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  • Gov. John Smith overlooking the James River
    Gov. John Smith overlooking the James...
    by laurenzi1
  • Side of the church from the graveyard
    Side of the church from the graveyard
    by grandmaR
  • Cross in the churchyard
    Cross in the churchyard
    by grandmaR

Jamestown Things to Do

  • Military Through the Ages

    This is a festival of sorts, held once a year since 1984. Re-enactors represent military personnel from 64 A.D. to present time. They are dressed in full period military attire that includes equipment. They are very knowledgeable. I was happily surprised when I came across the 36th Naval Construction Battalion representing World War II in the...

  • Powhatan Indian Village

    Located at the Jamestown Settlement museum, is an outdoor re-creation of a Powhatan Indian village. The Powhatan were the original inhabitants of this area. There are thatched shelters and historical interpreters dressed as Indians showing and explaining life as an Indian during the time of the first colonist.Hours:Monday 9:00 am – 5:00 pmTuesday...

  • Transportation to the New World

    Settlers of the first colony arrived on three ships. They were the named the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery. The Susan Constant was the largest and transported about 75 people alone. Both the Susan Constant and the Godspeed returned to England in June 1607. The Discovery remained behind to continue to explore the coast and rivers of...

  • Jamestown Settlement

    This is a museum and re-created settlement of Jamestown. The main attraction is the replica fort and buildings. It is constructed to show life from 1610 to 1614. There is period actors at the location giving demonstrations on wood and leather works as well as period firearms demonstrations. I found it very interesting and this is a great family...

  • The Voorhees Archaearium

    On the grounds of Jamestown is the Nathalie and Alan Voorhees Archaearium which was built in 2006 to exhibit the artifacts recently discovered during excavation of the site. The exhibits focus on the time period between 1607 to 1624. This is based on artifacts discovered over the last 20 years.This museum is very well done and informative....

  • Jamestown Church

    The Jamestown church has gone through many stages over the course of time. The first church was erected upon arrival in 1607 by John Smith. That burnt down in 1608 but a similar church replaced that. The church and much a Jamestown fell into disrepair until 1617 when Captain Samuel Argall arrived and ordered a reconstruction which included a...

  • The Ambler House

    This ruin are the actual walls and foundation of the Ambler House which was built around the 1750's. Over the course of time, this house was burned down twice and rebuilt. Once during the Revolutionary War and again during the Civil War, both times rebuilt. However in 1895 there was a third fire and the house was not rebuilt.The property was...

  • Structural foundations around Jamestown

    As you walk the grounds of Jamestown you will see low brick foundations. These foundations are re-creations with modern brick to simulate what had been found by archeologist during excavation. The original foundation are re-buried into the dirt where they were found. This is because exposure to the elements would erode and destroy the artifacts. An...

  • Tercentenary Monument

    This monument is the first thing you notice when entering the historic section from the visitor center. It was erected in 1907 to commemorate the 300 year anniversary of the founding of Jamestown. There are several engravings on the obelisk that I found interesting."Jamestown, The first per­ma­nent colony of the English peo­ple, The birth­place of...

  • Jamestowne Visitor Center

    The Jamestown Visitor Center offers a great overview of the historic town. This is where you must purchase a ticket to enter the historic town. The price of admission is $14 and is good for 7 days. This ticket also includes access to Yorktown Battlefield.The town is a self guided walk through the town with some ruins and monuments. You can only...

  • Making glass

    At the site of the Jamestown Glasshouse is an actual operating Glasshouse with furnace and demonstrations. The current structure was built by the Glass Packaging Institute in May of 1976. It is a large would building where you can enter on one end and exits into a store. Unfortunately I missed the demonstration. They are offered when a qualified...

  • Jamestown Glasshouse

    When entering the Colonial Highway towards Jamestown, the first attraction is the Jamestown Glasshouse. Three furnaces were built in 1608 by German settles who arrived on the second supply ship from England. The spot was selected due to the large amount of sand at the location from the James River and an abundance of wood for the furnaces.The...

  • James Fort in 1964

    This is in the STATE park - not the National Park. I suspect that this part of the state park has changed. Apparently you can no longer take photos of the reenactments, and I don't know if the stocks in the first photo are still there. But judging by photos on their web page, apparently the houses with the thatched roofs are still there.Currently...

  • Jamestown Settlement

    Instead of going to the Colonial National Park where they have the foundations of the original settlement, the ruins of the church etc, we ended up at the Official Jamestown Settlement & Yorktown Victory Center Visitor's Site. Here we saw the replicas of the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery – the three ships that brought English colonists to...

  • Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery

    Re-creations of three ships that brought English colonists to Virginia in 1607 – are moored at Jamestown Settlement’s pier The ships are not handicapped accessible so my dad and I went on board while my mom waited with the kids and the stroller

  • Old World Pavillion

    Food and drinks are not allowed inside the museums or the outdoor living-history areas. Photography and video/audio recording are not permitted in the museum orientation theater, museum theater and gallery exhibits. Obviously that was not the case when we visited in 1964There is a new documentary film, 1607: A Nation Takes Root, shown every 30...

