United States of America Transportation

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United States of America Transportation

  • Subway

    New York City Transportation

    During my October 2015 trip to NYC, I was suggested to download Embark NYC and found it very useful. In short, a combined use of Embark NYC, Trip Planner and Google Map will be excellent for foreign visitors like myself. These apps help to know, among other things, how best for you to go from one place to another in the city by means of walking or...

  • Bus / Shuttles

    Las Vegas Transportation

    The shuttle from the airport to the Strip is the most economic way to get to your hotel. It only costs $7 one way or $13 round trip. Or the Super Shuttle which is $8 to the strip. Either one is open 24 hours so you can catch them at anytime. You may have to stop off at a few hotels before you get to your own though. Airport shuttle service and...

  • Streetcar

    New Orleans Transportation

    Streetcars have run through the Uptown districts of New Orleans since 1835. Today’s 35 odd olive-green cars date back to the 1920’ powered by overhead electric cables. One main line runs up and down Canal Street – red cars – while the other – green – runs out St Charles past Garden District mansions, Tulane and Loyola Universities, Audubon Park for...

  • B.A.R.T

    San Francisco Transportation

    The BART is one of the easiest and best ways of getting into SF from the airport and to the surrounding areas. The BART system runs on a mileage based forumla. Your starting and ending points will determine your fair. There are vending machines throughout the stations that take cash, coins and some machines take credit and debit cards. The fare...

  • CTA (city trains & buses, the EL)

    Chicago Transportation

    Chicago has a great public transport system with the famous El (Elevated Train), tied-in underground/subway/metro lines, and buses. One can get individual rides or buy tickets for extended periods of time such as several days giving unlimited rides. This makes getting around town easy and enjoyable. The El in particular is a fun way to get around...

  • Metro

    Los Angeles Transportation

    Metrolink will link you to many differents areas of Los Angeles Country. The red line takes you from Union Station to North Hollywood and stops at many locations along the way and one of these is Pershing Square which is downtown Los Angeles. Pershing Square 500 S Hill St, Los Angeles 90013 Nearby Paid Parking (Independent) 4 Bike Rack Spaces

  • Boat To

    Key West Transportation

    There were several ferry services to Key West. From Miami, there was a new service offered by Fast Cats Thursday through Sunday Departures: This service has apparently been discontinued and the boats are for sale Contact: 305-400-6446 The Key West Shuttle has in the past operated two boats - one year round from Ft Myers Beach, the M/V Big Cat...

  • T - subway

    Boston Transportation

    Boston has a fantastic metro system! You do not need a car in Boston, that is for sure! And, there are stretches around Boston the subway will not take you. We then used a taxi and that was great, too! I was in Boston for 5 days so I bought a 7 day pass for $19.00 in 2015. A 1 day pass would have cost $12.00. So, it made sense for me to buy the 7...

  • Buses and coaches

    Orlando Transportation

    If staying at Disney Resorts the free bus services are the best way to get to any of the Disney parks. They are regular and efficient. Upon checking in, you are given a Disney wrist band that you use for the buses and entry into the Disney parks. Quite impressive :o)

  • Train / Monorail / StreetCar

    Seattle Transportation

    You really don't need a car in Seattle's City Center. There are street cars, buses, trains and even a monorail. The monorail has only two destinations, Westake Center and Space Needle. An adult ticket will cost you $2.25 one way. You have some great views as you make your way to the other side.

  • By Trolley

    San Diego Transportation

    At this architecturally attractive SD intersection by the Santa Fe Train Depot, people can easily meet and head off to different parts of town and county SD. The Amtrak train ends/begins its west coast journey via south right here, as does San Diego's Coaster rail cars. Also, this is the center point of the SD red trolley routes where one can catch...

  • 30th Street Station

    Philadelphia Transportation

    When I visit Philly, I love getting there by train. About an hour from Manhattan, so even worth the day trip. The station in Philly is very close to the center, so a short ride with a cab or a nice walk and you're here!

  • MTL Buses

    Honolulu Transportation

    Originally I had planned to take one of the sightseeing trolleys out there, but they have shortened the route and no longer go out that far. Now I have to figure out an alternate way. We were told that the #2 or #13 bus (The Bus) would go to the museum, but we just missed a #2. I was told the fare was $2.25 for adults and $1.00 for kids and there...

  • MARTA (Buses & Subway)

    Atlanta Transportation

    Hard to beat a couple of $ transportation to and from the airport. MARTA was pretty clean, I felt safe the whole way. You do make about seven stops (including Five Points) before hitting the final destination, but from there, you go up a huge escalator and then you are in the mall at Peachtree Center. Indoor walking to several hotels, Couldn't ask...

  • Phoenix-Sedona Shuttle

    Sedona Transportation

    I loved my ride with the Sedona Phoenix Shuttle. Rich was so friendly and a great driver. He introduced everyone to me. Some local and a few like me from out of town. I own a timeshare in South Africa and traded to Los Abrigados resort. The shuttle brought me up in two hrs and the rate was only $50.00 one way or $90.00 round trip. I learned from...

