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    by AliJoe Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Check with local US's Embassy
    a) Visa...b) Type of Driving/Riding Licence for
    the Whole State...c) Where to Obtain the
    Licence/ International's Driving Licence
    Accepted ?...d) Valid Road Map/Include
    Secondary Road Map...e) Which Port the Best
    to Received the Cargo (Bike)...Pittsburg, PA
    is okay ?...e) US's Custom and Port Clearance
    System & Law...g) When the Best Season
    ( assumed Summer ).

    2..Budgets Distance to
    Individual stop over....a) Gasoline...b)Hostel
    c) Motorcycle maintenance shop..d) Dealer or
    local HONDA agent.

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    by DAO Updated Jan 11, 2011

    Make sure you do not get a fine for having an AK-47 under your coat! Seriously. Why pay a fine that is more than the purchase price of your new ‘street sweeper’ self-defence apparatus? Gun laws vary by STATE AS A MINIMUM. You can also have local laws within say a town. If you cross a border between 2 states – you are governed by FEDERAL law. So for example if you fly into Alaska – you are in a safe state for guns and fun. You can buy an AK-47 (modified – no automatic) without a permit, without any pesky ownership documents to trace you by and stick it under your long coat and go shopping at Walmart. Cool. Wal-Mart sells guns so they may look at you mildly funny.

    Now if you take your new assault rifle to California (non-adjacent – work with me) you will get a fine of up to $12,000 for putting it under your coat. UNLESS you have a concealed gun permit. Then it’s back to mildly funny looks at Walmart again.

    If you want to buy a house in Kennesaw, Georgia you had better buy that gun first Buster! Homeowners are REQUIRED BY LAW to own a gun. So if you out an offer down on a house have the real estate agent take you straight to the gun store
    . If you complete the transaction without a gun you have broken the law! As they say “It’s the Law in Kennesaw”.

    Now there is the transport of guns across State Boundaries. If you break Federal Law – lots of Federal laws – you could become a ‘Felon’. This entails – as a minimum – loss of voting privileges for LIFE. If you are a tourist you probably will not care. What you will care about is 2 huge differences between state laws and Federal laws:
    1) Federal sentences tend to be longer
    2) There is no parole/time-off. 10 years is 10 years.

    Then there are state laws on top. Let’s just say that if you commit a crime and flee with a gun over State lines they will give to the Federal authorities. They know you will rot in a cell for a lot longer.

    Go into 1 of 15 states and your ‘permit’ makes you an illegal gun owner.

    And the best? The airport in Greensboro NC (Pictured). You MUST display your gun (holster preferred) when you take a gun into the airport!

    The message? If you want to buy/rent/use a gun on holiday – do your homework 1st!

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    Fake Invalids @ DENVER

    by balhannah Updated Dec 20, 2010

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    In the Denver Mall, you find beggars.

    One of these, we happened to see pushing his wheel-chair along, we laughed about this. Later on, we saw it was no laughing matter, he had a good con going, was sitting in it, wanting handouts!
    Suckers come in!

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    Bag snatchers in DENVER

    by balhannah Updated Dec 20, 2010

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    We were warned by our tourist coach driver to be careful and aware here, said there were a few undesirables here. Keep to the city centre, and don't wander too far on your own.

    First, We saw a drug bust.
    Next, we were in a supermarket in the mall getting a few essentials when I came close to having my bag stolen. I was in an aisle on my own, when a menacing voice from behind asked me if I was on my own. I took off to the shops counter, rather shaken.

    It was one place where I didn't expect this, as there were heaps of people in the shop.


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    The Security Paranoia

    by SunnyIsle Updated Dec 7, 2010

    Do not book connections for less than two hour delay. The security checks can really take you up to two hours. I was almost panicking after a lenghtly security check to connect from Miami to Houston. That was a breathtaking race.

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  • National and State Parks

    by JeffinAZ Updated Oct 16, 2010

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    If you are visiting the United States and enter a National or Statel Park, please show the highest respect. We Americans are very very proud of our countries beautiful scenary. These parks were created for EVERYONE in the world to enjoy. Enjoy them!

