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  • The Strand
    The Strand
    by Tdawg40sw
  • Mardi Gras
    by msbrandysue
  • gulls seem to like it
    gulls seem to like it
    by duncanlbrown

Galveston Things to Do

  • Mardi Gras

    I think Galveston holds the second best Mardi Gras parade. In my opinion... of course New Orleans is number one. But it does get a little crazy on the strand. You now have to pay to get on the strand but it is worth it and that is where you want to be! If you dont want to pay then you can always go to the seawall around 25th street and they usually...

  • Bishop's Palace

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Built for lawyer Walter Gresham in 1893. This house was later bought by the catholic church to be used as a Bishop's residence. the house today is open for self guided tours and incorporates the best features of both its time as a private residence and as a parsonage for the Bishop.

  • Moody Gardens

    Yes, it's the mega Moody Gardens. You know, I recently bought a copy of a travel book for kids in Houston and they listed Moody Gardens on there and the cost was $4. Well, I paid $45.00 for a one day pass. It's unbelievable and I would first see if it's in your budget. If you have a military ID you get in for free and I believe you get to bring a...


Galveston Hotels

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Galveston Restaurants

  • Good old fashioned diner

    The name might not seem intuitive, but this old drug store long ago decided to push its remaining shelves to the side and made room for more tables. There are still many old relics of the drug store days on display, such as the neon sign on the street, the posters on the wall, antiques in the cases.The original store dates from the 1880's. The...

  • Best Seafood in Town?

    $30 as of January 2014. If you are a seafood lover, then you must stop at Fisherman's Wharf while visiting Galveston. They advertise the best and freshest seafood on the gulf, and they just may be right. The food is great the service was very professional and the décor/atmosphere very pleasant. Great views of the gulf. The building started as a...

  • Good Seafood, Good Times

    $22 as of January 2014. Joe's Crab Shacks serve very good seafood in a nice casual environment. They call themselves "quirky" and perhaps they are which is fine with me. The staff is almost always friendly (this one was no exception) and efficient. Hours are 11 AM to Midnight daily (subject to the seasons). Beer and mixed drinks available too. Try...


Galveston Nightlife

  • Nightlife on Strand

    There are bars and nightclubs scattered all through Galveston; but many of the best ones are on Strand in the "Old Strand Historic District". I just stuck my head in a few of these but did not stay long. It was still a little early and there was not much going on. Good spot for pub crawling because there are several places within stumbling distance...

  • Beach front, Pool side, DRINKS!

    This is a pool bar on the Seawall. You can sit in the pool and swim up to the bar or you can walk up to the bar and watch the crazy folks swimming in the pool. They have events all year long and the staff is very friendly. It does have a very wide variety of age groups and you do have to be 21 to enter. Anything but your birthday suit! lol

  • Good Times....esp. during Mardi Gras

    The Poop Deck...what a name for a place! However, it's a fun bar and place to have a night out. Enjoy the range of people and ages. If you're there for Mardi Gras, catch some beads from the bottom or throw from the top :) Shorts and flip-flops


Galveston Transportation

  • The ferry to Port Bolivar

    There is a ferry from the eastern end of Galveston Island to the Bolivar Peninsula (Port Bolivar). This ferry is free because it is considered part of the Texas Highway System.The ferry crosses the gap where Galveston bay opens to the Gulf of Mexico, hence there is always a line of cargo ships and supertankers queued up to enter and exit the Bay...

  • Getting to Galveston

    Galveston is, indeed, an island off the Gulf Coast of Texas, about 50 miles from downtown Houston. Therefore, there are not any airports to get you here. Nor would taking a taxi or public transportation get you a deal or save you money. My best suggestion is driving in your car or renting one. There is not a shuttle, bus, or train to get you to...

  • Take a Trolley!

    In downtown Galveston, also known as The Strand a trolley is available for $1.50. It circles around the historic Victorian homes. It's a great way to see the old city, as well as a chance to rest your feet from all the shopping at The Strand!Beware, during the summer it may be hot!From their website:"With board fixed rail trolley cars built in a...


