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  • msbrandysue's Profile Photo

    Schlotzsky's: My Favorite Sandwich

    by msbrandysue Written Apr 10, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Schlotzsky’s is one of my very favorite places to eat. It’s a sandwich shop that you can take out or eat in the shop with plenty of tables always available. It’s a bit pricier ($6-7 for a sandwich) than most other sandwich shops but definitely worth it.

    It's a place where you order at the counter, then wait for your food and pick it up when they call your number. It's very casual and I'm sure you'll love the food!

    Open daily 8am-10pm
    Includes Free WIFI and has a Cinnabon Express with it for dessert

    Favorite Dish: The highlight is the sandwiches. They make it with thick sourdough bread and very thinly sliced meat. Then they sprinkle cheese (the best is a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella) on one piece of bread and run it through an oven conveyor belt. Therefore the sandwich is warm and very tasty. The Original is their signature sandwich and comes with: “Home of The Original® Sandwich. Lean smoked ham, Genoa and cotto salamis, and melted cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses layered with black olives, red onion, lettuce, tomato, mustard and our signature dressing on toasted Sourdough bread.” (From the website.)

    Their sandwiches are quite large. I’ve never ordered a large, the mediums are quite enough when you’re at your hungriest.

    Their original chips are delicious! Their pizzas are as well. The cheese and pizza is definitely worth trying, also cooked on a sourdough. The bbq chicken looks just as good but it’s hard not to get my favorite sandwich, the turkey and cheese.

    Inside Schlotzsky's
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  • kyoub's Profile Photo

    Istanbul Grill: Very best Turkish food

    by kyoub Updated Oct 26, 2009

    We located this lovely restaurant in the southern part of Arlington.
    It is small but decorated with Mediterranean wall hangings and pictures.
    Very clean with a friendly owner and staff.
    The dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients using traditional cooking methods.
    So far it is BYOB

    Favorite Dish: My favorite dish is the combination platter of cold appetizers.
    It has eggplant spread, hummus, fried eggplant mixed with tomato sauce, babaghanoush, and tabule .

    For dessert I love the Kazandibi. It is sort of a custard like flan.

    Dining room Stuffed grape leaves Milk custard Lamb Baklava
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    Lebanese Taverna: Actual Lebanese Food

    by zuhur Written Aug 8, 2009

    There are several in the area - so a great Leb. Taverna at Tyson's Corner Mall and one in Arlington, just visited the last time. Everything was delicious (except for the Arabic coffee - which they called Turkish coffee, however it wasn't.) Plenty of places in the US have shwarma or basic Middle Eastern food, these restaurants have a full range of Lebanese food incuding fatteh. The waiter was not Lebanese, maybe the cooks aren't, but the food is extremely close.

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  • msbrandysue's Profile Photo

    Taco Bueno: Best Fast Food

    by msbrandysue Written Jun 12, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Yes, America is all about fast food. It's cheap, fast, and easy! While in Dallas I always make sure to stop at Taco Bueno!! It is great tex-mex food with a lower price. Although loaded in calories I always save one meal to splurge and this is definitely the one!

    *No alcohol is available like some places around here though.

    Favorite Dish: My favorite meal is the Mucho Nachos (without the chili sauce or refried beans) with a soft beef taco. It is enough for two people, unless you're really hungry!! They put plenty of queso and tomatos on top which I always enjoy. However, because of all the the toppings some of the chips lose their crunch. I love it!! My mom hates nachos like that so be advised!

    The tacos both hard and crispy are fantastic. I've heard the tortilla soup is great, although it's usually only available in the colder months. The mexi-dip is also great. You get beans, guacamole, and a cheese puff to dip your chips in.

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    Fogo de Chão: A good Brazilian Steakhouse

    by davequ Updated May 14, 2008

    Not actually in Arlington, but just about 20 minutes north in the suburb of Addison. Fogo de Chão is an international "chain" now, but if you are a carnivore, you will most likely love this place.

    All of it is slow roasted meats over flame in the 'gaucho' Churrasco tradition.

    You flip your red coloured "token" on your table over so the green side is up, and you are immediately presented with huge skewers (just like in the picture) of flame-roasted meats of all different types and flavors. They slice your favorite cut, you grab it with tongs and put it on your plate.