    A few hints:

    Do not push your way through lines or talk loud or act rude. Talking loud, particularly in a foreign language, is considered extremely rude, disrespectful and unacceptable. It's not that you are speaking a foreign language, it's that you are inconsiderate of other people in the area who are enjoying the scenary and solitute. We don't like it (even when America's talk loud), and you will get a disgusting look, and probably some comments that you won't enjoy. Also, don't bud in line or push your way through a line. This is extreme insult to other's in line. Don't do it. People will put you in your place, or in some cases get extremely agitated.

    But after all this, Please keep our Parks clean.

    Also, when you meet a US Citizen in the park, please tell them how beautiful their country is. You will get a huge smile and a hearty Thank You. They will also probably tell you the best place for pictures and views.

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    many terrains, many natural dangers

    by richiecdisc Written Jun 20, 2010

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    The USA has many different terrains. It is what makes it so spectacular but this variety also means there are many different types of natural disasters that can come your way. Hurricanes, flash floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes are the big name dangers but even seemingly harmless things like thunderstorms, hail, and snow can wreck havoc on travel plans. Another thing to keep in mind are extremes of hot and cold. It can be 140 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley and pretty damn cold in lots of places especially once you get to high elevations.

    Keep abreast of local forecasts and a watchful eye on the horizon doesn't hurt either. If traveling by car, it's one time you'll be glad you have all that camping gear you've been lugging around. Keep plenty of water on hand, especially if traveling in the desert too.

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    hotels and rental cars during sports events

    by cochinjew Written Jul 4, 2009

    I am not at all interested in american football or baseball. but recently I had to pass through Omaha Nebraska and they were having some National or International (how can they call domestic matches international when i dont see any teams from Libya participating?).. The good people at AVIS rent a car as well as the Hotel advised me that for ten days all rates would be doubled and that it would be difficult to get a car or a room in Omaha. so if you are going through the football belt or when there is the season, it is better to check.. especially in foot ball crazy midwestern states.. good luck..

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    Finger printing and iris reading on arrival

    by cochinjew Written Mar 5, 2009

    For the first time, today, 5th March, on arrival at the Miami International Airport, i had to have my finger prints taken and iris photographed. i asked the agent, now that the information in on the computer, the next time i dont have to do it? he said, from now on, every time i enter the country i will have to do this.. ah well. so be prepared for it.. I think if you are an american citizen you are exempt from this.. all others have to go through this..

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    USA Road Trip witb babies : Rotavirus

    by jumpingnorman Updated Feb 15, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I decided to put this here since a lot of VTers have questions about road trips in USA with young kids...

    We have twins and we have been travelling with them since they were six weeks old (when we took them on a 2000 mile road trip through 4 states). The USA is very child-friendly because the freeways have rest areas and stops everywhere, with all the essentials easily bought.

    The only problem with kids less than one year is if they catch a nasty gastrointestinal virus (like my daughter did when we brought them to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras before Katrina). My daughter got the nasty Rotavirus, but my son did not.

    Of course, you can get ROTAVIRUS anywhere in the world...and just be aware of good hygiene anywhere you go...but sometimes, despite your precautions, the virus finds its way into the body....

    I don't think she got it from the plane ride - she most likely got it from our friend's kid whom we later learned had rotavirus about 2 weeks before (we drove to Texas from New Orleans). She had frequent watery diarrhea, so we brought her immediately to the hospital where IV hydration was started (I poked my daughter myself with the needle to get the IV since I am a physician and her veins were already collapsed from dehydration) and she was admitted for a day.

    With these young kids, bring to hospital when you see frequent diarrhea as dehydration happens very quickly. And although difficult, it may be prudent to avoid having frequent contacts with other kids who may appear sick or just got sick.

    And not to scare you, but here are the facts:

    "Google Rotavirus: On Wikipedia"---- More than 500,000 children under five years of age die from rotavirus infection each year,and almost two million more become severely ill.In the United States, rotavirus causes about 2.7 million cases of severe gastroenteritis in children, almost 60,000 hospitalisations, and around 37 deaths each year. Public health campaigns to combat rotavirus focus on providing oral rehydration therapy for infected children and vaccination to prevent the disease. By the age of five, nearly every child in the world has been infected with rotavirus at least once. However, with each infection, immunity develops, subsequent infections are less severe,and adults are rarely affected.

    Other things about travelling on USA road with kids:

    Hotels and restaurants are generally "ready" for small kids, with baby chairs available and cribs available sometimes. But we still use our disinfecting wipes" before using any chairs....There are "family rooms" in malls, and most restrooms in respectable establishments have diaper changing areas. Discreet breastfeeding is socially acceptable.

