United States of America Warnings and Dangers

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United States of America Warnings and Dangers

  • Subway

    New York City Warnings and Dangers

    New York is a great place for kids, even small ones. My son was in love with all the noises and sights. He couldn't wait to get moving every morning. He loved Times Square in particular. It's generally an ok place to get around. The museums, shops, hotels and restaurants all have elevators and are usually quite child friendly. People are kind, and...

  • Places to Avoid

    Las Vegas Warnings and Dangers

    Ive been a resident of Sin City for 27 years. Ive lived from one end to the other, from nice places to killing fields and i feel the need to let you in on where to go and where NOT to. Im only covering that part in this review. The city is weird, its a patchwork of nice neighborhoods and bad ones checkerboarding amongst eachother, but some areas...

  • Bad Neighborhoods

    New Orleans Warnings and Dangers

    Other posters tell you what neighborhoods to avoid and which are "safe". I invite you to notice how idiotic their advice is. Think about it. If the nice neghborhoods have all the money, where do you think the thugs will go to rob people? Bad people can walk or drive a car. "Bad neighborhoods" are not cages. Thugs are not vampires. It is not safer...

  • Crime Related

    Orlando Warnings and Dangers

    A robbery happens in Florida every 3 minutes. To protect your future, invest in a Del-Air security system. Previous Del-Air customers are eligible for 3 months free and insured homeowners will get a discount on premium. Medical pendants are also available for senior citizens or people with medical issues (included in monthly premium). Standard rate...

  • Areas to Avoid

    San Francisco Warnings and Dangers

    Tenderloin,Tenderloin,Golden Gate Park,The Mission District,Dolores Park are those areas which you should avoid ..because these areas are so quite and dangerous .Already many miss happenings are done on these places.

  • Common Sense Advice / Sketchy...

    Chicago Warnings and Dangers

    I've lived in Chicago for most of my life and know the city well. Down town area is fairly safe but watch out for groups of teenagers as they have been jumping and mugging people the last few years. Put your IPhone away in transit stops. If someone comes up to you and starts to talk to you at a bus stop etc watch around you for others. Do not go...

  • Party Hearty

    Key West Warnings and Dangers

    fellow seniors, be careful in jimmy buffet Margaretville, because if you are too noisy they will ask you to leave. that what happen to me. let me tell you the whole story. you can agree or not, this is what happen to me. I am on here because I do not want this to happen to anyone else. I went on another travel site which say the are advising...

  • Unsafe Areas

    Los Angeles Warnings and Dangers

    LA is a very unsafe place to visit. My daughter from Australia got beaten up last night and robbed of all her possessions (in the central district). No one helped her. The police were not interested and recorded the stolen goods as lost - less paperwork they said. Women are totally unsafe in LA. There are plenty of other places to holiday in the...

  • Parking & Driving

    Boston Warnings and Dangers

    People on foot in Boston are some of the friendliest around. When you find yourself down some weird side street, ask directions. But when they get behind the wheel they are A**holes honking! We took this personally at first, but later when we walked around the city, we noticed honking was just a popular past time. But most importantly, get a map...

  • Theft

    Honolulu Warnings and Dangers

    I returned from Hawaii yesterday. The day before we were due to fly home we stopped at Shark Cove on the north shore. We were in a rental car and parked in FoodWay directly across from the beach. We locked the car and took our camera bag and swimming gear across the road and walked 40m across rocks and left our camera bag (with car keys inside) at...

  • Beware of...

    San Diego Warnings and Dangers

    East Village (Petco Park etc.) is fine, just try to stay out of there after dark. Same with the gaslamp quarter. Do NOT go north of the 5 freeway up to the 8 except for Hillcrest, Mission Valley etc. Although you will probably not venture into these areas, try tobstay out of Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, Barrio Logan, Normal Heights, City Heights,...

