United States of America Things to Do

  • MN Renaissance Festival
    MN Renaissance Festival
    by goodfish
  • Rim Drive
    Rim Drive
    by Jim_Eliason
  • Wizard island
    Wizard island
    by Jim_Eliason

United States of America Things to Do

  • Times Square

    New York City Things to Do

    It's a magical place. There's an ocean of lights and animated billboards; colours and images flow vertically up the side of the great buildings that surround the square. It's enough to grab the attention of any passerby, and the square gets plenty of those: the population of a small European capital city walks through every day. It's a magical...

  • Fremont Street Experience

    Las Vegas Things to Do

    We had taken the city bus to Freemont street and I guess we might have went down there too late. Most of the kiosks were closed - which was probably a blessing in disguise. Also they were doing maintenance on the lights so the middle third of the lights were out. I had been looking forward to seeing the light show since so many friends said it was...

  • Bourbon Street

    New Orleans Things to Do

    Bourbon Street is the core of New Orleans' nightlife. It is a street that runs the length of the historic French Quarter, and is lined with bars, nightclubs, and souvenir shops. For parents traveling with children - beware - there are also a number of strip clubs along Bourbon Street that are not discreet in their advertising. Bourbon Street has...

  • Universal Studios

    Orlando Things to Do

    I am not a Furry Potter--I mean Harry Potter-- fan in the slightest, but I still thought the Harry Potter World at Universal was pretty cool, other than the the throngs of people it attracts. The town is so authentic the wood is real wood, the stone is real stone, no plastic junk here. Even the butterbeer is real butterbeer, but only if you pay $5...

  • Lombard Street

    San Francisco Things to Do

    It was a little disappointing to me because my parents were not able to drive down the street, so we had to walk down the sidewalk next to it. The sidewalk didn't even curve. I would recommend planning to drive!

  • Willis Tower (Formerly Sears Tower)

    Chicago Things to Do

    When it was built, Willis Tower was the tallest skyscraper in the world. It still lays claim to that title, being as its extended radio masts stretch up higher than any other building, but officially the Taipei 101 building has sneaked into the lead. Willis Tower does, however, at 412 m (1,353 ft) up, have the highest observation deck of any other...

  • Southernmost Point

    Key West Things to Do

    Get your photo taken at the southernmost point of the continental USA. We got there in the afternoon, and the sun was behind us and it was hard to take a good pic. If you want a better photo, get there in the early morning. There will be less people too.

  • Universal Studios

    Los Angeles Things to Do

    I'm sure most people, at least in the US, are aware of what Universal Studios is. So, I'm not going to go into great detail, but I will say that the amount of detail and effort put into the attractions is impressive and, for many people this is quite a trip. I'm not a huge fan of expensive tickets, tourist activities and long lines. That said, I...

  • Faneuil Hall - Quincy Market

    Boston Things to Do

    A cornerstone of American philosophy is the "marketplace of ideas", treating opinions like goods and allowing the strongest win through open competition. So it seems fitting that the "cradle of democracy", the Faneuil Hall was donated to the rebellious city of Boston by a merchant of Huguenot lineage and used as a marketplace for goods on the...

  • Zoo

    San Diego Things to Do

    Oh a zoo, a paradox of conservation and captivity, of living things in a decent environment or squalor, of the marvels of the natural world or the boredom of looking at another exhibit fast asleep? Here are my tips for San Diego Zoo which is one of the best - If you want to see the Pandas go there first. The queues later on in the day were a tad...

  • Pearl Harbor

    Honolulu Things to Do

    Pearl Harbour and especially its WWII plight is so famous that once in Honolulu there is practically no chance of skipping it. The area where the unsalvageable sunken ships were laying was turned into a memorial to the dead, still buried under the wreckage with an option for survivors to join their comrades at time of death. The whole complex...

  • Space Needle

    Seattle Things to Do

    A really beautiful structure, a fast elevator, but the best pictures are taken from the ground, and the price you pay to go to the top is exaggerated for what you get there. However, even knowing that, everybody goes to the top, so... we did the same.

  • Downtown

    Fort Lauderdale Things to Do

    I apparently wasn't paying attention when people told me to visit Las Olas Boulevard, for some reason I thought that the section they were referring to was near the beach so we started walking...and walking...and walking. We finally got there, I'm not even sure how long it took, but most people will want to take the Sun Trolley or the bus to get to...

  • Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Philadelphia Things to Do

    With a splendid location this immense building easily reached by the hop-on hop-off bus, provides great views. Without time to enter and admire its collection, one of the greatest in USA, we could only appreciate the site, but it deserves the trip, specially if you have time to enter, of course.

  • Ocean Drive

    Miami Beach Things to Do

    Ocean Drive is the epicenter of cool. But it's also the epicenter of thuginess. This area really attracts all types, and many who come here don't fit the wealthy, pretty South Beach stereotype. Ocean drive runs right along the Atlantic Ocean. With sandy beaches on one side of the street and high-end trendy bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels on...

  • Bayside Market Place

    Miami Things to Do

    Bayside is wonderful!! My mother and I had a lovely time shopping there. There was live music (every night), a magician, and a man that let you take pictures posing with his pet macaw parrots. There are a bunch of good little places to eat, including chains like Hard Rock and Bubba Gump Shrimp! It's right along the bay, as the name implies, so...

  • Stone Mountain

    Atlanta Things to Do

    Over two decades ago, while on a summer trip with my parents and brother, we visited Stone Mountain Park and spent the night at the at the adjacent Stone Mountain Inn. Located in the eastern suburbs of Atlanta, Stone Mountain is actually a massive monolith--solid granite that has pushed up through the earth's crust to form a mountain of solid rock....

  • Riverwalk & Riverwalk Mall

    San Antonio Things to Do

    The Riverwalk (Paseo del Rio) is a nice relaxing walkway along the river one level down from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. It is lined with hotels, restaurants, bars and trendy shops along with the usual stores and has a number of access points throughout the downtown area. It seemed cooler than the streets on the hot summer day I was...

  • NASA Johnson Space Center

    Houston Things to Do

    I concur - if you have a car, it is a much better option to drive to Space Center Houston instead of taking the bus there. After your tour of NASA, I recommend heading down NASA Rd 1 towards the bay (a left turn out of Space Center Houston) and then taking a right at Cty. 146 to head over the massive Kemah bridge. The Kemah Boardwalk is there, with...

  • Chapel of the Holy Cross

    Sedona Things to Do

    The Church of the Rock is the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona. Built on two pinnacled spur rocks approximately 250 feet high. It juts our of a thousand foot red rock wall representing the solid Rock of Peter in the Bible. The concept of building the chapel was Marguerite Bruswig's. The New York native with three names – Margueritte Bruswig...

  • Reunion Tower

    Dallas Things to Do

    Reunion Tower observation area is expected to reopen sometime in 2012, but no expected date has been given. In the meantime, you can either eat at the restaurant or go up to the bar to be able to get a vew of the city from the rotating section of the ball.

  • Shell Island

    Panama City Beach Things to Do

    I picked this park to visit because it was close. The fact that it was named by Dr. Beach (Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman) as America¿s Best Beach in 1995 didn't really matter to us as it was January and cold. At other seasons this might be a selling point for the park which s 1,260-acre park is located on a peninsula with over 1.5 miles of beach on the...

  • Glacier Point

    Yosemite National Park Things to Do

    Nothing prepares you for what you see when you get to Glacier Point in Yosemite. It is a high point way above the valley floor. From the gate, it is about a 25-30 minute drive. There is parking and one view point prior to getting to the actually Glacier view point. My family and I spent 3 nights in the park, during which we toured and hiked the...

  • River Street (Riverfront)

    Savannah Things to Do

    I've never loved a city like Savannah. Savannah has so much to offer but it's history is not told correctly. Yes the cobblestones are nice the shops are lovely but what about those cobblestones and the shops, they have stories to tell... Who put those cobblestones on Riverstreet, what were those shops before they moved into the location. The answer...

  • Parthenon

    Nashville Things to Do

    Originally built for Tennessee's 1897 Centennial Exposition, this replica of the original Parthenon in Athens serves as a monument to what is considered the pinnacle of classical architecture. The building and the Athena statue are both full-scale replicas of the Athenian originals. There are columns all the way around the building which is an...

  • Disneyland

    Anaheim Things to Do

    No trip to Anaheim is really complete without a trip to Disneyland at least once. Or for the diehard kids like my wife and daughter, a tip almost every year (well for at least the first 20 of my daughter's years). The seasonal parades are ever changing and always entertaining for kids and those young at heart. For some it gets old after a while,...