    You will be buried in servers with skewered meats until you remember to turn your token back over so the red side (stop) is facing up.

    High end, expensive, and worth it.

    Favorite Dish: I hate it when people say this, but if you like delicious, flame-roasted meat, it is all good.

    The Picanha (sirloin) is in my opinion the tastiest cut, at least it is my favorite.

    There is a salad / vegetable bar to get some offsetting carbs, a good wine list and liquor selection, desserts etc. but você está na terra da carne, meu amigo.

    Apetite bom!!

    �� Fogo de Chao
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  • davequ's Profile Photo

    Bodacious BBQ: Soooeeeee!

    by davequ Updated May 14, 2008

    Normally I am not a big fan of "Texas" barbeque (too sweet, I prefer funky, sour, hot, vinegar, soul/Memphis style).

    However, this place rocks. Great rub on the ribs, excellent sauce, tender, moist;

    between 8 and 9 on a scale of 10.

    And though I almost never do, I would actually recommend buying and taking home some of the rub and sauce they sell for your own barbecue.

    Favorite Dish: get a slab of pork ribs, put a small bowl of sauce on the side as the rub is good and you will want to sample some first without sauce.

    But the sauce is top notch, so then pour it all over your ribs and plate.
    Fear not, there is a roll of paper towels at every table.

    Beans and corn sides were ok; they serve beer!

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  • Green Oaks Chinese Cafe: STAY AWAY! Horrible Food and equally rude staff!

    by loveadani Written Oct 25, 2007

    Not only was the food awful, the “manager” was rude and unaccommodating. No customer service and disgusting food means we will definitely not be visiting again, however, I do believe the Health Department should make a point to visit!

    None of the food was fresh and everything we tasted was completely unacceptable. We each took one bite of each item we placed on our plates and no more than one. One was all we needed to know the food was inedible. We brought our complaint to management who was completely unaccommodating and unresponsive as to solving the problem. This is unacceptable in the service industry.

    We visited this facility at approximately 7:15pm. We were seated promptly, our drink order was taken, and we then visited the buffet. Much of the food looked as if it had been sitting for a while but rather than assume, we gave it a try. I had beef and broccoli which seemed hot as I spooned it to my plate but upon eating was cold. I also poured one spoonful of egg drop soup which by the time I reached the table became inedible paste. The waiter passed, ask if everything was ok, to which I nodded, having just sat down and taken one bite of the rice which was alright. Nothing was fresh not even the egg rolls, everything tasted as if it had been sitting for at least 45 minutes or more. Since we had already taken a few bites of everything we figured we would probably have to pay for it and decided to atleast try dessert. Can’t mess up ice cream, right? Wrong! The ice cream was a tub and you had to scoop it yourself but rather than having sanitary spoons available they had an ice cream scoop sitting in water and not cleaned between uses; the water looked like it had been there all day. It wasn’t even clear! I declined the ice cream and chose apple cobbler instead but that had been sitting for an hour also and stuck to the plate not to mention the hard breaded top layer. Our check was cashed out at 7:35 meaning we were there only 20 minutes.

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  • Razoo's Cajun and Creole Cafe: Good Cajun Food

    by agmoose02 Written Sep 17, 2006

    Some of the best cajun food in the DFW metroplex. Always a fun and inviting atmosphere and the food and drinks are excellent. Service is prompt and friendly.

    Favorite Dish: I suggest the alligator tail or the jambalaya, and for the appetizers go with the fried pickles.

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  • J. Gilligan's Bar & Grill: Cold Beer and Irish Nachos

    by agmoose02 Written Sep 16, 2006

    Though this place might look a little seedy from outside, the food and atmosphere are great. Stop off and have a cold beer and some Irish nachos (sliced, fried potatoes covered with nacho toppings), a burger or whatever else you might want. This is a popular place with students at UT-Arlington.

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  • Ton's Mongolian BBQ: Mix it up

    by agmoose02 Written Sep 16, 2006

    This is a restaurant serving up Mongolian BBQ. For those not familiar with this type of food, you choose from various ingredients (vegetables, meats and sauces/spices) that are mixed up and cooked on a large grill. This is kind of a cross between grill and stir fry. The food is excellent but the hours can be a little odd, so I am including them on this tip.

