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Salt Lake City Highlights

  • Pro
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     Hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, Sundance Festival, boating, biking 

  • Con
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     empty streets, not much of city life 

  • In a nutshell
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     It's more diverse and fun that people may think. 

Salt Lake City Things to Do

  • Temple Square

    Temple Square is well worth the 'free visit''ll have access to two visitor centers with as much information as you want to know about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (The Mormons). The grounds are beautifully landscaped and maintained and the buildings have rich architectural and religious history. Ask about the Nauvoo...

  • Great Salt Lake

    Just a short drive from town is America's largest salt water lake. It is the remants of an inland sea that once covered most of the area. However given the brackish nature of the water, it's smell probably prevents it from ever being a major tourist draw.

  • Antelope Island SP

    This was a good place to visit. It is suppose to be the best place to access the Great Salt Lake, but we never found where you were suppose to do that. It was difficult to find your way around the island. The map they gave you was confusing and the signage didn't help much. We did see some buffalo while driving around the island and were able to...


Salt Lake City Hotels

Salt Lake City Restaurants

  • Squatters Pub & Brewery

    Squatters Pub Brewery snuck up on me despite many years of wanting to go there. I had not made it to Salt Lake City in either my 1994 or 1995 trips to Utah, always seeming to get stuck in the state's more renowned southern sights. So, Salt Lake City and Squatters were intertwined as places I just could not manage to get to and when you can't get or...

  • Olive Garden

    Olive Garden's 'big deal' is that it offers endless salad and breadsticks. I love breadsticks. The knock on it is that it isn't really Italian. I don't care that it isn't really Italian, and I like breadsticks. You can get a filling meal at Olive Garden without spending a lot of money. This restaurant was right across the street from my hotel. I...

  • Red Iguana

    The Red Iguana is on the west side of town, a not so desirable location. The food will always bring you back though. I have lived in Salt Lake for over 10 years and being a big fan of authentic Mexican food, it is the only place I will go anymore. Expect to wait at least 10-15 minutes for your table, but definitely wait. Their margaritas alone are...


Salt Lake City Nightlife

  • Port O' Call

    I don't know any other way to post this, so hope this helps. Port o'call was a popular spot, but the government wanted the land to expand the courthouse so the building had to go. February 2009 was the end of that era. Places to go instead? The new Green Pig Pub has many of the same fixtures. Gracies is the new upscale word of mouth favorite,

  • Club Axis

    Different atmospheres: DJ, Dance, ouse/thechno, Live music, Rock/pop... Young people there. I think is the biggest disco in SLC. Once a week there is a Gay/lesbian day I don't remember which one... Really I prefer it other days... It's up to you...

  • Brewvies

    I like Brewvies because it's very informal, the staff is very entertaining..and you don't need to be a member to get in (in SLC u need membership for most of the places where liquor/beer is served). There is a variety of beer, great nachos, pooltables and little cinema.The movie ticket is 4$, and wednesdays is 2$ and u can take your beer and nachos...


Salt Lake City Transportation

  • Light Rail or Bus

    I'm not absolutely sure, but I think I remember riding the bus at least once. Now, SLC in addition to the buses, has a light rail system which they call TRAX. For the BUS: Pay when you get on the bus. If you board within the downtown Free Ride Zone, pay when you get off. The regular fare is $1.40. Correct change is required. Ask for a “transfer...

  • Airport

    Hotel shuttles and taxis connect the airport with downtown. I made sure our hotel had a free shuttle as I didn't want to pay for a taxi even though the airport is fairly close to the downtown. If you don't have too much luggage, UTA buses offer an inexpensive $2 ride from the airport to downtown. But free is better.

  • Drive

    The streets are quite wide. When Brigham Young had them laid out, he specified that they should be 132 feet wide so that a team of four oxen pulling a wagon could make a U-turn. According to Frommer's A more tantalizing tale has it that the streets were made wide enough for polygamist Young and all his wives to walk comfortably down the street...


Salt Lake City Shopping

  • Old trolley barn

    Another eclectic mall. This has been undergoing a major transistion and many spots are empty. The shops that are still there are great though. The fabulous Wellers Book store just opened there, along with Whole Food Market. Good restaurants are the Rodizio Grill and Desert Pub.

  • The only place to shop for the moment...

    This is a nice outdoor mall west of the Energy Solutions Arena. There are lots of places to have dinner before a Jazz Game. It is also full of other good stores, The Apple store, Coldwater Creek, Dicks and many many more.There is an interactive fountain built in the shape of the 2002 Olympic symbol that is fun on a hot day. They have fires in the...

  • Outdoor Mall

    Big outdoor mall, located in the place where there was an old train station. (Union Pacific Depot)Lot of shops, quiet place (like everything in SLCity....). Visit it. Stores making their debut in town include Abercrombie & Fitch, Bebe, J. Crew and Build-a-Bear Workshop. Old favorites such as Bastille, Bill Loya, Victoria's Secret, Brookstone,...


Salt Lake City Local Customs

  • Alcohol

    I am posting this because much of the info here is incorrect or outdated. Utah did away with the Private Club law a little while ago so you do not have to have a membership to enter those establishments anymore. The downside of this is that in the past, you may have paid a smaller amount for the temporary membership whereas now many of the...

  • Mormons

    As a person born and raised in Salt Lake City that was not Mormon or LDS or whatever is appropriate, I disagree with many of the statements above. First, if they know (and as has been stated they have awesome record keeping systems so, they know) you are a non-mormon they will in little ways try to get you to join their church. I was visited more...

  • Some Clarification.

    I am posting this because much of the info here is incorrect or outdated.Utah did away with the Private Club law a little while ago so you do not have to have a membership to enter those establishments anymore. The downside of this is that in the past, you may have paid a smaller amount for the temporary membership whereas now many of the...


