Snow Canyon State Park Travel Guide

  • Snow Canyon State Park
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  • Looking Up From Inside the Canyon
    Looking Up From Inside the Canyon
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  • The Pioneer Names Area is Popular with Climbers
    The Pioneer Names Area is Popular with...
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Snow Canyon State Park Things to Do

  • Walking Closer to the Whiterocks

    Whiterocks Trail/Whiterocks Amphitheater is a moderate 4 mile round trip hike, with some rock slopes, and uneven surfaces, and a short spur trail to the amphitheater, which is a natural, sandstone amphitheater. The trail passes through the red, white, and black colors seen in the park. The Whiterocks trail begins at a parking lot north of the park,...

  • Come Play In the Sand

    The Sand Dunes Trail is an easy, one-half mile walk, with deep sand, and some small hills. There will be a trail marker telling you the way, but once you arrive you will be at a large expanse of red sand, with some windblown hills, where both adults, and adults with children come to play. When I saw it I thought of a giant’s sand box, and that is...

  • Hike or Bike the West Canyon Road

    The West Canyon Road runs for 8 miles round trip, and is enjoyed by hikers, joggers, and bicyclists. For mountain bikers, it may not be the most exciting trip, but if you like Navaho Sandstone formations and cliffs, this is a beautiful ride. This is a service road, with a hard-packed gravel surface, and is easy to walk or ride. The road gains 400...

  • Pioneer Names Trail

    Pioneer Names is a one-half mile, easy trail, which is fairly level, with some steps and slopes. The park describes it as a trail that passes pioneer names written in axle grease, dating back to 1881, which confused us to the point that we had to return to actually see the names. You don’t actually have to hike the trail to see the names, we...

  • Walk to Jenny's Canyon

    The Jenny’s Canyon Trail is an easy, one half mile walk. The trail is mostly level with only a few slopes and steps. The walk is well worth your time. The trail dead ends in a short, sculpted slot canyon, which surpassed my expectations. It is a narrow canyon, with steep walls enclosing you on each side. Look at the walls as you walk through the...

  • Hike the Beautiful Butterfly Trail

    The Butterfly Trail is a two mile roundtrip hike, and is rated moderate. This trail ends at the Lava Flow trail, so you may continue on that trail if you would like to make your outing a longer one. There are some steep slopes, steps, and uneven surfaces along the trail. At one point there is a steep rock hill, with uneven ground that you must walk...

  • Hiking the Three Ponds Trail

    The Three Ponds Trail is the only trail where I must confess, I felt pretty tired before I arrived at the end point. Rated at moderate in difficulty, this 3.5 miles round trip trail includes 2.8 miles roundtrip of sand. The trail within the canyon follows a very sandy wash, think of hiking through dry sand on a beach, loose sand, not packed. The...

  • Johnson Canyon Trail

    Johnson Canyon is one of the trails that is only open seasonally. Usually this trail is closed annually from March 15 to September 14. This is an easy, two mile trail, with some rocky slopes and steps. There is a narrow stream that goes along the bottom of the canyon, and is the only place in the park where there is surface water. This trail winds...

  • Petrified Dunes Trail

    The Petrified Dunes Trail is about 1 mile round trip, and is rated moderate in difficulty. The rating is due to some steep slopes, and uneven surfaces, as it crosses massive petrified sand dunes made of Navajo sandstone. When you reach the petrified dune area, you must stay in the designated area, but you are able to walk around on the dunes...

  • Lava Flow Overlook Trail To West Canyon...

    The Lava Flow Overlook and Trail will lead you along some rocky slopes and uneven surfaces, giving the trail a rating of moderate. You will pass through ancient lava flows, and a few junipers. Take the short spur to West Canyon Overlook, where the trail leads to views looking down into the deep canyon. We turned around at this point, making our...

