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  • Sunset over Lake Champlain, mid-winter
    Sunset over Lake Champlain, mid-winter
    by GraydonWilson
  • Pier over the Lake Champlain
    Pier over the Lake Champlain
    by GraydonWilson
  • Sunset over Lake Champlain, early winter
    Sunset over Lake Champlain, early winter
    by GraydonWilson

Burlington Highlights

  • Pro
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     A Great Place to Spend a Weekend 

  • Con
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     A bit quiet when school is not in session 

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     Burlington - You'll Want To Stay 

Burlington Things to Do

  • Vermont Brewers Festival

    Attention beer drinkers! This is the event for you in Burlington. You can sample a huge assortment of micro-brews produces in Vermont and other northeastern states. This includes the Boston Beer Company (brewer of Samuel Adams), Dogfish Head Draft Brewery, Brown's Brewing Company, Harpoon Brewing Company, Magic Hat Brewing Company, the Portsmouth...

  • Church street is the happening place.

    Church Street is a cobblestone street which is in a closed off section of downtown. This street if the heart of the restaurant/entertainment district. This area has an excellent vibe. Street musicians and jugglers, bohemians and yuppies, young and old, all make for fantastic people watching. Of course this is also the main section for most of the...

  • A beautiful drive on the Lake Champlain...

    Head up Hwy 2 North from Burlington and you will be heading to a wonderful and scenic lake side drive which spans the various islands off of Lake Champlain. Along the way you will be treated to serene vistas and classic New England small towns complete with country stores with long porches that serve hot cider in the fall. Just a nice place to...

  • a stroll through the University of...

    The University of Vermont is a wonderful place to take a stroll, especially in the fall. This university is somewhat spread out so take your walking shoes. Some examples of wonderful architecture is everywhere, as is nice walking paths with great plant and flower life. Can't beat the vibe and energy walking in the path of the youth.

  • Have A Drink At Sunset

    We stopped for a drink at a bar located on the water, I think it was called the Breakwater Cafe. Watch out, because the views at sunset are as intoxicating as anything you can get from the bar.

  • Church St Pedestrian Mall

    Burlington's main drag, the center of shopping, entertainment, and restaurants, is the Church St Mall downtown. It's safe, convenient, and pleasant.


Burlington Hotels

Burlington Restaurants

  • " Best BBQ in Burlington "

    Let's start by saying I'm somewhat of a BBQ fanatic, and have my own smoker at home. In every city I visit, I go in search of the best Smoked BBQ in town, and this is how we found Big Fatty’s BBQ, first off the smoked smell attracted me and my wife from blocks away so we had to stop in and try the food. This is where I met Alex Wilson, proprietor...

  • Hope for Visiting Southerners

    This restaurant located between downtown Burlington and the lake serves up a pretty good approximation of southern barbeque. My wife and I sampled the shredded pork, ribs, and barbeque chicken, and the first two were top notch. Good slaw too. The portions were enormous, and this is definitely not a place for those fixated on their waistlines or...

  • Awesome Bakery in Burlington VT June...

    They have sandwiches now, however, they only make 1 type a day, which is great, so ingrediants are fresh. The sandwich with focaccia bread, mozz, basil leaves, and salami, superb! Also they have excellent tarts.

  • Awesome Bakery in Burlington VT June...

    They have sandwiches now, however, they only make 1 type a day, which is great, so ingrediants are fresh. The sandwich with focaccia bread, mozz, basil leaves, and salami, superb! Also they have excellent tarts.

  • Dining with a View

    The Shanty on the Shore offers fine seafood combined with a view of Lake Champlain. And, if you time it right, you can enjoy a gorgeous lake sunset while savoring your meal. This is one of Burlington's best places to eat. It's pricier than most restaurants, but worth it.The building dates to 1833, when Isaac Nye built it to serve as a dry good...

  • Fabulous Brunch Food

    We tried to get in here for dinner the night we arrived but due to a local theater event there wasn't a table available, which was very disappointing since their dinner menu - especially the long and unusual cheese list - looked fabulous (the restaurant name implies something much more like a burger/steak joint, which is not the case). Next day,...


Burlington Nightlife

  • Live Music on the Waterfront

    If you enjoy live music out in the open air, with Lake Champlain as a backdrop, then visit Breakwaters Cafe and Grill. Every weekend, weather permitting, this unpretentious waterfront eatery hosts live rock and pop bands. Casual.

  • Live Music on Main St

    I didn't try the food here, but the music is pretty good. This is a rock'n roll club, with live bands every weekend. They're mainly local acts, but an occasional big-name band performs here (like Phish).The building goes back to the old days, while the club has been here since 1975. It's been written up in Rolling Stone and National Geographic...

  • Live Music Seven Nights a Week

    Traveling with a music lover, there was no way we could miss Nectar's, the Burlington live music venue where many local (and not so local) bands, including Phish, got started. We were a little on the early side, but that worked out well because we were able to get a beer (they actually had an impressive selection of craft brews) and sit down for a...


Burlington Transportation

  • Lake Champlain Ferries

    The ferries on Lake Champlain have operated for centuries. Today, the Lake Champlain Transportation Company provides this vital service. The boats connect Burlington, Port Kent, Essex, Charlotte, Plattsburgh, and Grand Isle, on both the Vermont and New York sides of the lake. The boat between Burlington and Port Kent, New York, runs daily from June...

  • Use the Bus System

    CCTARIDE.orgThis is all you will need to get anywhere! If it is a little more off the beaten path, you don't have a rental car, and don't feel like blowing money on a taxi (particularly terrible here)......hitchhike. You'd be surprised how easy, safe, and common it is compared to most places.

