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Laredo Things to Do

  • Visit Mexico

    Just across the border from Laredo, Texas is Nuevo Laredo, Mexico with a population of almost 400,000. Make sure if you cross the border you have proper paperwork to come back ;-)

  • Lake Casa Blanca International State...

    Lake Casa Blanca International State Park is a 371 acre recreational park located on 1656 acre Lake Casa Blanca. Activities include fishing, swimming, picnicking, boating, bird watching, and camping. There is also a golf course next door. This park is popular with Texans and Mexicans alike.

  • Veterans Memorials

    There are several veterans memorials dedicated to those who served and those who died in various wars and conflicts throughout the history of the United States located in historic Jarvis Plaza downtown. I feel it is important to remember the sacrifices made by our military in support of our freedom and our way of life.

  • Police Memorial

    On the grounds of the county courthouse is the Jose “Curly" Herrera Memorial which is dedicated to Herrera and other law enforcement officials who died in the line of duty.

  • Laredo Community College

    The campus of Laredo Community College is located along the banks of the Rio Grande at the western end of Washington Street. It is worth a visit to the campus to see the remaining buildings of Fort McIntosh along with the Lamar Bruni Vergara Environmental Science Center and the Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium

  • Bender Hotel

    Another historically/architecturally interesting building in Laredo is the Bender Hotel which was built in 1913 using the Brick Vernacular style of architecture. It needs some restoration, though.


Laredo Hotels

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Laredo Restaurants

  • All American Buffet

    Golden Corral has an all you can eat buffet; but it was so crowded they were having trouble keeping items stocked and it was hard to get to the serving areas for your food. The service was slow and overwhelmed. Might be better when they are not so busy. Since we were so close to Mexico there did seem to be more Mexican dishes than usual.

  • Good Mexican Food

    $14 as of May 2014 There are 13 Danny's in Laredo. The decor was some wood, bright colored paint, acoustic tile and regular looking tables, chairs and booths. The salsa had a bit of kick to it like it should. My waitress, Maria Angelina, was good and very pretty but spoke very little English. Yes, we were only about 4 miles from Mexico but we are...

  • A nice find in Laredo, Texas..

    The friendliness of the inhabitants becomes evident to you when you stop at the Texas Visitors centre, at the entrance to the city. One must agree that it is one of the more attractive building housing a visitors information office anywhere in the USA! I specifically enquired for a place to savour some Mexican food. The Lady behind the counter,...


Laredo Nightlife

  • Speak Spanish, Cowboy?

    This was a nice bar with plenty of seating, a dance floor, pool tables and other bar type entertainment. Cute waitress too. Beer and mixed drinks. Good rum and coke. It was a Saturday night just before "Cinco de Mayo" so the place got rather crowded. Looked like a great place for younger singles, especially if your Spanish is good. Cowboy casual...

  • You could get drunk like so many...

    You could get drunk like so many others, but do you REALLY want to be hungover when its 110 degrees outside?Guapo's Sports Bar is popular, though I don't see why. Laredo Bar and Grill is popular as well, but some feds just got assaulted by 10-15 thugs with tire irons after one of them dared talk to a girl in the bar. The Cold Brew is OK, and The...

  • Laredo Hotels

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Laredo Transportation

  • buses all come out of downtown's Jarvis...

    Getting around Laredo without a car is a pain in the .... but the buses exist to get you to major destinations. Taxis are tremendously over-priced and charge even more for crossing you across any international bridge - you are better off getting a ride to bridge 1, crossing by foot, and finding another ride in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (if you were...

  • Either drive down I-35 or fly...

    Either drive down I-35 or fly in. The airport is new and compact. A car isn't that necessary for a tourist if you stay downtown. If leaving by car, try to do it before noon so you don't get caught in a big line of semis at the Border Patrol checkpoint.Traffic is horrible for this small a city. Too many semis, uninsured drivers, and Mexican drivers...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Laredo Shopping

  • wondertrev's Profile Photo

    Any pharmacy: Drugs!

    by wondertrev Written Feb 13, 2003

    Lots of pharmacies across. Typically, scurvey looking dudes with white shirts and lots a gold will accost you on the street and ask if you "wanna perscripsheen?". Go ahead! It's legal here! Which probably explains a lot about the Los Dos Laredo....

    What to buy: Valium, Darvon, Hydrocodone, the usual stuff.

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Laredo Local Customs

  • For all intents and purposes...