Galveston Shopping

  • Designer Fashions Store on...

    Designer Fashions at Liquidation prices. THis store carries the coolest fashions from all over the world, lots of european brands and styles at ridiculous prices........Its the best kept secret in galveston....Check this store out...........Right on Broadway between 30th and 31st street. You have to see it to believe it.......They also have a great...

  • Stewart Beach Shovels and Sandwiches

    Galveston's Stewart Beach is one of the top family beaches in the nation (, 2007 and Texas Monthly, 2007 and 2008). This beach features well-maintained sand, lifeguards, showers, restrooms, chair and umbrella rental, the world's largest inflatable slide and sno-cones on the beach. And when you get hungry or want to shop, be sure and...

  • Everything for the Beach

    Bathing suits, towels, souvenirs, boogie boards, galore!!!All along Seawall Blvd you will see restaurants and beach stores! (Alike most beaches). If you forget sunscreen, sunglasses, your suit, towel, no problem!! Anything you could ever dream of is available across the street from the beach! Well, you're on the beach so you'll find bargains here...


Galveston Local Customs

  • Mardi Gras

    Galveston is host to the 3rd largest Mardi Gras Celebration in the country. The town is highly decorated and everybody has a good time. I have heard that it is a bit calmer and not as wild as New Orleans but still pretty wild.This local seems ready!

  • Juneteenth

    The first Juneteenth Celebration was held as Aston Villa on 19 June 1865, when U. S. Army General Gordon Granger read an order that the Emancipation Proclamation was in effect in Texas. This essentially, freed all the slaves in the state of Texas. "Juneteenth" became an international commemoration of freedom. It was made an official Texas holiday...

  • 1900 Hurricane Survivor

    As you look at the old buildings in Galveston keep an eye out for signs like these that indicate the building was built prior to 1900 and survived the 1900 hurricane that destroyed many of the buildings in the area.


Galveston Warnings and Dangers

  • Report Poaching

    Poachering is a big problem on marine wild life. Any one fishing needs to have a fishing license. Often times I see poaching on the East end of the island. The same people poaching are also leaving their trash, hooks, and fish remains anywhere and everywhere. Nothing upsets me more than seeing fish caught out of season or size ranged being scaled...


    GALVESTON I really love the heat but the humidity here is really something else!!. I looked so forward to my return trip down here but didn't give the heat too much thought at all. Obviously due to its location the temperature and humidity is high but I think when you throw wetness into the becomes a little overpowering. Of course the...

  • Water Safety

    The Gulf of Mexico can be mean sometimes. There are dangerous sea life, rocks, and tides. Therefore, on top of the life guard stands are flags. Green-everything is goodYellow-cautiousRed-be very cautious and do not go beyond waist-deep waterOrange/Blue-dangerous marine life found (jellyfish!)Make sure that you take caution when playing at the...


Galveston Tourist Traps

  • Bring plenty of money!

    This is more like a warning than a tourist trap but do be aware that Galveston is much more expensive than other tourist destinations in Texas. We haven't come across free activities during our 2 days in Galveston the way we have in San Antonio and Austin, for example. We even had to pay extra money to have access to the Strand because of the Mardi...

  • Please be certain the...

    Please be certain the handicrafts you are looking at are hand made, by the people of Galveston, and not imports.I have found there are some shops that buy cheap, sell high and they are not 'native.'

