Bremerton Travel Guide

  • Small Beach and Pier used for Fishing or Boat Moor
    Small Beach and Pier used for Fishing or...
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  • Charter Boat Joker offers trips from Bremerton
    Charter Boat Joker offers trips from...
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  • Wide Walkway along the Top of the Breakwater
    Wide Walkway along the Top of the...
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Bremerton Things to Do

  • Various Boat Trips and Tours from...

    There are various boat trips available from Bremerton. Some of these are charter trips, while others are regularly operated tours. I can't tell you too much about any of them yet, as I haven't been on any of them yet. However, I did notice several advertisement boards placed on ships along the Bremerton waterfront walkway, and am passing on the...

  • Illahee State Park

    Illahee State Park is several miles (several km) north of Bremerton, and features a small beach, several picnic areas, and a small campground. Fishing and shell fishing are allowed here during certain times of the year. Picnic shelters are available in several areas, but may be reserved ahead of time.There are several monuments and memorials in the...

  • Kitsap Foot Ferry / Carlisle II Museum

    Operating as both a museum and as a form of transportation, the Kitsap Foot Ferry operates between Bremerton and Port Orchard. It is funded by Kitsap Transit, and currently operates once every half hour. By "Foot Ferry" they mean exactly that: it is a walk-on only ferry, and if you want to take your vehicle you will have to spend the half hour or...

  • Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum

    The official name of this organization (although there isn't enough space allowed in the Tip Title to give the entire thing) is the Evergreen Children's Theatre and Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum.While the majority of the space in the storefront is taken up by the puppet museum, the puppet museum is only a division of the Evergreen Children's...

  • U.S.S. Turner Joy Cruiser Ship Museum

    Having been built and launched at the Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company, the USS Turner Joy truly is a piece of Puget Sound ship history, and certainly a part of the Navy legacy of Bremerton.The ship is a museum that has been pretty much preserved as it was when it was decomissioned in 1982. The most modern instrumenton the ship from its days...

  • Bremerton Boardwalk

    While only one small segment of this boardwalk has been completed, what has been completed is a great example of what may be coming to the waterfront in Bremerton.The boardwalk is a very wide sidwwalk positioned above the waters of Port Orchard, and eventually Port Washington Narrows will be included as well. The eventual plan is for the boardwalk...

  • Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Memorial...

    Located on the north side of the main entry to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, this plaza and impressive fountain is a memorial to a number of different people:This wonderful plaza honors the history of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the men and women who have maintained the ships of the United States Navy.Special thanks to Congressman Norm...

  • Kitsap County Historical Society Museum

    With two levels, this is a fairly nice museum considering the size of city where it is located. However, to get the full value of the museum, it is best to visit when the occasional rotating display upstairs is actually displaying something (I managed to visit on a day when the display was in the process of being changed, and so upstairs was...

  • Harborside Fountain Park

    Crammed between the Washington State Ferries terminal and the Bremerton Navy Ship Yard, you will find a small park that features concrete walkways, and views of Sinclair Inlet. There are a number of benches and a few picnic tables, and some eccentric artwork scattered here and there in the park.The most dominant of these eccentric art works is the...

  • Puget Sound Navy Museum

    With no entrance fee, not only does the Puget Sound Navy Museum in Bremerton offer quite a bit of history of the ship building and repair industry that has been located here for many decades, but it is also one of the best bargains in the Puget Sound area.The museum is open 10 am to 4 pm Monday through Saturday, and 1 to 4 PM on Sundays.Not only...

  • Kids on a hot day

    Bremerton's newest park, the Harbor Side Fountain Park, is located right next to the ferry terminal. It's a great place on a hot summer day for both kids and adults. The park entrance is next to the new Naval museum. It consists of four very large wadding pools with very large fountains that are supposed to resemble spouting whales. And spout they...

  • Day trip to Seattle

    Easy to hop on the ferry and daytrip to Seattle. Tons of things to do in Seattle, of course. Pikes Market! Go early! I love going early in the morning shortly after the vendors have set up. Take a drive to Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton and pay homage to Jimi Hendrix grave site. Or drive to Capital Hill (two or three miles from downtown Seattle)...


Bremerton Hotels

Bremerton Restaurants

  • The Most Obvious Choice in Bremerton

    This is a local (Seattle, Tacoma, etc.) chain, and they always seem to have a restaurant that has a decent view of the water, no matter where they have managed to find a place.As the Anthony's in Bremerton is right next door to the passenger terminal for the Washington State Ferries, and since there is a huge sign advertising their presence over...

  • The Blind can find it By the Smell

    When I was talking to one of the cooks I was told that there was once a blind man visiting the hotel up the hill from this little restaurant. As it turned out, he found his way to this place entirely by following the smell of cooking.According to the huge banner on the side, this little shed on the edge of the water in Bremerton was recently voted...

  • Seafood and Asian near Ferry Terminal

    The vast majority of the traffic at this restaurant is phone-in, and therefore there is not very much in the restaurant in terms of seating.The fountain for the soft drinks sit on one of the counters that appear to have been originally intended for patrons to sit.However, the food is warm and good, and the staff is friendly. Decor is simple but...

  • Assorted Interesting Bremerton...

    Ihad just eaten lunch and so didn't really have any motivation for eating in Bremerton. However, there are a number of places that look to be quite interesting for those who do want to stop here and have a meal.The most obvious places are the Cold Stone Creamery, Bremerton Market, and a few other places that are just north of the Ferry Terminal....

  • Authentic Italian in Bremerton

    I always try to support local restaurants when visiting cities, especially those who set up shop in a Downtown area. Boston's is such a place.Here you can find wondeful pizza by the slice, as well as many other Italian favorites like calzones, pastas and salads. There are lunch specials, and it is reasonably priced.I think highly of the place...