  • Drive the Scenic Road Park Road

    If you do not have time to stay and explore the park, at least take the Snow Canyon Drive. This is the main park road that would be an easy detour from US 15, using exit 8, and following the park signs to Hwy 18 then to 18U, also called Snow Canyon Drive. This will take you to the north entrance. This is a two lane road that winds through the park,...

  • Hidden Pinyon Trail

    Hidden Pinyon Trail is rated moderate, and is one and a half miles long. You walk over rocky slopes and natural rocks along a path that is sandy, sometimes to the point that it is almost similar to walking on a beach. The description of this trail stated that there were drop offs, but I thought the drop-offs were pretty mild. This is a self-guided...

  • Whiptail Trail

    Whiptail Trail is wheel chair friendly, and a wonderful place to take a leisurely bicycle ride through Snow Canyon. This trail stretches three miles in one direction, so you can get a 6 mile ride if you ride the trail in both directions. This is also a nice easy walking or jogging path. Although there are some slopes, this paved trail is mostly...

  • Jenny's Canyon

    The one mile round trip hike into this small slot is closed at times due to its being prime desert tortoise habitat. It is dedicated to Jenny, a local woman who loved this little spot of heaven. It is a short hike, only about a mile long, but it can be very hot in the summer. Be sure to bring water.There is a small slot in between two fins of rock...

  • Scenic Drive

    There is one road that goes through the park. Even if you don't get out of the car (but you will) the short 3 mile drive is scenic and worth the detour.If you enter from the south you will pass into a valley rimmed by red sandstone cliffs. Climbing up the valley you pass flows of lava, small slot canyons, sand dunes, rock hills and habitat for the...


Snow Canyon State Park Restaurants

  • If You Love Sushi or Thai Food

    The Benja Thai and Sushi Restaurant is open from Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner, and Sunday’s for dinner only. They have a varied menu, including appetizers, interesting soups and salads, a variety of rice and Thai Noodles, curry dishes, and sushi items. The food is delicious, and fresh tasting. We went early, but it soon filled up....

  • Dinner at Red Mountain

    Red Mountain Spa serves 3 meals a day, included in the price. Breakfast and lunch are buffets but dinner is a sit down meal.

  • Snow Canyon State Park Hotels

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Snow Canyon State Park Transportation

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    The Salt Lake International...

    by aussie79 Written Aug 24, 2002

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    The Salt Lake International Airport is 29 miles from Snowbird Ski Resort. It takes approximately 40 minutes to get to the resort.
    You will need some form of 4-wheel drive transportation. The last time I was there, we encountered avalanches on the road and had to take the long way! There are days chains are required to go up the mountain. Once you are up there, the best way up the mountain is on a chair lift or the tram.

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Snow Canyon State Park Warnings and Dangers

  • Know These Rules Before You Hike

    1. Trail heads have designated parking areas, park only in these areas.2. Hike on designated trails only, do not bushwhack across the park or take short cuts cross country. 3. Dogs must be on a leash at all times, and are only permitted in the campground, on the West Canyon road, and the Whiptail trail. 4. Some park trails, such as Jenny’s Canyon...

  • Prevent forest fires or wildfires !!!

    Hope, the officials don’t mind that I place Smokey Bear here to warn of forest fires. But, during all my travels in US I was fascinated of the successful campaign of creating the bear as a “living figure” to give the message to prevent forest fires.So: wherever you are in and around Snow Canyon – be careful when lighting a fire. Don’t throw away...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Snow Canyon State Park What to Pack

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    Packing List

    by aussie79 Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Luggage and bags: Your ski gear weighs so much, pack your personal stuff LIGHT!