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  • US Laws are Severe Toward Non-citizens

    by stevenlpowell Written Nov 25, 2008

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    US laws towards non-citizens are very severe and inflexible. If you have any violation of a law in any country, past or present you may face the danger of mandatory imprisonment, if you are lucky you will be immediately deported. Drug violations, even minor ones are treated very severely. ICE, (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), are trained to question you in ways that will lead to an admission of guilt. You don’t have to be convicted of a crime to be arrested; only an admission is grounds for mandatory detention. The average length of imprisonment is 37 days but some stay for months and sometimes years. Release on bail is difficult and unlikely. You will not receive any legal assistance from the US government you must pay for that yourself. Non-citizens are often transferred to remote locations where communication is difficult. These jails have been cited by human rights organizations as inhumane. People have died in them due to lack of medical treatment. Human Rights Watch is pleading with the US government to correct abusive conditions. US courts have little jurisdiction over the activities of ICE. Non-citizens have few rights once trapped by ICE. Be careful.

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    Lock Your Bags?

    by Court94403 Written Aug 4, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    U.S. Customs is allowed to open and search you bags at any time. However, most travelers that I know especially Americans lock their bags. We use locks approved by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Locks not recognized by Customs as a TSA lock will be broken and destroyed. Four years ago I had two locks removed and broken. If you are using an approved lock customs will unlock your bag, search through it and leave a note inside that your bag was opened and re-lock it. But be careful using these locks, lock the suitcase up at the top where the handle is not on the sides of the bag, sometimes the locks get caught in the baggage conveyor belts. For more info go to locks can also be ordered from this website.

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    by DAO Updated May 13, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In The 1970’s someone invented the Drive-Thru for fast food restaurants. This meant that suddenly millions of Americans were liberated from the need to walk when getting huge bags of unhealthy food. Yep, exercise was cut right down to make it easier. Now you can see (and I have pictures) lots of cars in a huge line belching toxic fumes into the environment because EVERYONE wants to go through the Drive-Thru! Me? I park and, get this, walk inside the whole 20-40 feet and what do I find? I get served right away and have any table I want usually.

    America has an obesity problem. Drive-Thrus? Deadly.

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    by stevemt Written Mar 25, 2008

    If you are flying in from outside the US (as I presume you are) even if you are only in transit, you will go through immigration which includes being photographed and fingerprinted. When I arrived at LAX the first time I had three hours to transship for a flight to Canada, many people told me I would be very lucky to make the connecting flight. Also you have to collect you baggage yourself ant take it to a collection point, this is the case even if you have checked you bags through to your final destination.

    My advise, allow PLENTY of time.

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    Protection from Chiggers

    by LauraWest Updated Feb 25, 2008

    Chiggers are small mites, not insects. You might not even see them, but if they bite you, you will know they are around. In the woods and grassy areas out of urban areas, you may find them. They will leave read sores on your skin and you will itch. Not fun!

    Things You’ll Need:

    * Long Pants
    * Long-sleeved Shirts
    * Socks
    * Antibacterial Soaps
    * Insect Repellents
    * Rubbing Alcohol
    * Sulfur Powders

    Step 1:
    Wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Tuck the pants inside your socks, and tuck the shirt into your pants. Also, be sure your shoes don't have any spots with mesh ventilation, or chiggers could get in there.

    Step 2:
    Spray insect repellent containing DEET (diethyl toluamide) on your shoes and around your ankles, socks and waist.

    Step 3:
    Buy 100 percent sulfur powder at a pharmacy. Before heading outside, sprinkle some sulfur powder around your ankles, waist and underarms. This is remarkably effective against chiggers.

    Step 4:
    Avoid walking through waist-high weeds, brushing against thickets and tall grass, and sitting down in the grass.

    Step 5:
    Undress immediately after your exposure to chigger habitat and take a warm, soapy shower. Pay special attention to scrubbing the areas around your ankles, waistline, underarms and anywhere there are folds or creases in your skin.

    Step 6:
    Wipe the "chigger hot spots" (ankles, waistline) down with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

    Step 7:
    Have someone examine you for chiggers. Remember that they're extremely tiny, but if you find one soon after being outside, you can remove it before it starts biting.

    Step 8:
    Wash the clothes you wore outside before putting them on again.

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