  • Jamestown Festival Park

    In 1964 we went to the Jamestown Festival Park - the state park - first. Then as now there was free parking and gift shops. I don't think the 190-seat Jamestown Settlement Café was there then.All areas of the museums, except on board the ships, are wheelchair accessible. A video tour of the largest ship, the Susan Constant, is shown in the...

  • Powhatan Indian Village at Jamestown...

    There are two parks at Jamestown. One is the US Park Service park (Federal) and one is a Virginia State Park. When we lived in Norfolk (1960-1964) my husband and parents and the kids went to the state park.The Powhatan Indian village is based on archaeological findings at a site once inhabited by Paspahegh Indians, the Powhatan tribal group closest...

  • jamestown monument

    the jamestown monument was erected in 1907 to commemorate the 300 th anniversity of the founding of jamestown. this granite obelisk is 103 feet tall.

  • ditch and mound

    a system of mounds and ditches were built in colonial jamestown to provide drainage, to mark property boundries, and to serve as garbage disposal. some of the larger mounds in the park are the remains of confederate defenses during the civil war.

  • site of swann's tavern

    colonel thomas swann lived across the james river from jamestown at swann's point plantation. colonel swann also owned a tavern in jamestown. the foundation of this elongated four room structure was typical of such establishments at the time. because colonel swann advised the rebel nathaniel bacon, his plantation was undamaged during bacon's...


Jamestown Transportation

  • The River and the Ferry

    The Indians walk everywhere or used canoes on the river.To the colonists, the James River wasn't just something that was a beautiful view or even a place to get food. According to the sign in photo 3, it was a lifeline because ships from England brought seeds, cloth, food, and more settlers. When we first visited in the 60s, we took a ride on the...

  • Take the Jamestown Ferry over to Surry,...

    This is a FREE FERRY between Jamestown and Surry Va..it takes about 15-20 minutes one-way. We took my mother-n-law on it in May 2006, it was her first boat ride ever..she enjoyed it more than she thought she would..

  • Jamestown Hotels

    0 Hotels in Jamestown

Jamestown Shopping

  • Home made glass

    At the current glasshouse at the Glasshouse historic site, they have a store selling glassware that was made on site. The glassware is in the style of the period of early 17 century and revolutionary period. It is very impressive collection. Prices are a bit high but I don't usually purchase glassware so I can't be sure if it is too much.

  • Glass from the Glasshouse

    I didn't buy anything at this shop - we were on the last leg of a long journey, and I didn't want to buy anything fragile.At the Glasshouse you can watch as glass artisans make green glass wine bottles, similar to those found at Jamestown, and other items. These include vases, pitchers, candleholders, wine glasses and paper weights.The website...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Jamestown Warnings and Dangers

  • DEBBBEDB's Profile Photo

    by DEBBBEDB Written Aug 19, 2013

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    After we visited Williamsburg, we also went to Jamestown. I remember visiting Jamestown when I was a kid, and I remember a brick church tower. I didn't know that before you get to the Historic Jamestowne which is part of the Colonial National Historic Park where the brick church and the foundations of the houses are, you come to Jamestown Settlement which is a Virginia State Park.

    When I was there, I also bought a ticket to the Yorktown "Victory Center" which is also part of the Virginia state park system, because I did not realize that the Yorktown battlefield (part of the National Park system) is free and they have a very good visitor's center there.

    So beware of going to the Virginia state parks...

    Adult ticket prices for Virginia parks
    Jamestown Settlement $16.00
    Yorktown Victory Center $9.75
    Combination Ticket $20.50
    Children 6-13
    Ages 6-12
    Jamestown Settlement $7.50
    Yorktown Victory Center $5.50
    Combination TIcket $10.25

    ... if you really want to go to the National Parks which will be a lot cheaper

    Admission to Jamestowne National Park
    Adult (16 and older) - $14; good for 7 days entrance to Historic Jamestowne and Yorktown Battlefield
    children 15 and under free

    Don't stop until you see this sign
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Jamestown Sports & Outdoors

  • grandmaR's Profile Photo

    by grandmaR Written Sep 17, 2009

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    We saw a marina on our way in to Jamestown, and it is on the map as Jamestown Yacht Basin. Apparently there are also camp sites there.

    marina from the road
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Jamestown Favorites

  • Captain John Smith

    John Smith is credited with establishing the first settlement in the America's in April 1607. He also credited with establishing trade with the local Indians. This was essential for the survival of the colony. Many of the colonist died during Smith's leadership due to starvation and disease. With his leadership called into question, he returned to...

  • James Fort

    The first structure at Jamestown was a fort. The fort is known to be in a triangle shape from a drawing made by a Spanish Ambassador in 1609. However the exact location of the fort was not known until 1994 when archeologists when artifacts and evidence of the fort where it is re-created today. There is still scientist working at the site and...

  • Pocahontas and Jamestown

    Pocahontas was born in 1595. She was the daughter of Powhatan, an Indian chief who's village was near the Jamestown landing. What I found interesting is that Pocahontas was not her real name. Her birth name was Amonute. Pocahontas was just a nickname meaning "playful one." She became famous by the stories told by Captain John Smith. Smith claimed...


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