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  • Murfreesboro
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  • Murfreesboro
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Murfreesboro Things to Do

  • St. Paul's Episcopal Church

    Lovely church! I have never been here before!! Tony and I used our GPS to help locate the church in downtown Murfreesboro, Tn. I had located an ad of theirs on for the "Annual White Elephant" was extremely crowded and had tons of great items.The church building itself is very lovely. We were able to go into many rooms...

  • Stones River Mall

    This is my favorite mall. I enjoy shopping here. Some of the shops are outside and then the rest are inside the main large building. I love going to the different stores and enjoy the people watching

  • Stones River National Battlefield...

    After our lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings in Smyrna, we decided to drive down "Old Nash" Highway into Murfreesboro to go to the Stones River National Battlefield and Cemetery.We have never been here before so we enjoyed it.We went into the Visitors Center and looked around. There was a lot of to check out. Inside of the Center, there was a lot of items...

  • Stone River National Cemetery

    Tony and I went to the Stone River National Cemetery located across the street from the Visitors Center. It is very nice place to walk around and enjoy the quietness and feel their lost souls. Over 3,000 soldiers both Confederate and Union lost their lives here and are buried. In the visitors center you can find where certain family members may be...

  • Hazen Brigade Monument

    The Hazen Brigade Monument, built in early 1863, is the oldest, intact Civil War monument in the nation...The NATION!!! Here in our backyard!!!Tony and I went to Stones River National Battlefield and this Monument is located on the same side of the road as the National Cemetery just a few yards down the road from the Visitors Center.Its a monument...

  • Stones River National Battlefield

    Located on Thompson Lane, off Northwest Broad Street, this trailhead provides access to the historic McFadden farm property.This was the site of one of the bloodiest engagements in the Battle of Stones River and is marked with an artillery monument. A 60-car parking area at this Northern terminus of the Murfreesboro Greenway System allows users to...

  • Go USA Funpark

    I can't believe that this place doesn't serve food!!! It's all games, putt putt, go karts and batting cage. The kids like the place but couldn't believe NO pizza or anything..if they served food it would be really good. There isn't a lot to do for the smaller ones here, but for teenagers and pre-teens, its a wonderland of fun and excitement.I would...

  • rutherford county courthouse

    the rutherford county courthouse was built in 1859 in the classical revival style. the rutherford county courthouse is one of seven courthouses that predate the civil war in the state of tennessee. the rutherford county courthouse is listed on the national register of historic places. for those interested in history and architecture the courthouse...

  • fort rosecrans

    fort rosecrans was built between january and june 1863. this 225 acre earthen fort was the largest fort built during the civil war. after the battle of stones river general william roscrans ordered it's construction for a logistics base to supply the union battles of chattanooga and atlanta. today the only part of the fort still in existance is...

  • chicago board of trade battery

    the chicago board of trade battery is located on the stones river national battlefield auto tour. the chicago board of trade is the world's oldest futures and options exchange. during the civil war the chicago board of trade raised $ 15,000 to fund stokes illinois volunteers. this 150 man artillery battery was instrumental in the union victory of...

  • stones river national cemetery

    the stones river national cemetery is the final resting place of over 6,100 union soldiers killed at the battle of stones river and other locations around murfreesboro. in october 1865 chaplain william earnshaw and the 111 th u. s. colored infantry spent a year locating and burying union dead in this cemetery.

  • hazen's battery

    hazen's battery is a stop on the stones river battlefield auto tour. this artillery battery was commanded by lt. norrell osburn. on the afternoon of december 31 st. this battlery helped hold the union line and was instrumental in the union victory at the battle of stones river.


Murfreesboro Hotels

Murfreesboro Restaurants

  • Old Chicago

    Saturday Feb 8th, Tony and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in the area ...Old Chicago. I had a received a $50 gift card for my 50th birthday from my childhood bestie...and we decided to put it to good use..So, we went for a nice dinner.It wasn't very crowded and we were seated immediately at a booth in the bar area. We were able to watch...

  • Coconut Bay Cafe

    Friday July 26, Tony and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in Murfreesboro while out running errands. We hadn't been here for awhile and they are under new management. — at Coconut Bay Cafe Murfreesboro

  • Toot's Restaurant

    August 24, 2012..went to Dinner with Tony at Toot's in Murfreesboro, TN..We like this restaurant and have been here several times. There isn't much to say, they have great food on the menu but everything is usually deep my tummy was upset so I went with soup and salad and Tony went with Shrimp and Fries..he had a beer (budweiser) and I...

  • Romano's Macaroni Grill

    I got off work and Tony and I was going to go down to Murfreesboro from Nashville to take a walk in the Stone River National Battlefield but it was already closed. We were both hungry so we thought about going to one of our favorites in Murfreesboro, "Old Chicago"..but we saw "Romano's Macaroni Grill".We had never eaten there before and I always...

  • Smashburger

    I am a fan of SMASHBURGER...I have tried several of their sandwiches and My top three favorites are: 1. Avocado Club Chicken sandwich2. Cucumber & Goat Cheese Chicken Sandwich 3. Mushroom Swiss BurgerI am in love with their "Veggie Frites" the healthier alternative to french is the fresh carrot and Green beans flash fried and served with...

