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Most Recent Restaurants in Virginia Beach

  • Travler409's Profile Photo

    Dough Boys Pizza: World Famous Breadstix

    by Travler409 Written Apr 8, 2011
    The jutting VW
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    One of at least two on Atlantic Avenue. This one was closest to our hotel. Can't miss it it: yellow front, a blue sequin dolphin leaping over the sidewalk tables. Inside the decor is wood and surfing murals. The front end of a VW bus juts out of the wall.

    Favorite Dish: We ate there twice and both times had the 'world famous cheesy breadstix'. First time it was cut like a small cheese pizza. The second time it was was cut into strips. Yuenglings were only a $1.75 during happy hour.

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  • tpangelinan's Profile Photo

    Rockfish Bar & Grill: Good food with a view!

    by tpangelinan Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Brunch with a view!

    This restaurant is located in the Boardwalk Resort Hotel & Villa, on the boardwalk of course, very good food, we had Sunday brunch. Wonderful buffet, wide spread with lots of goodies, seafood, raw & cooked, omlettes, waffles, all kinds of meats, deserts, danishes, complete. Had a table outside with a great view. The service was good for a buffet style meal, and quality food. Well worth the trip.

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  • butterflykizzez04's Profile Photo

    Zero Subs: Zero Subs is the best subs in virginia beach area

    by butterflykizzez04 Updated Apr 4, 2011
    Noel & Tiffany inside Zero Subs in VAB

    Your sub will be dressed with fresh provolone cheese, lettuce & tomato, onions, spices, oil & vinegar. Hot and sweet peppers are available upon request. Subs from the grill not included.

    These Subs are awesome. We eat here every trip to Virginia Beach. My entire family (brothers, sisters, mom, dad, etc.) love this restaurant. There are many locations throughout Virginia Beach.

    Favorite Dish: I usually get the Grinder served Hot and toasted. It comes fully loaded.
    Noel enjoys the pizza sub and my niece Tiffany always gets a small cheese pizza which is more like a oversized personal pan pizza.

    We love this restaurant.

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  • rottnboxers's Profile Photo

    George's (Not Captain George's): Boy were we surprised!

    by rottnboxers Written Oct 3, 2010

    Went there thinking it was Captain George's. Not being from the area we didn't know there were two different places with similar names. Captain George's was highly recommended by friends so we had our heart set on eating there. Once inside we ask if it were the same place and we were told it was different but against our better judgment...we decided to try it out. Thought how can we not get enough to eat at the buffet. We were very disappointed in the quality not to mention the price. We spent $100 for four of us and none of us was happy when we left. SO careful..don't get george's mixed up with Captain George's.

    Favorite Dish: Their cheesecake :)

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  • Charlie's Seafood Restaurant: Best All-time seafood

    by beachlover59 Written Jul 14, 2010

    Fried, Broiled or doesn't matter. I've been a Charlie's Seafood lover since 1959 when Mr. Charlie gave me bubble gum and a sucker when my parents paid their bill!

    Now, too many years later to admit, I am still certain of this family owned and managed restaurant is the Best of the Beach. If you want ambiance or gourmet maybe this isn't your choice, but if you love traditional seafood prepared using time-honored recipes by locals, then Charlie's Seafood is the place.

    The lightly-battered fried oysters with homemade cocktail sauce are both mouthwateringly succulent and plentiful. The original recipe she-crab soup is renowned both nationally and internationally
    Other favorites include the lightly-spiced (my preference) steamed shrimp and golden fried flounder with any of the numerous veggie choices.
    Speaking of veggies, where can you get freshly prepared yellow squash with sweet onions or hand-cut and ham-seasoned collards or black-eyed peas The potato salad is another homemade favorite. And although Omie has now retired (she cooked there for at least 60 years, her golden nugget hushpuppies are still the best, crisp on the outside and fluffly with bits of onion and slathered with real butter!
    If you aren't happy with anything at all...tell the owner/manager, Paul, Mr. Charlie's grandson,who along with other family members and long-time loyal employees will make your Charlie's Seafood experience the best at the beach. I promise!