  • Beggars / Panhandlers / Homeless

    Seattle Warnings and Dangers

    There are so many social services that are taxpayer funded in Seattle, such as very nice apartment complexes built to house "chronic public inebriates," food kitchens, shelters, etc.. Also, a small but loud contingent of homeless choose to live in tent cities that the city basically "tolerates" due to intense political pressures from far-left...

  • The Beach

    Fort Lauderdale Warnings and Dangers

    dont swim out too deep, otherwise sharky might get you. I did not have any experience of that kind, however I always heard warnings. So I only swam out to where I could stand. It's a temptation to swim out at that beautiful warm water, but just don't do it.

  • Bad neighborhoods

    Miami Beach Warnings and Dangers

    MIami is like any other city. I'm from Boston but I've been living 10 blocks over from Liberty CIty (supposedly one of the most "dangerous parts of FL"). I'm a lil 22yr old white girl working here and its fine. Just don't be flashy, don't walk around the streets holding a map or any other stupid *** like that and you're fine. I hate when people...

  • North Philadelphia

    Philadelphia Warnings and Dangers

    Let me tell you first hand North Philly is infested with trash. My husband and I transplanted here 2 years ago from Nyc and it was the worst mistake we have ever made. My husband and I are Puerto Rican, my kids are Puerto Rican and never in my life have I been more embarassed of my own people. Certain areas of North Philly is full of animals. They...

  • Not So Safe Areas

    Atlanta Warnings and Dangers

    We stayed at a hotel called the Wellesley Inn in the East Point area of Atlanta. We went walking at night to the local Arby's and saw three Atlanta police cars in the side lot of the hotel checking someone. On our way back to the room, we saw an Atlanta CSI vehicle going to the same part of the hotel. Also, avoid the fast food restaurants such as...

  • Driving!

    Miami Warnings and Dangers

    Miami has a very easy to understand road system. Once you get the hang of it, it should be easy to find your way around. Streets go east west. Avenues go north south. There are four sectors - northeast, northwest, southwest and southeast. The dividing line between north and south is Flagler Street. The east-west dividing line is Miami...

  • Areas to Avoid / Crime

    Houston Warnings and Dangers

    For those who are relocating here and considering renting a storage or a moving truck , before you rent , do research. There are scams that result in loss of property and money . Be wise and not cheated . Here is some tips and a broader explanation of these new theft crimes . One was recently on the news on what is happening . This is very...

  • Traffic/Driving

    San Antonio Warnings and Dangers

    Avoid San Antonio on Spring Break. Not only was the traffic terrible, the parking is more expensive and the hours for entertainment are the same. I would like to think that businesses would extend hours to accomodate for the time it takes to get there. Very disappointing not to get to see more of this interesting city.

  • Hiking

    Sedona Warnings and Dangers

    I found this so interesting and amazing at the same time. Yet, something we all should heed when hiking in this area. Stay on the paths. Why stay on the paths? The large, black patches of dark, knobby, brittle crust are actually a cryptobiotic crust. The crust is made of lichen, moss, cyanobacteria, liverwort, and fungi. The crust prevents erosion...

  • Areas to Avoid / Crime

    Dallas Warnings and Dangers

    It's almost impossible to tell when you've left the cozy confines of Dallas' city limits and ventured into the netherworld of jar headed thugs scrambling around in high powered Tahoes or Chargers looking to keep their respective municipalities in the black by taking as many motorists to the cleaners as possible. Dallas proper is home to the...

  • Animal Dangers

    Yosemite National Park Warnings and Dangers

    During my hike of the Valley loop trail we came across a black bear. It was about 2pm just off the trail between us and the South Side drive. The bear didn't seem to notice us or at least paid us no mind. Although the bear is brown, it was considered a black bear. So be alert and if/when you encounter a bear, and it is off the trail, just mind you...

  • Traffic/transportation

    Nashville Warnings and Dangers

    Tennessee has a "Move-Over Law", the gist of which is: if you see a moving emergency vehicle, you are to move to the far right lane and stay there when possible and safe to do so. This is the case in most states. However, it further states that, if you should see a STATIONARY emergency or recovery vehicle, you should also remove yourself one lane...

