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  • Plaque at Sculptures gives Artist Statement
    Plaque at Sculptures gives Artist...
    by glabah
  • Shorebirds on Mudlflats of Jetty Island
    Shorebirds on Mudlflats of Jetty Island
    by glabah
  • Lunch in the Dining Car
    Lunch in the Dining Car
    by adelasie

Everett Things to Do

  • Jetty Island (generally only open July...

    Serving the dual purpose of both a recreational site and a bird habitat, Jetty Island was created for two completely different purposes: there needed to be a place to dump the riprap and sludge dredged from the port and the Snohomish River, and there was a desire to create a breakwater that protected the marina and port facilities from the rougher...

  • Sculpture Walk

    There are about 11 sculptures in Downtown Everett. When in town, do the sculpture walk. Here's what the City of Everett Tourist Bureau says: "The city's freestanding scuptures are best viewed from a continously changing vantage point. Walk around them. Walk through them. Look at them from all sides. Look Closely and from a distance. Compare and...

  • Sculpture Walk

    There are about 11 sculptures in Downtown Everett. When in town, do the sculpture walk. Here's what the City of Everett Tourist Bureau says: "The city's freestanding scuptures are best viewed from a continously changing vantage point. Walk around them. Walk through them. Look at them from all sides. Look Closely and from a distance. Compare and...

  • Koi Gardens in the ghetto???

    I have lived in everett for two years now and only recently found out about an awesome place just blocks from my apartment in a not-so-nice neighborhood in South Everett... it is called Moorehaven Water Gardens.. they have an amazing forest of all types of bamboo and palm trees... not to mention the largest Koi i have ever seen... they even let you...

  • Boating in the Everett area.

    Summer time you can rent boats at Silver lake. Watch electric hydro races on silver lake on salty sea days. Plus swimming during the summer. If you have your own row boat there is Lake Stickney, (if you can get past the fishing poles at the launch area). Power boats can be launched at mukilteo, everett marina, and Langus park off the Snohomish...

  • Downtown Everett Library

    This libary located off of California Street in downtown Everett is fairly large for a city of this size and has a branch also located off of Evergreen drive (which is much smaller). The library has a homey feel and offers movies, dvds, magazines, and of course books for rent. Their is also a cafe located inside which sells snacks and drinks.The...

  • Rafting-Kayaking

    Tumble, bounce, and roll your way through the heart of Washington State with whitewater rafting. With run names such as, "Boulder Bend", "Rock n' Roll," and "Suffocator," it's a good idea for novice rafters to hire an experienced guide.

  • Boeing Tours

    Visit the world's largest building (by volume) and see the assembly of the biggest commercial airplance, the 747s,767s and the new 777s.

  • Every summer I made sure I got...

    Every summer I made sure I got to Jetty Island, it is an awesome place to go get away from it all and it's so close you can look out your window and see it. On a summers day you actually feel like your in a tropical paradise. Jetty Island began its existence in 1895 with plans to build a fresh water harbor. This man-made island was originally meant...


Everett Hotels

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  • Best Western Navigator Inn & Suites

    10210 Evergreen Way, Everett, Washington, 98204-3861, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Inn At Port Gardner

    1700 W Marine View Dr, Everett, WA 98201

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • La Quinta Inn Everett

    12619 Fourth Ave. West, (formerly Everett Quality Inn), Everett, Washington, 98204, United States

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

Everett Restaurants

  • Bar and Grill and Desserts

    I only walked up here from the train station to get a slice of cake. Therefore, I can say that I have sampled the food very extensively at all. It has the atmosphere more of a dive bar, but with a family dining area in it. It is unfortunate that it is kept so dark in here as having some seats face east towards the mountains might actually give the...

  • Quality Seafood in a Fast Food...

    There are several different' types of Ivar's Restaurants. This type is more of a fast food type format where you order and pay beforehand and then either eat and run, or eat on the run.One difference between this Ivar's and a typical fast food restaurant is that while you can order food to go, there is no drive-through window here. You have to go...

  • Seems Sorta Expensive for What It Is

    This is the café inside the Everett Station, and there really isn't a huge amount of other food and drink options in the area immediately around the station - a block away there is one more, and several blocks further on there are a few more.For a relatively captive audience, the prices are not extremely bad, but the price for what you actually get...

  • Station Barbecue

    I did not eat here, having arrived at the place several minutes before closing time. However, other than the overpriced coffee shop inside Everett Station, this is your best bet in terms of finding something to eat near Everett Station. It is only about 1 block away from the main waiting room - and about two blocks from the bus platforms including...

  • Assorted Breakfast and Lunch

    Except for the large sign on the outside of this building, it would not be possible to know that this marine parts store also has a reasonably good snack bar type restaurant inside it, on the east side of the building.The people that eat here are mostly boat people from the marina, plus a few regulars that drop by (those who don't even have to ask...

  • Hawaiian food in Everett

    This restaurant is one of the best restaurant in Everett. It is close to our hearts since they serve Hawaiian food!Guy Fieri of the Food Network came here and tested their food and he endorsed this restaurant for their famous Luau. You can see his pictures on the wall of the restaurant with the owners.The restaurant is in a small building located...

  • Try the grilled steak and lobster

    This is a locally-owned steak and seafood restaurant located at the Everett Marina Village.The restaurant offers the Double R Ranch signature beef and fresh Northwest seafood with a great waterfront view. I consider this restaurant for fine dining because of its beautiful romantic view! Grilled steak and seafood with Caesar's salad, baked potato...

  • The cheapest and best Chinese food in...

