Utah Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by Yaqui
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by Yaqui
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by goodfish

Utah Warnings and Dangers

  • Religious Restrictions

    Salt Lake City Warnings and Dangers

    The official name of the Mormon Church (or LDS) is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints It was founded by Joseph Smith in the state of New York on April 6, 1830. It is known by outsiders for the following things: 1) The Osmond family... and now Mitt Romney 2) Restriction on alcoholic beverages.. 3) Inhospitable toward people of...

  • Cold and Snow

    Salt Lake City Warnings and Dangers

    We look all smiles in this pictures, but in reality, we were freezing our tushes off. This was taken on the day after the Opening Ceremonies and it was nearly zero degrees Fahrenheit. The Utah mountains can get that cold in the February. Not all the time, but it happens. A neck gaitor can make all the difference in the world. Deer Valley is the...

  • Construction.

    Salt Lake City Warnings and Dangers

    Between my hotel and the convention center was a big construction site. They had massive construction going on getting ready for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. And I understand now they are repairing the capitol building. It's always something.

  • Rock Slides

    In many areas where you might be prone to climb the rocks or steep hills, check the rocks first. Much of the rock is shale or red rock and incredibly fragile. You can get hurt incredibly easy if you are climbing in the wrong area and hit a patch of unstable rock. While in some areas you may feel inclined to take the least beaten path, think twice...

  • Ancient Artifacts Are Fragile and...

    As you pass through some areas in Utah you will come into contact with many artifacts from past cultures. Most of these lay in the open and unguarded. It is your responsibility to treat these treasures with careful consideration and respect.Do not climb on them, write on them, or in most cases even touch them. Do not even think about taking a bit...

  • Water Water Carry Water!!

    It is hard for a person that has not lived in this part of the world to get their head around how exposed you are here. The automobile gives one a FALSE sense of security. The distances here are vast. Should you have a mechanical malfunction you could be DAYS from the nearest help. Your cell phone will NOT always work.You will need at east a gallon...

  • Road Hazards

    There are, of course, road hazards in all places. This road hazard I encountered in Utah is a bit unusual.

  • Utah is slot canyon country

    Utah has its share of slot canyons and care should be taken when visiting them. In narrow canyons like Buckskin Gulch, there is always the danger of flash floods. This area is generally starved of moisture but when it comes, it comes torrentially , and often with little warning. The ground is simply unable to absorb the water quickly enough and...

  • Slot canyon weather.

    Always try to check locally for the weather locally and up to 50 km away, as even if it is not raining locally a lot of these canyons and washes are linked and a small trickle will turn into a flood very quickly. Try to stay alert, listen for unusual sounds and have an eye for high ground, it may be necessary to get up somewhere pretty fast. In...

  • Watch out for food poisoning

    My husband and I were admitted for a day at the hospital in Panguitch, UT after eating at the buffet at Ruby's Diner in Bryce, UT. The doctor said at that time that another few people had had a similar problem a week prior, and "luckily, their hepatitis tests came back negative." DINER BEWARE!!!!

  • Prevent forest fires or wildfires !!!

    Hope, the officials don’t mind that I place Smokey Bear here to warn of forest fires. But, during all my travels in US I was fascinated of the successful campaign of creating the bear as a “living figure” to give the message to prevent forest fires.So: wherever you are, whatever you do travelling and hiking around in Utah – be careful when lighting...

  • Drinkers beware

    Utah is, by and large, a dry state. Many areas do not sell alcohol. By law, alcohol cannot be sold without food, so you won't find too many bars in your travels across this state. In more populated areas such as Salt Lake City, restaurants and private clubs allow drinking, but require the purchase of a membership for a fee before allowing you in.

  • Smokers beware

    Many places in Utah, including gas stations and convenience stores, do not sell cigarettes. If you're a smoker, keep that in mind lest you'll go without or have to drive for miles to the only place which carries your wares in order to purchase a drastically priced inflated pack of smokes. This, of course, does not apply to Salt Lake City and...

  • Winter Driving

    Driving on snow and ice can be a harrowing experience. Every year, people are injured and killed while doing this. Utah has a lower rate of traffic fatalities than most states, probably due to the low consumption of alcohol. But accidents on ice roads do happen. On Thanksgiving weekend 2004, at least 8 people were killed in traffic accidents in the...

  • Be SAFE and Leave No Trace

    When you experience the outdoors you must be prepared. Just because you're going to a national park with trails that are maintained does not mean you are safe from danger. You must know your capabilities and plan properly. Be sure to have the right clothes and right amt. Take quality gear. Register and inform park rangers of your plans if you're...

  • desert hiking

    This is a wonderful place but be warned, this is the desert and it is very remote. Coyote buttes is not like hiking the defined trails of the Alps or Yosemite. Coyote Buttes has no trails, cairns or markers of any kind and it is very easy to get lost. Bring more water than you think will need. You might need it. In the summer it is very hot in the...

  • watch for deer!!!!

    I-70 is a rush but watch out for gigantic elk and deer...the will take you out!!Suset...nightime...mating season(fall) and even daytime...the are big, unpredictable and can kill you...hitting a deer at high speed is like running into a brick wall...and if you clip em just right they can go thru you windshield and then you have one pissed off deer...

  • Summer Precautions

    The heat and sun can be relentless in the summer. Make sure you take plenty of water with you, even a short hike to a site just off the road can dehydrate you. Sunblock and hats are a necessity. Take breaks often during the day to make sure you don't overdo the heat and sun.

