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    Texas Travel Information Centers

    by Stephen-KarenConn Updated Mar 8, 2005

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    Things come BIG in Texas, and I have never seen bigger or finer Travel Information Centers than those that are operated here by the Texas Department of Transportation. There are 12 official centers, located at strategic points around the state, many being on Interstate Highways near the state line, but others are found in popular tourist areas. Locations of the Travel Information Centers are:
    Wichita Falls

    At all or most of these Travel Information Centers you can find:
    An information desk
    Free maps & brochures
    Video Theatres on Texas Attractions
    Picnic Tables
    Vending Machines
    24-hour Restrooms
    24-hour Security

    Texas Travel Information Center: I-35, Laredo
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    You've Gotta Drive to See All of Texas

    by Stephen-KarenConn Updated Mar 3, 2005

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    Texas has several airports, bus service, and passenger trains, but if you're going to explore all of Texas these means of transportation won't take you to most corners of the state. Texas is a vast territory, and to see it all your only reasonable alternative is to drive.

    Thank God for car rental agencies who allow unlimited mileage. On my last trip to Texas I flew to Houston, and rented a vehicle for a week. I drove through more than 50 counties, put many hundreds of miles on the car, and still saw only a relatively small section of the state.

    I remember the first time I ever rode across Texas with my Dad, when I was 10 years old. We started near the Arkansas/Texas state line at sunrise, and when the sun set that evening we were still not to the Texas/New Mexico line. It was July, hot as blazes, and that was before the days of air conditioned automobiles. As we rode along my Dad taught my brothers and me this poem:

    The sun has ris;
    The sun has set.
    And here we is,
    In Texas yet.

    My Rental Car at Falcon State Park, Texas
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    Grayson County Airport

    by Astrobuck Written Feb 16, 2005

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    Although I have never seen jets land here, it appears that jets do land here and are serviced. However, I DEFINATELY have not seen any commercial aircraft here, so I assume that this airport caters to private jets and general aviation needs. This airport is located between Sherman and Denison. If you have your own plane and want to travel to north Texas, this may be a cheaper way to do it.

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    by kyoub Written Jan 31, 2005

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    The hugely successful Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail winds through 43 Texas counties, encompassing the entire Texas coastal region. Completed in April 2000, the Trail features 308 distinct wildlife-viewing sites. There are maps available showing all the best spots to stop for birds, wildlife, and wildflowers.
    Just get in your car and drive the back roads of Texas.

    Birding trails
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    Rent a car!

    by tejanasueca Updated Jan 20, 2005

    Texan distances are best negotiated by car ; in fact, in the larger cities like Dallas or Houston driving is all but essential. Greyhound routes are concentrated between the major cities of the east and the central region, though buses also serve the Gulf Coast, the Rio Grande Valley, West Texas and, to a lesser extent, the Panhandle. Two Amtrak trains pass through Texas: The Texas Eagle travels between Chicago and San Antonio, stopping in Dallas and Austin; while the Sunset Limited stops in Houston, Alpine and El Paso on its way between Orlando and Los Angeles. An Amtrak Thruway bus links San Antonio with Laredo. Flying saves time and can be very cheap; look out for price wars between airlines such as Southwest and smaller local carriers.

    Where Texas really falls down is on public transportation within the cities themselves; mass transit has proved impractical in a state where long distances - in Houston many people travel at least thirty miles to work - and low gasoline prices make the love affair with the car almost inevitable. Cycling only really makes sense within cities like Austin and San Antonio.

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    Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

    by Sweetberry1 Updated Oct 21, 2004

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    Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is located in central Texas, just on the outskirts of Austin. Relatively new, this airport opened May 23, 1999... almost 2 months to the day before my arrival here. It was estimated that over 6 million passengers moved through the terminal in its first year alone. Servicing International and commercial flights.
    There is a shuttle service, as well as Buses and Taxis available at the airport.
    The airport is located at 3600 Presidential Boulevard, Austin.

