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  • Choir lines the steps of the science building.
    Choir lines the steps of the science...
    by doubletfan
  • Buddy Holly Center
    Buddy Holly Center
    by RowdyTheologian
  • Buddy Holly Center
    Buddy Holly Center
    by Basaic

Lubbock Things to Do

  • Buddy Holly Center

    4 out of 5 stars

    If you are a music fan, or even if you are not, the Buddy Holly Center is worth a stop. The center preserves the music of Lubbock and West Texas in general and Buddy Holly specifically. Many people, including me, consider Holly a very important influence in American music whose career was cut tragically short by a plane crash in 1959. There are...

  • Museum of Texas Tech

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Another big part of the complex of the Museum of Texas Tech Universirt is the Center for Contemporary Art and the Helen DeVitt Auditorium and Sculpture Garden. There are also science exhibits, a planetarium, natural history and more. Hours are 10 AM to 5 PM Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; 10 AM to 8:30 PM on Thursday and 1 PM to 5 PM on...

  • Walk of Fame

    The Music Walk of Fame in Lubbock was dedicated in 1980. It honors people like Buddy Holly, Mac Davis, Tanya Tucker, Jimmy Dean and Dan Blocker (could he sing?) along with many others. The walk is located in the Buddy and Maria Elena Holly Plaza as is the statue of Buddy Holly.

  • City of Lubbock Cemetery

    Located on the eastern edge of town, the city's cemetery was designated a Texas Historic Cemetery in 2002. Once you enter, turn right. Buddy Holly's grave is on the left a short distance, there are small signs that will point you along.

  • Balloon Fest

    Buffalo Springs Lake held a balloon fest while I lived there. It was pretty cool seeing the initial lift-off of balloons, and then later seeing them touch the lake. I believe this is an annual event, so please check with Lubbock Chamber of Commerce or the like.

  • Silent Wings Museum

    The Silent Wings Museum is on the west side of Lubbock International Airport and used to be part of the South Plains Army Airfield. This was where most of the military glider pilots that served in World War 2 trained. The museum features some of the few, and best preserved, glider aircraft from the era. There is also a neat C-47 cargo plane here....


Lubbock Hotels

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Lubbock Restaurants

  • Great Wine and Food

    The menu for food tends toward Spanish, Mexican and South American fare. I came here for the wines, of which they have a wide variety. Remember to bring your wallet though, the wines can get expensive. Buy it by the bottle if you are so inclined. I had a nice glass of Sangiovese.

  • Decent Fast Food

    Jumbo Joe's is your basic fast food restaurant with tasty, but greasy, cheeseburgers along with chicken strips and fish. It's location near Texas Tech University ensures lots of good-looking young people of both genders frequent the place. Cheap too! Sometime you just want a cheeseburger!

  • New York Transplant

    While I haven't eaten a lot of places in Lubbock, this is definitely my favorite so far. The people who opened it moved to Lubbock from New York, and the food is delicious and the wine list is OK.They serve pizzeria items and sandwiches in the front and have a full restaurant in the back. There was also live music in the fron (Jazz, if I recall...

  • Don't Eat Italian Here!

    Stella's is supposed to be a high-end 4 star restaruant in Lubbock. I live in Lubbock and have eaten here a total of 2 times and will never eat there again. Although the decor is inviting and quite quaint (dark, new york decals--in Lubbock, TX), the food is very mediocore for a "4 star" restaurant. The first time I visited, I came in with a party...

  • A Totally Great Experience

    A totally wonderful experience! The ambience is very laid back and comfortable. I have never dealt with a more cheerful, helpful staff in my life. They have a sports section with big screen tv's, or, if you're not a sports fan, the other side of the restaurant is a dining room with a huge aquarium full of catfish to watch as you eat. The salad bar...

  • Breakfast Plus

    They serve much more than breakfast, but that's all I have tried here, so that's all I can speak for. The ambience is relaxed and homey. The staff is very friendly, and cheerful. They definitely have a selection -- even for breakfast! The pancakes are wonderful of course, but you have to try their sweet potato pancakes. Yummy! Their waffles are...


Lubbock Nightlife

  • Nice Irish Pub

    Now this is more to my taste. Nice place to get a drink. You can talk with someone and not have to shout. The crowd is a bit older and less rowdy than at Taboo. Go here for a nice pint of Guiness! Fairly casual.

  • Body Piercings, Tattoos, Etc

    Taboo is considered about "THE" place to go nightclubbing in Lubbock. Body piercings and tats abound. LOUD music. Stripper poles. Music tends more towards urban, hip hop and the like. Not really my taste in music or club. Not sure there is one.

  • Lets party!

