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  • Things to Do
    by keeweechic

Greenville Things to Do

  • The Puddin Hill Store

    This is really quite a unique place. This quaint little store front greets you into a world of a distraction for dieters. The store is right next to the bakery and candy kitchen of 'Mary of Puddin Hill'. This site is part of the original Puddin Hill farm which was owned by James and Mary Horton in 1839. Puddin Hill has been using the same recipes...

  • The Old MTK Katy Depot

    The first train, which was a Missouri, Kansas & Texas train, arrived from Denison on October 1, 1880. It was Hunt County's first railroad. A $5,000 cash bonus and right away across Hunt County were guaranteed by Greenville residents. The railroad began a boom in Greenville and Hunt County.

  • Audie Murphy Statue

    This is the memorial to Lt Audie Leon Murphy, June 30, 1924 to May 28, 1971. The plaque says 'WWII most decorated hero, a man of uncommon valor, a man set apart by great deeds, a man able to face danger with determination.''The Real Heroes Of The War Are The Men Who Never Came Home' Lt Audie Leon Murphy

  • The Peace Garden

    The Peace Garden is featured in Forest Park Cemetery just outside the city area. This is a 10 by 20 foot carved limestone bas relief 'Peace in the World' which features 9 angels representing the varied nine ethnic groups of the world. Driving around the cemetery - it took me some time to find it. It is on the back right-hand side.

  • Audie Murphy Gallery

    The other part of the Museum is largely dedicated to Audie Murphy - the local and national hero as well as other WWII memorabilia. Audie Murphy was the most decorated U.S. soldier in WWII. Audie was the son of a sharecropper who left home to join the war and returned home a national hero. He was deployed from Camp Kilmer in New Jersey and joined...

  • Edwin Arnold

    Edwin Arnold was born in Greenville, went to Greenville High School and was on the football team which won a State Championship. He joined the army and distinguished himself in action. Known as Edwin 'Cotton' Arnold, these were his medals.

  • Monty Stratton

    There is a small display on Monty Stratton who was a resident of Hunt County. Monty Stratton was a major league pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. He lost a leg in a hunting accident but still continued to play baseball. He was born near Wagner and lived just east of Greenville for a number of years. A movie "The Stratton Story" was made on his...

  • Audie's Medals

    At the end of the war, Audi was only 21. Up to that time he had killed 240 German soldiers, had been wounded himself 3 times and had earned a total of 33 awards and medals which included the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, the French Legion of Merit, and the Congressional Medal of Honor, the nation's highest military award. Three of...

  • Pratt Gin Stand

    In the gin stand, the seed cotton rotates in the seed roll and is agitated by a cylinder to ensure all lint is removed from the seed. Teeth of rotating saws grabs the lint and pulls it between narrowly spaced ribs which stops the passage of the seed. This process continues until the seeds are completely ginned. The lint stays on the teeth and gets...

  • Plows and Planters

    The first plows were used prior to the Middle Ages, they would have been pushed or pulled by an animal. The wheeled plow was first developed during that time and was used for harder types of soil. Plows changed little until the 1830's when the North American Prairie prompted blacksmith John Deer to invent the steel plowshare. This was a two-wheeled...

  • The Ende-Gaillard House

    This house was built between 1857 and 1859 by Charles Frederick von Ende for his wife, Emilie Amelia Rinecker von Ende. It was later sold for $900 to his daughter (Louise) and son-in-law (Dr David Gaillard). It was originally sited at Stonewall Street but after Louise's death in 1945, the house became part of a lumberyard and was threatened with...

  • The Poole House

    This was the house was built around the late 1800’s and was the home of William C Poole and his wife Sarah. Poole was a successful cotton buyer and this particular area of Greenville was very fashionable for the young affluent families at that time. In 1914 Poole purchased the local daily newspaper, the Greenville Morning Herald, and appointed his...

  • Sculptured Birds

    There are five freestanding sculptured birds which comprise "Peace in the Soul". The sculptures were created by Santa Fe artist Kirk Tatom.

  • Try the Samples

    Around the store there are various samples to try and there is no skimping on these. The first table you hit inside the door carries, Pecan Krunch (which also comes in sugar-free), Peanut Brittle and for a difference, Jalapeno and Nut Brittle – well this is Texas after all.

  • German Pilots Clothing

    These items were collected during WWII by a Texas soldier. The leather jacket, gloves, knife, gun holster and spotting glasses were taken from a captured WWII German Pilot.

