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  • Map of Chehalis Western Trail at Trailhead
    Map of Chehalis Western Trail at...
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  • Map of Trails at Woodard Bay
    Map of Trails at Woodard Bay
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  • Boston Harbor
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Boston Harbor Things to Do

  • Weyer Point (Picnic and Wildlife...

    Located at the end of the Woodard Bay / Whitman Road Trail, Weyer Point was once the hub of log transfers for the Weyerhaeuser logging company. Their railroad went from this point up into the foothills of the Cascades, near Yelm. For many years a constant stream of trains of logs wandered out of the hills and came to this point on Chapman Bay,...

  • Woodard Bay Trail / Whitman Road Trail

    A former access road to the Weyerhaeuser lumber company log terminal, Whitman Road now serves as the main trail between the small picnic area / wildlife viewing spot at its end and the parking area on Woodard Bay Road. The trail goes through mature second growth forest that was once logged by the Weyerhaeuser company, and the area served as their...

  • Chapman Bay - Woodard Bay Loop Trail

    This trail is approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) in length, and branches off of the Woodard Bay Trail / Whitman Road Trail.This trail is narrow with wooden steps and boardwalks in places (see photo 4). It passes through a lot of second growth forest that has been retained in a mostly natural state (you will see the remains of huge trunks here and there...

  • Woodard Bay Trailhead, Chehalis-Western...

    The Woodard Bay Natural Resources Area is located approximately 1 mile east of Boston Harbor, and is generally a forest conservation area with some parts of the waterways left for wildlife as well.The Woodard Bay Natural Resources Area has two parking areas in it: one is an completely unpaved area near Woodard Bay itself, and this is discussed in a...

  • Boston Harbor Boat Ramp

    One of the few things that can really be considered a tourist attraction in Boston Harbor is the boat ramp. It is a state owned ramp, and therefore requires a Discover Pass or similar state parks and lands payment for use.It isn't too much of a boat ramp - it is a simple concrete structure that goes down to the mud, and if you look carefully at the...

  • Boston Harbor Marina - Boat Rentals

    If you happen to know what you are doing in a boat, it is possible to rent various types of boats from the Boston Harbor Marina. If you happen to have a boat, they also offer services for those spending the night or the week or more at Boston Harbor.Boats available range from kayaks to much larger boats. Prices depend on what is rented and the...


Boston Harbor Restaurants

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    by glabah Written Mar 12, 2013

    Equipped with a porch on which customers are invited to recline, and even having tables with umbrellas over them, the Boston Harbor Marina Store has many of the basic necessities for sale here, as well as a decent place to consume them if the weather permits.

    The store is not large, but has the basics of life on the water in Puget Sound, including various smoked sea foods, soups and deli sandwiches, beer, wine, and ice cream, and various food items.

    Some of these food items are seasonal. This includes the fresh seafood.

    Store Hours are 9am to 6pm October through May, and 9am to 7pm June through Labor Day.

    Boston Harbor Marina Store overlooks Bay Finding Way to Boston Harbor Marina is Easy
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Boston Harbor Warnings and Dangers

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    by glabah Written Feb 20, 2013

    The photo above shows a reasonably typical illustration of the parking problem in Boston Harbor, though there are many ditches that could easily swallow a semi-truck, so this one is really quite small.

    You can't park on the pavement because that blocks traffic, and you can't park on the grass because of the deep ditch cut into the side of the road - you will get stuck if you try to park there.

    There are very limited places to park. One of them is at the marina store and boat ramp. Parking at the boat ramp requires a Discover Pass, and there is very limited parking available for single vehicles at either the boat ramp or the marina. Much of the space at the boat ramp is devoted to vehicles with trailers in tow.

    There are a few places on the very outside of town where the bike path is wide enough to accept a car pulled over as far as possible and still leave the bike path open.

    It is also possible to walk or bike the short distance here from Burfoot County Park, as there is a reasonably wide bike path connecting the two.

    Cant Park Here, and Cant Park There Either
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Boston Harbor Off The Beaten Path

  • Woodard Bay Overlook Trail - Closed...

    This trail is a short, 0.5 mile (0.8 km) trail from the Woodard Bay Trailhead (see my tip on this location) north to the edge of Woodard Bay. The trail is reasonably well groomed but anything other than pavement will get very wet in this climate!The primary purpose of the trail is to provide an overlook to Woodard Bay, so that it is possible to see...

  • Chehalis Western Trail at Woodard Bay

    The Chehalis Western trail is a logging railroad that once served the Weyerhaeuser lumber company, but was converted to public trail use over a period of years. The end at Woodard Bay is the northernmost point of the trail open to all uses. Short sections north of here are closed to all uses other than walking, and in some cases closed completely,...

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