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  • manassas depot
    manassas depot
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  • mannassas museum
    mannassas museum
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    peace monument
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Manassas Things to Do

  • manassas national battlefield

    most visitors to manasas come to see the manassas national battlefield. the battlefield is located nine miles north of downtown on sudley road (VA 234). for those interested in civil war history this is a must see site in northern virginia. for more information see my manassas national battlefield pages for a virtual tour of the battlefield.

  • site of wilmer mc lean's house

    wilmer mc lean is an interesting character in american history. just prior to the first battle of bull run confederate general p. g. t. beauegard made mc lean's plantation his headquarters. on july 18 th 1861 some of the first shots of the battle of bull run were fired on mc lean's house. during the battle mc lean's barn was used as a confederate...

  • candy factory

    the hopkins candy factory was established in 1900. the factory was destroyed by fire in 1905 and the current factory building was built in 1907. today this historic building is home to the center of the arts of greater manassas. the candy factory hosts frequent art exhibitions.

  • site of the peace jubilee

    in july 1911 the manassas national jubilee of peace brought together union and confederate veterans to commemorate the 50 th anniversary of the first battle of manassas. at this site president william taft gave a speech to the veterans.

  • old courthouse

    pictured is the fifth prince william county courthouse built in 1897. this courthouse was in constant operation from 1897 to 1983 when the current courthouse was constructed. the old courthouse is most famous as the site of the 1911 manassas national peace jubilee. today the courthouse can be rented for private functions. the old prince william...

  • manassas museum

    the manassas museum is a good place to learn about the history of the virginia piedmont area. they have displays and relics explaining the history and culture of manassas. the museum store has an excellent collection of books for sale relating to the civil war in virginia.

  • manassas visitor center

    located in the historic manassas railroad depot is the manassas visitor center. at the visitor center you can get a walking map of manassas' historic district and information on area hotels, shops, and restaurants. the visitor center also has a small museum on railroad history. a good first stop on a visit to manassas and the manassas national...

  • The birth of combat medical care

    Two of the most decisive battles of the Civil War were fought in the Manassas area. Sometimes they are referred to as Battles of Manassas but I am more used to hearing them referred to as the Battles of Bull Run. There was a lot of carnage in both instances but there was at least one positive outcome which resulted from the first of those...

  • The Visitors Center

    Here is the ideal starting point for a visit to Manassas. Learn what the town has to offer. It's still a working rail station; Amtrak offers regular service to Washington during the work week. It also has some interesting exhibits, a lot of good brochures, and a helpful staff to provide information. It's open daily, 9:00 to 5:00, except Christmas,...

  • Walking Tour of Downtown

    Downtown Manassas offers a number of attractions. One can see where the Confederate defenses once stood, although there is very little left of them. The Prince William County Courthouse is where the 50th anniversary of the First Battle was commemorated in July 1911. Veterans of both sides got together and reconciled.Another point of interest is...

  • The Farmers' Market

    Every Saturday, from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm, local farmers sell their produce here. It's also a great place to socialize and people-watch.

  • Center for the Arts at the Candy Factory

    In this old candy factory, dating to 1908, is a modest art gallery. Most of the works are photos by local artists. It also has youth activities, performing arts, and more.


Manassas Hotels

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Manassas Restaurants

  • cajun

    okra's is a great louisiana themed restaurant and bar in downtown manassas. very good cajun and creole food in a bourbon street atmosphere. a fun place to eat and drink in downtown manassas.

  • One of the best restaurants !

    You could watch the chef doing the cooking these steaks, chicken and shrimps right front of you. The chef gave some showy performance while doing the cooking. These grilled steaks and chicken tasted very delicious.

  • oh, how marvelous, Daphne, the...

    oh, how marvelous, Daphne, the battle is commencing! What a positively super spot for a picnic. Do be a dear and pass the pheasant


Manassas Shopping

  • Upscale indeed!

    Okay, there's nothing wrong with the Manassas Mall. But if you, from Brazil, in Virginia, can't find that magical American lotion to take for your Colombian friend in the Netherlands (who first found out about this lotion in California), have your Floridian hostess drive you to this elegant shopping-center! They have all the famous brands you need,...

  • Not crummy at all

    The times when I didn't have a chauffeur in Manassas, this mall was what I could reach on foot. I was the only person brave enough to face those 5ºF or -12ºC and walk outdoors, so people would look at me, a dark figure crossing the highway, but I was not embarrassed because all they could see were my eyes... if they tried really hard.

  • Manassas Hotels

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Manassas Off The Beaten Path

  • Downtown Manassas. If you go...

    Downtown Manassas. If you go to the town of Manassas, you will be miles from the battlefield of either the 1st Battle or the 2nd Battle of Manassas. We came across a local newspaper-The Prince William Times- which by divine providence announced an eleven o'clock re-enactment of the battle, within a day-July 21-the 141st anniversary of the...

  • walk the 1 mile path around...

    walk the 1 mile path around the battlefield. It is marked with plaques describing the events chronologically as they took place on July 21, 1861. It is the first battlefield I visited where the events are made comprehensible.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

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Manassas Favorites

  • clear skies

    This weather cam may not be as useful as others because Manassas has so many nice days that you hardly ever have to check the weather. But if you are going to be in the area, here is a webcam to look at anyways.The camera is located on Mayfield School and is generally pointing N-NE to avoid damage due to...

  • Danger follows me...

    Of course when I was in Manassas they were having the worst temperatures since the Blizzard of the Century in 1996... it was the headline of the week, the EXTREME cold... so I go to Key West and there's a hurricane, go to London and they raise the terror warnings to super-high, go to Manassas and the temperature drops to -30º, what's wrong with...

  • the defenses on Henry Hill...

    the defenses on Henry Hill were slightly better than nothing: behind these wooden fences you had maybe 50% protection against a projectile


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