  • Busch Gardens

    Tampa Things to Do

    Covering a huge area, Busch Gardens is well worth a visit if you get the chance. We took my 2 teenage daughters and they had a fantastic time. The picture on my main page is of my daughters and other children, stood near the bottom of a ride, that hits the water at the bottom and splashes them. On a really hot day it's keeps the kids from getting...

  • Graceland

    Memphis Things to Do

    GRACELAND MANSION . On Elvis Presley Blvd. Built 1939. The home of Elvis Presley. The original builder of the house was Stephen Toof , who named the property for his daughter, Grace. Presley purchased the home in 1957 and made many changes during the next 20 years he lived there. Today, more than 600,000 visitors make the pilgrimage to Graceland...

  • Harbour Town

    Hilton Head Island Things to Do

    the harbour town lighthouse was built in 1970 and is the most recognizable modern symbol of hilton head island. inside of the lighthouse is a viewing area, small museum, and a gift shop. at the base of the lighthouse are a couple of restaurants and harbour town marina. a very touristy thing to do when on hilton head island. note there is a $5 fee...

  • Boardwalk

    Atlantic City Things to Do

    The boardwalk stretches a couple of miles along the ocean, and gives folks a chance to walk relatively easy from casino to casino. There are a few desolate stretches along the way, but during the day, I wasn't too nervous (I've heard at night, it becomes a different place, but did not have a chance to witness this for myself.) I did enjoy the walk,...

  • Downtown

    Tucson Things to Do

    On a typically hot late June day,I visited the Tucson Art Museum and appreciated its fine collection of Twentieth Century Art with American western themes.Painters well-represented at this relatively small art museum included Joseph Sharp,Oscar Berninghaus("Trail Through Snow"),Olaf Weighorst("Trails of Navajos"),Robert Henri,Nicholas...

  • Geysers/hot springs

    Yellowstone National Park Things to Do

    My son spent a lot of time catching the geysers doing their thing. He took a lot of photos of Old Faithful, but he also walked around Upper Geyser Basin and took photos of things bubbling up there and he also saw Castle Geyser which is a cone geyser. The Upper Geyser Basin also boasts the largest concentration of geysers in the world, including...

  • Beach Activities

    Destin Things to Do

    destin has a beautiful white sand gulf beach. there are several public beach accesses as well as several gulf beach state parks nearby. the destin-fort walton area is famous for it's "sugar" sand beaches.

  • Inner Harbor

    Baltimore Things to Do

    Baltimore's Inner Harbor is one of United States oldest seaports. It is a popular tourist attraction and a National Land Mark as well. I was blown away on arrival at the harbor last week. I'm not sure what I expected, but what I saw is definitely not what I expected. It felt like being at the Jema el Fina in Morocco on a full moon night when the...

  • Canal Walk

    Richmond Things to Do

    The narrated canal cruise offers a good synopsis of Richmond's colorful history. Along the way, you'll see not just the canal but also part of the James River (the navigable part) and the old Tobacco Row. Maybe, if you're observant, you'll even get to see some local wildlife. Tours run every weekend from early April until mid-November, plus...

  • Castillo de San Marcos

    Saint Augustine Things to Do

    I've visited a lot of fortifications in my years of travel, and approached Castillo de San Marcos with low expectations. I left very pleased that we had taken time to visit this historic site, one of the oldest structures in the USA, and one of the more unique and "photogenic" of the forts I've visited. Early Spanish settlers lived in fear of...

  • Desert Botanical Garden

    Phoenix Things to Do

    I had the opportunity to go back to Desert Botanical Garden again this year (2011), taking my son, Aaron, for the first time. It was a rewarding experience as always. Icing on the cake was we used the Phoenix Public Library's excellent "Culture Pass.'

  • Beaches and Activities

    Virginia Beach Things to Do

    My girlfriend and I put together a Virginia Beach vacation. We both love outdoors, water, hiking and nature, but we needed something that was totally relaxing. We found Spa Phoenix on the web. Located at Hilltop, a shopping and dining area 1.5 miles from the Oceanfront that we'd discovered on a previous vacation, it's centrally located so that...

  • Battery Park

    Charleston Things to Do

    Battery Park and White Point Garden offer views of Fort Sumter, scenic antebellum homes, and a number of historic monuments. Located at the southeastern point of the city, the area was established initially as Fort Broughton in 1735, later as Fort Wilkins, as a park in 1837, and it later became a Confederate artillery battery during the Civil War....

