Nightclubs and bars in Virginia

  • Crowd at the lower patio
    Crowd at the lower patio
    by HotSpotJ
  • Calm Main Street
    Calm Main Street
    by HotSpotJ
  • Sweet tea Lemonade
    Sweet tea Lemonade
    by cjg1

Most Viewed Nightlife in Virginia

  • Astrobuck's Profile Photo

    "The Strip": Virginia Beach Nightlife

    by Astrobuck Updated Mar 22, 2007

    This place is a happening place. Bars, restaurants, souvenier shops, haunted houses, and NUMEROUS motels are all along this stretch of land. Sorry for not having a time here was really demanding, so I never got to take many pics.

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  • matcrazy1's Profile Photo

    Super 8 Motel, Harrisonburg and others: In Virginian bed :-)

    by matcrazy1 Updated Oct 2, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I spent my Virginian evenings/nights mostly either driving a car (usually up to 11-12 pm) to reach destination for the next day visit or in a hotel room with my wife, Urszula (matcrazy0).

    As you can see in my picture the most comfortable Virginian bed was in Super 8 Motel in Harrisonburg (western Virginia). In Virginia and generally in the USA single beds are usually much wider than in European budget hotels and motels. I wonder why. Average American human being is not larger than European one as I noticed, both are mostly L. Additionally they have quite many mostly shorter Asians and thinner Latinos (S or M) in the USA. Well, maybe European compact beds explain why we still have more children in say Poland.

    Apart from as above Urszula and I were busy reading travel literature and maps trying to prepare our itinerary for the next day which was always great fun. I also transferred my pictures from memory cards to laptop and charged batteries.

    Dress Code: Whatever you or your company like. Your room is your castle.

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  • matcrazy1's Profile Photo

    Richmond and Pulaski: Night photography of architecture

    by matcrazy1 Updated Sep 30, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Every experienced photographer has to admit that the most interesting photographs are not those taken on clear, sunny day but at night, at sunset/sunrise and even during worse weather (fog). In October and November days are short thus I often drove through Virginian old towns and cities at night. I could easily find quite many beautiful historical buildings which were usually heavily lit. So, part of my Virginia adventures was night photography of old archtecture with a tripod. Let's say about Pulaski and Richmond.

    My wife, Nat and I enjoyed a lot long walk along the Historic Fan District which finished in the evening. The Monument Avenue was not heavily lit but the monuments (to Robert E. Lee in my picture) were.

    Despite darkness I hit my car towards city of Pulaski in western Virginia because of its Polish name. The Pulaski County Courthouse looked impressive and was heavily lit at night. Thus I had to stop to take a few pictures. Look at pictures 3-5.

    Dress Code: No special dress but a tripod is required.

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  • matcrazy1's Profile Photo

    Sheraton National hotel, Arlington: Night views over the Pentagon

    by matcrazy1 Updated Sep 30, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Arlington I stayed in Sheraton National hotel which stands alone as the tallest building in this area. The night views over the Pentagon and Washington, DC are spectacular.

    I am sure you watched it on TV as the hotel was occupied by journalists after terrorist attack over the Pentagon as the only hotel with such view. Well, you have to take night pictures through window glass as a roof terrace is closed. If the view from your room is on opposite direction to the Pentagon, or you stay at lower floor, take an elevator to the 16th floor to find a room (in front of the ball room) with glass wall overlooking Pentagon and Washington, DC.

    First we started to look for the landmarks of the area we were going to visit the following two days. Enlarge my picture, please and look for large building of the Pentagon. Put good glasses on and try to find out small points of the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument.

    Dress Code: No special dress but a tripod is required.

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  • matcrazy1's Profile Photo

    Jaleo Crystal City restaurant: Meet other VT-ers! :-)

    by matcrazy1 Updated Sep 30, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Arlington in Northern Virginia is just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC. Its part called Crystal City is full of hotels and restaurants mostly less expensive than in U.S. capital and is connected by very convenient metro with Washington, DC - a must see for every U.S. citizen. It makes Crystal City the most convinient location for VT-meetings in Virginia. Let's meet at least a few VT-ers. As for today there are 4,235 VT-ers living in Virginia and 948 in Washington, DC.

    When we entered our VT-meeting place, Jaleo Crystal City restaurant, we saw huge, colorful and loud interior. Although it was busy Friday we were seated right away at long table, which made sense given the size of our group. We enjoyd our company, food (tapas) and drinks a lot and shortly we had great fun. Despite numerous drinks and many, many tapas we didn't pay a lot as for 6 persons - $120.23 plus tip.

