Virginia Warnings and Dangers

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  • Warnings and Dangers
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  • Warnings and Dangers
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Virginia Warnings and Dangers

  • Bad Neighbourhoods

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    When I first moved to Richmond I had the misfortune of picking a tiny studio off of ChamberlayneHUGEMISTAKE #1. Just to piggyback off of Lil NYs assessment, it is true there are many prostitutes who roam Chamberlayne and there are many drug induced derelicts who do the same. I suspect there are many dwellings that are either haunted or possessed...

  • Behave yourself

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    If you happen to be walking on Broad Street in the downtown area, you will see alot of people standing by their selves . When you walk by them, don't be suprised if they say hello as if they know you. If you happen to ignore these bums and not say a quick" hello how are you " then be prepared to get followed and bothered for the next 2-3 blocks. I...

  • Funny Warnings

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    Richmond is like many other cities... it is not exempt from people who do not pick up after themselves, so as a warning to you and to keep you shoe clean from poo, make sure to be conscious of where you walk when you see a sign like this. $250 is a pretty steep fine, so you can only imagine that this must be a worthy price that they are paying city...

  • Local Ways

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    Sometimes when you are indoors, picture taking can be a tough challenge. Whether or not to use flash, how far to stand away from an object, which angle to shoot from... if you need any advice while in Richmond, call on B1Bob. He has mastered the skill of the indoor photo, as evidenced here in the Capital Building. I am sure if you check out his...

  • Driving Headaches

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    I found the following info on official page of the Museum of the Confederacy: "Parking is available in the MCVH Visitor Patient Parking deck at the end of Clay Street. Bring your parking ticket to the front desk and we will gladly validate (...)." I parked my car there, just by the tall building of MCVH which meant the Medical College of Virginia...

  • Those bloody taxes

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    When you dine in Richmond make sure you bring a few extra bucks for the dreaded meals tax. Richmond is the only place in the metro area which includes Henrico, Hanover, and Chesterfield that has a meals tax. Luckily the darn thing failed in Mechanicsville thanks to the effort of people like B1Bob and myself. B1Bob even told one of our local...

  • Overpriced Stores

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    There was a store called the Haversack Store in the Museum of the Confederacy (details in my shopping tips). Unfortunetely, because we were at the start of a fairly expensive trip around the South I decided not to buy anything there. After I came back home I found their online store. I was even more surprised to learn that the prices there were...

  • Lack of time

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    We arrived in Richmond in the early afternoon. It was a quarter past 4 pm (look at my picture) when we finished our visit to the Museum of the Confederacy. It was too late to visit anything more in the way of museums (they close at 4.00 and 5.00 pm). Capitol tours ended at 4.00 pm. We did have enough time for quite a long walk along Monument Avenue...

  • Smoking Restrictions

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    Warning for smoking Richmond and Virginia was not as strict about smoking in public places and restaurants like say Utah or California. However, in most restaurants I visited, smoking was not allowed. For example La Casita Mexican restaurant proudly announced that it was located in a smoke free building since January, 2004. Warning for...

  • Construction and Renovation

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    Because of renovations and restoration most of the Capitol Square, some sidewalks around and buildings were closed to pedestrian traffic in October 2004. I could see the buildings behind a fence, some surrouned by scaffolding. By 2007 the following buildings will have been restored and renovated: - the Virginia State Capitol, - the Old State...

  • Bugs and Bears

    You really need to be aware of the many parasites while travelling the Skyline Drive or indeed any park. Ticks are a real threat as they carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. No, I am not joking, my husband contracted exactly that from a tick bite while we were birdwatching. Of course, being mere youngsters at the time, we had no idea what he had,...

  • Taking Prison Photos

    Isn't it funny how American prisons are called correctional centres on the false premise that those incarcerated will be reformed? The term is especially ironic here since Mecklenburg Correctional Centre once housed death row. It was the site of a famous prison breakout on death row when 7 condemned prisoners escaped and were on the loose for as...

  • Drive cautiously on all roads in the...

    Drive extremely cautiously on Skyline Drive, as well as on any road in this entire region. Deers and bears routinely cross the road and you don't want to hit them. Our best encounter with wildlife on the Skyline Drive was a mother deer that cut across the road followed by a fawn that could hardly trot (see the pictures). It was at a time when I was...

  • Do not follow the First Ladies!

    I found a lot of pretty copper (a reddish-coloured metal) and brass (alloy of copper and zinc) cookware in numerous gift stores incuding those at Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's property close Charlottesville) and Colonial Williamsburg.Do look at them, do buy them if you like but please never use them for preparing or cooking any food unless you...

  • Flies in Shenandoah National Park

    Don't know if it was mating season or these are just pesky insects because the animals seem to still be hibernating, however....I shall definately wear a hat next time to keep them off my head and a long sleeved shirt!

  • No Cursing

    There is a city ordinance (law) that forbids you to curse out loud. Seriously. Virginia Beach Police have zero tolerance for misbehavior, especially those who decide to curse out loud and disturb others as they are enjoying thier vacation. All over Virgina beach along the strip, you will see these signs posted everywhere.

  • If you want to divorce, man

    If you are a married guy and desperately want to divorce:1. Hire a car (preferrably with no or very basic insurance) or just drive your own car (even better) to Northern Virginia.2. Ask your wife to be your good company.3. Give her a map (the larger the better).4. Ask her to navigate for example from Rosslyn to Jaleo Crystal City restaurant in...