  • Cotton Gin Model

    The first gin in Hunt County was built 3 years after the end of the Civil War in 1868 and was run by a team of 6 horses that pulled a lever. Later another gin was built in the county and it was run by a team of oxen treading all day long turning a tread mill. Farmers brought their cotton to the gin and leave it with their names on it waiting for...

  • The Cotton Buyers Office

    During the period between 1890 and 1940, Cotton buyers and brokers were the ones responsible for the distribution of cotton world-wide. Cotton buyers would usually buy the cotton direct from the farmers by the bale and the price was dependant on the grade and market price at the time which tended to fluctuate with climatic conditions, trade...

  • Low Hill

    Low Hill was a prominent rise in the Smith Prairie area. Joseph Low built this 10 room house in 1915 to house his 12 children – 10 of his own by 3 wives and 2 of his third wife. The house was destroyed by fire. This model took 10 months to build with much of the furniture especially created to show the home in its original form. The model cost...

  • Greenville Mill and Elevator

    This was the site of the local grain mill in Greenville which began in 1893 by A.F. Richter. The mill was replaced by the present day building but was sold to International Mining of Minnesota in 1934. Monogram flour and Robin Flour has been produced here. .

  • Tours of Puddin Hill

    You can take a tour of Pudding Hill especially during the Fall and see how all those wonderful mouth-watering treats are made. You will see everything from the ovens to the candy centres passing under the waterfall of pure chocolate which result in their famous confections. They will also take bus tours and organisations..

  • Good Selection of Gifts

    There are beautiful gift packages which are filled with both savoury and sweet treats, party trays and gift baskets. There are more than enough staff to help you with your decision..


Greenville Hotels

Greenville Restaurants

  • Good-priced Mexican Food

    This is a sweet little diner type restaurant which has good food for consistently good prices.Lunch prices are $4.50 each for 11 choices of meals like 2 enchiladas, beans, and rice. The enchilada, tostado, bean lunch special ... or something similar for dinner.The great thing is you can have 2 free beers for each person, ... something to do with...

  • The Pudding Hill's Cake Counter

    Their cake counter features many delicious award winning items including cheesecakes. Pecan's feature predominantly in a lot of their goods. Buy a slice and grab a coffee and enjoy.

  • Mary's of Pudding Hill

    Visit and have lunch at Puddin Hill. You can choose from homemade soup or an assortment of unique sandwich creations. They do a Tortilla Maria (a flour tortilla which is spread with a special sauce, then rolled with ham, jalapeno cheese, lettuce and tomato) or a Po-Boy (French bread stacked with ham, salami, provolone cheese and chow-chow). Of...


Greenville Nightlife

  • City of Greenville: Don't Stop

    by wayne5600 Written Dec 5, 2006

    I would highly recommend that all by pass Greenville when traveling unless you just have to stop for the night. If traveling west, continue about 25 more miles and stop in Rockwall. Greenville has nothing but fast food and limited chain restaraunts that are mediocre at best and sometimes just down right horrilbe depending on who is in the kitchen on any given night. The town is practically dry (Baptist influence) so you will have to go to a chain restaraunt if you want beer or wine with dinner. The "Mall" is very limited and not much other shopping available, one movie theater in town, nothing of cultural value to see either. Just pass it by and you will have a better stay somewhere else!

    Dress Code: Shirt and shoes, bathing optional!

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Greenville Transportation

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    Getting There

    by keeweechic Written Feb 5, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Greenville is an easy destination and drive. Just 45 minute drive from Dallas on Interstate 30. The nearest major airport is Dallas Love Field (one hour away) or Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (one and a half hours).

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Greenville Shopping

  • Bargain Store

    On the northeast corner from the Old Courthouse is this special thrift store. Practically every piece of clothing, every pair of shoes, jackets, children's ware, are $1.00 each.... all with the exception of formals and overcoats. They also sell some furniture and household items, but I go there for an occasional hunt for clothes. Men's ties are 2...

  • Greenville Village

    The New Furniture Company building was built in 1924 and was restored in 1988. Greenville Village in the beautiful interior, sells antiques and individual stalls selling gifts and crafts..

  • Glenda's Antiques

    Glenda's has Antiques, gifts, candles, homemade sauces, toys and other small things. There is also a cafe in the back of the shop. Open Mon-Sat 9.00am - 5.00pm..


Greenville Local Customs

  • Audie Murphy Days Celebration

    This is an annual two-day celebration, held in June, honouring WWII's most decorated soldier Audie L. Murphy, who was born and raised in Hunt County. He is remembered each year at the American Cotton Museum.

  • Cotton Jubilee

    This is a 2 day event held on the 3rd weekend in October, with lots of entertainment and of course eating. There is a bike rally, bed races, puppet theatre and kids event.

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