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  • Areas to Avoid / Crime
    by gingerflowr
  • Areas to Avoid / Crime
    by gingerflowr
  • Areas to Avoid / Crime
    by gingerflowr
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    places to avoid in Dallas, Texas

    by gingerflowr Written Apr 4, 2011

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    So I gather by reading the places to avoid in Dallas, TX I should stay in my car & don't stop, don't get out, drive as fast as I can thorugh Dallas. If you believed all this crap no one would ever leave their house or apartment. There are so many beautiful areas of Dallas & I think most are peaceful and quaint. The cops need to be more concerned about the safety of the citizens than about the next Police Women of Dallas episode. Prevention is the answer and I am one citizen of Dallas who practices what I preach.

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  • texas theater oak cliff neighborhood dallas

    by ReneeDallas Updated May 13, 2012

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    I am a home owner in N. oak cliff. A huge advocate for the area and the businesses. I was violently attacked at the texas theater May 2012 in the theater. Was a supporter and frequently visited.. on this occasion watching the Avengers was pulled out of my seat to my knees and given an indian burn on my arms by a fellow patron who said I was talking.This was done with no warning. I am a 110lb woman with the attacker being a large male. No one mentioned they were disturbed and I am very conscientious of my actions and certainly didn't mean to be disruptive in any way if in fact I was disturbing someone. No on said anything before I was attacked. Reporting to the management I was told this was my problem and not their concern. I will certainly NEVER go back again and feel obligated to tell everyone of the potential danger of this place. I am a highly esteemed and good citizen of Dallas. I warn you to be extremely careful in venturing into this establishment as your safety is apparently, disrespected, disregarded, and it caters to a lower element of society.

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  • View the facts instead of Opinons

    by Mastersdegree1 Written Jan 12, 2009

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    Back in the mid 1980's through the early part of the 21st century the South side of Dallas was considered infiltrated with crime and violence, however, statistics now support that there was a greater increase of crime within the Northern part of Dallas, than was in Southern Dallas in 2008. Just a bit of facts to consider:

    I recently read a reply sharing the recent killing of one of Dallas finest (Dallas Police Officer,) and the fact that he was killed in the southern city of Dallas...However, the writer neglected to mention that the same officer lived in the Southern sector himself. They also mentioned how sad it was that this was the first officer killed this year, again, they neglected to mention that today is only the 12th day of the year, and he was shot last week.

    I have read a comment about one lady who had some people walking up behind her in a dark parking lot as she approached her car...however, she never said that this male, woman and child assaulted her, she said she "felt scared." She also mentioned that she pulled some type of a weapon from her sock, and they were five feet behind her, they saw the weapon (and per her insinuation,) they ran away. I don't know about anyone else but to assume that a man, woman "AND A CHILD" is approaching you to hurt you might be a little stretching it in my view. I have never had, nor carried a weapon and I personally would be more afraid of the lady that had the insinuated "Weapon" than of the man, woman and child walking.

    I continue to read a number of write up's about "People who have HEARD," and except for the prior mentioned, I've not read any reply that say that any of the individuals have ever been to, visited, or lived in any of the southern areas, such as "Oak Cliff."

    Allow me to share:
    Fact: Desoto (a southern city) homes has 4-gated areas
    Fact: The individuals in the southern sector are a lot more laid back than their counterparts
    Fact: People tend to fear "The Unknown"
    Fact: The D.A. for the City of Dallas lives two streets over from me, in the Southern sector
    Fact: There are a great number of "Who's Who" in America that live in the southern sector
    Fact: Other than the area called "Valley Ranch" that is in the "Western" area of Dallas in a
    City called "Irving" or "Los Colinas" most of our football and basketball players for the
    Dallas Cowboys live in the southern sector.
    Fact: The officer previously mentioned that was recently shot and killed, lived in the southern
    Sector, and his wife and family still do live in the area.
    Fact: Ron Kirk (Senator that has just be assigned to a cabinet position by Pres. Obama) still
    has his home and family here in the southern sector of Dallas, where he lived until last
    week when he spoke to my husband in the midst of moving.
    Fact: The homes in the southern sector of Dallas has more land than any of its surrounding
    Dallas County cities
    Fact: The area that Bush's have chosen to make their home is considered "Southern Dallas."
    Fact: One of the most expensive homes in the entire Dallas County is lifted at 20M, and it is
    located in "Southern Dallas."
    Fact: "Dallas City" (Not county, because the county includes all the suburbs in southern
    Dallas) nationally has some of the "WORST" schools
    Fact: Since you don’t know me, or any of the other writers, so do the research for yourself,
    and if at all possible, visit.
    Fact: Peoples opinions can kill