    Favorite Dish: Lightly battered, golden fried oysters are my absolute favorite. Hot from the fryer, not greasy, but so juicy... be careful not to burn your mouth with that first bite. Served with fresh potato salad, collards and crispy-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside homemade hushpuppies.

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    by BIGGEST14FAN Written May 20, 2010


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  • Ocean Eddie's: Don't miss the best atmosphere at the beach!

    by amburdick Updated Mar 9, 2010

    Top notch seafood, HUGE shrimp, sweet snow crab legs, decent prices. Located on the fishing pier at 15th street, most of the seating is outdoors on a covered deck conveniently right on the sand.

    Favorite Dish: Fried fish sandwich or platter 2, They are both delicious and very generous portions for the $.

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  • robin_h1006's Profile Photo

    Vintage kitchen: Dont Go During Restaurant Week

    by robin_h1006 Written Jan 27, 2010

    We had a reservation for 3 on a Tuesday during restaurant week. We were excited about it, but this soon faded. We were met at the door by the hostess who was dressed in an outfit that was pushing the standards of approved hostess attire. After she seated us at a great table, she returned for our drink orders and we realized she would also be our waitress. Maybe a server called out or this is standard practice, but she did not introduce herself, was somewhat snippy and seemed annoyed by the entire restaurant week crowd she was dealing with. Did I mention her outfit? If she dropped anything the entire restaurant would have had quite a show.

    Dining- We were told that only the restaurant week menu was available and nothing else. I was looking forward to other items on the menu as well. They can't make a mojito because they are out of mint. The "waitress" rushed our order and said that we must choose our dessert at the beginning of the meal. I choose the Lump Crab cake “Norfolk” with sweet corn & country ham. This also includes a supplemental charge of $8. The crab meat was anything but lump and there was so much filler: peppers, corn and mayo, that the crab might as well been from a can. The crab flavor was completely overpowered by the unnecessary filler. The country ham was under the crab cake and had been reduced to mush and was unrecognizable.

    Our table also had the pumpkin soup which was overly sweet and more like a dessert. The Caesar salad was the best of the appetizers. The Signature Black & White Mac’ & Cheese was served in a small white bowl in the middle of a large white plate that contained a small number of sautéed vegetables. Elbow Macaroni is used for the Mac’ & Cheese and seemed ordinary. The Mac’ & Cheese was acceptable, but definitely not what I would call a signature item. I had the 21 Day Aged Beef Tenderloin with A. Smith Bowman’s whiskey peppercorn sauce, medium rare. The 2 slices of beef tenderloin that came out were medium rare and were tender, but they were unsauced and were lost in a very large plate with a few sparse veggies.

    The "VINTAGE kitchen Deluxe Potatoes for Two Rich Gold Potatoes, Finished with Real Cream and Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, And Sea Salt Loaded with Aged Cheddar, Hickory Bacon, Chive Sour Cream, and Caramelized Vidalia Onions" were good and helped complete our rather empty plates. The potatoes were also an additional $7, while they were good, they should be a standard side dish.

    The Whitehall Gewürztraminer 2005 Whitehall and an outstanding white Pinot Noir from Virginia were great. The star was the Cabernet which was paired with the beef tenderloin. It was full bodied, smooth, great finish and I wish I remembered the name.

    For deserts we had the Vanilla Crème Brule and The Bittersweet Chocolate Parfait With Newsoms Peanut Brittle. The desserts were good. The Crème Brule was a little grainy and overcooked.

    During dessert the waitress walked by and set the check on the table without a word, without offering coffee or anything.