    Mon. 5:00 PM-9:30 PM
    Tue. 5:00 PM-9:30 PM
    Wed. 5:00 PM-9:30 PM
    Thu. 5:00 PM-9:30 PM
    Fri. 5:00 PM-10:00 PM
    Sat. 5:00 PM-10:00 PM
    Sun. 5:00 PM-9:30 PM
    Lunch: Mon.-Fri. 11AM-2:30PM
    Sat.-Sun. 11AM-3PM

    Also price goes up about 50% from lunch to dinner. Under $10 for lunch and $12-15 for dinner

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  • Pho 95: Best Pho in DFW

    by agmoose02 Written Sep 16, 2006

    This restaurant as its name implies specializes in the vietamese soup, pho. They serve other food here, but when I would stop in for lunch that is all I ordered. I have sampled pho all over North America and this is by far my favorite. If in DFW and you want to try something other than steak, BBQ or Mexican, check out this restaurant.

    Favorite Dish: Got to go with the pho

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  • Los Lupes: Great Mexican Food

    by agmoose02 Written Sep 16, 2006

    This long standing family restaurant has quickly expanded from 2 to 4 locations in the DFW metroplex that I know of. There is an excellent lunch buffet on weekdays and it is always a good place to have dinner and a few drinks. The setting is quite relaxing and feels like the family run outfit that it is. I have never seen the place empty during business hours. Also on some nights there are mariachis

    Favorite Dish: The fajitas and enchiladas are great, but if available I recommend the cabrito (slow cooked goat) with all the fajita fixings.

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  • Italy: Pasta Pizza and Subs

    by agmoose02 Written Sep 16, 2006

    This is a great restaurant for pizza/italian food. Staff is friendly and personable, food is excellent and the beer is cold. The food is very reasonably priced and the portions large. I highly recommend the stromboli and antipasta salad. They are listed for individual portions, but for most people this could feed 2. The stromboli and antipasta salad together cost around $10. It is somewhat small though and when busy, such as on a friday night you could find yourself waiting for a table.

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    by JMRAMIREZ9666 Updated Jun 19, 2006


    Favorite Dish: NONE!

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  • davequ's Profile Photo

    Cacharel: Excellent (no kidding) French Food

    by davequ Updated Jul 8, 2005

    Anytime I am in Arlington, if humanly possible, I go to Cacharel for dinner.

    I'm no international gourmet (maybe a gourmand),
    but I have in the past tasted good french food in Paris, so I think you should give Cacharel a shot if you feel like spending the bucks.

    The owners of Cacharel, Host Jean-Claude Adam and Chef Hans Bergmann really care about quality, ambience and presentation, and they know what they're doing.

    There are excellent paintings on the walls by a local artist in the French style.
    Cacharel sits on the top floor (9th) of a modern building, with windows open to the Arlington nightime vista of Ballpark @ Arlington & Six Flags.

    They have a "steak" menu for the cuisine-impaired, but some of the entries on the traditional french menu are in my opinion, delicious.

    Favorite Dish: Duck a L 'Dave.
    I am not kidding. My favorite dish is duck a l'orange, but it is not on the menu. Instead the Cacharel french menu offers "Sliced Roasted Breast of Duck served on a Cassis Sauce."

    But Jean-Claude and Hans are such wonderful hosts, they actually will prepare the above dish in an orange sauce for me. And it is a known joke at Cacharel.

    Your waiter may at first blanche, but I promise you, if you go there and order "Duck a la dave," Jean-Claude will laugh, Hans will prepare you some of the best duck a l'orange you have ever had, then grin through the kitchen window at you, giving you the thumbs-up. The squash soup is incredible, and they have an excellent selection of wines and armagnacs.

    I cannot recommend and I thought the appetizer "escargot Cacharel" was just ok at best compared to escargot and fois gras etc. I have had in France (sorry Hans..)

    WARNING: just my opinion, but if you goto Cacharel & order something bizarre like the crabcakes (?! ... some people actually do this .... crab cakes at a french restaurant in Texas...?? Êtes-vous fou ??!! ):

    not only may you be disappointed, but I will be forced to find you, and smack you for your own good.

    Duck a l'Dave
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