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    A Good Map is Essential

    by Sweetberry1 Updated Oct 19, 2004

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    A good map is essential if you are travelling in unfamiliar countries/states/cities.. especially if it's your first time visiting the destination. I also like to plan the route before starting the trip

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    DFW International Airport

    by Sweetberry1 Updated Oct 19, 2004

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    Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States. Also known as DFW.. and is jointly owned by the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth.
    There are shuttle buses available, for transport into the cities. Look for signs in the baggage claim area.

    DFW Airport
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    Farm to Market Roads

    by grandmaR Written May 23, 2004

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    Texas has 4 different road systems instead of 3 like most states.

    There are the:

    1) Interstate highways (an "I" and the number on a blue shield)

    2) US routes (a number in black on a white shield)

    3) Texas state routes (a black number on a white square)

    4) Farm to Market roads (a black number on a white outline of the state of Texas with Farm Road written in the corner.

    These roads often have both a name and a number designation.

    I would have assumed Farm to Market Roads went back to pioneer times. But when I looked it up, I found that according to

    "HIGHWAY DEVELOPMENT." The Handbook of Texas Online. [Accessed Sun May 23 9:14:05 US/Central 2004 ].

    "The most dramatic years in the history of highway development in Texas came after the war. The greatest changes in this period included the development of the farm-to-market and interstate highway systems. As early as 1945 the highway commission authorized the construction of 7,500 miles of rural roads to be financed on a fifty-fifty basis with federal and state funds. The first contracts for construction were let in January 1946 in Randall County. Once the program got started, it became popular, and the demand for rural paved roads grew. The law that really got Texas farmers "out of the mud" was the Colson-Briscoe Act of 1949, which appropriated $15 million a year to the highway department from the Omnibus Tax Clearance Fund to be used in the construction of local roads that did not have sufficient traffic volume to pay for their construction and maintenance. In 1962 the legislature increased the appropriation so that not less than $23 million a year would be available for the construction of new farm roads. In the same year the commission increased the size of the farm-road system from 35,000 to 50,000 miles. By March 31, 1989, the Texas FM system included 41,755 miles of pavement and was the most extensive network of secondary roads in the world."

    Farm to Market road signs
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    by keeweechic Written Nov 24, 2003

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    The best way to get to Galveston is by car. coming from downtown Houston, take the Gulf Freeway (I-45 south) all the way. You will go over the Galveston Bridge which is an arched bridge and quite impressive. You can get a good view of Moody Gardens off to the right.

    After crossing over to Galveston, the interstate becomes Broadway, Galveston's principal street.

    Galveston Ferry
    The Ferry runs from Galveston to Port Boliva and back and gives great views of Sealwolf Park and the Bolivar Lighthouse. Visitors and residents can drive onto the ferry or just park and then take a ride.
    End of Ferry Road on Hwy. 87

    Around Galveston

    The Duck Tours
    The Duck Tour picks up at 21st & Seawall Blvd and is a special vehicle which travels on land and in the water. We were dying to do this but ran out of time. Apparently the Duck Ride takes you on a 90 minute tour through The Strand and even into a little of Offats Bayou (that's into the water), then through the Historical District. Sounds like great fun.

    Galveston Island Trolley
    The turn of the century trolley cars runs from 2100 Seawall Blvd to The Strand Landmark Historic District and Pier 21. You can catch the trolley every 20 minutes at any given stop. The trolleys run about every 40 mins.

    Carriage and buggy rides are available throughout The Strand Historic District.

    Pedal Surreys were just the cutest things all lined up ready to be hired. I saw a family of 6 very easily accommodated on them although not sure about all that weight to pedal. You can rent these colourful jalopies by the hour at "Strolls by Surreys" at 4712 Seawall Blvd.