    The Depot district is an area full of bars and nightclubs. most of them will have live music on the weekends. there are many different stylesof music in this area, so you are bound to find one that you enjoy. Some places serve food until 10:00 p.m. most places allow anything except a tank top for guys.


Lubbock Transportation

  • Small aircraft from Dallas and...

    Small aircraft from Dallas and Houston. From major Texas cities you'll have to drive for hours and hours (at least five hours from Dallas, 6 from Houston).Driving, so rent a car. Its easy to navigate here.

  • Lubbock is served by American,...

    Lubbock is served by American, Continental, Delta and Southwest Arlines. Lubbock International airport is approx. 3 miles North of Lubbock off I-27. Taxi, limo and shuttle bus service from most hotels are available as is auto rental. Citibus is Lubbock's only form of public transportation other than taxi. Car rental is advised.Private or rental...

  • The best way to get to Lubbock...

    The best way to get to Lubbock is by car or plane (Lubbock International Airport).The best way to get around in Lubbock is by car. Every one has one, and every one needs one. The town is very spread out!


Lubbock Local Customs

  • Be friendly and be vocal about...

    Be friendly and be vocal about it, be ready for small talk. Lubbock Texans are cool like that. Always ask how theyre doin today or something like that. It is appreciated here. Oh yeah, and don't blaspheme (like use words like 'damn', etc.). You're in the Bible Belt, remember.

  • Lubbock has some of the...

    Lubbock has some of the friendliest peope you will find any place on earth! Be open and friendly to them, and they will return your friendship. Relax and enjoy yourself! Don't be shy about asking directions or suggestions.

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Lubbock Warnings and Dangers

  • Abernathy, TX

    Just 15 minutes N of Lubbock city, still in Lubbock county, this is a major speedtrap. No I don't mean that if you go 6 or 7 miles over the speed limit they ticket you. I mean that if you go 4 or 3 or even 2 miles over the speed limit on I-27 they will ticket you. My suggestion? Drive BELOW the speed limit until you get out of Lubbock county going...

  • This little warning isn't...

    This little warning isn't anything bad. Just so you know, if you like to have an occasional drink, the only place you can get it is in a bar/club or a restaurant. Lubbock is in a dry county. No alcohol is sold in the grocery stores and there isn't any liquer stores.

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Lubbock Tourist Traps

  • Randy_H's Profile Photo

    by Randy_H Updated Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The closest thing we have to t 'Tourist Trap' is Buffalo Springs Lake. Located east of Lubbock on 50th Street. They carge you a gate fee to use the lake. It just rankles me to have to pay to get access to a lake. Not a big fee, but is assinine, in my opinion.

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Lubbock What to Pack

  • Packing List

    casual, but be prepared for the weather to change in an instant. below is a picture of a summer hailstorm. these happen often with little or no warning...... so be prepared for anything. on this particular day it was 110 degrees (fh) right before it started hailing. then it dropeed to 55 degrees (fh)

  • Packing List

    Lubbock can be hot in the summer (May-Sept), so remember headgear, sun screen and sunglasses. It can also get cold and windy in the Winter (Oct.-Mar.), so pack a jacket, gloves, etc. if you plan to spend time outdoors. A good place to get weather information for any location is: See Above. Personal medications and extra...

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Lubbock Off The Beaten Path

  • brdwtchr's Profile Photo

    by brdwtchr Written Aug 25, 2002

    1 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At MacKenzie Park you can see a prairie dog town. It is not just a small area with a dozen prairie dogs like some zoos have. It is a nice big prairie dog town with hundreds of prairie dogs. The prairie dogs are not afraid of people so it is great to observe them up close. In addition to prairie dogs I saw burrowing owls, ground squirrels, and a gopher there. I could have spent hours at the park's 'dog town'.

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Lubbock Favorites

  • General Tips for Lubbock

    The "Must See" for Lubbock has to be the campus of Texas Tech University. And the "Must Do" has to be the annual "Carol of Lights." Hailed as the second largest university campus in the United States (2nd only to the Air Force Acadamy which sports a landing strip down the middle), the campus is a beautiful display of mostly homogenous Mission style...

  • Go out !!!!! Texas Tech...

    Go out !!!!! Texas Tech University in lubbock, was rated by the princeton review as the #2 party school in the nation in 2001 Go to the Blue light, its in the depot district and has live music from wed - sun.

  • Not being an area of scenic...

    Not being an area of scenic beauty, Lubbock's greatest asset is it's people. You will not find any friendlier, nor helpful people, than you will find in and around Lubbock. The pioneer spirit still abounds and people are eager to assist you in any way they can. If you should have the misfortune of having car trouble or get lost, you couldn't find a...


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