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Rosslyn Things to Do

  • Public art in Rosslyn

    Some of the public art in Rosslyn includes "Dark Star Park" near the Iwo Jima Monument (1984), "Cupid's Garden" right on Wilson Boulevard (1994), "Anna and David" above the Wilson boulevard Safeway (1986), and "Liquid Pixels" on Lynn Street above Cosi Cafe (2002).

  • Fort Haggarty

    Rosslyn was home to a small Civil War fort called Fort Haggerty. Today there are no remains of this fort, except for a small historical marker erected in 1965. The fort was named after Union Lieutenant Colonel James Haggerty who was killed at the first Battle of Bull Run in nearby Manassas, VA.The fort stood near the Georgetown-Alexandria road, as...

  • Fort Ethan Allen - near the Chain Bridge

    Fort Ethan Allen was an earthwork fort in Arlington, Virginia. It was built by the Union Army in 1861 as part of the defense of Washington during the American Civil War. The remains of the fort, a portion of the earthen walls, now overgrown, are now part of Fort Ethan Allen Park. The historic fort is listed on the National Register of Historic...


Rosslyn Restaurants

  • Tivoli Pastry and Gourmet - Rosslyn...

    I have been on a constant quest to find the best breakfast sandwich and coffee in Rosslyn. So far I have been to McDonalds, Skywalk Cafe, Cosi Cafe, and Coffee Express, and my latest stop was Tivoli. I don't remember seeing breakfast sandwiches on their menu in the past, but one day, sure enough the sign advertised them. So I stopped in one day and...

  • Kanpai Sushi - Rosslyn, Arlington, VA

    Kanpai is a sushi spot, run mostly by Koreans, in the Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington. I was wandering around looking for dinner one night around 9:45, and stopped in here because most places closed at 10:00pm. Kanpai was open until 10:30, so I decided to stop in.I was warmly greeted by one of the waitresses and I chose a seat at the sushi bar....

  • Cafe Asia - Wilson Blvd, Rosslyn,...

    The first time I walked past Cafe Asia in the fall of 2008 I was impressed by the huge number of customers packing the outdoor sidewalk tables. Once arrived the tables were gone but the inside is still usually busy. I finally got a chance to eat here when meeting a few friends for lunch. The interior is huge and spacious, and, we quickly...

  • Skywalk Cafe - Rosslyn, Arlington, VA

    Skywalk Cafe is above Rosslyn Station and is a very popular neighborhood cafeteria for all of the local office workers. They have a little of everything from prepared main dishes like meats and veggies, to short order sandwiches and fries. Most of the workers are Asian, and they offer a few Asian dishes. Seating is limited, but most people get...

  • Red Hot and Blue BBQ - Rosslyn,...

    Headquartered in Arlington, VA, Red Hot and Blue has franchised locations across much of the country, centered mainly in the Mid-West and the Mid-Atlantic states. I have eaten at a few locations, notably the Arlington (Rosslyn), VA branch and Annapolis.The brisket is "to-die-for," the sausage will almost kill you. My last visit I had the three meat...

  • Ray's Hell Burger

    Ray's Hell Burger is a hidden gem with probably the best burgers in the DC area if not the entire solar system. First and most difficult, find the nondescript store front hidden in a small plaza on Wilson Blvd... so inconspicuous is the restaurant that it doesn't even have a sign on the facade. Next, find the menus... they are located in a...

  • Rosslyn Metro Mall Food Court -...

    Philadelphia Mike's looks like a dump, like most of the other places in the Rosslyn Metro Mall. But this restaurant, run by an Indian family, has some great food options at cheap prices. I've tried their shami kabob and gyros that run about $6 a meal, plus a little extra for drinks. They also offer a few sandwiches.The biggest problem with this...

  • McDonalds - Rosslyn, Arlington, VA

    I have never written a tip about a typical American fast food joint before, but this one deserves mention. I have been to the Rosslyn, Virginia McDonald's more than any other restaurant in the DC area, and probably more than any restaurant anywhere. In just a month and a half, I have visited this McDonalds at least 20 times, mostly just for coffee,...

  • Cafe Cu Cu - Rosslyn

    Cafe Cu Cu is a large restaurant with a deli, short-order grill, and buffet. This is a popular place for lunch in the neighborhood because it has something for everyone. They offer cold sandwiches ($4.50 to $5.50), hot sandwiches ($5.00 to $5.50), and a buffet with hot foods, salads, soups, and even sushi and a unique Mongolian BBQ. They also offer...

  • Oak Street Cafe - Rosslyn

    One of dozens of small, nondescript cafes lining the streets of Rosslyn to serve coffee and sandwiches to local military and businessmen who work in the nearby high-rise offices. They offer four or five types of coffee, a few types of fruit, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, chips and other quick snacks. Nothing special, but nothing wrong here...

  • Gallery Market & Cafe (& Dry Cleaning?)...

    Oak Street Cafe is a decent place near the Rosslyn Metro to grab coffee, sandwiches, or even beer, some groceries, and the dry cleaning. We stopped in one afternoon around 4pm just for coffee and were the only people in the cafe except for the workers and a loud guy yelling into his phone in Spanish for about 10 minutes. We had a cappuccino and a...

  • Lynn Street Cafe- Rosslyn, Arlington

    My latest venture in the Rosslyn area is the Lynn Street cafe just a block away from the Rosslyn Metro station on, you guessed it, Lynn Street. When I arrived about quarter to eight in the morning there were just three other customers in the large, comfortable cafe. I grabbed a large cup of coffee then ordered my regular bacon, egg, and cheese...