    This is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Everett, Washington because not only the food is cheap, the food is really, really good! The price that you spend for your family to eat out at this restaurant is far cheaper than going to McDonald, Jack in the Box, Wendy's , KFC's, Taco del Mar, Tacos or Subway and or any fast food franchised restaurant.I...

  • Try the Beef Burrito at Taco del Mar

    This fastfood restaurant is one among the many chain restaurants in the United States. It caters to people who crave for Mexican food!The restaurant is small and usually manned by two people only in t-shirts uniform. The small tables with four chairs are colored in blue, red and green. The menus are up above with the prices. The restaurant is...

  • Try the Sushi and Teriyaki at Bento...

    This is a new restaurant in the City of Everett. The owners are a Korean Family. They renovated a building on Evergreen Way and made it into a restaurant.When you are entering the restaurant, you will see a huge "Maneko Nekki" figurine on top of the door. This is a figurine that looks like a cat waving it's hand. It is believed that when you put...

  • Try this new Chinese, Japanese, BBQ...

    This new restaurant just opened recently and it adds to the list of good restaurants in the City of Everett. This restaurant Asian Express caters Chinese, Japanese, and BBQ food. It is for dining, take-out and catering. Their Chinese Menu includes appetizers like the Asian Express Egg Roll, Steamed or Fried Dumplings, Krab Rangoon and Fried Shrimp....

  • Eat healthy, eat at Subway

    This is another franchised restaurant in the United States. You can find this kind of restaurant anywhere. There are tables where you can sit down and eat. The choices of bread are many from white break to wheat bread. From Italian to parmesan bread. You just pick and choose what kind of stuffing you wanted to be sandwiched on your heated bread....


Everett Nightlife

  • Clubbing in Broadway, Everett

    There are three floors of the nightclub and each floor is totally different. The ambience is distinct from each floor. It depends on what kind of music you like. There is a floor where it caters only to teenagers and the younger ones. The music they play are hip-hop. Then there is the floor that caters to the older ones which they play the older...

  • Hipsters need not apply

    I choose not to mingle with the local folk of Everett as they seem to be unusually trashy and ghetto.. apparently the "hot spot" on a saturday night is a trash can of a club called Turner's... unless you are really into bowling.. in that case there are plenty of bowling alleys scattered through out the city.. just pick a busy street and you wont...

  • Everett Hotels

    19 Hotels in Everett

Everett Transportation

  • Everett Station: Where Everything...

    Everett Station consists of some offices in the upper levels, but the primary purpose of the structure is as a transportation hub, served by Amtrak (train and thruway buses), Greyhound, Northwest Trailways, SoundTransit regional buses, SoundTransit regional trains, CommunityTransit buses, and City of Everett buses. Several times a day, the station...

  • Jetty Island Ferry

    This is a companion tip to Jetty Island, which is an island park accessible 2 months of the year. Seehttp://members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/225458/I felt that the procedures for working with the Jetty Island Ferry were obscure enough to warrant their own set of photos and tips. In the main photo for this tip, it is possible to see that the Jetty...

  • If your coming by way of...

    If your coming by way of boat, Everett hosts the second largest marina on the West Coast. Marina Facilities The Port of Everett Marina is a full-service marina, providing services and moorage space for approximately 2050 vessels. The marina offers 20’ – 50’ open moorage, 28’ – 50’ covered moorage, and Port-owned and privately owned boathouses....


Everett Local Customs

  • nwmountaingirl's Profile Photo

    Everett Famous for Mud

    by nwmountaingirl Updated Nov 11, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Much of north Everett was built on landfill and can get terribly muddy. True story told by Everett historian Dave Dilgard... In the late 1890's a gentleman found a hat lying in the middle of Hewitt Avenue went to pick it up and there was a man's head under it. He told the gentleman to get some help as he had sunk in the mud and was sitting on his horse.

    Mud Wrestling, 9/14/03
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    • Arts and Culture

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Everett Warnings and Dangers

  • Everett city dangers.

    Like most good size cities, there are gangs, theft, drugs, etc... Pack people close together in appartments you get a wide veriety of tendents, good and bad, quiet and noisy. Plus where there are lots of people (appartments) better shopping for theft to support thier drug habit. But if you own your own home on a dead end street / cul-de-sac or just...

  • Property Crime

    Auto theft crime here in ALL of Everett is a huge problem. Everyone has an auto theft device or club and MANY people have a missing window taped up from the break in. Most likely your car will be broken into or stolen if you stay here long enough. They love to take $50 dollar stereos causing $1000 worth of damage to your car, like they did mine!

  • Driving Tip

    Never sit at a green light. Not only will people honk their horns but someone may drive over your tire.


Everett Off The Beaten Path

  • "The Undaunted Spirit" sculpture

    Brown Bear Car Wash is a small chain of car washes located throughout western Washington. For their location on Broadway in Everett they chose to commission a sculpture of several brown bears to greet visitors to the car wash.Sadly, the sculptures are very impressive but are best enjoyed by walking by them on the sidewalk, but the sidewalk is not...

  • Forest Park - Trails and Small Water...

    This little park is located in the southwest section of Everett, and was the oldest park declared in the city. It is located on a series of ridges and the trails through the forest have a number of steep hills.On the flat areas at the summit of the park, there is a fairly large parking lot, a very popular but small water park and pool, a picnic...

  • Langus Riverfront Park

    As you can probably guess, it so happens that Langus Riverfront Park is in fact located on the banks of the Snohomish River. However, it is not possible to actually get to this park directly from downtown Everett. Instead, you need to go north on Broadway / Highway 529 until you cross the Snohomish River, and immediately exit the highway. From...


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