    I know an argument can be made that quality suffers for the quantity of Restaurant Week. I thought the purpose of Restaurant Week was to get customers in the door with the end result that they will return. This will not be the case for me. If a chef can let the quality and service slide during one of the busiest weeks of the year, when they are getting a lot of first time customers, how are the regulars treated?

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  • Il Giardino: Best Pasta on the Beach

    by CKJ2 Updated Jul 23, 2008

    The ambiance is very nice. It's not suit and tie but not shorts and tank top. There is nice Italian music playing lightly in the background. Very cozy. Tables are no too close together. Not too noisy either which makes for good dinner conversation.

    Favorite Dish: I had the pasta with marinara sauce. My husband and son had the pasta with alfredo sauce. They were both superb. We liked everything about this place. We ate there in 2004 and 2005 when we went there on vacation. We stayed at our timeshare so we were able to walk but they do have parking in the back.

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  • Lubo's: Great Wine Bar

    by richard6 Written May 19, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Great food - try the blackened steak/blue cheese nachos - the waitress told me they were chosen best nachos in the region by the local newspaper's tasting panel.

    Everything was fresh and interesting, and it really complimented the wines.

    Nice selection, tastes were free and generous, bottle prices were very, very reasonable.

    Outdoor patio was very, very pleasant. Located near Chick's Beach area.

    Favorite Dish: My favorite dish is any cheese board. Great selections, unusual and delicious.

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  • Charlie's Seafood: Don't waist your time or money here!!!

    by NorfolkNewby Written May 4, 2008

    If I could give this restaurant no stars I would!!!


    First of all, I have no idea how this restaurant even passed the health inspection. It's filthy on the outside and even worse on the inside. We sat at 2 different tables and they were just filthy and sticky. The tables had not been cleaned in probably days, the floors needed to be vacuumed, the restroom was beyond disgusting! I've seen so many cleaner ones at rest stops and gas stations!

    Second, The food was over priced and fishy. The side dishes were NOT fresh, I'm sure they had been re-heated over and over. They boast they have won awards for their $4 "She Crab soup". It's nothing but Clam Chowder made with crab... 1oz of soup for $4? NOT WORTH IT!!!

    Third, I was completely baffled by the servers inability to answer our questions on what a particular dish was, or what something tasted like. Her excuse "I've only worked here for 2 weeks" or "It's not in season so no one's asked me that". My grandfather asked what Roe was... The server didn't even know they were fish eggs. Come on, you work their, you should at least know that.

    Fourth of all, they think WAY too highly of their stuff. We had a party of 6 and had a $103 bill. They're ridiculously expensive. We would have been MUCH better off going to Caption D's or Long John Silver's... Plus, what really got to my mother, they seriously charge 25 cents a hush puppy! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? You go to a Mexican restaurant and they give you free chips, or an Italian restaurant and they give you bread sticks... But they charge a quarter a hush puppy that they AUTOMATLICY put on your table and don't even ask you if you want them???

    I have, honest to God, never been so disappointed in a restaurant visit before. Please do yourself a visit and avoid this place like the plague! There are so many better restaurants in the area. Please don't waist your time or money with them.

    Favorite Dish: NOTHING!!!!!!!!

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  • toemayn's Profile Photo

    Surf Rider: Local favorite

    by toemayn Written Jan 11, 2008

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I visited Va. Beach the first week in Dec.07 and this was the one restaurant that the 3 locals I was with thought that was the best. One unique item for a side dish was a huge amount of steamed broccoli. I didn't have it but one of the guys had it and it looked very good.

    Favorite Dish: Loved the fried shrimp they were some of the best I've ever had . Good crab cake too.