  • Coffee Express -- Wilson Blvd, Rosslyn

    Coffee Express is one of seemingly hundreds of small, breakfast and lunch-only delis and coffee shops in the Rosslyn area (OK, the Yellow Pages only lists 87 coffee shops in all of Arlington). This little place is located just a half block from the Rosslyn Metro Station on the neighborhood's main thoroughfare. I stopped in one morning around 7:30am...

  • Manhattan Deli - Rosslyn

    Manhattan Deli is at an odd location in Rosslyn, away from the Metro and facing away from most of the big office buildings. It's location is good, though, because it faces the Iwo Jima Monument and is on the route between this major tourist attraction and the nearest metro station. The cafe reminds me a lot of nearby Skywalk Cafe, though this one...

  • Potomac Perk - in Rosslyn's Holiday Inn

    Potomac Perk is a tiny cafe on the second floor of Rosslyn's Holiday Inn. It can be reached from the hotel lobby or via the "skywalk" system that connects buildings above street level in this part of Rosslyn. I work next door, and buy coffee somewhere almost every morning, so I decided to give it a try one day. I walked over from the skywalk and...

  • Rosslyn Metro Mall Food Court - Tummy...

    Rosslyn's "Metro Mall" is an older, kind of run down place with mostly local establishments, a few banks, small gift shops, and a cafe with some of the best breakfast and lunch option in Rosslyn (the Skywalk Cafe). This "mall" also has a food court, kind of like you'd expect to see in other malls. It consists of a central seating area surrounded by...

  • Cosi Restaurant - Lynn St, Rosslyn

    I hate to review chains, but this was my first time at Cosi, and it is kind of a high-end sandwich and pizza chain, so I decided it was worth reviewing. I arrived around 12:30pm and the line was almost out the door--at least 20 people were in front of me, and I noticed another 10 or 15 waiting for their to go orders. At the time I didn't even...

  • Spice of Life Deli - Rosslyn -- CLOSED!...

    The Spice of Life is a nice little Deli tucked in behind some of the big office buildings on Wilson Blvd in Rosslyn. They have a small outdoor patio with a few tables and umbrellas, and a neat, clean interior. I stopped in one afternoon when visiting the nearby Marine Corps Iwo Jima Monument and heading to Rosslyn's subway station.They have a...


Rosslyn Nightlife

  • Ewingjr98's Profile Photo

    In the Rosslyn Holiday Inn: Vantage Point Bar & Restaurant - Rosslyn

    by Ewingjr98 Updated Jul 9, 2009

    This is a hotel bar... definately a negative. I have always hated hotel bars, probably always will, until I'm about 60 and around the same age as the other customers. But this bar has one big draw that other greasy hotel bars lack: a stunning view over the Potomac River to Georgetown and beyond.

    We stopped in one Friday afternoon around 6pm and grabbed a few seats at the bar. Lhenne1 and I each had a bottle of beer ($5.50 each). The bar area is against the glass and set low so the bar seats face the windows. The bartender walks between you and the windows, but does not block the view. Heck, he barely even stops to see if you need a drink; you won't even know he's there!

    We sat for about 45 minutes and just stared over the bar at the city across the river, trying to pick out key landmarks. From here you can easily see Georgetown University and the National Cathedral behind it in the distance. I was also able to pick out Catholic University, the Georgetown Reservoir, the poltergeist stair in Georgetown, the Naval Observatory, and a few other locations. Unfortunately the bar does not offer any views to the National Mall or the White House.

    The bartender here was pretty bored and our service slow. I planned to have a second beer, but he ignored my empty bottle for about 5 minutes, so we decided to pay and leave. Come for the views, not the service.

    This 17th floor bar is attached to a restaurant with similar views.

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Rosslyn Transportation

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    Driving and parking in Rosslyn

    by Ewingjr98 Written Jul 9, 2009

    Arlington is a tiny county, but it's heavily populated so it feels more like a big city. There are a few highways in Arlington, including I-66, I-395, and The George Washington Parkway, but most of the through roads are large city streets like Wilson Blvd, Clarendon Blvd, Arlington Blvd, Leesburg Pike, Columbia Pike, Clarendon Blvd, Glebe Road, and others. Due to the smaller roads, many people tend to use the Metro here to get to and from their jobs and offices along the Orange Line.

    If you must drive, remember that parking is at a premium in the larger residential and business areas like Rosslyn, Clarendon, Ballston, Falls Church, and other towns. In Rosslyn, there is no free on-street parking that I've been able to find. Metered parking is typically limited to two hours or less. Garages start at $7 a day for early bird parking (usually entering before 7am or 8am), but can run as high as $20 a day, maybe more in the big hotels. I like the garage at 1901 Fort Meyer Drive because it costs just $7 a day if you arrive early, but they don't open until 7am and they have very low ceilings that have scraped my truck roof.

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Rosslyn Off The Beaten Path

  • Potomac Overlook Park (but no overlook!)...

    Potomac Overlook Park is a nice park along the George Washington Parkway above the Potomac River. The park used to have a nice view of the river, but trees on the GW Parkway have grown to all but block the view. Recently the overlook was removed, but during my visit, I walked out to the end of the trail and could just make out the river and the...

  • Gateway Park, Rosslyn

    Gateway Park stands at the Rosslyn end of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. It welcomes visitors into Virginia with three acres of green space, trails, fountains, gardens, restrooms, and an amphitheater. In September of each year this park hosts the annual Rosslyn Jazz Festival and occasional summer film festivals, and this is a prime spot to watch the...

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