  • Public Transportation

    Houston Transportation

    Metro Solutions is much more than simply a rail transit plan. The bus system component of the plan provides for a massive expansion and upgrade of Metro's bus services. With about 44 new bus routes to provide transit access to currently underserved portions of Metro's service area additional park & ride lots, all-day P&R service, and introduction...

  • D.A.R.T. / Other Trains

    Dallas Transportation

    You can get to and from the Dallas/Ft Worth airport quite cheap, but it takes a few steps. (1) Take a shuttle bus to the South Remote Parking lot. Buses from terminals and the CentrePort/DFW Airport TRE Station meet there. Don't worry; the buses wait for each other. (2) Take the shuttle bus to the CentrePort/DFW Airport TRE station. Buy a $2.50...

  • San Antonio Streetcar

    San Antonio Transportation

    San Antonio is a super tourist friendly city with everything at a walking distance. If you are driving to the city you can just park your car at one of the many parking garages and start walking. And if you do get tired, the street car is the easiest way to move around the city as it stops at all the major tourist attractions. You can just hop on...

  • Car/Car rental

    Miami Transportation

    We rented from Family Auto and had a great rate, less than $40. They gave you the toll reader sun pass, so no problems there, and just paid tolls at the end. The owner works there and he is local, so ask for him if you want to know directions. We just used GPS and had a great time in Miami.

  • Greater Richmond Transit

    Richmond Transportation

    AROUND The only economic way to get around Richmond without a car is to use public buses run by GRTC (Greater Richmond Transit Company). Keep in mind that, like in most American cities, the buses don't reach many suburbs. They operate from 5.00 am to 1.00 am: daily in the City of Richmond and Mon-Fri in Henrico County. Ticket costs $1.50 (local...

  • Fort Lauderdale Airport

    Fort Lauderdale Transportation

    I used to lived for my last 8 yrs in the USA west of Fort Lauderdale and even thus use the car there will try to give you some info on getting around in the area. This is general overview, if more details needed let me know. Plenty to know about transportation issues here is the SFRTA =South Florida Regional Transportation...

  • You need a car to get around

    Tucson Transportation

    The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, unless you are going from Tucson to Phoenix on a shuttle. Although, the direction between Tucson and Phoenix is a diagonal straight line veering northwest, believe me, it is a convoluted labyrinth, or a very expensive one-hundred and twenty mile trek. As a result of “one more airline...

  • Trolleys and Buses

    Tampa Transportation

    Ambiance Transportation offers daily scheduled bus transportation service between Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. From the website the coach is new and quite nice. The trip is approx 4 hours. They have reclining seats, overhead bins, AC, a on-board bathroom, and free movies on board so remember to bring your headsets. Note due to high gas...

  • Driving / Roads

    Yosemite National Park Transportation

    As the URL below notes, the carrying and use of chains by all vehicles, including rentals and those with all-weather tires, can be required at any time there is snow or ice. This can occur both on the road to the Park and within the Park -- decisions on use of tires are made independently. In other words, you may be allowed to drive to the entrance...

  • Light Rail

    Baltimore Transportation

    Baltimore's Light Rail system connects the Inner Harbor with Hunt Valley, Glen Burnie, Baltimore Penn Station, and BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. Service runs from 6 AM - 11 PM Monday - Saturday, but only 11 AM - 7 PM on Sunday. Schedule. On weekdays, trains run approximately every 10 minutes through Downtown Baltimore, every 20 minutes or so...

  • Trolley

    Memphis Transportation

    We drove in toward the Visitor's Center (where you can park for free) because one of the things I wanted to do was ride the trolleys, and the lady at the visitor's center had told me that we could catch the loop trolley from there and ride all the way around. There are three trolley lines in downtown Memphis and they are all old versions of the...

  • Trolley

    Saint Augustine Transportation

    I bought a trolley ticket (good for 3 days) the first day I was in St. Augustine and rode it around to familarize myself with the city before doing any sightseeing. The trolley is very useful especially if you are staying in downtown St. Augustine as parking is almost impossible to find unless you pay $6+.

  • Public Transit

    Nashville Transportation

    the bus system in nashville and davidson county is extensive. to figure out which buses to take for a particular destination, go to this extremely helpful "trip planner" website -- http://www.nashvillemta.org/Nashville-MTA-Trip-Planner.asp. this website gives you the bus route number, for which you can find detailed maps and schedules at...

  • By Car / 4-Wheel Drive

    Death Valley National Park Transportation

    I go to Death Valley at least once a year, sometimes multiple times. We stay in Beatty, NV and drive into the valley each day. Be sure to pay your park fee at one of the park ranger or info booth locations. SAFETY: If you want some honest advice about the road trip, here it is. PLAN THIS TRIP BEFORE YOU DRIVE INTO THE HEAT! Plan all of you...

  • Trains & Buses

    Albuquerque Transportation

    Albuquerque is a transport hub for New Mexico, here you can take Amtrak's Southwest Chief service which travels west to Los Angeles and east to Chicago with numerous stops in either direction; this service departs from the Alvarado Transportation Centre. Also located to the rear of the Transportation Centre is the station for the New Mexico Rail...