  • Rough Neighborhoods

    Tampa Warnings and Dangers

    I've lived in the Tampa Bay area (Temple Terrace, St. Pete, Westchase) for about 4 years. I'm a young professional who moved from Michigan. Temple Terrace was, bar none, the sketchiest area in which I lived. Someone attempted to pop a window of my then boyfriend's car to steal a crappy GPS while parked at our apartment complex. St. Pete was...

  • Disneyland / California Adventure

    Anaheim Warnings and Dangers

    The following attractions are closed or scheduled for closure as of this writing. Reasons and expected re-opening date are included. Check the disneyland.com website first for updated attraction closures to avoid any disappointments. DISNEYLAND It's a Small World - Now till late November 2008 for refurbishment Mark Twain Riverboat - 1/28 through...

  • Walking

    Memphis Warnings and Dangers

    I took this trip with two of my college track teammates...three younger girls. We went out every night, walked back to the hotel in the wee hours of the morning, and drove through the run-down part of town to get to Graceland. And had no problems AT ALL. Were nervous for maybe the first five minutes we were there. Just have some sense about it....

  • Crime

    Tucson Warnings and Dangers

    As long as you stay in the TUCSON city limits you should be fine. Do not go to South Tucson which is a city of its own. It is a working class area with gangs and lots of car theft reports. To be on the safe side, just stay north of downtown. Its definitely not one of the most dangerous cities around, but like every other large city, there can be...

  • Wildlife

    Yellowstone National Park Warnings and Dangers

    Here is a fun and interesting example of what human fed ravens did one day in Yellowstone. One morning, as I was sitting in the Cody, Wyoming’s, Buffalo Bill Center of the West’s garden with Isham, our red-tailed hawk, a visitor told me this true story about an observation he had in the parking lot of one of Yellowstone’s geyser areas. As he and...

  • Bad Neighbourhoods

    Richmond Warnings and Dangers

    When I first moved to Richmond I had the misfortune of picking a tiny studio off of ChamberlayneHUGEMISTAKE #1. Just to piggyback off of Lil NYs assessment, it is true there are many prostitutes who roam Chamberlayne and there are many drug induced derelicts who do the same. I suspect there are many dwellings that are either haunted or possessed...

  • Driving in Phoenix

    Phoenix Warnings and Dangers

    Maps in Phoenix are not very user friendly. I guess the place is growing so fast that map makers can't keep up. It was frustrating to try to follow the map but streets were not marked or just not on the map (even major streets.) Sometimes there were connecting streets that were simply not on the map. Once we went through a parking lot and found the...

  • Boating Hazards

    Saint Augustine Warnings and Dangers

    St. Augustine does not have a class A inlet. If one wants to avoid Matanzas with frequent shoaling, it is adviseable to go out the St. John's River and not try to go out St. Augustine. This picture shows the inlet entrance from the ICW when there was an onshore wind. There is surf all across the inlet, which is not a nice situation to be in with a...

  • Car Care

    Death Valley National Park Warnings and Dangers

    ... when you're driving through Death Valley there isn't many places to stop off. So when you are driving through make sure that you have enoguh petrol, and your car is up to check. There are a few signs on the way round telling you to turn your air con off to help save your car from working harder than normal and cutting out, blowing your...

  • Safety

    Albuquerque Warnings and Dangers

    Like any large city, Albuquerque has crime, but several of the reviews here are too old. Over the past decade the city has worked hard at making Central Avenue from Nob Hill through Downtown much safer. Adding in the tremendous economic growth and increased prosperity of the city over that time, these areas are more vibrant than ever. Yes, East of...

  • Don't Fall

    Grand Canyon Warnings and Dangers

    The are some slippery parts specially if come in on winter and some parts have snow. There is this one guy and My daughter almost get thru the railing when she slip and almost fall in the canyon. Thank God she was save by her guardian angel or else I Wil fly and rescue her. Hold your kids please.