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: hile skiing only wear one pair of socks. It seems odd to suggest this,
    but actually I have found when I wear more than 1 pair, my feet will
    get too hot, sweat, and then I'll be really cold. That is the worst.
    Make sure to wear lots of layers if the temperature outside is less
    than 25F. Anything warmer than 25F you can get away with only your
    long underwear under your ski pants. A turtleneck is ideal while
    skiing, it helps to avoid snow down your shirt if you fall.
    Make sure your ski jacket has multiple zippers that open up (under the arms, chest, etc) Venthilation is very important while skiing. If you get too hot, again you will sweat. Sweating is bad because it freezes and then you are miserable.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Chapstick, sunblock, lotion. These 3 items are essential. You can actually get a sunburn while skiing so watch out. Windburn is also bad, so keep your moisturizer handy. If you have asthma, do not forget your inhaler. I usually forget mine in the car and then I have to hike back out for it and waste way too much precious skiing time.

    Photo Equipment: If you are a good skiier, you can bring your good camera.....If not, bring a cheap disposable one that you will not cry over if you break it while falling. My uncle has perfected the art of skiing backwards while taking pictures of his kids. It's hard, but can be done.

    Miscellaneous: Some other essentials: warm gloves, warm hat which covers your ears, and neck wrap or scarf, goggles (especially when it is snowing)or sunglasses (make sure you have a strap on your sunglasses or they will get lost when you fall). A waist pack (as dumb as they look, I know) is very helpful while skiing.

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Snow Canyon State Park Off The Beaten Path

  • Zion National Park

    Of course, if you are in Snow Canyon, it is really you who are out of the way, and chances are you have been to Zion National Park already. If not, this popular National Park is about 53 miles northeast of Snow Canyon. Zion has spectacular sandstone cliffs and canyon landscapes that you can explore. The steep, colorful cliffs will tower above you,...

  • Cinder Cone - Outside Snow Canyon

    There is a hike that is part of Snow Canyon yet located outside the main park. We found this in late April 2006 and did it on a fairly warm day. The trailhead is located on RT18, just before the turnoff for Diamond Valley. You park right on the hiway and look for a path of use. This is on the right side of the hiway, heading North. The hike winds...

  • watch the colorful lichens on the rocks

    In Snow Canyon you can watch a lot of colorful lichens everywhere on the rocks.Here, it should be the orange flame lichen (caloplaca ignea) and the yellow gold cobblestone lichen (acarospora / pleopsidium).Take care, don't destroy them, don't step on them, as they grow very slow !!


Snow Canyon State Park Sports & Outdoors

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    Technical Climbing

    by KimberlyAnn Updated Apr 13, 2015

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    Technical climbing of over 170 designated routes is available in the park. There are a variety of climbs, from short sport clip-ups to mixed multi-pitch routes, or even long, infrequently traveled adventure climbs. See a ranger for a map of climbing areas and route information, as well as a list of seasonal closures. You may also email the park at for information on climbing in the park. If you are interested in taking climbing classes, or doing a climb with a guide, investigate Paragon Climbing. You may visit their web page listed below.

    Rock Climbing Near the Pioneer Names The Pioneer Names Area is Popular with Climbers Rock Climbing is a Popular Sport In Snow Canyon Technical Rock Climbing In Snow Canyon Technical Rock Climbiing Near Johnson Canyon
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    • National/State Park
    • Mountain Climbing

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Snow Canyon State Park Favorites

  • Where to Find Information In the Park

    For information stop at the small visitor center located at the campground. Here you will find people to answer your questions, helpful hand outs, and a small section to purchase such items as Snow Canyon shirts, hats, post cards, books, children's items, and other souvenir type items. There is also a small display giving you interesting facts...

  • When to Visit the Park

    Hiking along the trails within the park may be enjoyed year round; however early spring and fall are particularly popular, as the weather is usually best then, allowing you avoid the hot summers. In the summer daytime temperatures can be too hot to enjoy the park fully, sometimes reaching into the 100s, often leaving early morning as the only...

  • Location of Snow Canyon

    It's said that Snow Canyon is not easy to find - however, it shouln't be that difficult.On the mapquest-made map you can clearly see how to get to there from Saint George:take the 18 (main road in western SGU) north, and simply wait to turn left at the sign.


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