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  • Restaurants
    by goodfish
  • Restaurants
    by goodfish
  • Restaurants
    by goodfish

Hanksville Things to Do

  • Hanksville Cemetery

    Hanksville took its name from one Ebenezer Hanks: an original Mormon founder of the town in 1882 when it was a sparse settlement known as Graves Valley. He was a busy individual: one-time mayor of Provo; entrepreneur in cotton, lumber, mining and freight businesses; judge...and polygamist. He was also prolific, having 10 children with wife #2....

  • Go to the bar

    I have to update this too now that Duke's is serving beer and wine - although because of Utah's bizarre liquor laws you probably have to order food to get at it, and they don't have a "bar" per se. For a post-hike cocktail, this is as close to one of those as you're going to get for 50 miles or so. 3.2 beer is available at Stan's Chevron and Hollow...

  • Pictographs at Horseshoe Canyon

    One of the primary reasons we came to Hanksville was to hike the Horseshoe Canyon unit of Canyonlands National Park. Other than the Maze, this is the most remote section of Canyonlands to access, is a detached piece of the park some 120 miles from Island in the Sky near Moab, and the last 32 miles of that is dirt road: it is a long way from...

  • Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyon Loop...

    I'd done my homework on this one: somewhere between easy to moderate: mostly class 2 with maybe a little class 3 scrambling and nothing technical. It could also involve some shallow wading. The slots were supposed to be magnificent, heavily traveled, and the whole 8-mile loop to take a mere 4 hours. Oh sure, we can do that - no sweat.They were...

  • Take pictures of old stuff

    Some neat old buildings and a camera can kill an hour or so. Some of the local canines will probably come along too. They're all very friendly and enjoy a little scratch about the ears.

  • Goblin Valley State Park

    Music from "Tales from Topographic Oceans" was humming through my head as what I was seeing looked like the cover of a Yes album. Or a sci-fi movie - which indeed at least one has been filmed here. Stretched below me was a barren, alien landscape of eerie hoodoos and melting pinnacles around a field of enormous, misshapen mushrooms and grotesque...


Hanksville Hotels

Hanksville Restaurants

  • Egg-static at Duke's

    Our road trips between Torrey and Moab REQUIRE stopping for a howdy in Hanksville, and we hit the road early to land in here for breakfast. This was the only place in town we didn’t eat at on the last trip - took one look and walked out - but I'm happy to say that it’s been scrubbed, shined, and is now under the same ownership/management as the...

  • Now a better Blondies

    I'm updating this review as I see they've updated their interior: one of the few objections we had to this one. But aside from that, the food was just fine and the counter staff was Hanksville-cheerful. The menu is similar to Stan's - sandwiches, salads, soup and a few entrees - and prices won't break the bank either. We both had a sammie - BLT for...

  • Fans of Stan's

    Stan's was our winner for the best place to full a tummy in a hurry in Hanksville. It's nothing fancy - a fast-food type outlet attached to the Chevron station - but clean, tidy, friendly and serving area hikers and road-trippers since 1983. This is also where you'll have your complimentary continental breakfast every morning if you're staying next...

  • Small town America at its best

    Hanksville is a very small town and only has three places to eat. We had one breakfast and two dinners here. The food was good but nothing special. Breakfast is easy and they did a fine job. Dinner was OK but they were out of one thing or another. We had a young waitress who seemed new at her job, this didn't help things. I'd go back but most...

  • Pretty darn good!

    Blondies is located right in the middle of town. Well, everything is in the middle of town. We went for breakfast and it was very good. We got in just before a rush of peoplre but it seemed they were doing a good job of keeping up. Next time in the area we'll try them in the evening. I had French Toast, my wife had bacon and eggs. Both were more...

  • The only place in town

    With no other choice we stopped here for lunch and were pleasantly surprised. Nice cosy setting, friendly family staff and lots of odd little knick-knacks to look at whilst waiting for your meal. Just regualr, but big, burgers, fries or pork chops...but all good food just like mamma makes.


Hanksville Shopping

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    General: Good luck with THAT

    by goodfish Updated Nov 13, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    'Shopping' and 'Hanksville' are two words that cannot be used in the same sentence. That said, hikers and campers can find the necessities for a pack lunch or Peak-stove dinner at two of the gas stations and a small market. Stan's Chevron and Food Mart has a large selection of convenience items, 3.2 beer, some camping equipment and a variety of books, hats, T's and other gifties: nice place. Hollow Mountain is a fun bit of roadside kitsch with a smaller run of staples, and choice #3 is a tiny market that I didn't see but The Husband tells me might do the trick in a pinch. Blondies cafe bravely advertises a gift shop: that's a serious stretch of anyone's imagination but get your "Where the Hell is Hanksville?" t-shirt there.

    I did notice a wee, screaming-yellow hut calling itself a "Craft Boutique" with a side offering of fancy hair treatments so fellas, if you want that tinsel job before risking life and limb in Bluejohn, this is the place.

    Get your gorp at the Chevron Camping stuff.... ...and beer at the Chevron too.
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Hanksville Warnings and Dangers

  • Staying high and dry

    The San Rafael Swell - where Little Wild Horse and Bell Canyons are located - is full of slots with difficulties ranging from easy scrambling to skilled canyoneering. Slots are big fun on a nice day. They can be deadly in a rainstorm. Water falling on the rock above a narrow opening has no place to drain but DOWN. In a hurry. And then it has no...

  • Mosquitoes

    We have mossies the size of 747's here in Minnesota but I've never met any as bloodthirsty as the beasties in Hanksville. Out taking pictures one early morning, I felt an itch and looked down to see probably 25 of the little b*stards having breakfast on Yours Truly. Stand still for even one moment and you are toast so I made tracks back to motel,...

  • Critters

    Free-range ranching is common in this part of the state so sheep, cattle and other livestock wander at will - including on and across the roads. Obviously, they have the right-of-way as connecting car with critter would not do your bumper any good at all.


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