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    Specific Warnings for Individual States

    by deecat Updated Mar 24, 2005

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    This page is for individual states in the United States, and I will add to it as I think of specific states.

    California Rain in Winter sometimes leads to mudslides and sink holes. Also, anearthquake is another possibility in California.

    Florida: Hurricane season lasts from July to October. Those would be the least desirable months to visit.

    Indiana stays on eastern standard time year round except for the northwestern part of the state.

    Midwestern States in these states with large rivers, flooding can be a hazard, especially in the springtime.

    Northwest Indiana has what is called "lake effect snow" which means that the area close to Lake Michigan receives more snow, but the temperature is milder. Lake Michigan warms the air so that it readily condenses into moisture such as rain and snow.

    Oklahoma is sometimes called "tornado alley" because it has so many tornadoes, especially in the springtime.

    Southwestern & Southern states in July & August, the heat and/or humidity is extreme. be continued.

    Flood in Midwest
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    General Warnings for United States

    by deecat Updated Mar 13, 2005

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    The following warnings apply to the United States in General:

    Avoid large attractions such as Disney Land, Disney World, or National Parks during the summer months and Christmas holidays when American school-age children are on vacation. These places at those times are filled to capacity!

    Do NOT wear expensive jewelry, which is a neon sign for thiefs.

    ALWAYS wear a money belt, especially in areas that locals tell you are "high crime" areas.

    Unlike some countries, the USA DOES NOT have any National Medical System. Thus, Comprehensive Travel Insurance is a good idea.

    Since September 11, 2001and the terrorist attact, US airports, US national and state monuments and parks as well as most sport's facilities conduct security checks, which may delay & frustrate you. "Patience is a virtue".

    In the United States, parking is allowed only in one direction of travel, and parking rules are strictly enforced. Fines can be quite expensive. Always pay fines immediately because the fine will be charged to the rental company who will, in turn, charge it to your credit card.

    If you drive in the USA, Avoid large cities, especially during rush hour traffic:
    Morning 6-9 a.m.
    Evening 3-6 p.m.

    Before going "off the beaten path", ask at your hotel about the safety of the area.

    to be continued...

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    Acid Rain & What Pennsylvania is Doing

    by deecat Written Mar 31, 2005

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    Acid Rain is a term used to refer to rain that is high in acid. Many states have problems with it, & Pennsylvania has some of the most acidic rain, snow, fog, & sleet in the USA.

    What causes it?
    Rain that falls downwind from industrial areas contain a good deal of acid, caused when high levels of sulfur dioxide & nitrogen oxide gather in the air. The chemicals come from coal-burning power plants &car exhaust.

    The coal mined in Pennsylvania is high in a chemical called sulfur. When the coal is burned, it sends poisonous clouds of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. Along with exhaust from cars & trucks, these chemicals return to the ground as acid precipitation.

    One of the big problems in Pennsylvania is that acid rain is slowly eating away at bronze & stone monuments at Gettysburg National Military Park & elsewhere. The state is working to offset this damage. The monuments at Gettysburg are carefully cleaned & covered with a layer of protective wax as have other parks.

    The state has required power plants to reduce emissions to help control the pollution. Smokestacks at coalburning power plants in the state have been fitted with "scrubbers" to filter out the sulfur dioxide. These scrubbers use powdered limestone & water to absorb pollution before its released into the air. But, the scrubbers leave behind tons of waste called sludge,causing the landfills to become polluted. National laws have called for less-polluting vehicles. As a result, the amount of sulfur dioxide produced has decreased about 1/4 since 1980.

    The good news is that even though Pennsylvania receives some of the most acidic rainfall in the country, it causes less damage here than in some other states. Why? Geologist say that Pennsylvania's soil & rocks are naturally low in acid & can absorb the acid in acid rain without great harm except in the Pocono Mountains.
    Thank goodness Pennsylvania has set up a monitoring system. It must be working; the levels of acid drop each year.

    Power Plant in Pennsylvania
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    Tent Camping...

    by PA2AKgirl Written May 28, 2004

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    There can definitely be some inconveniences when tent camping. The biggest one we came across was the wind. In northern Utah, we tried setting up the tent and ended up chasing it down the park. Unfortunately, the sites were sand layered over concrete or something, so we couldn't anchor it down. The next morning, I got up pretty early and the ranger came over to talk to me. Apparently, tent camping isn't too popular at "Starvation Lake, Utah" Taking the tent down wasn't easy, either, as you can see from the picture.