  • Mexican Futbol

    Good food. Big portions. Usually Mexican futbol on the TV in the bar area. Good service. Locally owner/operator. Carne asada.


Bremerton Nightlife

  • Good Filipino food and great nightlife

    This is a great place for a late night bite for Filipino food. I was impressed with the decor, and the karaoke was great to participate in. It was a bit packed on a Friday and Saturday since they had a DJ for dance music. I revisited on a weekday for more food and karaoke. If youre into filipino food and some fun this is a great spot. Staff was...

  • Continuing Program for War Shipyard...

    In 1944, Bremerton's population had quickly expanded from about 15,000 people to somewhere around 75,000 people due to the huge war effort in the Bremerton ship yard.That was also the year that the Bremerton Community Theatre was founded, in order to provide a bit more social and cultural life to those who had come to the community.The organization...

  • Tropical Paradise awaits in Keyport

    This spacious and comfortable family restaurant offers live steel drum music on most Friday and Saturday evenings from 8pm-midnight. The food is delicious, the staff is friendly and helpful and it is a relaxing retreat. It is fun to sit at a table and sip on a tropical drink and pretend I'm on a Caribbean island somewhere. There's nothing else like...


Bremerton Transportation

  • Bremerton - Seattle Ferry

    While it is a heavily trafficed ferry route headed out of downtown Seattle, the Bremerton Ferry is not quite as busy as the Seattle - Bainbridge Island ferry is. You will find that the vessels used on this route are usually one slight step smaller than those used on the Seattle - Bainbridge Island route, though they are still larger than those used...

  • Bremerton Transportation Center & Ferry...

    The Bremerton Transportation Center serves:+ The Washington State Ferries Bremerton to Seattle route, including passenger only decks and automobile and larger vehicles on the lower decks.+ Kitsap Transit passenger only ferries from Bremerton to Port Orchard and from Bremerton to Annapolis+ Kitsap Transit bus routes serving the Bremerton area....

  • Washington State Ferry

    This one's pretty obvious. There's no other fast way to get here from Seattle. But don't feel like you've been forced into something you don't want to do. Much of the reason for tourists to go to Bremerton is the breathtaking views from the ferry on a nice day. And it's not too expensive (when paying in Seattle, remember that your return trip will...


Bremerton Shopping

  • Nautical, Navy, and Related Memorabilia,...

    Operated as part of the USS Turner Joy museum ship, the museum gift shop offers quite a variety of things. Many of these are of Navy, or at least somewhat military, in nature, and some of the others are not. Toys: including military ship toys.Memorabilia, including Navy pins, USS Turner Joy T-Shirts and other clothing materialWind spinners.Snacks,...

  • Wine in Bremerton

    Stop by the Manette Wine Shop and pick up a couple of bottles for a picnic. Good selection. The owner has tasted everything on the self. Wine tasting on Saurdays. Wine! Very good prices.

  • Art Galleries

    Bremerton is blessed with many art galleries. The friendly atmosphere at Amy Burnett's gallery brings me back time after time. Many of the paintings are Amy's own works but she also showcases other local artists. Also housed in the gallery is the Made in Bremerton & More store, showcasing handcrafted items from area artisans. If you're so inclined,...


Bremerton Warnings and Dangers

  • Fecal Chloroform & swimming

    Always be aware of the water you are swimming in, especially after a BIG rain storm/squall. A lot of the beaches in Kitsap county with older (beach homes) in established neighborhoods are on septic systems . . . old septic systems. In the 1950s (and prior) some systems allowed the effluent to be released directly into the sound. Some homes are...

  • Beaches and shoes

    Most beaches in the area are rocky. Very few have sand. Some beaches contain shellfish, oysters, etc. Oysters release an enzyme that slows the healing process. If you receive a cut from a shell it will take a little longer to stop bleeding. Don't wear flips! Be carefull with pets as well. Also be aware of 'sea glass' (broken glass that washes...

  • Bremerton Hotels

    5 Hotels in Bremerton

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Bremerton Off The Beaten Path

  • Walkway along the Top of the Breakwater

    Much of the marina next to the ferry terminal is private docking for privately owned vessels, and you must have a card key to enter.However, as I walked past one of these gates that opens up to the marina, I noticed a sign that said "Public Access to Marina Breakwater, 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM". So, you are allowed to go all the way out to the...

  • Evergreen Park

    There are actually two parks in this complex of parks that surround a small bay that comes off of the Port Washington Narrows. There are a number of picnic areas, a small memorial, one covered picnic area, a number of fairly tall trees in the northern part of the park complex, and a fair amount of playground equipment.A boat launch ramp leads into...

  • Lower Roto Vista Park

    Almost completely hidden under the Warren Avenue Bridge over the Port Washington Narrows, this small park is almost completely unknown. There are several picnic tables and benches on a grassy field beside the Port Washington Narrows, and that is about it.To get to the park, you must go north on Elizabeth Avenue until it comes to an end. At the...


Bremerton Favorites

  • Fountains

    Bremerton has several incredibly cute fountains right on the waterfront. They're built with a good amount of imagination, and they often go in patterns that, on a few occasions, almost made me laugh out loud.

  • Sailing Lessons

    Kitsap Sailing School makes learning to sail fun and easy. Their Number is 360-551-2516 Capsizing the little boat rocked those little boats are a lot faster than they look, Driving the biger boat was fun to.

  • Take the Harbour Tour....

    Take the Harbour Tour. Bremerton is linked with the Navy, and this tour shows you why and will explain the 'mothball' fleet. Riding the Washinton State Ferry and also a highlight for any visitor to Washington Friends and family...especially our new grandson


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