  • Sam's Sports Bar & Grill

    Awesome is the first words as we walked into the door. It is so roomy and large in here. I just loved it from the moment the door. The bar is in the middle of the bar, dark wood and gorgeous..There are TVs all over the place..big flat screens EVERYWHERE..the tables are High Tops some with great high booths..perfect for my leg issues.. and then...

  • T. G. I. Fridays

    Best Wings Ever!!! Tony and I went to the TGI Friday's in the parking lot of the Stones River Mall in Murfreesboro, TN. We enjoy the Friday's at Opry Mills we thought we would try this one too..They have Thursday specials of $3 Appetizers and $3 Drink specials. We enjoy this restaurant and the menu alot. We ordered the Hot Wings with...

  • Great Burgers!!!

    Tony and I went to Red Robin...I love Red Robin...I like to go here when I am missing my baby girl...who is 18...She loves this restaurant.I am a Loyal Reward member so during your birthday month you get a free went for my Free burger..I opted for the Prime Chophouse Burger with French Fries and Tony went with Bruschetta Chicken sandwich...

  • Good for a Chain Restaurant

    Came here for a Friday night date. Very crowded and noisy, but the staff was very friendly and the food came quickly. Nice wood paneling made the place very warm and inviting. Our table had a great view of the kitchen, so I could watch the cooks prepare the meals. I had the mezzaluna (chicken and spinach stuffed ravioli in a creamy tomato sauce)...


Murfreesboro Nightlife

  • pub

    the aura lounge is a nice pub style bar located on public square in downtown murfreesboro. they offer televisions for sports watching. i happened to stop here to watch the alabama-tennessee football game during my recent visit to murfreesboro. good beer selection and they offer live entertainment at night. casual.

  • What Passes for Nightlife in the 'Boro

    Came here to see Cowboy Mouth - the show was great, and this place has the potential to be a cool concert venue. It's 18+, and they've been having problems with their website - I had tried to purchase my ticket to CM for three weeks, but was never able to do so. There was no advertising - in fact, when I walked into the club to pay at the door,...

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Murfreesboro Shopping

  • World Market in Murfreesboro

    I am a huge fan of WORLD MARKET!!!I love this store. I wish it was located closer to my apartment because I don't get to Murfreesboro " The Avenues" mall very often, but when I am...I hit the WORLD MARKET wide open..It is like a candy store for kids for me!!! I just feel happier just by crossing the threshold into this store. Several of my shopping...

  • Claire's Boutique

    you can find this store at most and any mall...and it is my teenage daughter's favorite shop since she could !!! I love to go into this shop especially when I am missing my daughter..because it reminds me of her and it makes me smile.. All the pretty colors and the gorgeous jewelry..I always find something for her to slip into a letter...

  • Sears

    I love Sears but it's just okay... When I go to the mall I love to wonder in and out of the shops mainly window shopping or searching for a great deal or bargain..but when I want something particular..whether its appliances down to good reliable clothing that last...I go to Sears..I prefer their auto shop. I prefer there clothing and jeans, and I...


Murfreesboro Tourist Traps

  • TravellerMel's Profile Photo
    Me with the remains of the bucket 1 more image

    by TravellerMel Written Aug 22, 2009

    Another of my "Roadside America" finds - and since this was almost in my backyard, I had to go see it for myself! The World's Largest Cedar Bucket was built in 1887 by the Tennessee Red Cedar Woodenworks Company from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It was displayed at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair and the 1904 Saint Louis World's Fair, and currently resides in Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro. At least, what's left of it still resides there...

    Apparently, the bucket was a victim of arson in 2005. It's remains are still on display, which is funny to me, since they bear no resemblence to a bucket at all. In fact, someone could have nailed some of their half-used firewood to a display, and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference!

    Unique Suggestions: The best part of this story is I travelled the 30 miles to Murfreesboro TWICE to see this - the first time I got there just after Cannonsburgh Village had closed.

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Murfreesboro Off The Beaten Path

  • sam davis home

    the sam davis home is located 10 miles north of murfreesboro in smyrna tennessee. this middle class plantation was home to sam davis the "boy hero" of the confederacy. davis was recruted by the confederate scout forces early in the civil war. he was captured by the union near manor hill tennessee on november 20 th 1863. he was wearing a makeshift...

  • Outdoor Activities

    One of the better kept secrets in Murfreesboro is our local park system that includes the greenway and Barfield. If you have a few hours to spend outdoors and would like to hike on a well maintained trail, I recommend Barfield Park. The trails are enjoyable and can be somewhat challenging if you are not used to rocks, hills, thick woods, and a few...

  • Artillery Monument

    The events of the 2nd day (Jan 1) occurred on the left flank of the Union lines. The Confederate Army had formed just over a rise, out of sight of the union lines. Union troops were 4 units deep when they were jolted out of bed by the on rush of rebels. The Union lines gave way and were about to collapse when Artillery began to fire from up on...


Murfreesboro Favorites

  • Slaybell_6's Profile Photo

    by Slaybell_6 Written Oct 4, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: go to the lovely old downtown area. The square is so quaint and so nice. Lots of history and friendly people there.

    Fondest memory: My fondest memory of Murfreesboro is all the friends and friendly people there. And when I am away from it, I miss the hills, the weather, and the history .

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