    For all intents and purposes (language,food, efficiency,etc...) you're in Mexico already.Also, if you're not a local, and venture outside of the tourist areas, don't be surprised by brusque treatment. There are some very nice people here, but the town is rather backwards, and the locals are muy defensive and provincial. They are not used to...

  • Laredo or Nuevo Laredo?

    Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. This shot is of one of the street vendors right around September 16th (Mexican Independence Day) but it is the same scene near the 4th of July (US Independence Day) just different flags - they are sold on both sides of the river in this fashion. There are a ton of street vendors - moreso in Nuevo Laredo...

  • José Silva

    He spent his entire lifetime developing his creative and intuitive abilities and teaching others to find their own abilities within themselves.Even if you do not agree with his work, belive me, he was a great HUMAN.


Laredo Warnings and Dangers

  • watch your camera on the bridge!

    The US security folks (I don't think they are with US Customs) who are on the bridge say that it is illegal to take pictures on the bridge. I've had friends who've had their film rolls taken out, their cameras confiscated, or the the "don't do it again" treatment. There are no warning signs anywhere & it is only if you are caught that you are told...

  • As of 5/2002, there is a drug...

    As of 5/2002, there is a drug gang war going on across the border in Nuevo. I'd stick to the touristy areas to avoid any trouble. Also, remember that not a few Nuevo Police are involved in drug trafficking, shaking down gringos, etc.... Yes, lots of folks go across to drink, shop, and eat, but locals have gotten killed at some of the nightclubs...

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Laredo Tourist Traps

  • Whoa, there Nellie....

    Once you find the Mercado, you will also find all the services for tourists like - getting a ride on a horse & buggy. I've never asked for the price, but I should for you all, right? Anyway, they usually start off in front of the Mercado & go up Guerrero street to see the plazas & other shops. Be nice & friendly. Walk, you see the same things all...

  • When going "across", tourists...

    .... go to the Mercado for shopping. You might find some of the same stuff at a lower price (after haggling, of course) in shops not in the Mercado. For example, I needed the regular cheap Mexican blankets (called ____), at the Mercado, the lowest I could talk ANY of the merchants down to was 2 for $10. At the shops right after crossing the bridge,...

  • Jalapeño Festival - NO; Menudo Bowl -...

    The Jalapeño Festival's highlight is a jalapeño eating contest. It's ok, but can be boring throughout the day until the bands arrive at night. Plan your trip when the MenudoBowl is happening. It isn't as much of a spectator event like Jalapeño Fest. You pay like $3 to get in & try every organization's menudo (tripe soup with Mexican spices) recipe...


Laredo What to Pack

  • Language barriers

    light clothing!! plenty of sunscreen/sunblock a Spanish/English dictionary & whatever good luck charm you have because not every word out of Laredoans' mouths is English or Spanish but a nice Spanglish mixture.

  • Packing List

    Just ordinary things, plus your computer! It will be useful to surf in the web. If you do so, try the following sites:1) FOUR GOOD REASONS TO VISIT A BORDER TOWN(more specifically, los dos Laredos!)by Renée J. LaPerrière de Gutiérrez Available in English.2) LAREDO: ROMANTIC BORDER...

  • Packing List

    Walking/running shoes or hiking boots. Hot-weather clothes and a hat are a must! Nothing outdoors to do here unless you're a hunter.Supposedly, some local ranches are getting into the eco-tourism biz. The bird-watching isn't bad if you're into that sort of thing.


Laredo Off The Beaten Path

  • St. Peter's Historic Area

    Just walking around the downtown area between San Agustin Plaza west to the Union Pacific Railroad station, you see much of old historic Laredo. I took a tour (through the university's career center) of the Union Pacific station which was once a passenger train stop & you can still see the old hotel signs across the street & the sign that announces...

  • The Yellow Rose of Texas !

    Here is the URL to listen to the Music the site: Lone Star Junction

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Laredo Favorites

  • Mexican Laredo??

    Laredo become a bi national city speciali in weekend when a lot of mexicans come to shopping. Laredo still remain his mexican culture.

  • To shop

    Many people from Monterrey, Mexico cross the border and come to Laredo to make some shopps, stores here has up to 50 % desc, in all the things

  • What you might see at the river

    I love Laredo's unique culture but that is also what drives me crazy. It is hard for "outsiders" to come live here but..... it's a nice place. This photo is near bridge #1 between the US & Mexico. The sight of people crossing illegally is common but don't take pictures at the bridge - your camera will be confiscated!


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