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Virgilina Things to Do

  • Virgilina Cemetery

    Most of Virgilina's departed are buried here in this cemetery established in 1840 including Grandaddy Atkins, my great grandparents on my daddy's side, as well as many neighbours. Every fourth Sunday in May, there is a Memorial Service here by the pulpit and the American flag (seen in the middle of the photo) to honour the war dead and pray for...

  • Private Home Architecture

    Even in a town as small as Virgilina, there are varying types of architecture in private homes. The first pic, the Chandler house, is almost reminiscent of a Southern plantation in white with porticos. Contrary to the Chandler house, this more modest house owned by the Tuck family is smaller and is in the middle of a field. The third picture (on...

  • Virgilina Town Hall

    The place where all the important decisions involving the town of Virgilina are weighed. There are 6 town council districts (which works out to one councilman for every 25 people) and a mayor.


Virgilina Restaurants

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    Granny's Country Kitchen: Granny's Country Kitchen

    by b1bob Updated Apr 25, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a legitimate restaurant, folks. Ol' b1bob isn't trying to be funny...this time!

    Favorite Dish: Fried fish, fries, hush puppies

    Granny's Country Kitchen

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Virgilina Transportation

  • Decisions, Decisions

    Just south of the state line in Virgilina, NC (VT only has the Virginia side listed), there is a fork in the road. As you face south, the right fork in the road takes you on Route 49 towards Roxboro. The left fork takes you down Route 96 towards Oxford. Given the choice, I infinitely prefer Oxford simply because it has a better downtown area than...

  • Map of the Virgilina area

    Virgilina is located right on the Virginia-North Carolina border. The nearest towns of any size are Clarksville and South Boston, Virginia; Roxboro and Oxford, North Carolina. Ironically, Virgilina is as little as 50 miles (80 km.) from North Carolina's Research Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) where there are more PhDs per capita than...

  • Cars and feet

    Being a small town, there is no mass transit, so a car is the only option. However, Virgilina is only 70 miles from Raleigh-Durham airport. Going by car or foot is really the only option.


Virgilina Shopping

  • Crafts anyone?

    From dawn until dusk, Florence Avenue (Virgilina's main drag) is wall-to-wall with crafts kiosks. Folks come from all over Virginia and North Carolina, follow these festivals (I imagine many of the same lot attend a similar festival in Scottsburg on every 4 July). Different from years past, the crafts kiosks folded up well before this picture was...

  • The last grocery store in Virgilina

    Virgilina Grocery is a very small family-owned grocery store. There used to be as many as 3 grocery stores in Virgilina, but this is the last of the lot. A small selection of groceries. For such a small selection, the price is rather high because they cannot compete with the chain stores in Clarksville, Oxford, Roxboro (NC), and South Boston.

  • Virgilina Hotels

    0 Hotels in Virgilina

Virgilina Local Customs

  • Gossip at the beauty shop

    Virgilina's communication centre isn't WRAL-TV 5 or even FOX News. The Town & Country beauty shop is really the town's communication centre, every bit like the ancient Roman forums. If a secret you want kept makes the beauty shop, it might as well be on FOX News or WRAL-TV 5. en español, em português

  • Virgilinans Don't Hide Their Southern...

    Southern pride is not meant to offend anybody, but to pay respect to the slower-paced, more friendly way of life in small Southern towns as Virgilina, not to mention the world-class Southern cuisine. We know how to cook our green beans right, folks! It's good to see that folks in Virgilina aren't intimidated by folks in the big cities up north and...

  • Rare sense of community

    Virgilina still holds on to the sense of community (looking after one's neighbours) that has become rarer and rarer these days. In fact, I sometimes think it can only be found in towns this small. I took a short stroll to the post office uptown to get Grandma's mail. I ran into Owen Murray, Grandma's nextdoor neighbour, and I talked with him for...