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Galveston What to Pack

  • msbrandysue's Profile Photo

    Fun in the Sun

    by msbrandysue Updated Jun 21, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Must...wear...sunglasses! The sun is bright, especially with sand and water reflections. Don't forget a hat to keep the sun out of your face! It also helps wherever your part is. I get sunburned easily so my scalp peels and it looks like dandruff so I always wear a hat!
    If you decide to wear jeans to the beach make sure not to get them wet because they take FOREVER to dry and the one time I did I was annoyed all day long as I waited for them to dry. The water also makes them heavier and when sight-seeing it makes it more difficult.
    Especially for children I would recommend water shoes for all those shells and jelly fish parts left on the sand...I had a bad childhood experiment. Shell went right through my foot.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Please don't forget your sunscreen! We all know the effects of too much sun-damage on our skin!
    Don't forget your water either! Especially in the summer it's very easy to get dehydrated which will lead to heat stroke or worse. I've seen it happen many times. Be on the safe side! Drink plenty of water while at the beach or touring historic parts of the island.

    Photo Equipment: Beware that a drop of water can ruin that digital camera. If you're going to take your camera to the beach you might pick up a water-proof case for it. I mean...if you've spent hundreds of dollars on that camera you might as well help keep it working.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: If you're going to the beach don't forget your towel, suit, etc. If you have kids I'd bring a boogie board in advance or else you'll be buying one down there. Everyone seems to have one and if not they end up going across the street for one.
    Mosquito repellent after dark is a MUST!

    Ready for fun in the sun!

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Galveston Off The Beaten Path

  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church

    You will see this beautiful, bright, white building across the street from Bishop's palace. In fact, we parked here.From the Texas Historical Commission marker:The earliest Catholic services in the Galveston area were conducted in 1838. In 1884, as a result of the church's growth under the direction of such leaders as Bishop J. M. Odin, the...

  • Rosenberg Library

    The Rosenberg Library was founded in 1871 and is the oldest public library in Texas in continuous operation. I always like checking out the public libraries of a city.However, this experience was VERY scary. There were many poor folks straggling around outside the door but I really needed to use the restroom. My mom and I both walked towards the...

  • Oleander Planting

    "Oleander is one of the most poisonous plants and contains numerous toxic compounds, many of which can be deadly to people, especially young children. The toxicity of Oleander is considered extremely high and it has been reported that in some cases only a small amount had lethal or near lethal effects (Goetz 1998). " Taken from WikipediaWhile...


Galveston Sports & Outdoors

  • The Seawall

    The Seawall and Galveston beaches offers an array of sporting activities.For the seawall you'll find many people walking, running, and biking down the 10 mile stretch. If you feel like doing something a bit more exciting rent one of the extended bikes or bike on the stretch buggies. You're more than able to get a good sweat before plunging into the...

  • G-Town Surf - More Than Just Behind...

    Despite the recent media phenomena of surfers in and around Galveston riding the waves of huge oil tankers, which only a handful of people actually do, the island does have real surfing, with dedicated surfers. No, you won't find the monster waves of the North Shore of O'ahu here, but there are a few locations on the island that at times can have...

  • Free Fishing Opportunities

    There are plenty of places for Surf Fishermen to throw out their line almost anywhere along the beach. Other free jetties and rock piers are found at Seawall Blvd. at 10th , 17th , 30th and 37th Streets.The most popular sport fish in the Galveston area is the spotted seatrout which is also known as the speckled trout. Other local fish include Black...


Galveston Favorites

  • Hurricane Past and Present

    Galveston is recently recovering from Hurrican Ike which hit in September of 2008. They ordered everyone off the island and those who wanted to stay, could. However, the death toll was never even released because of the missing. Much of the island was devastated. Houses were demolished, if they could even be found. Debrit can still be found and you...

  • Pirate History of Galveston???

    Interesting history here!While walking along the seawall I was reading all the plaques that begin the 10 mile stretch. I was reading part of the coastal birding trail when at the bottom there was an interesting history fact. The sign read, " While Galveston is actually named after Bernardo de Galvez, a Spanish colonial governor and general,...

  • Gulf Coast Birding Trails

    Although I don't really engage too much in the birding trails of the gulf coast Galveston is a central place for those who love it. Among Fort San Jacinto to the east and along the Seawall are many signs posted for the birding trail that outline birds found in the area. Check out the pictures to see various plaques around Galveston...


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