    Urszula (my wife, matcrazy0) and I were lucky to meet the following VT-ers:
    - Kathy from Dallas, Texas (Kodi01)
    - Kristi from Chicago, Illinois (Dabs)
    - Chris from Atlanta, Georgia (balfor)
    - Nat from Richmond, Virginia (b1bob).

    First, it was very moving that these friends came from so far and wide to meet us... Then, they welcomed us on American soil like we were a king and queen or a rock star. We had great time... I'm speechless.. Let's meet again... Welcome to Poland.

    Details on our VT-adventures are put in my Arlington page (in Nightlife and General tips and in my travelogues).

    Dress Code: Whatever you feel comfortable. Look at my pictures.

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  • chewy3326's Profile Photo

    Beach St. USA: Beach St. USA

    by chewy3326 Written Feb 2, 2006

    In Virginia Beach, each night (in summer), along Atlantic Ave, there is the Beach St. USA, a nightly show of music and magic tricks by performers paid by the city of Virginia Beach. This mainly a lure for tourists, but really isn't that bad of a place; besides shopping and watching local performers, you can also sometimes see a show of fireworks. It's quite an interesting place.

    Beach St. USA

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  • tpangelinan's Profile Photo

    The Marina: A Marina at Night!

    by tpangelinan Written Nov 26, 2003

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sittin' on the dock of the bay watchin' the tide roll in! There's nothing like being at a marina at sunset for some great shots! It's so peaceful, the birds flying & singing, the sound of the water hitting the dock and watchin' the sun set ( with a camera of course )!

    The Marina
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  • Jersey_John's Profile Photo

    the waterside mall: Waterside

    by Jersey_John Updated Oct 30, 2003

    This place has it all! Great restaurants, great bars and good shops.

    ****BEWARE THOUGH*****
    DUI's are handed out like crackerjacks at a baseball game! I don’t drink and drive, but for those who do- THEY WILL GET YOU!!!!

    Oh and for all of you single guys...

    Anytime a naval ship comes back in from being out to see for any period of time, there will ALWAYS be a lot of navy girls waiting for YOU! They will buy you drinks, food and....
    And if you have no morals, which I do, then when the sailors go out hit the bars. That is where you will find ALL naval spouses that need one night of fun. My father always told me I should do it, but I was in the army and know how it felt!


    Dress Code: Some Causual. theres no actuall code per se, but you will feel out of place if you are not dressed semi casual.

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  • Jersey_John's Profile Photo

    Virginia beats: Club Scene

    by Jersey_John Written Oct 30, 2003

    Anyone who is interested in the club scene in VA, be it small clubs or huge parties with huge dj's spinng, should go to

    online mixes, up to date calender of events and more.

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  • Hole in the Wall - punk rock...

    by Lulu-Girl Written Aug 26, 2002

    Hole in the Wall - punk rock bar.
    The Bamboo Cafe - fun little bar.
    Simply a dirty, cozy hole in the wall. Sometimes bands squish in there to play. Usually the music is good, if you are into alternative music.

    The Bamboo Cafe, a great bar with great food and a sometimes very weird mix of people (very old to just the legal limit). The Bamboo can be a bit stuffy sometimes, only sometimes (depends on the crowd for the evening) *but* there are several other bars on the same block that offer a different variety. I would still check out the bamboo first. Very cheap happy hour!!

    Dress Code: None. Whatever. Just don't be naked. haha.

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  • vilkas's Profile Photo

    If you want to party the night...

    by vilkas Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you want to party the night away and wake up with a hangover, go to a club in Richmond or Washington, D.C. If you want to have fun, go to a bluegrass concert!!!! They're never hard to find in the Valley - see Dr. Ralph Stanley, who hails from southwest Virginia, or any of the other purveyors of that old-time, high and lonesome sound. Now that's the America I know and love.

    Dress Code: As they say, 'Wipe Yo Feets' before you come in!

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  • The Greenleafe Cafe,...

    by go4broke Written Aug 24, 2002

    The Greenleafe Cafe, Williamsburg
    The best of a handful of bars in the tourist/college town caters to William & Mary students. Uncomfortably packed on weekends, but Sunday night is 'mug night' where you can fill up your greenleafe mug (about 2.5 pints) for $3-5.

    Dress Code: Casual student type dress.

    If you're that kind of guy, wear your J Crew and a dirty white baseball cap to blend in.

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  • tpangelinan's Profile Photo

    Docks at night

    by tpangelinan Written Nov 26, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    These boats were perfect, clean, running and ready to go out to sea for the night. This guy had money in his fleet, all the latest goodies. they were maintained really well.

    Fishing boats
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