  • On the trail we hiked the...

    On the trail we hiked the ledge was very narrow, and there was a light coating of sand that is very slick in tennis shoes. Hiking boots would work better and use the chain posted in the rock. If the weather is hot and sunny be sure you have water.

  • dont try jumping too high on...

    dont try jumping too high on your first day, i know it sounds fun but you might get hurt. here is a pic of my friend catching air, he didnt land it.

  • This would mostly be for those...

    This would mostly be for those who haven't been to the Western United States ...1. Hot dry weather. Beacause the humidity is so low, I found you can become dehydrated very quickly, and not know it because you don't notice sweating. It dries too fast. Bring PLENTY of water.2. Much of Utah is very remote - make sure you have enough supplies. On...

  • I tried very hard to train my...

    I tried very hard to train my eye-hand coordination while driving in Utah, keep one eye on the road, the other one on the passing scenery, one hand on the steering wheel, one hand to wake my husband to snap a shot, it can be dangerous for there're too many breath-taking scenery on the road, you wish there's roof top camera with a remote control on...

  • If you’re in the mood for some...

    If you’re in the mood for some alcohol while in Utah, you better plan on getting it before you want it. Utah controls all the liquor stores in Utah, and only has 13-14 liquor stores in the entire state. Since they are the monopoly, watch out for the prices. The hours they are open are pretty goofy, and are closed on Sunday. All beer sold in Utah...

  • Watch your speed while...

    Watch your speed while traveling around rural Utah. We've discovered that a lot of those rural towns don't like non-mormons, and will be happy to give you a ticket! The Metro areas of Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo aren't that bad. I took this picture when my friend was pulled over! :)

  • Most of Utah is desert,...

    Most of Utah is desert, especially the southern portion. BRING WATER. If you're driving, it's always a good idea, what with the radiator overheating or being stranded. And you don't have an excuse if you don't bring it with you while hiking! Seriously, you'll dehydrate out there.

  • Until the 2002 Winter...

    Until the 2002 Winter Olympics, I list the traffic hassles has a warning. When the games were announced, Salt Lake City began widening the interstate system and putting in a light rail system. Traffic can thus be heavy. However, when all the work is done, I would anticipate that it will be a very communter friendly city.

  • Normally the desert is not a...

    Normally the desert is not a good place for your four footed and dark furred friend. Last time I went to this area, was during the fall. And I went hiking only during the morning and late afternoon when the sun was lower in the sky. Even then you should bring lots of water for your self and your hiking partner. My dog looks very thirsty here, but...

  • When hiking in the parks of...

    When hiking in the parks of southern Utah, be sure to take plenty of drinking water with you. Dehydration is a serious threat. Basically, when you leave the Information Center there are no more places to buy refreshments so go prepared for the day's outing.

  • My only disappointment with...

    My only disappointment with this trip is that I did not have the time to see all of Utah's many natural wonders. Despite what the SLC travel brochures tell you, the city is not a great location to base yourself to see everything in Utah unless you have a month to spend driving around. Many of the great sights of Utah are more than a day trip away...

  • Remember when visiting that...

    Remember when visiting that Utah is a dry state.Park City is one of the few places in the state where you can find alcoholic beverages in restaurants, and one of the few cities that has pubs, brewpubs, and bars.To purchase alcoholic beverages at a restaurant you must either join a private club (good for one year) or be sponsered by a club member....

  • There are dangerous animals in...

    There are dangerous animals in Utah, the picture shows one of them. Its most dangerous aspect is that it causes you to get down on your knees or even belly crawl to get a good picture, very dangerous to clean clothes and especially your spouse calling out to you 'What are you doing crawling on the ground', of course to the amusement of the other...

  • If you dont count falling from...

    If you dont count falling from high places, eagles, cougars, snakes or bears there is almost nothing to worry about. Just watch it dude;-)

  • It's warm and hot in Utah, so...

    It's warm and hot in Utah, so have some water in your car while traveling here.Here: The great Salt Lake, just outside Salt Lake City.

  • When driving be aware for...

    When driving be aware for deer, elk and other large critters on the road. Backcountry travel in winter (cross country skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding) should be done carefully due to avalanche hazard. Be sure to check local avalanche conditions by contacting the Utah Avalanche Forecast Center by calling them or visiting their website at...

  • Summer hiking in Utah is an...

    Summer hiking in Utah is an exercise in hydration maintenance. Make sure you take enough water with you on your hikes! I carried a gallon of water for hikes in the 8 mile range.

  • The roads of Utah are good,...

    The roads of Utah are good, but be sensible when driving on the steep switchbacks and use a low gear or risk burning out your brakes.I don't know how often this happens, but near Goosenecks Park, a nice blacktop road changes to VERY steep gravel switchbacks without guardrails and back to blacktop at the top of the incline (signs warn you, but it's...

  • The freeways are now almost...

    The freeways are now almost completely finished in preparation for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Traffic is now flowing a lot more smoothly in the Salt Lake City area. However, there are still some spots under construction that may cause some slowing. Construction is now under way in the Ogden area. North and southbound lanes can get very congested...

  • When biking across Utah in mid...

    When biking across Utah in mid summer, take along enough water. Sometimes it is hard to get. This sign warns you: ' No services next 100 mi.'

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Utah Warnings and Dangers

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