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  • Dangerous Dallas

    by littleblue Updated Oct 17, 2010

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    Dallas is a high crime city, this much is true. I'm a white female and I've lived here almost all my life, born in Arlington, lived in most of the bad neighborhoods listed here. I can't see what you'd want with some of them, but if you're just driving through you'd be safe anyway. The ones in the north and northeast are just boring, nothing to see. But South Dallas, both West and East has some stuff worth looking at if you're intrepid. And if you're brave enough to get around a city like Detroit or St. Louis in the bad parts then Dallas is no worse than anything there. Most people who live there are from there or know people from there. Most new people move into the North but don't think that means the North doesn't get some real crime. In my experience one of the most dangerous areas is Park Lane, despite the scary look of Oak Cliff in areas, or especially down Cockerel Hill towards Jefferson. The main thing about those areas though is what are you going there for? That's what you need to know because I wouldn't recommend milling around lost anywhere in this city really.

    Deep Ellum is pretty much safe now, downtown, uptown is cozy, and I've stumbled around drunk in alleys in Fair Park with nothing but a discussion with a bum to show for it. Highland Park is super safe (if you are white) but I don't recommend being non-white there unless you're East Asian maybe.

    The only time I was ever a victim of crime was in an apt in the Skillman/Audelia area on Royal Lane in Northeast Dallas. Some crackhead crawled into my window bedroom intruder style and didn't guess that I might have company. Truth be told I think he just meant to steal some stuff, but whatever. I felt more danger living there than the West Dallas area. Some friends used to throw amazing parties in these warehouses in south Dallas around 20. The worst thing that ever happened was some drug addicted lady begging for money for electricity in her apt.

    Whoever said a lot of the gang activity is actually in Arlington was right, although that's not saying there's no gangs or anything in Dallas. The thing is they're all over the city really, even up the tollway around Marsh. Arlington is clotted with tourist stuff and there aren't really "bad parts" in the coherent sense because there aren't really established neighborhoods. Just use your judgement when you look around. South of the Trinity a lot of the old buildings have not been torn down and you can see some of Dallas's age showing, which is cool. I live close to there and go out to take pictures some times. Yeah there are some areas it's better to have a guy with you, but there's just some really unique things to see that are a part of Dallas history. Oakland cemetery for instance is in a bad area, but it's worth seeing some time.

    Anyway, recognize that you could be a victim of crime and make sure you have a plan, have a place to go, have a reason and way to get there and back... and that will make a big difference. If you look like a target you'll probably end up a target.

    Now get out there and enjoy the city. Follow the streetlights, if there's plenty of lights and plenty of people you're probably in a safe area :)

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  • Worst Hood in Dallas

    by BnSwiss Written Mar 27, 2011

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    in my mind the most dangerous area to go to in all of dallas in the hood at the north east corner of hampton and singleton in west dallas. That place has hookers walking up and down the streets and people selling heroin on the street corner.

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  • Some people are so ignorant

    by r_c_s Updated Jan 9, 2008

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    Honestly... some of the people writing about the areas to avoid are so ignorant and probably racist. I live in Northeast Dallas, around Skillman and 635, one of the areas that some people are saying to avoid, someone actually called it "slummy." I have never and will never live in a slum. I am a college graduate, married with 2 small children. I have no problems with where I live. The area I live has a lot of apartments and there are many bus stops on the street, so you will see people walking down the street all the time. This has absolutely nothing to do with crime. Actually, I live within Richardson School District, which is nationally recognized. Anywhere north of Dallas is just fine, it's just that some areas are more beautiful than others. I actually wanted to buy a house around here (Lake Highlands is a beautiful area), but when I started looking I found that the homes are way more expensive than many of the suburbs (that should tell you something... it's a desirable place to be). Don't let a few black faces scare you... the places you should really be careful of are the places way outside of Dallas where they will shoot you for stepping foot on their property. And as of Oak Cliff/South Dallas... I've heard bad things but I don't know anything about it and I've never been there. Anyway, your biggest worries while in Dallas should not be crime... it should be staying safe on the road... people don't know how to drive here.

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  • Who is writing these warnings

    by js20123 Written Apr 9, 2009

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    I was in Dallas in Feb. 09. After reading of all the DANGERS in south Dallas, I had to check it out. I think these warnings are written by small town people who have never been to a big city that has actual ghettos. The areas that are so dangerous appear to be your average working class neighborhoods. There are more minorities in the southern sector of the city. I think they are associating skin color with crime and danger. I am a white geeky male and I had no problems in south Dallas. Oak Cliff was actually a pleasant surprise. The English tudor homes are beautiful, and the Bishops Arts District was very nice also.
    If you guys (those who post the DANGERS of south Dallas) want to see real ghettos, try the Detroit area.
    I never really saw anything that is bad as these guys posted. I was also suprised at how clean Dallas is. Have a lovely!