  • Bridges

    Jacksonville Transportation

    The Mathews Bridge (a.k.a. the "red bridge") is one of the high bridges that connect Downtown to the city's booming southeastern neighborhoods and beaches. Once you've crested the top, the view heading westbound into Downtown unfolds in an aerial panorama of the skyline fronted by ALLTEL Stadium and the Sports Complex. Heading eastbound, the...

  • By Plane

    Minneapolis Transportation

    Eating at the airport is often a last-resort-only option for many travelers but not so in Minneapolis. Sure, you can have McDonald’s but does anyone over the age of 6 really want to? Local and international flavors abound at some of the following: French Meadow Bakery and Cafe: on USA Today’s 10 Best Airport Restaurants list, and offers some...

  • By Car

    Monterey Transportation

    There are many Metered Parking Slots along Cannery Row and the absolute limit is just 2 hours and you have to be early as to find the cheap metered parking since it will fill up rapidly before 10:00 am. There are several Pay Parking options in monterey and parking near the Main Stores and Shopping Malls in Cannery Row like the Cannery Row Garage...

  • Sky Harbor Airport-getting there by...

    Phoenix Transportation

    Phoenix is the sixth most populace metropolitan area in the United States, so Phoenix Skyharbor International Airport is a major airport. On a typical day 1200 flights and 100,000 people come and go through skyharbor.

  • Greyhound or Amtrak

    Portland Transportation

    Union Station is a beautiful old landmark that seems much lonelier than what it used to be when I was a kid. Then, the station was abuzz with people and trains. The trains still do come though and it is a nice alternative for travel between Seattle and Portland or further down the Willamette Valley towards Eugene. Train travel to the East means you...

  • By Shuttle

    Grand Canyon Transportation

    I used Arizona Shuttle in November 2011 to transfer from Phoenix, via Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Village and then returned to Flagstaff. Pick-up at Grand Canyon Village is from Mawick Lodge. A return ticket from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Village and back cost me US$56.00 - which I thought very reasonable.

  • AquaBus

    Long Beach Transportation

    I still can't believe a one way ticket on the Aqualink only costs $1! What a deal for tourists! the same route by traditional taxi would easily cost $12. The Aqualink has one circular route which runs from Alamitos Bay(where all 3 restaraunts I reviewed are) to Rainbow Harbor and then the Catalina Island Terminal. Passengers can board or exit ant...

  • Driving

    Yellowstone National Park Transportation

    This is an open entrance to avoid road construction on your way into the park this year. It also has a grand historic archway for picture taking. It is close to Mammoth just inside the park....

  • Disney Transport

    Anaheim Transportation

    Disneyland-LAX Shuttles Grayline (Disneyland Resort Shuttle) This shuttle is very convenient to take when visiting from out-of-town and even for local So Calers like me who want to travel in convenience to/from Disneyland without taking the car. This along with the comfortable seating made for a relaxing ride. Considering the distance between LAX...

  • People Mover

    Detroit Transportation

    The Detroit People Mover is about a 3 mile automated transit system around the main business district of the downtown. It opened in 1987, and has really never achieved its initial vision of serving as mass number of people. It’s .50 cent fare doesn’t begin to cover the cost of operating the system with the number of people using the train. However,...

  • Public Transport

    Cleveland Transportation

    Considering that I paid two dollars fifty cents per day to use Cleveland's fine Rapid Transit system,it was excellent.I am a senior citizen.Cleveland's Redline trains took me to Hopkins Airport,the Cleveland Art Museum,Downtown Cleveland and its skyscrapers,University Circle,Little Italy, and ,the Westside Market. in comfort.Cleveland's Blueline...

  • Car rental

    Kailua-Kona Transportation

    We got our rental from the airport in Hilo since that is where we flew into for our stay on the Big Island. There is also an airport in Kailua-Kona area, Kona International Airport at Keahole (KOA. Pretty much all car companies are represented at both airports. Driving from Hilo to Kona took us about 4 hrs. There are a lot of cars driving about in...

  • Public Transportation

    Hollywood Transportation

    If you are adventurous and want to discover Hollywood on your own, hop on a DASH bus in town. The fare is just 50 cents for routes (25 cents for those disabled). This fare beats $1.75 anyday for the MTA buses that service the same destinations as DASH. There are three main Hollywood tours : (1) "Hollywood" - generally of less tourist interest but...

  • Fort Myers Airport

    Naples Transportation

    My four brothers and sisters and I take turns travelling to Naples at least once a month to visit our Mom who lives in a nursing home in Naples. We tried several car services before we found Ambassador Transportation. Always clean, on time, professional and helpful, they have always been there for us and never let us down. They truly care about...

  • By Train / Bus

    San Jose Transportation

    It is very easy to go to Winchester House by Caltrain train and the by a bus. From San Francisco Caltrain Sation to Santa Clara station and from there take a bus number 60 Southbound to Winchester house.


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