brick structure, with lots of charm and character. In the name of "progress" they tore the old courthouse down in the early 1960's and built a modern "Million Dollar Courthouse." I've never seen an uglier one in all of Tennessee.A positive note is that...

  • The Creek at Deer Park

    The playground equipment at Deer Park is designed to be an educational learning center. Kids love it. But the main attraction for many seems to be the small un-named branch which runs through one corner of the park. The channeled stream looks exactly the same as it did when I waded here as a kid. Wondrous creatures may be found in the creek:...


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Cleveland Restaurants

  • Kid's Eat Free

    Every time we go to Cleveland to visit our grandchildren they love for us to take them to O'Charleys. And we enjoy taking them there because kids 10 and under eat free. Not only that, but they also get a free coloring book, crayons, and sometimes even a balloon. The children do have to pay $1.89 for their drink, which is a little steep, but only...

  • Tasty Authentic Mexican Dishes

    For as long as I can remember a restaurant has stood on this corner. In recent years it was bought by three brothers from Mexico and transformed into one of Cleveland's better Mexican restaurants. The food is authentic and the service is fast and friendly. I recently took my Dad here for dinner and we enjoyed the enchiladas and tacos. They were...

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Cleveland Shopping

  • clevelands newest thrift store

    community thrift store has a great combination of low-prices , large selection, well organized , clean and friendly atmosphere.. clothes to fit all all ages and tastes... formal attire and bridal gowns to good ole get down and work clothes... also assorted what-nots and household items and plenty of toys for the kids.. clothes marrked with :) a...

  • Largest Christian Bookstore in the USA

    Religion plays an important part in the life of Cleveland. With a Christian university and seminary, two church publishing plants, and world headquarters for the Church of God, it does not seem unusual that this relatively small city should be the home of America's largest Christian book store. Pathway Bookstore is owned and operated by the Church...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Cleveland Local Customs

  • Stephen-KarenConn's Profile Photo

    The Blood Stained Crypt of Little Nina...

    by Stephen-KarenConn Updated May 4, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I list this tip here because it concerns a local legend which will probably be interesting only to those with a penchant for the wierd and offbeat.

    In 1871 a little girl from a prominent Cleveland family, Nina Cragmiles, we killed in a buggy accident. Soon thereafter her grieving parents had a white marble crypt built in her honor in the churchyard of St. Lukes Episcopal Church, downtown Cleveland. No sooner had the crypt been completed than pinkish red stains appeard on the white marble. Local residents tried scrubbing the stains away and even replaced some of the white mable stones, but the stains still reappeared. As other members of the Cragmiles family met tragic ends over the years, the "bloodstains" seemed to grow larger and more prominent.

    I walked by the crypt many times as a young boy, saw the stains and pondered the legend. Today most people seem to pay it no mind, and many of the younger generation may have never heard the story at all. But the stains are clearly visible, although they are on the shaded side of my photo. There is no sure explanation as to their origin.

    The Crypt of Nina Cragmiles
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Cleveland Off The Beaten Path

  • Red Clay State Historical Park

    From the years 1832-1838, Red Clay served as the capitol of the Cherokee Nation. It is located about 12 miles south of Cleveland, on the extreme southwest corner of Bradley County, with the Georgia-Tennessee state line forming its southern boundary.In 1832 the state of Georgia stripped the Cherokees of their political soverignity and made it...

  • Red Clay Visitor's Center and Museum

    This small visitor's center and museum at the Red Clay State Historical Park chonicles the history of the Cherokee Nation, centered around the time that it was headquartered here at Red Clay. It also tells the infamous story of the "Trail of Tears," when the Indians were removed from their homelands to the Oklahoma Territory. There is also a gift...

  • Reconstructed Cherokee Homestead

    These log buildings represent a typical Cherokee homestead of the early 1800's. It was little different than that which the European settlers had. A few of the Cherokees lived even much better, with brick homes and large plantations. Many were of mixed Anglo-Saxon and Indian blood, and a few even owned slaves. But to the white settlers who were...


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