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    by suwoop5516 Written Nov 15, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    look this is the real scoop bump all that other stuff. do not go thru south dallas period. be careful in west dallas all through rupert circle, westmoreland , hampton , singleton, bernal and any other place in west dallas. and right across the trinity in the north west behind st paul hospital is a area called arlington park a little neighboorhood but dont wander around there anytime. its dangerous there are a lot of youngsters that dont care about anything. webb chapel is another place like that dont go. oak lawn has some crime but not as bad as arlington park or webb chapel trust me. oak cliff dont go there nothing but hoodlums. east dallas is nortorius for blood gang activity i wouldnt even live there. downtown is the place where all the fun is and youll have a great time especally around the deep ellum area that area is great for nightlife. and north dallas is pretty tranquil nothing much happends out there thats about it

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  • Beware all suburban law enforcement

    by jbdatx Updated Dec 27, 2013

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    It's almost impossible to tell when you've left the cozy confines of Dallas' city limits and ventured into the netherworld of jar headed thugs scrambling around in high powered Tahoes or Chargers looking to keep their respective municipalities in the black by taking as many motorists to the cleaners as possible. Dallas proper is home to the friendliest most unobtrusive, non obnoxious police forces I've ever encountered anywhere. Dallas is an extremely safe city, our per capita murder rate last year was the lowest since 1952, it's like Andy Griffith reruns here as far as the danger's you're likely to encounter. I've lived in south Dallas (Oak Cliff) North Dallas (Preston rd and Frankford) far east Dallas (Buckner & Garland Rd) and currently just east of downtown in Lower Greenville/Lakewood/M streets. You may be annoyed at all the yuppies invading our once quiet neighborhood due to the resurgence of lower Greenville as a hot spot for shopping, dining, craft beer drinking and cocktailery. ( I almost left out Brunch ) but they're not scary usually, just annoying, thanks Trader Joe's for being the yuppie bat signal to draw them out of uptown. East Dallas, fair park, and the Bishop Arts district in north Oak Cliff are the coolest parts of Dallas by far, despite the dire warnings of the previous poster. I don't know when she last got out of her car in any of the areas she listed as dangerous, but having lived for years in each of them and having had many female friends do the same uneventfully I don't know where she gets her information. Dallas is not a city that will put you on edge in any way, the people are friendly, even the pretentious ones, and sports some of the most polite homeless folks and gang members anywhere. If you're from the west coast get ready for a severe culture shock: it's not crowded here. The most awful things you're likely to encounter are groups of drunken SMU students who have yet to learn the art of being drunk without yelling. Now it is a city of a couple million, so don't get blind drunk and walk 50 blocks naked back to your car alone if you're a female, or a male in the gayborhood around Oak Lawn Ave, but other than that the cabs wont rip you off, your waitress or bartender will be nice and genuinely interested in you having a good time, so enjoy.
    The suburbs however are another animal altogether. The police forces in these cities take their speed limits as seriously as if their paychecks depended on it, because they do. Dallas doesn't write speeding tickets except for the Dallas County Constables who for some reason only work I30 and I35 near downtown. The suburbs are also where you may encounter a less sophisticated species of gang banger, with no sense of irony or humor or fear of consequences. Pay attention while on 635, if you see these words turn around immediately but do so within the posted speed limit: Garland, Mesquite, Balch Springs, Plano, Farmers Branch, Carrolton, Rowlett, Coppell, Irving, Duncanville, Lewisville, The Colony, Flowermound, Euless, Hurst, Bedford, Arlington. Now if you're going to a Rangers or Cowboys game or flying out of D/FW some of these are unavoidable, in which case drive straight to your destination using GPS and do not park anywhere except the most heavily policed official looking lot you can find. All off freeway travel in these areas will mean you are in the worst sort of ghetto, one with all the joys of any ghetto but with a police force to worry about as well. My advice? Sell your tickets to the game and kick back at a bar on lower greenville and watch it there and enjoy the new friends you'll make.

    The revamped restaurant up top is wonderful
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  • Don't live in an apartment in Dallas, just don't.

    by mikejj2004 Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    If I could give anyone moving to Dallas a tip, just don't live in an apartment. This is an extremely dangerous city and apartments are the most dangerous part, especially at night. Also don't joke yourself into thinking your in a good area, apartments are like little islands of hell and as soon as you step onto that property, the demographics drastically change. If you wan't the urban experience, move to New York, Dallas is just not the city for that, you will be around lots of crime and thug lowlifes, trust me on this move to the suburbs.

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  • keeweechic's Profile Photo


    by keeweechic Updated Sep 1, 2003

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    Dallas is generally a very safe city for visitors, however you should always take care at night, there are some very seedy areas to be avoided at night.

    Texas has a concealed weapons policy, meaning that it is legal for individuals who have purchased permits, to carry concealed weapons.