  • Capitol

    Austin Things to Do

    Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1986 for its "significant contribution to American history," the Texas Capitol is an impressive example of late 19th century public architecture. The largest in gross square footage of all state capitols, it is second in total size only to the National Capitol in Washington, D.C. Like several other state...

  • Scottys Castle

    Death Valley National Park Things to Do

    In the 1920s Chicago millionaire Albert Johnson was sold the ultimate snake oil – the idea that there was gold in California’s Death Valley. In the dry, scorching conditions the ailing Johnson found something more precious: improved health. So, he built a castle in the desert valley with the second-highest temperature on record. Today, the...

  • 17 Mile Drive

    Monterey Things to Do

    17 mile drive is a gated drive around the ocean in the Pebble beach area. it costs about 10 dollars per car and although beautiful doesn't really contain anything ( other than the golf courses) that can't be seen elsewhere on the coast.

  • Old Town

    Albuquerque Things to Do

    This is one of the more unique museums in the American Southwest. It's not a huge museum, which makes the museum that much more intimate and special. You can learn all about rattlesnakes and their habits here. There's videos on some documentaries on different reptile species that plays throughout the museum. There's also live rattlesnakes of...

  • South Rim

    Grand Canyon Things to Do

    Most visitors to the park coming from las vegas come to the South Rim, arriving on Arizona Highway 64. The Highway enters the park through the South Entrance, near Tusayan, Arizona, and heads eastward, leaving the park through the East Entrance. Park headquarters are at Grand Canyon Village, a short distance from the South Entrance, being also the...

  • Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse

    Daytona Beach Things to Do

    the ponce inlet lighthouse was designed by francis h. smith and was built in 1887. this lighthouse is the tallest in florida and the second tallest in the united states. along with the lighthouse is a museum and a small park. you can go up to the top of the lighthouse for a small fee.


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  • riorich55's Profile Photo
    Mar 19, 2013 at 1:57 PM

    As I was writing some tips for a city just west of where I live this morning I found out about this interesting event happening in June this year.

    I wanted to let anyone who lives in the United States and any visitors to the U.S. this summer that there is a very unique event going on. Lincoln Highway is not as well known as its other old U.S. Highway (Route 66), but is actually older (1913 vs 1926) then its road cousin and actually does travel through the middle of the country from coast to coast (New York to San Francisco). Route 66 actually starts in my hometown of Chicago and heads to California.

    Anyway here is a link and a bit of a description for anybody who is interested. www.lincolnhighwayassoc.org/tour/2013.com

    "Join fellow historians and tourists for the Official Lincoln Highway Centennial Tours, headed for Kearney, Nebraska from each coast, for the centennial of America’s first paved transcontinental road: the Lincoln Highway. Antique cars, Classics, muscle cars, ’50s cars, trucks, motorcycles, street rods, and modern cars are welcome to participate.

    You will travel the original alignments of the Lincoln Highway covering many miles of two-lane history, four-lane progress, and even gravel scenic beauty. Travel from America’s urban centers, through pastoral farm lands, over breathtaking mountains and rolling prairies.

    Travelers from the East will start at Times Square, the heart of America’s most vibrant city. You will travel through ivy-covered college towns such as Princeton, New Jersey, and the Amish country of Pennsylvania. From Pittsburgh’s steel and beer brewing industrial history, you will travel through Ohio’s diverse agricultural and commercial mix. Indiana takes you through more Amish farm land, South Bend’s Notre Dame and automotive history and on to Illinois. From Illinois you will travel to Iowa’s farmland across the Mississippi River into the prairies of Nebraska and on to the Centennial celebration in Kearney at the Great Platte River Arch Museum.

    Western travelers enjoy beginning their journey in the urban centers of San Francisco and Oakland, California. After traveling through the state’s agricultural Central Valley you are exposed to the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountains and Donner Pass before dropping into the deserts of Nevada and the Great Salt Lake of Utah. Climbing the mountains out of Salt Lake City, you will enter the wide open spaces of Wyoming and on to historic Cheyenne for an overnight stop. This is followed by your easterly trek into Nebraska and eventually joining the rest of the travelers from the east for the grand parade of cars into Kearney on opening day."

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