    Other weather can interfere, too. Rain is nice against the tent, but after an all night soaking rain, even the most waterproof of tents can get damp. And cold. We only decided to get a hotel room after we were pelted by sleet combined with driving winds.

    At Glacier, there was an avalanche warning, but we camped at a pretty low elevation.

    There were also fires beginning in New Mexico when we passed through there...probably wouldn't have camped in a wildfire, either.

    Make fun of me all you want, but checking the weather is IMPORTANT!! Especially if you're camping.

    hehe, I just watched her struggle:)
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    by PA2AKgirl Written May 31, 2004

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    Don't get gored by bison. That wouldn't make for a good trip. Apparently this is a big problem in the Yellowstone area. Some jackass thinks that s/he can get really close to get a perfect picture or even try to feed them, but they get tossed up in the air. These animals weigh, on average, 1000 pounds, but get up to almost 2000. They (the rangers, not the bison themselves) will hand out bright yellow piece of paper when you come into the park about the dangers of getting too close to the bison. The may look like docile creatures, but they aren't...

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    The Please Don't Show Me State

    by PA2AKgirl Updated Jun 8, 2004

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    No visual is necessary, believe me. We were driving outside of St. Louis...and I mean right outside of the city, heading to Kansas City on Interstate I-70 when it happened. A man on a motorcycle began pacing us. He came up to my side (the drivers side) of the car, I looked over quickly and made a comment to Jeanette about this A$$hole who was keeping up with us. He fell behind, then came up to her side. He did this a couple times, till he was back at her side and she looked over. He then proceeded to um...expose himself to us. While driving at least 70 miles per hour. She said "Oh my god, Katey, you will not believe what he just did" and told me. I couldn't believe it either! He came up to my side again, I didn't look, but she did when he was back on the passenger side. She said it was because she couldn't believe she saw what she did, but he winked at her and smiled. I tried to weave in and out of traffic (which was very heavy, we certainly weren't alone on the road when he pulled it out) and finally, after about 30 miles, we lost him.

    Now, we were a little disgusted, but more amazed. That takes some good coordination to do that at such a speed!! I mean, he has to maneuver a bike and do that at the same time! It had to have hurt, right? Well, anyway...just beware of flashers on the highway. This is the 3rd incident where a stranger has exposed himself to me, 2 of them when Jeanette and I were traveling together.

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    Annoying construction

    by PA2AKgirl Written May 30, 2004

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    Four times on our trip, and most of those times being in Colorado, we got stuck in construction. This isn't ordinary construction where traffic is slow or stopped momentarily. This is the kind where they close one whole lane on a 2 lane road and both lanes need to be directed by a pilot car. Most of the delays were about an hour where we just had to hang out at the car. The 1st time, we were tired, we had no gas, we were hungry and needed to find a bathroom and it was so windy outside, we could barely stand. After that, when it happened again, we just laughed. Be prepared for these--there is SO much constant road construction in the US. In Pennsylvania, the roadwork usually lasts about 5 years, minimum.
    You can check road conditions on any states dept. of transportation homepage, Rand McNally road atlases are great about updating that information as well

    stopped at a Pass in Colorado
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    forest fires

    by cachaseiro Written Feb 27, 2004

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    california is dry and every now and then forest fires are doing a lot of destruction.
    i came across quite a few of them when i toured around.
    the biggest ones where the ones in san diego.
    we had 5 days where the sun was barely visble because of all the ash coming from the fires.

    12 o'clock noon during the fires.
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    Mind the evacuation signs

    by b1bob Updated May 16, 2004

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    Whether you visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Gold Coast of Florida, the Jersey Shore, or Cape Cod, be mindful of hurricane season. From 1 June through to 30 November of any given year, if you make holiday at the beach, you will see "hurricane evacuation route" signs on the way in. Make a mental note of them so that in case you have to cut your holiday short due to an upcoming hurricane, you can make a clean getaway. Hurricanes are nothing to be fooled around with, even a weak category 1 hurricane could mean bad news if it hits your holiday spot directly. Leave when told to do so by local authorities. Thanks to ClarkRB for finding me the photo I will use between now and the next time I go to the beach.