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    Road Rules in Texas

    by keeweechic Updated Nov 24, 2003

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    Driving in the USA is on the right side of the road. The speed is measured in miles per hour and generally the speed in Texas is 70mph on the freeways and 40mph in more built up areas. Be careful of the speed signs because they can drop dramatically in certain areas.

    In most situations you can make a right turn on a red light providing the way is clear. At a 4 way intersection the 'first come first go' rule applies but if you are unsure, then give way to the right.

    Drivers and front seat passengers must wear seat belts as well as children under 17. All children under 4 yrs or less than 36 inches tall must ride in a federally approved child safety seat. Your rental company should be able to provide these for you.

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    Dallas/Ft. Worth Int. Airport

    by KaiM Updated Apr 17, 2003

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    Dallas/Ft. Worth Int. Airport is one of the biggest airports in the world. I guess it´s number 6 by numbers of passengers. But it´s nice and not confusing at all. Lots of good shops close to the gates and a McDonald´s on every corner of the terminals. I tried to count them, but I failed. I guess in Texas they have lots of meat from their cows for lots of burgers.

    Map of the airport

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    San Antonio

    by keeweechic Updated Mar 29, 2003

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    By Air : San Antonio International Airport is 13 miles from the downtown River Walk area. It is directly linked via expressway. There is connections to over 50 cities and a shuttle service is available to hotels in the downtown area.

    By Rail : Amtrak runs a service to and from Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Chicago and Greyhound and Kerrville Bus Company have a regional and interstate service. There is a new Amtrak's station which is found in St. Paul Square, between the Sunset Station complex and the Alamodome.

    Downtown streetcar service : Streetcars come by each stop about every 10 minutes. You get from Alamo Plaza to just about anywhere in downtown San Antonio within 10 minutes. Each streetcar line has it's own unique symbol and colour. Be aware that this is not the colour of the trolley but the colour shone in the front of the trolley (red, blue, purple and yellow). It only costs .50c per ride.

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    by keeweechic Updated Mar 29, 2003

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    By Air : There are two major commercial airports in Houston. The largest is Bush International (IAHand about 23 miles north of downtown and the other is William P Hobby (HOU).

    By Train : Amtrak’s runs through Houston between Orlando and Los Angeles. 902 Washington Ave- just north of downtown.

    By Road : Houston is encircled by Interstate 610 which is known as The Loop. Interstate I-10 intersects it and then links the city to San Antonio (west) and New Orleans (east). Interstate I-45 comes down from Dallas (north) and continues on to Galveston (south). There were some major works going on when we were there. At one stage heading east and north of downtown we found we couldn’t get off and travelled quite some distance before we could.
    From San Antonio – 4 hours; Dallas – 4 hours 30 minutes; New Orleans – 7 hours.

    By Trolley : There is a free Metro trolley service downtown which stop at remote parking, shops, major hotels/restaurants, the courthouse, Enron Field and the Convention Centre. The trolleys are replica vintage trolley buses.

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    by keeweechic Updated Mar 29, 2003

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    By Air : Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is located in the centre of the Metroplex, midway between the twin cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. It is the 2nd busiest airport in the world.

    Dallas Love Field Airport is serviced by Southwest, American, Legend, Atlantic Southeast and Continental Airlines and is located within the city limits just minutes away from Downtown Dallas.

    Super Shuttle : This is a safe and reliable way to get to your hotel. There are signs to follow after you pick up your luggage. You can just ring them when you arrive.

    By Coach : There are 4 interstate highways and many US and State Highways which lead into Dallas.

    By Rail : Amtrak trains connect Dallas with Chicago, San Antonio and then from there to New Orleans, L.A. and Florida. Union Station is within close proximity to downtown hotels and the West End. There is a pedestrian tunnel to the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Reunion Tower and Arena. The Light Rail line also connects at Union Station.

    Light Rail : This system goes from Park Lane in the north through Downtown to both West and South Oak Cliff. It connects to many popular attractions.
    DART : operates rail and bus services around most of the popular entertainment, cultural and shopping areas

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