  • Traffic

    Traffic in Virginia is about as bad as it gets, especially in the Washington DC area. The stretch of I-95 from Washington to Fredericksburg is regularly clogged and during morning or evening commutes, it may take up to 3 hours to drive 50 miles on an interstate.Accidents are common at the Springfield Interchange where I-95 and I-495 meet. Northern...

  • The worst food + drink and drive :-)

    On the way from Washington, DC to Charlottesville in western part of Virginia I stopped in the 29er Restaurant & Tavern in Ruckersville along US-29 (just north of US-33 intersection) and it was the worst choice during my US travels. The food (chicken and tossed salad) served there at very low price was not fresh and uneatable... never stop there. I...

  • Closed on Sunday

    I noticed in the South, for the first time in Richmond, that some (few in real) small, probably family run, businesses like say small restaurants were closed on Sunday or more often they were open shorter that day. Instead, on Friday and Saturday they were open longer. It was more common in Virginia and the South than in the western part of the...

  • Watch for young boys and old ladies

    Generally - with the exception of Northern Virginia - driving in Virginia is quite easy. They drive carefully and follow the speed limits or drive maximum 5, rarely 10 mph faster on interstate. But I have a few minor warnings referring to parking and some drivers.PARKINGThere are numerous and well signed parking lots in downtown of Virginian...

  • GO SOUTH whatever you heard of before!

    My trip to Virginia and my southern odyssey was a blast. But before my trip to the South I heard some myths about the South including Virginia. They may discourage some folks to come to Virginia. My reply is simple: GO SOUTH! COMMON OF THOUGHTS ON THE SOUTHBefore my trip to Virginia and the South I heard that even though the South was part of the...

  • Not unique to Virginia but...

    I have a few warnings which are not unique to Virginia but, if unknown, may irritate some visitors.FIRST IMPRESSIONDo not judge Virginia (and any other place on our planet) after 1-2 hours. Dulles Washington International Airport doesn't look great at least in comparison to Shippol in Amsterdam I came from. And many tall buildings you may see in...

  • October/November fog

    Watch for morning fog whenever you drive in October or November, especially in areas close to huge Virginian rivers (the James River, the New River) and in the Appalachian Mountains. Once I had a foggy morning in Northern Virginia in late October. Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park were covered by fog, thick fog at some places in...

  • Warning for smoking folks

    There is ban on smoking:- in fenced, huge area of the Arlington National Cemetery,- in huge area of Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens,- in all metro stations in Northern Virginia including those located outdoors,- in all restaurants, I visited except 29 Diner in Fairfax City,- inside all hotels I stayed except in designated areas (smoking rooms...

  • Northern Virginia traffic jams

    We caught local traffic jams a few times in Northern Virginia and nowhere else in Virginia.RUSH OURSOn weekdays 7.00 am - 9.00 am and 4 pm - 7 pm.1. USE INTERSTATESThe traffic jams were caused by traffic lights on our multilane highway (US-50). When we caught the interstate (I-66) it went much better. Traffic goes faster on the interstate unless...

  • Ocean View

    Not the nicest place on earth! It is safe to walk alone at night, but not comfortably. I think that sometimes the lack of safety is over rated, but I dont dont walk around by myself at night. Same thing for Norfolk and most of Virginia Beach (the city not the oceanfront)

  • Don't get burned!!

    The village blacksmith is always a big attraction at Williamsburg. You can watch as they create hardware and listen to the stories of life for a vilage blacksmith. See my travelogue for more....

  • What's that word?

    For fear of spiders? We got off the Skyline Drive in Luray to spend the night. Stayed at the Days Inn on the 211 Bypass. (can't miss it) My sister asked me the next morning if we'd heard her screaming during the night (in the room next door). no,we didn't.... It turns out she saw a big spider on the wall above her bed, and once they started looking...

  • The weather in the Northern...

    The weather in the Northern Virginia area where I live is easy. In the summer, it's hot and steamy. In the winter, it's cold. In the spring, there are warm days mixed with very cold days. Falls are usually pleasant with chilly mornings. It snows here a few times each year. Most of the time, it's just an inch or so, but once in awhile, BOOM. This is...

  • Watch out for copperheads!! I...

    Watch out for copperheads!! I was never afraid of snakes until the day a buddy and I were hiking the back way down Buffalo Mountain. We were power walking, fast. We were not on a trail but I knew the mountain as if it were my own backyard. I was leading and my buddy was about five feet behind me. I could hear him tromping through the brush so I...

  • County roads have no...

    County roads have no centerline. Stay on your side of the road and drive defensively.I wish someone had told me that before I drove there, but it all turned out for the best. I was on my way out of town towards South Dakota and stopped at Crow's house to say goodbye. Crow said, 'good thing you're here, Dave is looking for some help planting trees.'...

  • Just a word of caution about...

    Just a word of caution about the DC metro area ( I live in Springfield VA) there is an extensive project going on right now for the I-95/I495/I395 'mixing bowl in Springfield and it will be on going for the next 8 years so just take it easy going through and watch for signs . The pace and temperament of the DC area driver is unfortunately not good...

  • If you stay on the Creeper...

    If you stay on the Creeper trail, which is the most famous, there is nothing to really be concerned about. But if you venture into the many other trails that this area has to offer, be aware that in periods of rain, the streams in this area rise very rapidly. Use extreme caution when crossing these streams as the current is stronger than it looks...

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Virginia Warnings and Dangers

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