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  • Angelina County Courthouse
    Angelina County Courthouse
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  • Lufkin Historic District
    Lufkin Historic District
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  • Museum of East Texas Culture
    Museum of East Texas Culture
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Lufkin Things to Do

  • Golfing at Woodland Hills public golf...

    by Diego_dog Updated Jul 16, 2005

    Woodland offer's very affordable golfing for those who want to attend a public course. The most you will pay is $34.32 with a golf cart rental (and they will let you borrow some old golf clubs if you do not have any), but the prices vary by time of day and what day of the week it is (weekends during the day are the most expensive). The staff is very friendly, and is eager to offer assistance to their customers.

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Lufkin Hotels

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Lufkin Restaurants

  • Ame's Fried Chicken: Greasy fried chicken

    by Diego_dog Updated Nov 17, 2006

    There is no ambience to speak of; it's just a local fried chicken restaurant that looks very old. The people are friendly, but don't expect them to bend over backwards to help you. The menu is simple: fried chicken (dark or white meat), a dinner roll, and fried potatoes. Keep in mind that everything cooked is fried. This is not a place to eat at if you are on a diet.


    As of November 2006, this establishment is now closed for business.

    Favorite Dish: If you have eaten at a Church's fried chicken, then you have an idea of what Ame's is all about - greasy fried food. I would not recommend this place to those who have special or restrictive dietary needs, or those who have sensitive stomachs (I won't go into the details, as I'm sure you can figure out what will happen if you eat really greasy food). I was introduced to this place by a co-worker, who swore this place was great, but I was not impressed and I became ill from eating the greasy chicken.

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  • Ralph and Kacoo's: Ok Cajun food - for Lufkin

    by Diego_dog Written Jul 17, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    R&K's is one of the more "up-scale" restaurants in Lufkin. The main theme on their menu is Cajun-style seafood, and most of the time, they do it ok. The quality of the food can be "hit-and-miss." In other words, sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's not. Word of advice when ordering oysters from the Gulf of Mexico. Oysters are in-season during months that have an "R" in it (i.e. you should not eat fresh oysters between the months of May through August, as they are not in season as the waters in the Gulf are too warm). Prices are a little higher than average, but you do get a huge amount of food to compensate for their prices.

    Favorite Dish: Usually, their daily specials are their best choice to make, and they are not stingy with the food servings. I would not recommend purchasing two main dishes (if you are eating in), as they serve enough food to choke a horse with one serving!

    If you are going to choose from the menu, I'd recommend the Grilled Combo (which includes a 10oz rib eye steak, and your choice of four grilled gulf shrimp or a grilled Mahi-Mahi fillet) for $19.99 (plus tax). The Riverwalk Brownie Sundae (warm fudge brownie with ice cream, pecans, whipped cream, and a cherry) for $4.59 is a good way to finish a meal.

    They also offer mixed drinks and alcohol, but you need to have your ID, so you can get a "unicard" pass which allows you to purchase alcohol in Angelina County (the only way to purchase alcohol in Lufkin, is at a restaurant).

    Ralph and Kacoo's

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  • Ray's West Drive In: Local Burger Joint

    by Diego_dog Updated Jul 17, 2005

    Your basic mom-and-pop hamburger joint, that seems to draw in the local folks. Fried food is the main focus on the menu. It’s not really that special, just expensive. This restaurant seems to cater to aging baby-boomers, as it’s filled with 1950’s memorabilia taped to the walls.

    The drive-thru does not list the menu or the prices, so it’s annoying for those who have never eaten here, as you do not know what they sell or the prices of what’s sold. Prices for the food, soda, and ice cream sold here is too expensive for the quality and quantity for what they offer.

    A Ray’s special (two beef patties, onions, a slice of cheese, and plenty of grease) and a “large” order of onion rings WITHOUT a drink will easily cost you $7. Ice cream is equally expensive, as a single scoop of ice cream will cost about $2.25 – it's hardly worth it.

    Favorite Dish: I’ve tried the Ray’s Special burger, and there wasn’t anything that special about it – except the high price for what you got. The interior of the restaurant is very dysfunctional in the way it is organized, as you nearly have people running to purchase their food (burgers or ice cream) into customers sitting in the middle of the store waiting for their take-out orders.

    The biggest turn-off for me was the drive-through, as it didn’t even list anything about what they sold. Also, this is a cash-only establishment, but for their high-prices, you would have thought that they would accept credit cards.

    Open Monday - Saturday 10:30AM - 9:00PM, closed on Sunday's and Holidays.

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Lufkin Warnings and Dangers

  • Do not eat the fish caught from Lake Sam...

    by Diego_dog Updated Apr 4, 2011

    It is well known that the fish in Lake Sam Rayburn are contaminated with mercury (Hg). The Texas Department of Health has issued a warning, that people should not eat more than 2 servings of fish (8 ounces or 227 grams for adults, 4 ounces or 113.3 for children) caught from the lake per month (due to mercury (Hg) poisoning).

    That basically explains why you see everyone throwing back their fish they caught! The link to the Texas Parks and Wildlife can give you more information as to the fish consumption warnings. Here's a link to their website:

    The link listed below is a PDF file that goes into a little more detail about the mercury (Hg) poisoning in the area lakes in east Texas.

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  • Wash your car frequently - Love Bugs (no...

    by Diego_dog Written Sep 10, 2005

    Not really a danger (except to the paint on your car), but more of a for-your-information. During the entire months of May and September you can expect to see an explosion of these annoying bugs called "love bugs." The bugs are harmless, but they are really annoying as they are attracted to three things: anything colored white, anything that smells like gasoline, and the hood of people's cars and windows. The mating season is two months out of the year, and they disappear as quickly as they arrive.

    Be sure to wash your car very frequently during the months of May and September (mating periods for the love bugs), as your car will be covered with these bugs. The bugs have an acid inside of them that ruin paint on cars, so you want to get them off as soon as possible. These bugs do not have any natural enemies in this area (even ants won't eat them), so they flourish in this part of the state. A rule of thumb is, the closer you get to the Gulf Coast (during mating seasons), and the worse the bugs are.

    The Love Bug
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  • West Nile Virus

    by Diego_dog Written Jun 23, 2005

    When venturing outdoors, it would be wise to wear some mosquito repellant with DEET. Near the lakes and in the woods, mosquitoes are really bad, so you don't want to take chances and get sick. I'd recommend the CDC's website on DEET, as it gives some detailed information that you can use when purchasing products with the chemical DEET.

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