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  • As far as Dallas Is...

    by gwpjr7 Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As far as Dallas Is concerned, stay out of South Dallas at night and be careful while visiting during the day. The West End is a normal tourist spot to visit downtown and is safe most all of the time due to police presence. The most you have to worry about in the West End is having your car broken into or stolen, which is OK since I assume youll have a rental. Just keep your car locked and valuables hidden. Deep Ellum is a different story. Park in a well lit lot no matter what it costs. Best to park in a busy area instead of the outskirts.
    Traffic: Try not to travel during rush hour.

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  • Be Careful in Oak Lawn!!!

    by ohiocowboy Written Feb 9, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cedar Springs Road is full of Restaurants, Bars, Boutiques, and is nice for a few blocks of Cedar Springs where these are-BUT-DO NOT wander the side streets west of there. There are lots of robberies. Also, make sure to park your car in a lot that is patrolled, DO NOT park on the side streets, or you will more than likely have your car broken into. Also, Avoid the northern part of Cedar Springs Rd. Once you go past Douglas, you will be asking for problems. There are tons of apartment buildings, and there are lots, LOTS of break-ins to cars. If you walk that area, you will more than likely be harassed or worse.

    The drug problem in that area is horrendous, Crack is big around there, and there is another drug called Ice that people will kill you to get money to buy. I unfortunately moved to this area, and have had 2 vehicles broken into, plus have had my bicycle stolen from a 2nd floor balcony. My apartment has a few drug dealers, and there is drug dealing and prostitution going on all night long. The traffic is non-stop, and there are lots of gunshots fired around here. The cops are slow to respond, if they bother to come at all. I am ready to move away from here it is so bad.

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    If you don't know your way...

    by Mighty Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you don't know your way around the best advice I can give you is don't go south of Downtown, particularly if you are white or asian. Most of the urban area south,to the southeast and southwest of Downtown is low income and could be prone to racial incidents depending on the state of local politics. Conversly in particular times of racial unrest if you are African American you may want to be careful where you go in outlying areas. I am not at all proud of this, in fact it makes my stomach hurt, but better safe than sorry.

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    I know the crime rate is...

    by carolinarose Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I know the crime rate is really bad. That's one thing I'll never forget. Turn on the news and ya never hear any good news, only murder, rape, robberies, etc. Make sure ya lock all your valuables in a safe place and don't leave your facilities unlocked at any time, including your car, or ya might not have it. Don't leave windows to your accomodations open during the summer months either. And watch out for the 'critters' (cockroaches that are huge and fly and hard as an armadillo shell on them that makes em hard to kill without pesticides or boric acid).

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  • Jan 4, 2014 at 7:14 PM

    I've lived here in the dfw since 1966..Dallas has gotten dangerous..period!! These people that make Dallas sound so pleasant and low in violent crime,assaults,etc, as though it rarely occurs,are people who are so used to living in such areas,that they don't consider them as being ghettos.The Woodmeadow parkway area at ferguson and LB for example,,dangerous and ghetto.But I've know resident who live there that will claim there's nothing wrong with the area and they'll scoff at you if you even suggest it's a ghetto area.People like that are used to living n those conditions.posters that claim here that dallas is sucha great low crime city are those kinds of people obviously.I'VE LIVED HERE SINCE me,you can do better than Dallas!! Check out,for example, the demographics and crime rats got example Dallas,Texas vs, Springfield Missouri

  • Dec 27, 2013 at 4:24 PM

    Dallas is the Safest City with over 1 million people in the country. Look it up. I've been here 7 years and been all over at all hours of the day and night and have yet to receive so much as a sideways glance, much less been accosted. People I don't know sometimes talk to me, if this bothers you don't blame your surroundings the problem is your lack of social skills. Take the time to bone up on human interaction before you head to any city. Fear breeds fear, stupidity attracts more stupidity, if you drive around horrified and slack jawed every time you see a black guy in a Grand Marquis rattling his trunk rollin on 22 inch rims instead of minding your own business, or heaven forbid, being friendly! you'll find yourself in a very nice city. Relax, turn off the television news and get out of the house more and you'll see life is fun no matter where you are. If you're feeling ambitious, learn spanish and make your world twice as big, no te precupas, las gente que penses van a molestar su familia estan hablando de lo mismo cosas que ustedes, donde van a aver los Cowboys.

  • NigelI's Profile Photo
    Feb 2, 2013 at 9:20 PM

    Thuggin's bewilderment amazes me to no end. But kind people please ingore this silly buffon. I as North Dallas Resident can assure all you good people that our city is quite peaceful and lovely, your chances to whisk into a ruffian are just as likely as in any other conurbation, I surmise this did not discountenance all you lovely people from sojourning our wonderful borough.

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