Virgilina Warnings and Dangers

  • Dodgy mobile phone service

    Being a small town 17 miles (27 km.) from a town of any size, it should come as no surprise that mobile phone service would be dodgy here, at best. As you drive from Clarksville on Route 49, reliable service ends round about Nelson (just before the Mecklenburg and Halifax County line). Coming from the other way, it gets dodgy round about Christie....

  • Virgilina traffic jam

    Summerfest Saturday, particularly between 8 am and 12 noon, is the one day in the year where you will experience a traffic jam in the hamlet of Virgilina. If you attend a Summerfest, either come down the day before or get there as early as possible on Summerfest day. Bring your own folding chairs to set up along the parade route.

  • Don't drink the water

    The only drawback I see to life in Virgilina is the water. All the minerals in the town water make it so hard that if you drop it, it will break. That water can play havoc to the inner workings of those not accustomed. The best alternative I know of is to either drink juices and soft drinks or buy bottled water.


Virgilina Tourist Traps

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    Virgilina Volunteer Fire Department...

    by b1bob Written Feb 9, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The stew earns just two stars because the folks in back of the fire house were a little heavy on pepper and the sugar. It was so sweet that I didn't know whether to dip my bread or the pound cake into the stew.

    Unique Suggestions: Hope that your host has some better stew cooked by the church on the stove when you get there.

    Brunswick stew

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Virgilina What to Pack

  • Bring the sun block

    Yeah, that's right Ol' Nat forgot the sunblock at Summerfest 2002. In my defence, though, I didn't know Dorothy and Mabel would be in town and, before that, I figured to make forays uptown in a more piecemeal fashion. On top of that, I was snapping pictures of the town and the Summerfest for my VT page. The only thing that was burned real badly...

  • Packing List

    You really don't need a lot of stuff for a trip to Virgilina. Virgilina is in the temparate zone. I have seen it get really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer. Dress accordingly. The best time to go is May for the Summerfest. Summer clothes are usually appropriate, but I have seen it get chilly on some Summerfest days too. Check the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Virgilina Off The Beaten Path

  • Virgilina Elementary School

    Kinda right in town, but no other category to place in. Over 100 yrs old, this building was closed in 2003. Recently purchase and possibly to be torn down. I am trying to locate new owners to get permission to photograph what is left. We have to preserve our history.

  • Oxford, NC

    Oxford, North Carolina is a medium sized town on the northern tier of North Carolina. Just across the state line, there will be a fork in the road. Take the left fork (96 east) straight into Oxford (the right fork goes to Roxboro). Oxford is the seat of Granville County, NC and is right on Interstate 85 (exit 204).

  • Clarksville, VA

    Clarksville, VA is on the manmade Buggs Island Lake. The lake has brought tourism to the area in the form of fishermen, boaters and campers (Occoneechee State Park just across the lake). There is a vibrant downtown shopping area with historical houses. There are abundant restaurants and accommodations from national chains to local restaurants,...


Virgilina Favorites

  • Summerfest 2007

    en español, em português Summerfest 2007 was, by and large, the most fun of the lot up to that time. The previous year, gipper84 went with me, but we had to leave in the middle of it to be in Covington. That next year, my brother Hunter, my sister-in-law Jen, my niece Lexi, and their two dogs Anubis and Osiris accompanied Lee and me to Grandma's...

  • Old general store

    This white wooden building has been home to general stores and auction houses off and on throughout my daddy's and my life. As recently as 2004, they had a fairly new retro general store in beautiful downtown Virgilina. They tell me it opened late in 2003. Sadly, by 2005, it was once again the vacant building it had been most of my life. en...

  • Seen Better Days

    This isn't really a fond memory, but the only place to put it. Sadly, Virgilina has seen better days. In the early 1900s, it used to be a copper and gold mining town. At one point, there were as many as three hotels, several restaurants and the streets were overrun with youth and vitality. This was during my grandma Atkins' childhood. 1. When I...


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