Tennessee Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
  • Roadsign-you have arrived
    Roadsign-you have arrived
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  • Warnings and Dangers
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Tennessee Warnings and Dangers

  • Traffic/transportation

    Nashville Warnings and Dangers

    Tennessee has a "Move-Over Law", the gist of which is: if you see a moving emergency vehicle, you are to move to the far right lane and stay there when possible and safe to do so. This is the case in most states. However, it further states that, if you should see a STATIONARY emergency or recovery vehicle, you should also remove yourself one lane...

  • Walking

    Memphis Warnings and Dangers

    I took this trip with two of my college track teammates...three younger girls. We went out every night, walked back to the hotel in the wee hours of the morning, and drove through the run-down part of town to get to Graceland. And had no problems AT ALL. Were nervous for maybe the first five minutes we were there. Just have some sense about it....

  • Don't Be Lulled By the Natural Beauty:...

    The natural beauty of Tennessee is reknown, but do not become so lulled by the beauty that you forget about your own safety.The photo of me on the rocks in the stream at Cumberland Mountain State Park looks quite tranquil; it was quite tranquil on the day that we were there in October. However, in the spring, the amount of rainfall is substantial,...

  • If you are going to visit Cades Coves...

    ...don't forget to buy beforehand something to eat, beacause you won't find any store on the territory of a park. Your travel may take you about 2-3 hours. I suppose it is enough to get being starving. By the way, on the territory the Cades Cove Park there are many nice places to have a picnic. So you can enjoy views chewing your sandvich.Don't...

  • maps and people

    When you ask for a trail map don’t expect anything great! I’m not still very, familiar with Americans maps and all the service I can get but as somebody said “Man learns by mistakes”. And I am not definitely any better J. Those info maps are not accurate at all. I was looking for a trail a few miles from the right spot. Now I learned to ask for...

  • Watch Your Speed!

    As we cruised Interstate-40 to and from the Great Smoky Mountains, I kept the speed close to the limit. We noticed two or three vehicles pulled over by the State Police. However, that is only common sense. We had no problems at all in Nashville, everyone was friendly and it was safe to walk around at night (in fact I was surpised at how little...

  • Bears can smell food in your...

    Bears can smell food in your car too! Be careful if you camp in the area. The state parks have food lock boxes to keep your food in and the bears out. If you feed the bears, they get into trouble and either get shipped out or shot.

  • Memphis has some very POOR and...

    Memphis has some very POOR and DANGEROUS sections to the city. You can go from a very nice neighborhood and the next block will be crawling with criminals. I have been robbed several times with the thinking with false security. Please keep and eye on your surroundings.

  • the pine tree have suffered...

    the pine tree have suffered tremendously this past two years...most are dead and are weak and can fall over at any minute...so please be aware of this...also look out fer the copper heads, bob cats and black bears

  • The Police in most of Tennesse...

    The Police in most of Tennesse will not bother you unless you are doing something incredibly stupid because tourism is the industry. Be careful on the mountain roads because they tend to have sharp curves. Highway 321 between Townsend and Gatlinburg is a road that should not be traveled if you have a large motorhome because the curves are so sharp...

  • (New photo from my recent...

    (New photo from my recent trip) There are different kinds of critters in the various regions of the USA. There are a lot of different kind of insects in Tennessee, different ones than we have in Michigan. I haven't been bothered by any except mosquitoes. There are also many different kinds of wildlife (animals and birds). Again I haven't been...

  • Y'all might come back home...

    Y'all might come back home with a southern drawl! And you might get back home and say, what am I doing up here? You might want to give it all up for the simpler, more peaceful life in Tennessee (This is my parents second home, looking out into the front yard, and our heart's home as well, new photo from my recent trip)!

  • Traffic in Gatlenburg and...

    Traffic in Gatlenburg and Pigean Forge can be a problem especially on weekends and in the fall. If you prefer peace and quiet over congestion, tour buses, and outlet malls, go to Townsend and Cades Cove. On the otherhand, if you enjoy music shows, themeparks, and the crowds that go with them, then Pigeon Forge and Gatlenburg are better...

  • Avoid the Denny's near the...

    Avoid the Denny's near the airport ... wow, worst restaurant experience of my life! Just the filth was bad enough. But food never arrived, and coffee came cold, without spoons or sugar, etc. We walked out ... I've never done that before.

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Tennessee Warnings and Dangers

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