Salt Lake City Warnings and Dangers

  • Religious Restrictions

    The official name of the Mormon Church (or LDS) is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints It was founded by Joseph Smith in the state of New York on April 6, 1830. It is known by outsiders for the following things: 1) The Osmond family... and now Mitt Romney 2) Restriction on alcoholic beverages.. 3) Inhospitable toward people of...

  • Cold and Snow

    We look all smiles in this pictures, but in reality, we were freezing our tushes off. This was taken on the day after the Opening Ceremonies and it was nearly zero degrees Fahrenheit. The Utah mountains can get that cold in the February. Not all the time, but it happens. A neck gaitor can make all the difference in the world. Deer Valley is the...

  • Construction.

    Between my hotel and the convention center was a big construction site. They had massive construction going on getting ready for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. And I understand now they are repairing the capitol building. It's always something.


Salt Lake City Tourist Traps

  • Salt Lake

    the great salt lake is not particularly attractive, it is swarmed by flies and smells of something rotting get in the water so that you too can come to the realization that things float higher in the denser salt water go hiking!!

  • salt lake stench

    the great salt lake is not particularly attractive, it is swarmed by flies and smells of something rotting get in the water so that you too can come to the realization that things float higher in the denser salt water go hiking!!

  • One thing everyone does when...

    One thing everyone does when they come to Salt Lake city is to naturally take a trip out to the Salt Lake itself. In a way, the lake is unique, being incredibly saline (about 8 times more so than the ocean). It is also quite briny and hence smelly, about 15 miles out of town, and for the most part just not the great time I thought it would be when...


Salt Lake City What to Pack

  • Skiing?

    Pack your goggles, neck alligators, gloves, mittens, hats, scarves, tissues, chapstick, sunblock, undergarment warming pants and tops, hand warmers, ski socks. You'll need them and you'll still be cold!

  • HOT summers...and rain

    It was in the 90's F every day that I was in SLC in June, 2005. Still, with that heat, there was still a day of rainstorms. Don't only pack shorts and t-shirts if you travel to SLC in the summer; pack an umbrella, too.

  • Packing List

    If you'll be skiing, and are based in SLC, you can rent skis and get equipment at CANYON SPORTS LTD at 517 South 2nd West in Salt Lake City. (801)322-4220. Don't forget to check out my travelogue SKI UTAH!


Salt Lake City Off The Beaten Path

  • Scenery..

    I thought DC had a very unique idea of promoting art with all the colorful giant pandas located all over the city. Well Utah, Salt Lake City used the same concept using Buffalo sculptures painted with all different designs and located them all over the city. I had the pleasure of seeing at least two located on Antelope Island. I've read that in...

  • Air Force Museum

    Wow, I really enjoyed this musuem. It has some of the most significate historical representation of aviation marvels. They have lots of outside displays as well and many inside displays. Make a point to take extra time to see all it has to offer! 75th ABW/MU 7961 Wardleigh Road, Building 1955 Hill Air Force Base, Utah 84056-5842 DSN: 777-6868 or...

  • Ski / Board

    Take a ride east, cross the mountain range and visit Park City. It´s a great ski area and nice city. Just half an hour away from Salt Lake City. Some Olympic ski races took place in Park City in 2002.


Salt Lake City Sports & Outdoors

  • Hiking, Rock Climbing

    The Salt Lake Valley (and much of northern Utah) was once the home of the huge freshwater Lake Bonneville. This lake left behind benches on the mountain sides where once it lapped the shore. There are several distinct levels that are slowly being built on and are no longer as easily seen as they once were. The highest level is known as the...

  • Winter Sports

    The auto rental agency gave us discount coupons for these stores. I rented my equipment for a 25% discount with this coupon. The ski lift tickets for local ski areas can also be purchased a for a $5 discount rather than buying the ski lift ticket at the ski area itself.

  • Utah Jazz

    For me, that I use to attend to Futbol (Soccer) games in Argentina, it was a very cold game. It seems to be more important what occurs in the grades that the basketball game itself. Everything was in order, but I expected something different.


Salt Lake City Favorites

  • Mountain Views

    Utah is one of the most beautiful places I have been... I am a sucker for a wintery mountain scene. Without the lure of a kickin' nightlife or other "big city" type of things, you get the chance to concentrate on the beauty of the nature surrounding you.

  • Capitol

    Excellent view of the city from the capitol!! It´s at the top of a hill. The building it´s nice and it´s possible to visit it. On workdays you can see the activity, politicians going around. Hours: 9 - 8 in summer 8 - 6 the rest of the year Season: Open year round Price: Free

  • Winter Olympics 2002

    FREESTYLE SKIING - Fifth-place after his first jump, Aleš Valenta came back to win in the freestyle aerials. With a double full-double full-full that scored 129.98 points, Valenta defeated Joe Pack and Alexei Grichin for the gold, Aleš Valenta's first Olympic medal.


Top 10 Former Olympic Cities: Salt Lake City

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The United States hosted its eighth Olympic Games when Salt Lake City, Utah, and its surrounding ski resorts hosted the Winter 2002 Olympic Games. Visitors today can check out the Utah Olympic Oval on the western side of the city, or head east and hit Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley, and Snowbasin Ski Area, where former Olympians have competed for gold. Park City has also become a major destination since it began hosting the annual Sundance Film Festival every January, so the city's historical Main Street now has modern eateries, nightclubs, and world-class spas. While Salt Lake City is a well-known winter destination, it's also becoming a much more popular summer spot for hikers and mountain bikers. Travelers with an interest in these sports couldn't find a destination better than Utah – Southern Utah contains some of the most picturesque terrain in North America, including the state's five national parks: Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands.

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