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  • Catch 31: Throw it BACK!!!

    by bumblebees Written Sep 4, 2007

    I agree with another poster that this was by far the worst dinner experience that we have had in recent years! We were asked at the desk if we were staying at the Hilton (where this restaurant is located) or a local - which I guess would determine how long our wait would be. We waited only about 20 minutes on Monday of Labor Day 2007 for a table for 3. We were escorted indoors to a crummy table near the doors to seating outside. The waiter came for our drink order and rolled his eyes a few times. The busboys ran into our seats with their dirty dish cart a couple of times. Our appetizers came and the server just looked and waited for us to CLEAR the table to make room for the appetizers!!!!! Then several minutes later, another server came with our entrees and practically threw them at us and no one had cleared our appetizer dishes yet so there was hardly room for plates. Disgusted the server threw our empty dishes together and my husband had to ask him to please remove the empty dishes from the table!!! And my husband also found lobster shells in his pasta dish!!!
    Stay Away!!! The food was not great and the service was horrible and the price for all that was outrageous!!!

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  • wood_brothers21's Profile Photo

    Catch 31: A very bad catch

    by wood_brothers21 Written Aug 10, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    7.7.2007 was purported to be the luckiest day of the year, but for my wife and I, during dinner on 07/07/2007 at Catch 31, the evening turned wretched. We arrived shortly after 08:00 P.M. and were not concerned that we had to wait an hour for a table as we found seats near the bar. The quantity of the alcohol in each drink served was inconsistent but our server was more than happy to rectify the situation, little did we know it was a prelude to disaster.

    After responding to the pager’s vibrations we were told that we had been notified in error and would need to wait, of course our seats at the bar had been taken by that time. When our table was ready we were very unhappy to find that we were being escorted outside as we had wished to be seated inside the restaurant. The smell of cigarette smoke outside entirely ruined my dining experience. I was not the only one to be disappointed this evening.

    The bread plates brought to our table were soaking wet and my wife found the shells in the crab cake appetizer most distasteful.

    Even in the poor lighting of our outside table I could see that my wife’s mahi-mahi entrée was quite raw. She wanted to send it back but our waiter never returned to ask us if all was well. When he did return, after his extended absence, I mentioned that my wife had been unable to eat most of her main course because she found it inedible. He defensively blurted out that we should have told him! This was, of course, impossible as he had never returned to our table. I asked for the check to be brought to us immediately as I had no wish to prolong our agony. This was done just as requested together with profuse apologies by the server.

    Catch 31 has the unique distinction of providing the worst dinning experience, for which I have paid, in my entire life.

    Favorite Dish: Avoid ordering anything at all costs.

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  • Beale St: Cold Food CHEAP OWNERSHIP

    by drpuck Written Jul 18, 2007

    Went there with my two daughters and grandson. Loved their food in the past. But bad ownership can kill any place. Two of us had ribs, the third pulled pork. Our ribs came out cold....we sent them back, while the third person ate her pork. It took long enough for the ribs to come back out hot that the other person was done, we were out of time (had to go to visit at the hospital), and couldn't sit another 20 minutes to eat. I did not want to take my ribs to go, for $22 I can make ribs at home. At first, their bartender (who claimed to be the manager), refused to take my ribs off the bill, as "they had corrected their mistake." I protested, and he came back with a bill that had the ribs removed, BUT HE CHARGED ME $2 each for the sides that "come with" the ribs, since I had eaten them (I had nibbled on them while awaiting the ribs, but I had not eaten them). I asked to see the owner/manager, but he said he was there but "off duty," and that this is what he had been instructed to do. I asked him if he ever wanted me to eat there again, and he looked at me, swiped my card, and charged me the $4 for the sides that I basically did not eat. I HAVE CROSSED THIS RESTAURANT OFF MY LIST. If they need $4 for a baked potato and baked beans that badly, they're in serious trouble anyway. I plan to go back sometime in the next few days to try to find the owner. I told the bartender/"manager" that I was a native, not a tourist. It also bothered me that they charged a $2 sharing charge for my daughters to split one of their expensive combos, and of course we did not get an extra side for the sharing charge. Not many restaurants charge a sharing charge any more. Desparate. And cold food. And they didn't care. ZERO STARS

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