    make a mental note of this sign

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    american humor

    by cachaseiro Written Feb 25, 2004

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    american humor is not like european.
    americans don't joke with disasters and death the same way the european do.
    the guy in the middle was wearing a shirt for helloween with an american flag and made bullet holes all over the shirt and painted it bloody.
    most foreigners thought it was a great shirt and were laughing their heads off, but some locals took it offensive, so be a little careful with your 9/11 jokes.

    helloween costumes.
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    Bark Scorpions in Arizona

    by Basaic Updated Jul 31, 2007

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    One of the common hazards you may run into in Arizona is the bark scorpion (Centruroides exilicauda). The typical "bark" or "crevice" scorpion is encountered in a variety of situations. It is most commonly found under rocks, logs, tree bark, and other surface objects. The bark scorpion (1-3 inches in length) is the most commonly encountered house scorpion. They are common throughout many habitats but almost always in rocky areas. Most scorpion species are solitary in nature. The exception to this is bark scorpions, which may over-winter in aggregates of 20-30. The bark scorpion is also one of relatively few species that are able climbers.

    The venom of the bark scorpion may produce severe pain (but rarely swelling) at the site of the sting, numbness, frothing at the mouth, difficulties in breathing (including respiratory paralysis), muscle twitching, and convulsions. Death is rare, especially in more recent times. Antivenin is available for severe cases. Certain people, however, may be allergic to the venom and can experience life-threatening side effects when stung (as occurs with bee stings). No cases of anaphylaxis have been reported in Arizona. The bark scorpion can also be found in extreme Southeast Calfornia. Isolated sightings have been reported in other states surrounding Arizona.

    Bark Scorpion
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    Do Not Take Anything But Pictures

    by Basaic Written Aug 20, 2007

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    It is illegal to dig and/or remove anything from National or State Parks (unless otherwise identified) pr areas controlled by the Bureau of Land Management. They will have you arrested if you are caught. Help us preserve our history by leaving things where you find them.

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    Obey the Signs

    by Basaic Written Aug 20, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You should pay attention to these signs. There are sometimes places where the water flows across the road during monsoon season. The water can be deeper than it looks and can flow very quickly. The water can also be a indicator of a coming flash flood. Please obey the signs. Apparently someone was angry at this sign. See the bulletholes?

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    by Hosell Written Feb 16, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The weather may be very hot and hard in some states during summer season.During my trip on July 2,003,we had a few days more than 100 degrees in Kansas,Texas,Arizona and Nevada.Really it is very common to have such a high temperatures in all these states during this season.

    If you visit some of these states in summertime then you must to wear,comfortable clothes and shoes,also may be a good idea to wear a cap to protect your head of sunlight, and don't forget to drink a lot of water,some places in a few of these states are like real deserts,so be careful about that!!.

    Picture taken in Arizona.

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    by Hosell Written Feb 16, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Rattlesnakes are common in many states in the country as: Arizona,New Mexico,Nevada,California,Texas,Utah,Colorado,Kansas and a few more.Be careful in you are exploring places in the nature or deserts in all these states,this picture was taken for my friend Steve in Utah,our friend Ann was walking very close of this rattlesnake and she didn't realized about that.
    Be careful then!!.

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    Oct 2, 2014 at 5:48 AM

    Regarding the review by Briantravelman regarding photography:

    This review isn't exactly accurate. Please reference this statement from the USFS:

    Specifically this paragraph:
    "The proposal does not change the rules for visitors or recreational photographers. Generally, professional and amateur photographers will not need a permit unless they use models, actors or props; work in areas where the public is generally not allowed; or cause additional administrative costs."

    Similar restrictions have already been in place for some time, and this is not an unreasonable expansion of those considering the amount of damage and disruption that professional film/photography crews can - and have - caused in fragile environments.

    The issue is that some of the language in proposed directive was seen as nebulous, and some inaccurate conclusions were made by the press. Work is underway by the FS to clear up any confusion. So don't panic: take those vacations photos! Hope this helps!

    • leics's Profile Photo
      Oct 3, 2014 at 10:01 AM

      Thank you, Kimberly. I think it is vitally important that travel guide tips are as factually accurate as possible and I know VT takes that view as well.

    • goodfish's Profile Photo
      Oct 3, 2014 at 1:27 PM

      Thanks, Ladies. We don't want a bunch of nervous tourists afraid to post their beautiful shots here on VT now, would we?

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There is information flotating around that photography at the National Parks in the US is no longer allowed.  That information is incorrect. 

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