  • Union Train Station Right by the Lake

    Union Station is 1/2 block from the lake and within walking distance of King Street Landing where the ferry goes to New York. For those who come into Burlington by train this is a great convenience.


Burlington Shopping

  • Vermont crafts

    Frog Hollow is a gallery for the Vermont State Craft Center - there's a second location in Middlebury - and they showcase a very diverse array of high-quality items by local artists: some of the items have a pretty hefty price tag, though there's really a wide variety of options. They have an extensive stock of work by well-known artists like Sabra...

  • Great Book Browsing

    As with any college town worth its salt, Burlington sustains several bookstores, and Crow Bookshop is probably the most unique. They specialize in second-hand and overstocked books, and they have a huge selection of books for an academic audience as well as very impressive sections on cooking and gardening: we found it very easy indeed to while...

  • Burlington's Best Shopping

    The Church Street Marketplace, located in the heart of Burlington, is a fantastic place to shop, eat, sip coffee, people watch and much more. I was even lucky enough to catch a really funny street performance. It is approximately four blocks long and closed off from traffic (pedestrian only) which means you can wander around and not have to worry...


Burlington Warnings and Dangers

  • You'll Want to Stay!

    Once you visit Burlington you may not want to leave! This is a beautiful place to live and work. Four seasons of beauty - although the long-standing joke is that we have 3 seasons, one of them being MUD SEASON! The only drawback is the high cost of living vs low wages. But, it can be worth it to those who cherish the beauty of nature, a fairly...

  • safety

    Burlington is about as safe as an average American city (that is what the crime stats claim).In any given year, there are: 1 murder, 15 rapes, 20 robberies, 100 assaults, 2500 thefts of various kinds.Twenty-nine sex offenders have registered in Burlington which is not very many for the city's population, statistically speaking.Use common sense and...

  • With Winter travel many of the...

    With Winter travel many of the flights are delayed so be prepared if meeting other party members. Also these people are very familiar with snow and they tend to drive a little fast and don't have a lot of patience with those who don't have snow driving experience.


Burlington What to Pack

  • Unpredictable weather

    Be prepared for sudden changes in weather: Lake Champlain is right nearby and can create unexpected changes, while the fact that you're well to the north of Vermont and not far from the mountains also have an impact. Expect snow earlier and later than further south, and it's never any harm to throw an umbrella in your car before you leave!

  • Better Take a Sweater or a Jacket

    Take the usual bag on wheels or backpack, you don't need anything special for Burlington. Everyone was dressed very casually. It would be a good idea to take a jacket any time of the year as very cold winds blow off Lake Champlain. A good camera and some 400 film to capture views on an overcast day.

  • Burlington Hotels

    16 Hotels in Burlington

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Burlington Off The Beaten Path

  • Visit the quaint small town of St....

    This town calls itself the Maple Syrup Capital of the world. All I know is that it is a quaint New England town to stroll through in a couple of hours. Located off of Highway 7, about 25 miles north from Burlington, this town has some quaint antique shops and a beautiful little park. Ideal place in the fall. As you can see in my pictures, the...

  • Go Cliff Jumping!

    There are many places within a short drive (or even walk) from the downtown to go cliff jumping. A good starting spot is at North Beach. Follow the beach north to a trail. The trail will cross a field. Go Left at the fork in the field. Take a left at the next fork as well. This will lead you to "the tables". This is a good 30-35 ft jump into Lake...

  • Just a ferry ride away

    Over on Grand Isle there is a little shop that is reallya good place to shop for souvenirs. They have a very wide assortment of items at the shop. Their prices are VERY reasonable too. Sweatshirts, cards, maple syrup, maple candy, t-shirts, pens, crockware, coffee mugs, candy...This was such a neat shop that we visited it a couple of times while...


Burlington Sports & Outdoors

  • Good Bike Ride or Walking Trail

    There is a 13-mile bike ride called the "Holy Grail of Rail Trails". Starting fromthe Burlington bike path, you can continue along the gravel Colchester Causeway Trail, ending 3 miles out in Lake Champlain. A unique ferry shuttles walkers and cyclists across the Winooski River for a dollar each way. It's also a great walking path with great views...

  • Waterfront Bike Path

    Burlington is one of those really livable smaller cities, with a great range of leisure resources nearby. We made use of a wonderful bike/running path that hugs the eastern side of Lake Champlain for many miles, and which had plenty of running traffic even on a chilly late-March morning during which we saw a few flakes of snow. The path extends...

  • Ice Racing

    During the winter what were waterways become highways (legal definition with 50mph speed limits) all you have to do is wait until the ice is thick enough and then plow the snow off the ice. This makes a twisty racetrack with all the coefficient of friction of; yes you guessed it ice!This is extreme driver's ed. Recommended for everyone that wants...


Burlington Favorites

  • What Burlington, Vermont offers

    Burlington has a comfortable mix of urban sophistication — museums, theatre, music, clubs and restaurants — and small-town intimacy. All of the usual outdoor seasonal activities are readily available. Several ski resorts are only a short drive away, with the Green Mountains a few miles to the east and the Adirondack Mountains across the lake in New...

  • Location

    With Lake Champian, Green Mountains and the Adironrack Mountains in New York State forming the opposite shoreline, Burlington is gloriously located.

  • Web Cameras viewing from afar

    In this day and age you can sit any where and watch people going about their every day lifes or gaze at senic wonders on the other side of the world. Web Cams are almost every where and sometimes of high resolution. Your can even take control of the remote and pan and zoom all from the comfort of your arm chair. Web Cam Weather Site


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