  • Flora / Fauna

    Monterey Warnings and Dangers

    Nature is beautiful and fun, but be careful among some of the birds in Monterey. The area around the bay is home to more Seagulls than you can begin to count. They tend to be loud and can be aggressive if provoked (don’t tease them). Don’t be surprised if you find your car has become their latrine. Keep an eye out overhead for shells they may drop...

  • Word to the wise

    Sanibel Island Warnings and Dangers

    For 6 out of our 7 day stay, we experienced afternoon thunderstorms. These storms usually ended within an hour, the longest lasted about 2 hours. You could see the clouds building each afternoon, and if you're on the water, you can see exactly where the rain is, and which direction it is heading!

  • Wildlife

    Palm Springs Warnings and Dangers

    Here is a caution and one to take seriously. I live in the mountains so I know. I have seen one of these big cats almost upfront and person, but fortunately he was either not hungry or didn’t feel threaten by me and believe me I gave them space. First tip: Where there is deer or elk, there is mountain lions plain and simple!!!! Mountains lions...

  • Areas to Avoid

    Minneapolis Warnings and Dangers

    I grew up in S. Mpls. and have lived on the north side a few times. Back in the 60s and 70s Lake street and even the north side was not too bad. Now it is a different story. It has been infested with dirtballs. Listen to yourselves, "don't go out at night", "don't act paranoid", "don't talk to strangers", what a bunch of crap. If I want to walk my...

  • Sea Critters

    Fort Myers Beach Warnings and Dangers

    The ocean at Fort Myers Beach is very safe and very clean but you do need to be aware of possible dangers under foot. Stingrays are not always easy to see as they can bury themselves in the sand on the seabed. They don't take kindly to being stepped on and will sting if they are. The stings are not dangerous but are very painful. Also, there can...

  • Lava rock

    Kailua-Kona Warnings and Dangers

    Yes, you want a souvenir of your vacation but do not remove any lava rocks. As superstition goes; removal of the rocks angers the volcano goddess Pele and brings bad luck to the person. So just go buy a souvenir from ABC... "Take only pictures; leave only footprints." "Take only gifts you are given (like flower lei’s); and leave only with Aloha."

  • People / The Homeless

    Santa Monica Warnings and Dangers

    We all know there is way too many homeless folks nowdays and the beaches seems to the only area they are allowed to hangout and sleep. We were not approach one time for anything. Seems folks around here just want to leave you alone so you leave them alone. There are exceptions to those who might suffer from mental illness. Now, having a mental...

  • Unsafe Areas / Crime

    Hollywood Warnings and Dangers

    Firstly, we never ventured into Hollywood - West Hollywood is where all the attractions are, like Graumans Chinese Theatre, all the celebrity sighting hotspots, and the nightlife like Chateau Marmont, The Standard etc. There is really no need to head into Hollywood or any further east. Thats when things get sketchy. We stayed right on Hollywood...

  • Mudflats

    Anchorage Warnings and Dangers

    Sometimes you might encounter Moose, I heard a story of some kids throwing rocks at the Moose, then an innocent person came along later and the Moose was annoyed and killed this person. They can be very aggressive and they are very strong. Don't even think you can scare one with shouting or noises they will just ignore you unless you get on their...

  • Roads

    Big Sur Warnings and Dangers

    My friend and i were driving north on rt 1 Pch by big sur when we discovered a visitor parking area. I put my turn signal on about a 100 yards befor i turned. Next thing you know. A suv passes me on the right. Sidewiped me and ran of the road. Falling and tumbeling down a steep embarkment. I thought for sure he is dead. My friend and i ran to their...

  • Areas to Avoid / Crime

    Long Beach Warnings and Dangers

    OK--I'd say the worst part of LB is bounded by Cherry on the east, PCH on the north, 7th street on the south, and the Los Angeles River on the west. Very grimy and gritty, although pretty interesting part of town--lots of Cambodians, good eats. Low income, no doubt. North Long Beach is overrated for crime. It's very residential, and it's probably...


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